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Facebook Marketplace Ads Tutorial (2022)facebook marketplace as tutorials step,by step hey guys welc

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Facebook Marketplace Ads Tutorial (2022)

facebook marketplace as tutorials step,by step hey guys welcome back in this,video i'm going to teach you how to set,up your facebook marketplace ads,so i'm in my facebook homepage and i'm,just going to click on marketplace right,here at the left on part of the screen,and here as you can see this is how the,marketplace looks like so if you didn't,know facebook marketplace is a platform,that allows users find,purchase and sell things so you can also,filter the results by location,category and price so this can help,people locate what they are looking for,so as a salary you can reach buyers,where they are already by listing on the,facebook marketplace so on the,marketplace you may purchase and sell,both products and services,so this can be anything you find for,sale on so it is kind of similar to,craigslist ebay and other similar sites,so users of this platform are actually,increasing so,is a terrific way to get your business,in front of a big audience and even,generate some organic leads but you'll,need to run facebook marketplace as if,you want to reach a specific audience so,as you can see here this is the,marketplace and if you are going to set,up your ad you'll normally appear at the,top of the marketplace section with a,sponsored listing so let's try to find,sponsored listings right here and i,think i can't find any right now,so maybe they're just loading as of the,moment so you're basically advertising,directly to people which facebook,believes might be interested in seeing,or buying your items or services,so let's head on to the ads manager on,facebook so you can,go here by going to,ads manager so as you can see right here,we can use these advertisements to build,up targeting to reach people who are,more inclined to buy from you you can,target people based on their age gender,location hobbies and more and i'm going,to do a step-by-step guide for you to do,just that the boosted marketplace,advertisements are more straightforward,with limited targeting and a budget and,timeline to choose from,so for you to know what i am talking,about is just head on to the actual,setting up of the advertisement,so first you're going to,look at here at the green button that,says create and just click on that,and wait for it to load so here,you have many options just focus on the,consideration and i'm going to set it on,traffic so this sends people to a,website app or facebook event or let,them tap to call you you're going to,select any of your preference that might,help your business to grow more so it's,more of like which is more appropriate,for your brand or product so that's the,only thing i'm going to select for now,and i'm just going to click on continue,now the new traffic campaign instantly,loads after you click continue,so right here here is,what you should fill in this is a new,traffic ad and i'm going to guide you,all throughout how to set up an ad and,post it on the facebook marketplace,so first let's um set up the campaign,name just go and name it social,marketplace,as for the category i'm just going to,skip that because i don't see,any option that is appropriate,so for this campaign details you can,also set up to,have a split test but i'm set it up for,now and there's also campaign budget,optimization she'll distribute your,budget across addresses to get more,results,which i won't also do,so that's it for the first page and i'm,just going to click on next for the next,option to choose from so,right here you can choose where you want,to drive traffic you'll enter more,details about the destination later so,i'm just going to click on website since,that's what i'm going to,generate more leads for the ad set name,i'm going to set it up for the same name,as the ad campaign,now we're going to head on to the budget,and schedule so you have two options for,the budget daily budget and lifetime,budget so whichever is your preference,again i'm just going to select daily,budget,and i'm going to set it at 1000 pesos,and then for the schedule you can set,the start date and the end date is,actually optional but you may also want,to set that so that it will be more,easily monitored so,let's say you want to run the ad from,april,28,up to may 5th you can also set a,preferred time so i'm just going to keep,it at that as for the audience you can,create new audience or,use saved audience,so if you have already created new,audience before you can find them here,but for this video i'm going to create a,new audience so you can click on edit,right here and instead of philippines,let's say,you want to target people from let's say,california just click on that and that,will set the location to california and,we'll show the ads from people living in,california so you can set the age range,you,want to show your ads to so i'm just,going to set maybe from 18 years old to,people aged 50 years old all genders is,a fine option,and then you can save this audience so,you can easily click on it when you will,create a new ad again instead of,automatic placements you may want to set,it at manual placement so you can,manually choose the places to show your,ad so you have more control with your ad,as for the platforms you also want to,check only facebook so let's deselect,instagram,messenger and audience network after,that let's also deselect some options,from placement so let's deselect these,other,options right here click on it so that,the check will disappear and select the,stream the rios overlay,the stories and reels the facebook group,speed facebook right column,the facebook video,fees,and now you should only select facebook,feed and facebook marketplace so you,can't run them separately you can run,facebook feed and facebook marketplace,separately so they have to both be,selected,um in setting up this kind of,advertisement so that's we are done with,this page let's just click on next let's,change up the,ad name again and here add setup so you,can create ad using system post or use,creative hub mockup so i'm just going to,click on create ad and for the format,i'm also going to sing you a single,image or video so whichever is your,preference or which is more appropriate,to your product or service as for the ad,created this is about the videos and,images that will,show up in your ad so i'm just going to,upload an image of,a computer,set right here and wait for it to load,so that we can use it in setting up our,ad just click on next after you have set,up your image you can also change the or,reposition your picture so that it'll,look better for your ad just click on,next,allow enhancement so that it'll look,better and just click on done okay for,the primary text you select the caption,part of your,advertisement let's just type in,computer,set for,sale you can also add in headlines,description and so to add more,information about your product for the,destination i'm going to set a website,because what is more appropriate for my,product you can also add in a website,right here if you chose the destination,of website also you can,change the call to action so this is,what happens when the person clicks on,your ad so i'm just going to set it and,learn more so that when they click the,ad they can learn more about my product,which is the computer set you can also,track website events app events and,other options so i'm just gonna leave it,like that and after you are done with,everything just click on publish right,here at the bottom right and you may,want to add your payment information so,that you will have your advertisements,on your marketplace and that is it for,our tutorial on how to set up your,facebook marketplace ads,let me know if you have any questions,about setting up your ads in facebook,marketplace and that is all for this,video see you in the next one thank you,all for watching

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How to Create Facebook Marketplace Ads + Best Practices

How to Create Facebook Marketplace Ads + Best Practices

facebook marketplace has 1 billion users,to date that's a huge jump from the 800,million monthly users they claimed in,2018. so needless to say facebook,marketplace is growing it's a great,place to put your brand in front of a,large audience and even get some organic,leads but if you want to tap into a,targeted audience there you're going to,need to run facebook marketplace ads so,i'm going to show you how to create,facebook marketplace ads along with a,few best practices you're going to want,to know in this video,what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel i'm brandy with life marketing,the digital marketing agency with a,mission to help small businesses grow,before we get started please go ahead,and like subscribe and hit the,notification bell because we post videos,here every week that help you grow your,business via online marketing and you,don't want to miss out all right so,first let's quickly explain what,facebook marketplace is facebook says,marketplace is an e-commerce platform,that connects sellers and buyers through,meaningful interactions and unique goods,the three biggest reasons people love,and use marketplace today is because,number one it's free to use anybody with,an active facebook account can list or,buy items with no fees number two it's,local and nationwide meaning you can buy,and sell items to other facebook users,in your area or across the country and,number three whether you're buying or,selling you can connect with people via,facebook messenger it has essentially,become the new craigslist if you want to,learn more about marketplace in general,or any of the organic strategies you can,leverage on there i will link sean's,video for you to watch next but for this,video i want to get into marketplace ads,so let's take a look you'll want to make,sure you're signed into facebook and,then go to,marketplace or a couple of other ways,you can get there from anywhere on,facebook is to tap this grid button and,scroll down and click marketplace or,just click the marketplace icon now as,i'm scrolling down we can see all the,organic listings being suggested to me,and then in the midst of them are,sponsored ads the sponsored marketplace,ads on desktop stand out a little bit,more in my opinion but if we look at the,marketplace on the mobile app you can,see the sponsored ads blend in a little,bit more so here's how to create,marketplace ads so that they appear on,these pages for people head to your,facebook ads manager at,,ads manager make sure you have the right,ad account selected and click the green,create button you'll want to choose the,ad objective that makes the most sense,for your goal with these ads and these,are the objectives that are compatible,with marketplace ads if you want to,screenshot this or jot them down real,quick you're going to set your campaign,settings and ad set targeting and budget,options all the same way that you,normally would if you need more guidance,on these sections i highly recommend,that you watch my how to create facebook,ads video next as it breaks down,everything in those sections in detail,but for this video i want to push on to,the marketplace specific parts when,you're on the ad set screen scroll down,to placements and uncheck everything,except facebook news feed and facebook,marketplace you currently cannot,advertise on the marketplace alone you,can only advertise there if you also,advertise on the newsfeed but i expect,this will likely change in the future,the longer that the marketplace,placement exists then click next to the,ad level screen on this screen make sure,your facebook page is selected choose,the add creative you want to utilize and,then add your headline primary text your,call to action button and the url of,where you want to send people with this,ad it's important to pay attention to,the preview screen on the right as it,will update in real time to show you,what your ad will look like in the,marketplace placement versus the news,feed placement if you click the three,dots on the right and click expand you,can see what your ad will look like on,the mobile marketplace feed the desktop,marketplace feed and the desktop,marketplace details page and you'll,notice none of these placements are,showing my primary text it only has room,for my headline so you'll need to really,use your creative and headline together,effectively to get your point across,once you've got everything looking the,way you want it you can hit the green,publish button so that's how you set up,your facebook marketplace ads before we,wrap up i want to leave you with some,best practices but first here is a quick,message from one of our co-founders,sherman hey we just helped a small,business make over 1.5 million dollars,through facebook advertising and after,managing millions of dollars in ad spend,for thousands of different small,businesses we have decided to give away,everything we learned to you in a,special program if you want to learn the,blueprint to success the best practices,from some of the fastest growing,companies in the world and all the,different tools you will need then sign,up for our social ads training program,today alright so here are three tips to,remember when it comes to running,marketplace ads number one keep the,general purpose of marketplace in mind,earlier i said it was like the new,craigslist because while people are,actively shopping on this tab and are in,a buying mindset the majority of people,are coming on here to find a cheap piece,of furniture or to thrift some clothes,find some new car parts pet supplies,toys electronics you name it or some,people even use marketplace to find,vehicles and property rentals so when,people run into your ad here they may,not necessarily be in the mindset to,spend a lot of money they also may be,very mission driven in that moment to,sift through all the listings to find,exactly what they're looking for that,being said there have been a lot of,people who have seen success with,marketplace ads for instance if you sell,furniture and your ad shows up when,people are searching for furniture which,happens to me all the time you'll,probably get some qualified traffic or,even direct sales from that so my advice,here would be to test marketplace ads,out for your business and see if it's a,good fit given the nature of your,product or service and the price point,number two i alluded to this earlier but,you need to be smart in selecting your,creatives for marketplace ads because,the only text you can utilize is in your,headline with limited visible character,space at that your image needs to catch,their attention address a need or goal,they have and provide a solution for it,all in one creative i will link your,graphic design playlist because jelly,has a lot of great videos on how to make,powerful graphics for free with programs,like canva so you may want to check,those out if you're thinking about,testing marketplace ads and then lastly,tip number three have your facebook page,completely filled out and optimized to,receive new visitors a lot of times when,people are scrolling through marketplace,and they find something they like they,will click on the seller's profile icon,to check them out a little bit the same,habit will sometimes follow when they,see an ad on marketplace they might,click to your facebook page before,clicking to your website so if they do,that on your ad you want your business,page to be ready if the customer sees,anything sketchy or outdated on your,page you're probably going to lose out,on that click so if you feel like your,business page could use some work check,out my video on facebook business pages,for everything you need to know on how,to set yours up correctly and optimize,it so what do you think do you think,you'll give facebook marketplace ads a,try comment below and let me know,otherwise that about wraps up everything,i have for you today don't forget to,like subscribe and hit the notification,bell if you found anything in this video,helpful and i will see you in the next,episode

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