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How To Create WILDY Profitable Facebook Ads For Amazon FBA Products!everyone welcome back to the cha

Sebastian Castaneda

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Create WILDY Profitable Facebook Ads For Amazon FBA Products!

everyone welcome back to the channel,today i'm going to show you how to,create,facebook ads for your amazon fba,products,facebook ads are a great way to drive,external traffic towards your amazon,listing in order to boost your sales and,take,traffic into your own hands and best of,all i'm going to show you an extremely,easy way to do this,so that way if you've never run facebook,ads before you'll be able to get your,very first facebook ad campaign running,in no time,to start driving traffic towards your,amazon fba listing,and if you're new to the channel my name,is sebastian i'm the founder of rewaypal,which is an amazon product launch,platform,that helps amazon sellers manage their,rebate and coupon promotions all within,a single dashboard,and i deliver fba amazon strategy tips,just like this on a weekly basis so if,that's something that interests you feel,free to subscribe to this channel,and turn on your notification bells that,way as i give more tips just like this,you'll get notified so with all that,being said let's get straight to it so,before we get started,you're going to need a few things in,place the first thing you're going to,need,is an active facebook ad account the,second thing you'll need is a manychat,pro subscription,and the third thing you'll need is an,active rebate panel subscription,with our alpha plan so with those three,things in place you're now ready to,begin creating your very first facebook,ads for your amazon product so now once,you're inside re-repel you have those,strings already in place,inside re-repel you're gonna need to go,to where it says manychat integrations,and we're going to go ahead and quickly,set up your first manychat funnel that,you'll connect,to your facebook ads and deliver coupons,or rebates for your product,so when you're doing this simply click,on their manychat integrations from the,menu bar,and then click create new mci so again,we're just going to create the very,first manychat,sequence and then export it to your,manychat pro account,and you'll be able to do all of this,with just a few clicks so in this,example i'm just going to select coupon,flow so i'm going to click on create,and now it's going to just ask for a few,product details so you can go ahead and,put,your ace in there and it'll pull some,data already for you,you can name your flow anything you'd,like for the main,keyword phrase just be sure to put what,your product is,the price go ahead and put your price,and the promotion that we're going to be,running again i always recommend a,higher promotion,just so you can get the max amount of,sales for your product so in this case,i'll put an 80,discount and the product url by default,will send,traffic directly towards your amazon,listing but if you wanted to use a super,url,you can and you'll just go ahead and,paste that into this section right here,and if you want to put a coupon limit to,it you can do that as well i'll just put,a daily coupon limit,of 30. and here's where you'll go ahead,and paste your amazon coupon codes,so these are the single use coupon codes,that you create inside seller central,i'm just going to put a generic coupon,here just so we can go on to the next,step,but again this is where you put your,single use coupons for your promotion,and just be sure to select these two and,then go ahead and click on create,campaign,now what it's going to do is it's going,to give you the next steps to integrate,this data towards your manychat pro,account so this is where we make it,extremely easy for,our users so all you need to do is on,this first screen here is click,import template now it's going to load,automatically your manychat accounts,now let's go ahead and import this,template to manychat so all you need to,do is click on import template right,here,and then it's going to bring you to this,screen where all you need to do is click,on,install go ahead and select the facebook,page you're going to be using,then click install again and on this,third and final step all you need to do,where it says merge tags is click this,drop down box right here,and then scroll to where it says target,page box fields,click the x right next to it so that way,it's now blank,so everything should look just like this,the only,blank section should be where you just x,down right there,and now go ahead and click on install,now,so let's go ahead and continue and now,you should be in front of this screen,right here,and all you're going to need to do now,is just copy over the code that we,provide you,on the same page and it should be on,step,four so on step four just go ahead and,copy this little,snippet of code right here go to your,manage chat,template paste it and voila you're done,now all you need to do now is name this,template so just click on view template,and now we're going to name this,template anything you'd like i'm just,going to put dead seamask,coupon just something generic i'll go,ahead and save that,and now just go to growth tools,new growth tool i'm going to name this,dead c mask launch,where find where it says facebook ads,json which should be the little thumbs,up sign go ahead and click on that,and now just click on replace and we're,just going to replace it with the flow,you just created so,that's why i recommend naming it so if,you have a lot of campaigns running,you'll be able to find it,very quickly so this is the one i just,named so i'm just going to go ahead and,click on that one right there,click on the little box at the bottom,and select this flow,perfect now you're all set so if you go,back to growth tools,you now have your json ready so now we,can go ahead and go on to the facebook,ad,portion and also onto the design portion,so you can get this campaign up and,running for you,so now let's go ahead and actually see,some examples of some graphics you can,use for your facebook ads,so when you're creating the graphics if,you do not want to outsource this to,someone and do this yourself,i recommend using a tool called canva,it's absolutely free to use,and their drag and drop feature makes it,super easy for you to get,ads running in no time so the first,thing you're going to want to do if you,do decide to create your own,images for your facebook ads is be sure,to make sure that the,dimensions are at 1200 by 628,okay and when you have those dimensions,that's already going to be optimized for,facebook's news feed and also for,instagram's feed,so once you have those dimensions in,place here are just a few examples you,can use,if you want to do this yourself again,using canvas drag and drop feature,you can see it's nothing too crazy we,just have a product image right here,a mini banner that shows the total price,of the product after the coupon is,applied and you can just see the scratch,through price on the product,here are some other examples you can use,and if you wanted to use a human,you can also do that right here you can,make it seem very,appealing with different colors and also,adding a person usually,increases the conversion rate and so you,can see here's,just some very basic examples where we,have the product on the right,and a human on the left and just a,little banner here with just a few text,images also again just relaying the,product discount you can see again,another example here,so you can see it's fairly easy to get,graphics up and running in no time,again this is if you did want to create,them yourselves i do recommend using,canva to do this portion of the process,so now let's go ahead and actually,create the facebook ads for your launch,so the very first thing you're going to,want to do is hide into your facebook ad,account and under your campaign,dashboard simply click on create right,here,and it's going to load some objectives,for you and you're going to want to,select the messages,objective so go ahead and click on,messages,and then go ahead and click on continue,then at this point all you have to do is,name your campaign then click on next,and now let's go ahead and put on some,targeting information to help identify,who your audience is,so you can get the best conversions,possible so,when you're selecting your accounts just,be sure you have your facebook page,connected so in this case i'm going to,connect the facebook page that we're,using,and under audience this is where you're,going to be able to,target and for the audience this is,where you're going to be able to refine,your audience so,so at this section now we're going to be,able to,see who your audience is and refine who,we're going to be targeting for your,facebook ads,so be sure just to select your facebook,page,go ahead and put your appropriate budget,you can put any budget that you'd like,and now let's go ahead and refine the,audience a little bit so i'm gonna,since we're targeting customers in the,us i'm gonna make sure that the location,is stated for united states,then for the age for this particular,product dead sea mask i'm going to go,ahead and put ages,28 all the way to 65 since it's a beauty,product,and for women i'm going to go ahead and,just click on women right here since,that's who our target audience,is for this specific product and now for,detailed targeting,uh we'll go ahead and put some basics so,i'll just go ahead and first start with,amazon so we want to target people who,are using amazon actively,so be sure you do the one with the size,that is the highest so this size is 397,million so i'm going to click on that,one right here,and now we can refine this just a little,bit more so i'm going to click on narrow,audience,and i'll go ahead and put anti-aging,so we can see anti-aging is a pretty,large audience right here and i think i,feel comfortable,uh just starting with anti-aging for now,and we'll go ahead and see how this,performs it is a,bit of a large audience four million six,hundred thousand,but i'm okay with that i'll go ahead and,stay stick with this as is,if i did want to refinance just a little,bit more um i'm not just because i want,to,cast a net as white as possible but if,you didn't want to refine it a little,bit more for your specific product,a good way to do that would be to,also type in engaged shoppers,so now i have three layers of filters i,have amazon anti-aging cream,and they're engaged shoppers and what,engaged shoppers are,are people who are actively clicking on,ads through facebook,so now it's lowered the audience a,little bit more to two million five,hundred thousand let's just go ahead and,go with that for now,and i feel good with the audience that,we've chosen and now let's go and,update the placements so for the,placements just make sure you click on,manual placements,and i'm just gonna do i'm gonna uncheck,messenger and i'm also gonna uncheck,audience network and just have facebook,and instagram selected,and i'm gonna uncheck search and i'm,also gonna uncheck in article,okay and that's all the edits we're,going to be doing on this section,now that's all the edits we're going to,be doing on this section so then go,ahead and click on next,now on this final page all you have to,do is select the page,that we're going to be using it's going,to ask you for your instagram account,i'm just going to use the same,page as my facebook page now go ahead,and,add your media right here this is where,you're going to go ahead and add your,product image,so i'm going to click on that we're,going to go ahead and click on add image,and upload your account images now once,you add the image it's going to ask you,for some primary text for your ad you,can see,this is some of the text we're using as,an example it's nothing too crazy we,just put a little bit of product details,right here at the top,and we just pasted over our bullet,points from the product right here,and then to close out we just wanted to,add some sense of urgency,that the customers know that there is a,limited supply of this,and so we just added that right there,just to entice people to take action on,the ad,and now once you add some text you have,the image you can see a few examples of,how it's going to look right here,and for the headline again we keep it,super simple we're just going to put 80,off on amazon with exclusive coupon just,so people know again that this coupon is,exclusive,just for seeing the facebook ad they,won't be able to get it anywhere else,and that's going to add some feel to the,fire to get people to take action,now once you add a few images you add,the text you add a headline,now you just have to make sure that the,call to action just says send a message,which is the default so that doesn't,require any changes,now this is where you're going to,actually connect manychat with your,facebook ads,so right here where it says start,conversations,just make sure you click on advanced,setup because we're going to be using,the,json that we created on manychat,again you don't really need any,technical knowledge at all just go ahead,and click,right here where it says advanced setup,click on create,and now what you're gonna do is you're,gonna go to your manychat account,click on the promotion you just created,through the growth tools i'm gonna click,on that,click on setup and then just go ahead,and copy this to your clipboard,okay so you don't need to do anything at,all it should only show a preview,of what the facebook code is going to be,it's not going to give the entire flow,it's just going to show you a preview,which is basically just the first,message,okay so just make sure that's copied go,back to facebook messenger,and you're still under the advanced,setup just go ahead and click on the top,right here,i do command a to highlight everything,and then just delete,okay so now it should be empty now i'm,going to paste it,the code we just copied over from,manychat and now it should look,like this so we deleted the old code and,added the new code,and you can name the template anything,you'd like i'm going gonna go ahead and,click on save and finish,and now you have your facebook ad,completely set up you have the audience,that you're targeting,for your ideal customers and you already,have the funnels completely built out by,ruby pal and manychat is going to be the,actual facilitator of distributing the,coupons for everyone who clicks on send,message so when people click on send,message,will be prompted to verify that they do,want the promotional code,and that they do need to use it right,away because there are a limited,quantity,and they'll go ahead and click on yes,and then we're going to go ahead and,distribute the coupon code to them,and best of all all of this is,completely automatic,and you don't have to do anything else,other than copy and paste a few areas,and then put some text for the facebook,ads so this is everything you're gonna,need to do,we just went through the entire process,on facebook so then go ahead and click,on publish,and that's it your facebook ad is,completely set up and running,and you'll now be getting sales towards,your amazon fba products,now if you wanted to track everything,once that's loaded up,go ahead and click on rewrite pal and,about after an hour or two you should,start seeing some sales coming in,through the dashboard because we're,going to be monitoring all the coupons,we're sending out for you,and all the sales you're going to be,getting from this promotion so,we make it extremely easy for you to,manage this entire thing,all within the rubypel dashboard well,there you have it how to create facebook,ads for your amazon fba product launch,now i try to make it as easy as possible,and you can see there's not too much,technical work required,you just need to copy and paste a few,things and just go ahead and set up your,facebook ads towards your your target,audience again,everything is designed with re-repel to,be a seamless and,automatic process you don't have to do,anything other than,everything we just went over in this,video and again if this is something,you're interested in i highly recommend,you try re-repel we do have a promotion,i will have a link below in the,description where you can try our alpha,plan,for only one dollar just so you can see,how powerful this tool is for your,amazon fba business,and of course if this is your first time,watching one of my youtube videos feel,free to subscribe to this channel and,hit the alert notifications that way as,i give more tips just like this,you'll get notified right away well,thank you so much for watching,i'll see you all on the next video

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How to get sales from Facebook Ads | Amazon Facebook Marketing

How to get sales from Facebook Ads | Amazon Facebook Marketing

If you are selling on Amazon,  if you're selling on eBay, ,if you're selling on Instagram,,if you're selling on Shopify, if you're selling on e-commerce,,if you're selling on a WordPress site,,if you're selling any kind of e-commerce website,,what I'm going to show you today, how to increase your sales,using Facebook ads.,Hey, everybody, this is  Seth Kniep, Kniep’n it real.,I'm really excited to share this with you today.,Here's what most Amazon sellers do when they decide to start,running Facebook ads, they create a Facebook page,,they create their first post and they get this little thing that says, boost.,Then Amazon pops up for them, and it's really tempting to click.,You just want to click the button because, you know, if you click it,,they're going to run an ad for you.,And hopefully, by running that ad, you can get a bunch of sales,,they’ll just start piling in.,And really, all you've done is taken the link to your Amazon store,,you post it on the page and you shared it with the world.,Here's what's interesting, though.,When people go to Amazon, they're looking to buy.,High chance of buying your product if you differentiated it well.,But when people are on Facebook, most of them are not on Facebook to find products.,They're on Facebook to engage with their super,in-depth relationship with all their best friends,who would die for them if they were in trouble.,That's not the place to just advertise a product as a link.,You have to think about it and engage with them.,What you need to do,is pull in all the people who might be interested in your product,,get them all in the same room,and then give them something of great value, that makes them want to buy.,Let me show you exactly how to do that.,Step number one.,I want you to build a Facebook page for your brand.,It's really easy to do. Let me show you how.,Go over here to the right side on Facebook. Click on that little dropdown arrow.,Come over here and click on Create Page and then decide what kind of page it is.,If you're a local, brick and mortar business, you click here.,If you're a company, organization, institution, even a school,,you might click here.,But if you're a brand or product, you're specifically selling,pet products, for example, this is what you want to click on.,So you click on that, you choose your category.,So you go to click on here, you're going to select pet supplies.,Then you are going to come in here and type in what the name is going to be.,So I am going to say I love dogs. Get started.,That one's already being used, I bet. Oh no, it's not. There we go. I love dogs.,You're going to upload a profile picture, go through the steps, create your page.,It's really, really simple. It's not difficult at all.,The nice thing about creating a page is it ranks really well, SEO, Google,,once you have a lot of engagement on the page.,If you commit to posting three times a day,,you can install some kind of application like MeetEdgar,,where they automatically will repeat posts for you.,And if you have a library of 20,000 different items,,they'll just constantly post on the page for you over and over again.,It makes it really easy to rank fast.,Then, when people Google search pets or I love pets or pet supplies or,whatever, yours is going to come up much sooner.,They click on the Facebook link. They see all the engagement.,They like it because they love it, because they love dogs.,And from there, you have an opportunity to sell your product on the Facebook page.,The Facebook page is for branding. That's its primary purpose.,You can run promotions, target your audience, do little quizzes,,funny questions, interesting means, do surveys, what kind of dogs do you like better?,Do you like brown ones or black ones? Ones with big snouts? One with small snouts?,You get the idea.,Here's an example of a Facebook page. I love dogs.,As you can see here, we have 599,000 people who like it.,634,000 people who follow it.,And you can see all the super cool, engaging content.,This one cracks me up. I love this one. The way we sleep every night together.,Dog at feet, Dog upside down, Dog between knees, Dog hugs back.,I mean, this is so true of life. I love it.,You can see right here it had 218 shares.,Let me tell you, these people are engaging well with this page. It's well done.,Here is an article. The owner of a 16-year-old collie,who abandoned her dog with a massive, bleeding tumor.,Like, really sad. Look at the picture.,That's engaging because sad to say it's a terrible looking picture.,And so people are going to click on it.,And a lot of people are sad about it. 11 comments, 6 shares.,You get the idea. A ton of engagement on this page.,Now, once you have all this engagement, it is so much more natural,to share the product that you are selling.,Plus, did you know this?,In order to run a Facebook ad, you need it to be attached to something.,You can't just have a Facebook account.,You need a page or an event page or something similar. It can't be a group.,The next thing you want to do number two, is you want to build a fan page.,Now there's a difference between a regular page and a fan page.,A regular page is for branding. It's what I just show you.,A fan page is a little different.,It's not so much about your brand, It's more about being a fan of an idea.,I'll give you an example. I used to have my own fan page right here.,I no longer post on it very much because it gets so much on my personal page.,Right here, you can see I had one fan page where I posted various things,about my life, what I'm doing as an entrepreneur,and my family, and redoing my office and traveling to China.,Things like that. Protein pancakes. That's very special.,So this is an example of a fan page. It's not a personal page. OK?,You can see that right here. It's a fan page.,It's specifically about an idea or a person, but it's not a regular page.,I know it gets a little confusing,,but there is a difference between that and a regular page.,What you're going to do with the fan page,is you're going to engage your audience, you're going to build awareness.,It really is almost like an awareness ad, constantly sharing and engaging.,Then your official page is where we’re going to share more content.,Between the two of these you're going to expose your brand,and your idea to the world and you're going to gain traction.,It takes time. Here's the concept, you guys.,You need to collect a ton of people, all into the same funnel,,and then once they're all in that room, that's when you begin to advertise to them.,Don't just start with some ad that you hope randomly hits a person.,“Oh, I want to buy that.”,It doesn't work like that. You know how it works?,You gather a whole bunch of people, let's say,20,000 who are interested into the same room, page room.,And then you offer them a lot of content, and about 20% of those people actually engage.,And then about 5% of those people will buy. And you end up with a lot of buys.,That's the concept.,Third.,Run a Facebook ad about your product.,One of the best strategies for doing this is do a video.,Videos are by far the most engaging more than an image, ,more than a GIF, more than an article, a video.,People like to watch movement,,and if they see movement, they're likely to stop and engage.,Here's an idea. Here's a little tip.,When you run the video, make it about how to use the product and as a byproduct,feature the benefits.,So you can explain it how this thing works.,Check it out. Have you seen these chalk?,Have you seen these chalks? I can speak.,You're going to love these chalks. You know why?,They are a cool color.,The White. There's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.,There's twelve of them. They're smooth.,They make that special sound when you're write.,Half in English, half in Spanish.,You get the idea.,Where you talk about your product, you feature the benefits.,And when you talk about how it works and,you kind of allude to the side benefits, that's more persuasive and powerful.,I don't know. That's about as cheesy you can get, but you get the idea.,When you run that ad, make sure you give them something of value,even in that ad.,And the more interesting your product is and the more interesting the person,who's demonstrating the product, the more people who are going to buy.,I wish you success. Those are three steps,for how to increase your Amazon sales with Facebook ads.,You have an awesome day.

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