how to protect yourself from vero ebay dropshipping

eBay Vero Guide: eBay VeRO List, How To Avoid eBay VeRO & Appeal Against eBay VeRO Suspensions inexp

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

eBay Vero Guide: eBay VeRO List, How To Avoid eBay VeRO & Appeal Against eBay VeRO Suspensions

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eBay Vero Guide: eBay VeRO List, How To Avoid eBay VeRO & Appeal Against eBay VeRO Suspensions

inexperienced ebay sellers find,themselves locked out of their accounts,or suspended from their seller accounts,time and time again,and one of the biggest reasons for that,is because they are importing vero,products to their store,it may happen in the beginning in the,middle or even after a year or two of,drop shipping,if you're here for the long run and i,really hope that you are this video is,going to help you out a lot because here,i'm going to talk about,ebay vero everything that you need to,know and how to avoid it at the end of,the day,and even if you did get it how to appeal,against it and get your seller account,back,quick intro and let's go,what's up everybody hope you're all,having a wonderful day today my name is,liran from autods i'm the content,manager and i've also been drop shipping,for the last several years and in this,video i'm going to go over,everything that you need to know about,ebay vero what is ebay vero in the first,place,how it works then i'll show you ebay's,whole vero list,then we'll talk about the things that we,can do to avoid,getting vero products on our ebay drop,shipping stores,and even if we did manage to get it by,accident,and your seller account is in trouble,i'll show you what steps you need to,take in order to get your account back,and continue selling and profiting one,second before we begin this video if you,are new to our youtube channel,this is the kind of content we offer,along with so many other topics like,product research suppliers marketplaces,and so much more so make sure to,subscribe to our youtube channel,like this video if you appreciate the,value and let's get on with the ebay,vero,explanation what is ebay vero vero,stands for,verified rights owner program this means,that,you and i as drop shippers we cannot,sell knock-offs from,big companies companies who have,trademarked patented their products,and they do not want other people to,resell them now,this may confuse you and make you start,to think wait so,if any company can pretend their product,how can i know exactly,what i can sell and what i can so don't,worry because i will go over everything,in this video,and don't forget that i've been drop,shipping for the last five years,and i've never had any problems with,vero products,on the other hand i've seen many,dropshippers stores,crumble down to the ground because they,were not careful enough with the vero,products so,let me show you exactly how you can,differentiate it and everything else,that you need to do,in order to avoid this from happening so,we know that ebay vero means that,we cannot sell products that we are not,allowed to resell what are those,products and how can we get to them,first let's get an understanding of how,ebay vero works in the first place,i mean how does ebay know what products,we are allowed to sell what we're not,allowed to resell,how can they scan tens of thousands of,sellers all of their listings,and see what products they are selling,and what they are not allowed to resell,so ebay uses advanced technologies to,scan,all of the listings in your store and in,anyone else's store,and see exactly what they are selling,they will see exactly they can,cross-check it with their variable list,and see,exactly what's allowed to be there and,what's not allowed to be there now,the first time ebay catches you with a,vero product it really depends on the,product that you are trying to resell,but the first time they're probably,going to give you a little pet on the,hand,and they'll tell you hey you cannot sell,this product please read about our vero,rights program,and see what you can sell and not sell,but you will have,so many trademark products on that list,you'll get lost,that's why i'm going to make it much,easier for you in this video so the,first time,ebay is going to tell you okay you,cannot sell this product here take a,little one to three day suspension on,your ebay seller account,in three days your account will be back,and you can start selling again,the second time they can suspend your,account for maybe one or two weeks,the third time they could suspend your,account indefinitely,now i've been doing this for the last,five years i've had,one warning on my first year of drop,shipping from there,i learned all about vero and it hasn't,happened since then,so that's usually what happens and that,is how ebay scans all of your listings,and they will get to the products that,you are not allowed to resell you cannot,hide them with images,or with a different title and a,different product description,they will know what you're selling at,the end of the day and if any of those,products are vero,you will have to pay the price so where,is that vero list how do we know what,products we can sell,not sell how can we see all of those,trademark and copyrighted products,and how exactly is that going to help us,so ebay's vero program shows you,everything and as you can see here,on the blog below by the way i'll leave,a link to you guys,right below this video so that you can,all read the blog but of course,do continue watching this video because,i'm providing much more value here okay,so where is that vero list let's click,on the vero program page and here's,ebay's verified rights owner program,page or their veri page,so what happened to my listing they let,you know,and how can you get to that list of,products that are vero i'm going to,click here on,vero participant profiles and as you can,see here we have a huge list from a to z,if you want to skip to anything,but here's all of the list of ebay's,veri companies,companies that came to ebay and told,them hey we don't want anyone reselling,our products,if you find anyone that is selling our,products please do this and that,so these are all of the companies that,we are not allowed to resell,one obviously you won't be able to,remember all of these companies and,every time you're adding a product,you're not going to come to this list,and try to search for that company it,could be on a different name,it could not be exactly the way that,you're writing it but this is one way to,give you a quick indication of what,you're not allowed to resell so just go,over the list really really quick,and try to memorize some of these names,so that if you do get to it on your,suppliers pages you'll know that you are,not allowed to resell this product two,use your common sense so you know that,you cannot sell iphones,video game consoles or any known company,that you heard of,so add that on top of this the third way,and this is the best,way to avoid adding vero products to,your store this,is simply using the auto ds platform,because auto ds has a huge,list of vero products updating every,single day,with new vero products that are being,added to the market so if you try to add,a product that you are not allowed to,resell,auto ds will stop you and tell you hey,this product has a viral violation,either in the manufacturer or in the,brand or it has some keywords that we do,not like to see in the product's,description,so go ahead and check out what's wrong,with this listing and if it is a,violation don't go ahead don't continue,the import process,but if it's something small that you can,overcome and i will show you a small,example of exactly what i mean then you,can go ahead and continue importing that,product,even if you got a vero violation error,message by auto ds,i will show you exactly what i mean and,this is the method that i've been using,for years and it's working,perfectly let's start by adding a,product which we are not allowed to,resell,for example an apple iphone one of the,most classic demonstrations that we can,offer,so let's head on to amazon one of the,suppliers that you can work with,and search for apple iphone now once,again,any one of the products that you add,from autods's database of thousands of,thousands of products that you cannot,add to your store,the same process will happen when you,will try to add that product to your,store,so let's add this latest arrival new,apple iphone 12 mini,so you are an inexperienced drop shipper,you don't know what you are allowed to,resell and not and you are going to add,a product that you are not allowed to,resell,so what i'm going to do in this case i,can either click the import to autods,button to quickly import it to my store,this feature is available by simply,downloading and installing the rods,chrome,drop shipping helper extension so just,go to google write ods helper and it'll,be the first result,that you will see after you download and,install this extension you will be able,to see,that import to auto ds button on any,product page on any one of the 25 plus,supported suppliers so you can easily,import products in just one click you,can also do it by copying the whole,products url or the product id which is,the asin so,this is the async for this product you,can also search for ace in here,on the page and find it down here so,this is the same asin that we're seeing,here,but that's not the point of this video,let's just copy the whole url,go to auto ds and add this product to,our store so i'm going to click on add,product on the left side and i'm going,to paste that url,make sure that i'm publishing to the,right store and here in the advanced,options,what i want to do is don't allow,vero or block keywords so i want to,protect myself i don't want to allow,autods to import these products to my,store,in this case i won't add variations,because i'm just showing an example,not only for out of stock variations i,don't really care about the brand,because i know that this brand i'm not,allowed to import it anyway to my store,so now i'm just going to,click on add as a draft and this is the,same thing as clicking,on the import to auto ds button that we,saw here it's simply going to import the,product to the drafts section of my,store so let's go ahead and click on add,as draft,and see what happens item is being added,to drafts click here to track the,progress so let's click to add the,progress and let's see what happens when,we try to add this product,to our dropshipping stores and lo and,behold we have,an error so let's hover over and see,exactly what it says manufacturer name,contains a vera word keyword apple,so autods's vero database has the,keyword apple,inside on top of thousands and thousands,of other keywords that we are not,allowed to resell,and it noticed that the word apple is in,the manufacturer's name,so it stopped this import process it's,letting us know that we are not allowed,to resell apple products now here you,can force upload this product by,clicking here force upload all,or by clicking on this refresh icon here,force upload,once we click on that no matter what,error messages we have auto ds will,import it to our stores anyway,so be cautious when using the force,upload method at what,situations can you import products that,have to do with apple's products it,doesn't mean that you cannot sell cases,and other things that match apple's,iphone let me show you an example of,what i mean so let's head back to amazon,and this time let's search for an apple,iphone case so,as long as the manufacturer who created,the case,doesn't mind you reselling it you won't,get an error message and everything will,be fine,but if we go back to ebay's vero page,here i noticed that it says zag and zag,is a manufacturer for cases for iphone,and other phones too,so i noticed that this name is here so,i'll know,to avoid importing zags products to my,store,but that's just one example you don't,have to memorize the manufacturer's,names because you will get the error,from autods anyway,so here these are apple iphone cases,these are manufactured by apple if i'm,not mistaken so we're just going to,continue scrolling let's go to page,three and start getting those,third-party sellers that don't mind,dropshippers let's go with this one,liquid silicone case compatible for,iphone xr,if you're importing any accessory to a,product that is vero that is absolutely,fine,as long as the manufacturer here doesn't,mind and once again autods will let us,know about that so here i'm going to,take the whole products url or just the,asyn it really doesn't matter,and let's add this product to our store,now here there's there's another very,important thing that we have to remember,so let me just add this product to the,draft section,going to exit this screen click on add,products and this time going to add,the asyn for the iphone case advanced,options,don't allow vero we don't need,variations again in this case because,it's just a demonstration,now let's add this product as a draft,click to track the progress,okay and while i clicked on it it simply,imported to my draft section so this,product is ready,so as you see here we didn't get any,error that we're not allowed to,import this product to our stores and,even if we would have gotten an error,saying the word apple iphone is in the,product's description,that's perfectly fine because it's only,in the product's description it's not,the manufacturer,so there is no problem to resell this,product but in this case we didn't even,get that error,so even when you do get a vero error it,doesn't mean that this product that,you're not allowed to resell it,just make sure that it's not in the,manufacturer it's not in the brand name,maybe it's an accessory to go with the,vero product and that is absolutely fine,to sell,here is that liquid silicone case let's,open the item editor by just clicking on,this little arrow over here and here we,can start optimizing the product but,what's important here for these,scenarios as you see even here the,seller said that this case is for,iphone and he didn't start the title for,example,by saying by calling it an apple,iphone case because in this scenario in,this case,you will think that the manufacturer is,apple iphone,so this is a silicone case,for apple iphone and as long as you got,that,four then on the one hand you will not,confuse the customer,he will understand that this is a case,for the apple iphone and that the,manufacturer is not apple iphone,and on the other hand you won't have any,vero problems when you're implementing,this method,so that is how you know exactly how to,identify those vero products and how to,avoid adding them to your drop shipping,stores,using the database that we have that is,always updating with,new copyrighted products and materials,being added to the database,on a daily basis so you will never have,to import any viral products to your,store,without knowing that it was a vero,product in the first place,do be cautious do keep your eyes open,and there won't be any problems,as long as you got the automation inside,your drop shipping business,you can really go ahead and continue,scaling your drop shipping business,without having to worry about what you,can and what you cannot sell,so we do abide by the rules we do not,want to make,anyone mad and at the end of the day,this is how you can protect yourself for,the long term the final thing that i,want to talk about in this video,is how to appeal against vero violations,if your account got suspended if you,weren't too cautious,you didn't use autods's system to notice,all of the vero items that you want to,import to your store,or those that you already imported to,your store and you didn't notice that,they are vero,so what are you going to do once by,accident,your store got suspended by a vero,violation,and you cannot get your store back up,online again it's not a temporary,suspension,ebay is not telling you hey this one is,only going to go on for three days or,for a week,this time it's permanent you are,suspended for violating,our vero guidelines so what are you,gonna do about that first things first,you are going to receive an email by,some lawyer,anywhere around the world telling you,hey i noticed this listing,i told ebay about it and by the way,that's another way for ebay to know,about their vera violations so one way,is for them to use their scanners and,they scan your listings on your store,this is the automatic method and every,company especially every big company,they have people whose jobs is to search,the internet for people who are,reselling their products when they are,not allowed to,so in this scenario you're going to get,or in any scenario where you're banned,for verify for vero violations,you're going to receive an email from,some lawyer or someone who works for,that company,letting you know what you did wrong that,you were not allowed to resell this,specific item,and this will give you an opening a a,window an,opportunity to reply to that company to,that lawyer to that,representative who reached out to you,and simply apologize,tell them that you had no intention of,reselling a product that you didn't know,you were not allowed to,it was an honest mistake you've been,doing this business for years,you're raising your family on top of,this small business that you have,try to really reach out to their hearts,let them understand that this was a,one-time mistake and that you will never,repeat it again i have seen several,cases from other dropshippers that this,really worked and they were able to get,their account back,because that person who complained,against you,has the power to go to ebay and let them,know hey i worked it out with the seller,everything is fine,you can give them their account back and,ebay will do exactly,that now if you did not get any letters,from any lawyers or from any companies,you can simply reach out to ebay and do,the same thing,let them know that it was a one-time,mistake get them on the phone by the way,because you won't be able to chat with,them,or do it online if your account was,suspended so you'll need to get them on,the phone and sincerely apologize,let them know that it is a one-time,mistake and that you will never repeat,it again,and that is true you're not lying to,anyone you really won't repeat it again,you can use like i mentioned autods's,database to scan,all of your products the ones that you,have in your store the ones that you,want to import to your store,and you won't fall into this situation,once again so the only way to appeal,against a vero violation is to either,reach out to ebay,or reach out to the person who,complained against you either way you'll,have access to both of those options,and really be sincere that is all that i,have for you guys,on ebay's vero violations everything,that you need to know about it,what it is how it works how to avoid it,and how to appeal once your store got,suspended by accident by a vero,violation,that is how the big boys do it that is,how the service providers do it those,who take,money to do those actions on your store,now you have this information so you'll,know exactly,what you need to do you won't need to,pay anyone else to do this work for you,because now you can do it by yourself,if there's any questions let me know in,the comments below i'll be more than,happy to answer,and by the way even if you're not drop,shipping on ebay,even if you're drop shipping on shopify,or the facebook marketplace or any other,platform,you still want to avoid copyrighted,copyright,infringement issues nobody wants,lawsuits nobody wants to wake up to any,surprises,so autodesk's database will protect you,against these types of scenarios no,matter what selling channel you are drop,shipping on,just keep in mind to stay away from,known brands and of course pay attention,to otto diaz's vero violation warnings,thank you for watching this video if you,enjoyed it if you appreciate the value,give us a like,give us a share so that your friends and,family can also enjoy and learn about,the wonderful world of dropshipping,and if you haven't done so yet subscribe,to our youtube channel this is the kind,of content we offer,and so much more thank you for watching,see you in the future videos

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