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Google Ads Preview Tool - How to Use The Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool in this video I'm going to be

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

Google Ads Preview Tool - How to Use The Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

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Google Ads Preview Tool - How to Use The Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

in this video I'm going to be talking,about the Google ads ad preview and,diagnosis tool when to use it and how to,use it so to start off with I'm just,going to show you how to access the tool,so you click on tools and settings in,the top right hand corner and then click,on ad preview and diagnosis so that'll,load up and you'll have a number of,options so for start to start off with,you want to enter a search term and what,this tool will enable you to do is to,see is are your ads showing for that,search term right now and it's important,to select the correct location the,location that is part of your campaign,targeting you want to select the,language that's part of your campaign,targeting a device that should be,included in your campaign targeting so,if you select mobile you should be,targeting mobile and you can also have,the option of selecting an audience now,the reason you would use this tool is to,preview your ads as the name suggests so,what some people will do to pre to try,and preview their ads will be to do a,search in Google but your ad may not,show when you're doing a search in,Google for a number of different reasons,even if you're inside the targeting of,your your own ad you may not have an ad,show and it can be due to a number of,different factors such as your browser,settings and in addition to that not,only may your ad not show for yourself,when you make a search while it is,showing for potential customers when,they're making it as such you also don't,want to be searching for your own ads in,Google because every time you search for,one of your ads and you don't click,that's affecting your click-through rate,which can,potentially have an adverse effect on,your quality score so it's very,important to always check if your ads,are working by using the ad preview tool,and you should recommend to your clients,that they use the ad preview tool now,the other function of the tool is to,allow you to diagnose when why your ads,are not showing if they're not showing,so let's just put in an example here for,this particular account so we could put,in a keyword which were targeting such,as investment comparison and what we,have here is a preview so we can look,down and see exactly how our ad will be,appearing on a mobile device which is,very useful because we can take a look,at the ad how does it how is it,presented is the way we want it to be,presented is it going to be is it set up,in a way that's gonna engage target our,target market prospective customers so,this is how we can check the ad make,sure is being served correctly now we,can also get information not only on the,ad text but also the ad extensions so we,can see here that we do have site link,extensions and we do have structured,snippet extensions but they're not,showing they're not showing in this,particular case for this search now,that's not necessarily alarming we do we,can see here that the extension is,eligible so there's nothing wrong with,the extension but it's just not not,showing now so for whatever reason,Google's system is choosing not to show,that extension now maybe it's,calculating that the click-through rate,will be higher with another type of,extension or without any extension and,that's being tested so that's important,to have that information we can see if,our extensions are showing now and it's,just very important,useful to see how your ads are,functioning and that's the benefit of,using this tool so next you'll be useful,to look at an example of where the ad is,not showing so here I'm just going to,type in investments we're just gonna go,with investment bond USA and what we're,gonna see here is your ads are set to,target users in their locations you've,chosen so the ad is not showing and it's,given us the reason why is because of,our location targeting so this is a case,where we can see good hours I'm not,showing for a location that we haven't,set up within our campaign targeting,because we're targeting the United,Kingdom only we do not want to target,people who are searching for products in,the USA or another country so we can see,here that the ads are doing what they're,supposed to be doing the targeting is,correct and we can see for that search,we've been given a reason why the ad is,not showing so that's really the nuts,and bolts of the ad preview and,diagnosis tool very useful for,diagnosing any issues any reasons why,your ads are not showing or any reasons,why your ads are showing and for the,wrong either for the wrong keywords or,in the wrong locations and you can,easily figure it out using this tool so,I hope this video has been very useful,and informative if it has been then feel,free to subscribe for more videos on how,to manage your marketing campaigns and,thank you for watching,you

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