how to post ads on facebook for free

How To Do Facebook Ads For FREE!! (Updated 2022 Strategy!)in this video i'm gonna be showing you,guy

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How To Do Facebook Ads For FREE!! (Updated 2022 Strategy!)

in this video i'm gonna be showing you,guys step by step how we can,run facebook adverts for free right so,this video is a follow-up video to the,video that i made,on youtube my first ever video on,youtube which was,facebook advanced for free i made the,video it got a lot of views because,people liked what i was teaching there,and definitely someone from facebook one,of their workouts definitely saw the,video,and they took down the method i actually,thought in the video because there was a,website,you could actually go to and get,targeting details like you could target,people with specific names people who,are interested in,a particular thing people who are a,particular age,people who live in a particular place,people who answer a particular name,what happened was that facebook took,down that website right and since then,i've been getting a lot of dislikes on,the video and that's why i have decided,today,to record a follow-up video to that one,because i have come up with something,newer,that we would actually use to run,advice on facebook literally and get,traffic,straight up to whatever promoting,whether your business,your website affiliate links whatever,you're promoting you could literally,get traffic from facebook for free,using what i'm going to show you in this,video right so,before i get into the video i want to,introduce myself my name is daniel umay,and i've been in the internet marketing,niche,for like four years right now and i've,made a lot of progress so,that's me and if you like what i do here,because i do videos about facebook ads,and instagram grow everything related to,internet marketing i make videos on them,so,if that literally interests you then go,ahead and subscribe man if i get into,the video properly i want to ask you for,three more things,just do me these three favors so first,go down in the comments comment,facebook ads right just comment facebook,ads what that's gonna do is that,it's gonna literally tell youtube that,is a good video so that,more people will actually get to see,this video and not just that,ask me any questions you have at any,point at all,in this video in the comments i'm always,gonna be there to answer all,the questions i always do right so the,second thing i want you guys to do for,me,is to go down below subscribe yeah so,subscribe and the last thing is for you,to share this video,with any of your friends who you know,might need to,see a video like this to actually get,free traffic for whatever they are,promoting be their affiliate link their,own website whatever they are promoting,right so go ahead and share this video,with your friends because like they say,sharing is caring,yeah so with those three things done i,believe you've done them if you've not,make sure you do them,so with those three things done i'm,gonna get right into my laptop screen,right now which is where,i'm gonna be showing you guys how we can,actually go about getting,this facebook traffic for free so,let's get into the video guys i'm gonna,see you guys inside my laptop so now,we're here on my laptop screen you're,definitely definitely gonna need a,facebook account i know you already,guessed that,you're gonna need a facebook account but,not just any type of facebook account,you're gonna need a facebook account,that is,over a year right that like,the older the better right the older,your facebook account is better for you,right so,don't think you can just go and create a,new account and start doing this with it,right so don't worry if you don't have,uh an old facebook account right you can,simply go back to this website here,called, right when you go,over today you can actually,uh get physical accounts from them right,so you can see different,types of accounts right this one here is,nine to 10 years here 1985 account so,you just choose what you want,pay them they're going to deliver to you,and this is not an affiliate link,there's no affiliate link just go to the,website on your own and uh,get a facebook account an old one if you,don't have a physical account already,right so,uh when you have a facebook account just,log into your account right it should,look like what you see on the screen,here,right so basically what i talked about,in the other video was actually,targeting right so there was a website,that i talked about in the in the old,video that i talked about,earlier so this is the website here,called right so what was,going on what were using this thing to,do was like we're using it to find,people on facebook right so when you,come over to this website and click on,fb search right here,right and then you go here you could,actually select people,named a particular name so let me say,you want to target people who are named,daniel,you could use this thing to write,danielle here and click on search that's,going to show you facebook accounts,who are named danielle and you can,actually choose to find people who are,named danielle,who work in a particular place you can,choose to find people who are named,danielle who,like a particular page you can choose to,find people who are named danielle who,live in a particular place,you can actually use this thing to like,target people on facebook so you can see,you can choose the best year age and,stuff here,right but facebook actually took this,thing down so let me show you guys what,i mean so let me say i want to target,people who are named,mike hell so if i enter my car right,here right now,and i hit search right it's going to put,me into facebook right and it's going to,uh give a message here it says this page,isn't available right now,right but when i made the video about a,year ago it was working,right so facebook actually blocked this,website from,doing what it's actually doing because,they saw that this is very very powerful,right people could actually use this,into targets who they want and actually,sell their products our athletes links,and promote their website and stuff,right so,i actually came up with something that's,still gonna work,right so here's what i came up with,right so,um let me say you want to target people,who are in the united states,and you want to target people who are,interested in weight loss,right let me say you're trying to sell a,weight loss product or something like,that,you are going to use a a,a method right you're going to use a,method i'm going to show you right now,so we're going to come over to the,facebook search bar so let's say we want,to target,the keyword make money online right so,let's start search for make,money make money online,it's search here so what's gonna happen,today you're gonna see a bunch of uh,things pop up here so you wanna go over,to the right part here scroll up to,where you see groups,so click on groups right so what's gonna,happen here is that you are going to,join these groups you can see i'm,already a member because i'm active in,the,make money online niche but mind you,when you are joining make sure you join,the ones that have a bunch of posts so,this one has over 1k posts a day,this one has about 1400 posts a day,this one has about 20 posts a day right,so joining something i had a lot of,posts today i,would say from 200 posts a day and above,so you want to join this group just,click on join join join here some of,them are going to ask you questions but,when i ask you the question simply,answer the questions and you're going to,be done,so when you're done joining these groups,right i'm going to show you guys what,you're going to be doing inside these,groups to get targeted traffic right so,when you're done turning these groups,you have to go into the groups,and uh here right now that we're inside,here you can see,where it says the members right so you,can click on here and see members so,click on members here,and it's gonna show you people who are,in this group and you know for sure,right now these people are interested in,making money online right so,next thing you can do is simply scroll,down here right so,how do we now find the people who live,in a particular place who live in a,particular,part of the world right so you can,simply do that by simply,going over to your facebook profile,click on your on your profile right here,when you're on your facebook profile,simply come here,click on edit profile right click on,that it's going to pop up your profile,so you want to scroll down here and you,want to change where you leave,to the place where the people who you,are trying to target are living,right so you could actually click on,edit right here,and when you click on edit what's going,to happen is that you can actually,click on this right here and click on,delete currency,right so click on confirm right so you,don't want to add,current city right click on add current,city,then you want to click on there and then,you want to choose a city so,what you're going to enter here is where,the people who you want to target are,living so let me say,you want to target people who live in,the united states or,uh people who live in new york city let,me say your business or whatever you're,trying to promote is targeted towards,people who live in,new york city you can simply enter new,new york new york here so,choose new york here click on save it,should save and now you can see your,current city has been changed,to new york new york right so what's,going to happen here is that if we go,back to one of those make money online,groups so let me go to groups here,now we're in the groups again we can,simply click on members here again click,on,members here and it's gonna show us here,you can see where it says members near,you right so members near you,right now you can click on see all right,you see,everyone who is interested in making,money online,who lives in a particular place right so,you know for sure this person is,actually interested in making money,online,and this person lives in the united,states so you can actually switch,addresses,and see people who live where you live,and actually you can simply either add,them as your friend,and then when you post something on your,on your on your,uh facebook feed they're gonna be seeing,your posts but facebook also,fought us from that angle they cut off,the amount of people who see your posts,on your feed,so what you can actually do to break,that is that you can actually go ahead,and,send this person a dm and promote,whatever you're trying to promote to,them,because that's the the most important,part here right so let me say your,business is a dog niche you're promoting,weight loss whatever you're doing just,search for groups,and then filter those people by location,you're gonna see people who live where,you want,if you change your location to the,particular place,where those people live as well right so,guys that's how you can actually target,people,uh with facebook that's what i came up,with for you guys so you can see we can,keep scrolling down here,you're gonna keep seeing people who are,interested in making money online who,live in new york,right so you could actually add them as,your friends and after adding them as,your friends,you can actually start posting stuff and,they're going to be responding to your,post or you can go ahead and dm them,so guys i know this particular method is,actually slower because this particular,lookup id one was actually faster and,easier to use,but facebook uh disabled it so i,actually came up with something for you,guys,who are looking to do this while asking,me questions so guys that's how you can,actually do,facebook ads for free so if you like the,video give me a like if you have any,questions ask me don't forget to comment,what i tell you to comment,hashtag facebook ads right

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FREE FACEBOOK MARKETING - "How To Do Facebook Ads For FREE" - "Advertise On Facebook For Free 2021"

FREE FACEBOOK MARKETING - "How To Do Facebook Ads For FREE" - "Advertise On Facebook For Free 2021"

hello guys welcome back in this video,i'm gonna be showing you guys how to do,marketing on facebook for free means,you're gonna be able to advertise your,services or your product for free on,facebook,so without wasting any of your time,we're just gonna quickly,get right into the video but before then,if you're new to the channel i'm sure,you can see the red subscribe button,below,quickly go and tap it also click on the,bell icon and tap all notifications so,this is going to just enable you to get,update,each time i put a video like this on how,to promote your business for free online,and how to make money,online soon let's get right into it,the only requirement you need here is,just your facebook account so here i am,in my facebook profile then the next,thing i'm going to do is,look for a related page that,serve the same thing that i want to do,so if i'm looking to promote a product,to a certain niche what i'm going to do,is i'm going to look for,a group but you just have to pay,attention to this one and skip no part,because you might end up missing an,important area listing here we're gonna,be using group you're gonna ask am i,gonna start posting on group,no i wanna be posting on groups so this,is it the idea is gonna be a direct,messaging,bought from group we're just gonna,search for a related group to what we,try to promote,that is the first step so i'm just going,to come here,and assume that i have a product i want,to uh,sell to people who are into maybe,organic health,so i'm just going to come here and,search for organic health,so i'm just going to hit on search so,here we are,i'm just going to come here where it,says filter all,i'm just going to only look for where i,have groups only,so i'm just going to click on groups so,you don't have to be a member on those,groups,at first so just quickly go ahead and,join those groups the first thing i'm,going to look at is,how many posts does each group have and,i'm going to look at the number of,members,in the group if we see the first group,he has 45k members,with number of these very one it means,maybe the activities going on here is,very low but they have members,not withstanding i can still go there,and uh,this doesn't really matter with the,methods we're going to be using because,we're not going to be posting in those,groups but we need to join those group,first,and we need to get approved because some,groups you can see the members in the,group,without getting approved it means those,groups are private,come here and click on join i'm going to,come here and click on join,so so i'm going to ask you for all of,this one i'm just going to go ahead and,join,so i'm going to ask you some questions,just just go ahead and answer,those questions like this one i think,it's asking me how many people,have allergies i'm going to click on,none then submit so don't worry,most of them are going to just approve,you so the next thing we're going to do,here is,once you've joined most of those group,go ahead and open the groups you've,joined so far,i'm just going to take a look at,engagement rate of this uh,of this page so we could see that they,have,at least much engagement but we're not,going to be posting on the group,that is what we're not going to be doing,so the next thing we're going to do here,is this,we're going to come to this member,then you're gonna see that they have,admins and moderators,so our concentration is not gonna be on,this admin we have,members with things in common our,concentration is going to be,from here members with things in common,members near me,and uh new to the group,so these are going to be our,concentration here so i always love,to begin with this neuter group so what,i'm going to do here is,i'm going to open it in a new in a new,page,so once i open this one go ahead and,click on,message now here here here it is,you're just going to go ahead and,composite your message don't,send link immediately try and make sure,your promotion method is very,interactive,and send an appropriate message to the,person make sure the person reply,after the person replies you then you,can start,getting into it and pitching what you,have to sell to this person,another thing is this if you are,promoting an athlete offer,or a cpa so i've never covered any,affiliate,tutorial in this channel but i'm going,to be coming up with search long run so,if you want to see something like this,do me do me a favor go ahead and leave a,comment,make a video on affiliate marketing make,a video on cpa marketing and how to,promote,search and make even uh big returns with,those,so if you're promoting cpu or athlete,offer,you can still use this method even,though if the offer is specific to a,region,what you can do is this when you come,here,go to your profile your personal profile,change your location,once you change your location let me,show you quickly how you can do that,when you come to your profile you're,going to come to this um,about then you're going to come down,here and say place lived,so here you are you're going to go ahead,and add current city this is current,city,you're going to change it to any country,or any region,you want to promote those athlete offer,to you can always change this one but,make sure you don't do it very often or,make sure your account,or the facebook account you're using is,not a new facebook account because,you might get temporary suspended so,what you're going to do here is this,once you change your location,the next thing you're going to do come,back to the group,you've joined so far then you're going,to see,members near you this is what you're,going to see if you're promoting to a,specific region because you change your,location,to that certain area you're going to see,that okay those members if i change my,area from,where my current city to another current,city is it's going to show me uh,the members near me in that city it,means those members are actually present,in that city in this group so what i'm,just going to do here is this,i'm going to go ahead and click on this,see all,that is if i'm promoting to a specific,region so,if i click on see all you can go ahead,and start messaging each of these,persons,so if you're messaging them like i said,before make sure,you don't act uh you don't send message,in a very spammy way,make it very interactive so this is how,you can go about promoting your product,or services,using groups without posting in the,group using facebook for free,so if you find any value in this video,do me a favor,like share to your friends share the,people who you think maybe this,might be of help though leave a comment,if you have any question i'm gonna make,sure i attend to all of those questions,so,see you guys in the next video,you

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