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Facebook Marketplace Ads Tutorial (2022)facebook marketplace as tutorials step,by step hey guys welc

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Facebook Marketplace Ads Tutorial (2022)

facebook marketplace as tutorials step,by step hey guys welcome back in this,video i'm going to teach you how to set,up your facebook marketplace ads,so i'm in my facebook homepage and i'm,just going to click on marketplace right,here at the left on part of the screen,and here as you can see this is how the,marketplace looks like so if you didn't,know facebook marketplace is a platform,that allows users find,purchase and sell things so you can also,filter the results by location,category and price so this can help,people locate what they are looking for,so as a salary you can reach buyers,where they are already by listing on the,facebook marketplace so on the,marketplace you may purchase and sell,both products and services,so this can be anything you find for,sale on so it is kind of similar to,craigslist ebay and other similar sites,so users of this platform are actually,increasing so,is a terrific way to get your business,in front of a big audience and even,generate some organic leads but you'll,need to run facebook marketplace as if,you want to reach a specific audience so,as you can see here this is the,marketplace and if you are going to set,up your ad you'll normally appear at the,top of the marketplace section with a,sponsored listing so let's try to find,sponsored listings right here and i,think i can't find any right now,so maybe they're just loading as of the,moment so you're basically advertising,directly to people which facebook,believes might be interested in seeing,or buying your items or services,so let's head on to the ads manager on,facebook so you can,go here by going to,ads manager so as you can see right here,we can use these advertisements to build,up targeting to reach people who are,more inclined to buy from you you can,target people based on their age gender,location hobbies and more and i'm going,to do a step-by-step guide for you to do,just that the boosted marketplace,advertisements are more straightforward,with limited targeting and a budget and,timeline to choose from,so for you to know what i am talking,about is just head on to the actual,setting up of the advertisement,so first you're going to,look at here at the green button that,says create and just click on that,and wait for it to load so here,you have many options just focus on the,consideration and i'm going to set it on,traffic so this sends people to a,website app or facebook event or let,them tap to call you you're going to,select any of your preference that might,help your business to grow more so it's,more of like which is more appropriate,for your brand or product so that's the,only thing i'm going to select for now,and i'm just going to click on continue,now the new traffic campaign instantly,loads after you click continue,so right here here is,what you should fill in this is a new,traffic ad and i'm going to guide you,all throughout how to set up an ad and,post it on the facebook marketplace,so first let's um set up the campaign,name just go and name it social,marketplace,as for the category i'm just going to,skip that because i don't see,any option that is appropriate,so for this campaign details you can,also set up to,have a split test but i'm set it up for,now and there's also campaign budget,optimization she'll distribute your,budget across addresses to get more,results,which i won't also do,so that's it for the first page and i'm,just going to click on next for the next,option to choose from so,right here you can choose where you want,to drive traffic you'll enter more,details about the destination later so,i'm just going to click on website since,that's what i'm going to,generate more leads for the ad set name,i'm going to set it up for the same name,as the ad campaign,now we're going to head on to the budget,and schedule so you have two options for,the budget daily budget and lifetime,budget so whichever is your preference,again i'm just going to select daily,budget,and i'm going to set it at 1000 pesos,and then for the schedule you can set,the start date and the end date is,actually optional but you may also want,to set that so that it will be more,easily monitored so,let's say you want to run the ad from,april,28,up to may 5th you can also set a,preferred time so i'm just going to keep,it at that as for the audience you can,create new audience or,use saved audience,so if you have already created new,audience before you can find them here,but for this video i'm going to create a,new audience so you can click on edit,right here and instead of philippines,let's say,you want to target people from let's say,california just click on that and that,will set the location to california and,we'll show the ads from people living in,california so you can set the age range,you,want to show your ads to so i'm just,going to set maybe from 18 years old to,people aged 50 years old all genders is,a fine option,and then you can save this audience so,you can easily click on it when you will,create a new ad again instead of,automatic placements you may want to set,it at manual placement so you can,manually choose the places to show your,ad so you have more control with your ad,as for the platforms you also want to,check only facebook so let's deselect,instagram,messenger and audience network after,that let's also deselect some options,from placement so let's deselect these,other,options right here click on it so that,the check will disappear and select the,stream the rios overlay,the stories and reels the facebook group,speed facebook right column,the facebook video,fees,and now you should only select facebook,feed and facebook marketplace so you,can't run them separately you can run,facebook feed and facebook marketplace,separately so they have to both be,selected,um in setting up this kind of,advertisement so that's we are done with,this page let's just click on next let's,change up the,ad name again and here add setup so you,can create ad using system post or use,creative hub mockup so i'm just going to,click on create ad and for the format,i'm also going to sing you a single,image or video so whichever is your,preference or which is more appropriate,to your product or service as for the ad,created this is about the videos and,images that will,show up in your ad so i'm just going to,upload an image of,a computer,set right here and wait for it to load,so that we can use it in setting up our,ad just click on next after you have set,up your image you can also change the or,reposition your picture so that it'll,look better for your ad just click on,next,allow enhancement so that it'll look,better and just click on done okay for,the primary text you select the caption,part of your,advertisement let's just type in,computer,set for,sale you can also add in headlines,description and so to add more,information about your product for the,destination i'm going to set a website,because what is more appropriate for my,product you can also add in a website,right here if you chose the destination,of website also you can,change the call to action so this is,what happens when the person clicks on,your ad so i'm just going to set it and,learn more so that when they click the,ad they can learn more about my product,which is the computer set you can also,track website events app events and,other options so i'm just gonna leave it,like that and after you are done with,everything just click on publish right,here at the bottom right and you may,want to add your payment information so,that you will have your advertisements,on your marketplace and that is it for,our tutorial on how to set up your,facebook marketplace ads,let me know if you have any questions,about setting up your ads in facebook,marketplace and that is all for this,video see you in the next one thank you,all for watching

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Facebook Marketplace Changes for Realtors 2023

Facebook Marketplace Changes for Realtors 2023

oh no the love hate relationship with,Facebook continues,if you haven't heard the latest,announcements that Facebook made this,week you need to be in the know and this,video I'm going to uncover them earlier,in the week Facebook made it a major,announcement with changes that are,coming for realtors on the Facebook,Marketplace effective January 30th of,2023 and I'm gonna unveil them here on,this short video I'm also going to,promote that you take action today in in,this videos out on in October we have a,good uh four months to continue to post,those homes on the marketplace and I'll,show you how I do it to automate your,business from now until January 30th and,if you're following me on the channel,you know I'm a technologist I have 35,years of Technology the last eight with,IBM and I'm a realtor just like you so,I'm always looking at ways to automate,the business and trust me I am going to,find a solution for all of us with the,change that's coming so that we can have,a thriving 2023 moving forward,let's dive in and let me show you what,this change is all about on the Facebook,Marketplace,thank you,okay over here on Facebook you head over,to the marketplace this is where I'm,going to show you where the changes take,effect and where I saw the announcement,as you know on again off again this,entire year Facebook's been taking the,marketplace away from us as Realtors on,the business page and giving it to us,back and I was so excited about three,weeks ago that they brought it back for,us so I've been very busy uh posting,homes on the marketplace and getting,tons of leads with buyers and rent to,own clients coming through and,interested in the homes that we have to,offer,so inside of the marketplace uh when you,come over here I did a new listing and I,said this house is for sale so as I come,in here on the page and and right here,you'll know that you have access to the,marketplace from your business if you,have this little drop down so I just,switched uh when it first came in it was,it will default to you as your,individual personal but I have my,business page proactive Real Estate,Network where I was going to do a post,and all of a sudden I saw this little,message at the very top starting on,January 30th 2023 that no longer,available to support for Real Estate so,I'm like uh oh what's going on now so I,hopped in with the learn more and on the,learn more this article came up so the,creation of vehicle and home listings,from the marketplace business page is,discontinued on the Facebook Marketplace,so what they're telling us now is,starting on January 30th of this coming,year,we are no longer able to use our,business page to put houses or vehicles,on the marketplace what are they,thinking I know exactly what their their,mind is going and that is they want us,to pay to play so if you think about it,on my channel I do a lot of advertising,on Facebook Instagram and Facebook using,the ad manager and there's always an,option when I do those ads I always show,those homes on the marketplace so what,they're doing is they're driving all of,us away from a free listing on the,marketplace from our business and making,us use the pay to play model going into,ad manager to create an ad to show it on,the marketplace but what they're also,saying in here is that you will be able,to post homes from your personal profile,which goes totally against the Green on,what Facebook's been promoting for the,last 10 years uh 10 years ago you know I,was doing homes on the marketplace and,selling a lot of things on the,marketplace for my personal page and,they made a big directive that says hey,no longer are we allowed to post homes,and real estate activities from the,personal we have to use the business,page so all of us Realtors went out and,created business pages and Facebook to,run our real estate business and now,they're taking that away and saying hey,go back to your personal so I'm going to,be posting it on my personal page now,but now the quantum comes and saying oh,my God now how am I going to automate it,because the chat bot from manychat can,only run on a business page and you,can't automate your personal messenger,I'm going to be working very hard to,figure out a solution for all of us so,if you haven't subscribed already yet uh,you know subscribe and make sure you hit,that Bell because before 1 30 of 2023,I'm going to find a solution for all of,us to automate your personal messenger,coming forward,so uh this is uh just mind-blowing so,what I'd like to do now is go jump over,to manychat and let me show you uh what,you should be doing now in early October,all the way through the 30th to continue,to build your database get emails and,phone numbers from these clients and,drive a lot of activities to close out,this year with a bang and get ready to,bring all those leads in before they,shut it off on our business page so,let's hop over to manychat and I'll show,you how to set up the automated,responses,so in manychat if you're not familiar,with it this is a chatbot platform is a,great way to automate responses coming,in from the marketplace and there's many,uh videos here on my channel where I,promote this Marketplace is a great way,for Legion the idea is they're on the,marketplace they see a house they click,on is this property available and you,want the chat bot to quickly respond and,then take them into a conversation so,that it is working for you 24 7 even you,know why your sleeping leads are coming,in so in manychat it's very easy to set,up so if you go into your manychat,account under automation come up here to,keywords on the top right there's a new,keyword button you can create keywords,so like in my package for the Pro Edge,uh chatbot for Real Estate which is,available there's a link below if you're,interested in checking out my system,um what I do is I have a specific,Marketplace inquiry that I created a,flow and I literally just set up a few,keywords so if they say is this property,available and you notice I'm using the,contains not is or begins with because,people will you know type in all kinds,of things from the marketplace but I,find and all of them come in with the,word Facebook or Marketplace in there so,when somebody responds this flow is,going to kick out kick off and start the,conversation,what I use it for is my rent to own,system as well as getting buyer leads,from the marketplace so that's how easy,it is to set up this automation so what,I would suggest you do is uh as a,realtor you want to get a lot of leads,you have houses up on the marketplace go,ahead and set up some keywords and a,chatbot flow to respond to those leads,coming in and as I mentioned as a,technologist I will solve the problem,for all of us automating your personal,messenger once this uh change takes,effect in early 2023 so thank you for,being here love having you and consider,give me a thumbs up to spread this news,to all the Realtors out in the YouTube,World consider subscribing if you,haven't already and smash that Bell so,you don't miss any videos coming out as,I want to help solve problems to,Realtors through technology and not just,solve problems but enhance lead gen,through the whole technology stack,bye

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