how to pick the best niche for dropshipping

How To Find The Best Dropshipping Niche oh this is awesome,check out the kid,yeah that's really awes


Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Find The Best Dropshipping Niche

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How To Find The Best Dropshipping Niche

oh this is awesome,check out the kid,yeah that's really awesome he's living,his best life he's better than you by,the,way oh you're watching hello there my,name is annas and welcome to on how,channel if this is the first time you're,watching this channel my name is ns i'm,working for you so if you have any video,requests or any questions you can find,my instagram in the description box or,you will see it right now on the screen,or just drop me a comment below if you,are dead lazy and no worries i do reply,to each comment on also each message on,my instagram so in this video i will be,showing you the most important task or,the most important thing and drop,shipping business which is finding a,good drop shipping niche because even if,you do have a really great store design,and have a really great team behind it,if you are not in a really good niche,that's trending it will be trending in,the future or maybe as they call it,evergreen niche you will not be able to,succeed that long so that's why the most,important thing in dropshipping is,finding a good drop shipping niche and,this is really good not just for drop,shipping if you if you are able to,discover new trends or products that,will be trending in the future you will,be able to make some money apart from,drop shipping wherever it's affiliate,marketing or social media marketing,whatever it is you will be able to make,some money because simply you don't know,something that other people don't and,that's the golden opportunity in this,video i will not copy some article or,other video and they will show you the,average tricks that everybody already,know no the things that i will be,showing in this video is completely,unique and almost all my videos are like,that i do not share the simple tricks or,something that everyone already know i,try to stay unique and show something,that people will find it unique and new,and for that in this video i will be,showing you a website that you can,discover trended products or trending,niches on it and we will use that,website to find a specific niche and,from that one specific niche we will,find multiple niches that actually,trending or high selling right now or,everyone is looking for them and that's,actually just the first trick the second,trick that i will be showing you is,finding trending niches or good drop,shipping dishes through tech talk,application or tech talk platform and we,will not use tech talk application on,the phone or the website or,something like that no and we will use a,unique platform that's provided by tech,talk the company itself to discover new,trend and products and content and let's,just keep it honest here tech talk has,some really good creativity and there is,a really good content creators on tech,talk and i hate tech talk myself and i,don't like it at all but it is what it,is but also there is some really good,videos that they do explode on tech talk,because they are simply sharing a,specific product that people do like,that's why they do like that video and,comment on it so simply the video,becomes viral because a sample product,and i know some people they did make,millions visit on products they did,explode on tech talk videos so right now,you know what we will do in this video,and without any more checking let's get,to it as i said the first thing we will,use a website to find trending products,or trading niches and from that website,we will find specific niche one specific,niche we will find multiple niches based,on that one so you guys have more,flexibility and also more options so the,website simply head over to google,search engine and type in exploding,products,not topics there is the website called,exploding topics but they did launch a,section where only they show you the,exploded products so just hit enter or,just scroll down description i will put,link for the website in the description,box and here is the website right here,so the first thing you're going to do is,change the time frame as you can see,here it says five years which is too,much so just click on it and pick one,year or three months i will go for three,months so it will show me only the,products that's trending in the last 90,days and after that let's just scroll,down to check them out snake i don't,think this is related to drop shipping,nft which is cryptocurrency stuff,vaccine booster oh no do not go for this,one no let's just forget about that,scroll down again google classroom,hoodie track suit okay let's just go for,a hoodie as you can see here it says,hoodie,and the growth for it is 131,in the last three months not in the year,or two years or five years only in three,months and the growth is,131 percent and you might be thinking,why a sample product like a hoodie will,be trending right now well the thing is,the platform did discover that some,particular hoodies are trending and,people lot searching for them and for,example i did saw on facebook ad library,a product that the owner of it has over,100 ad set with the same creatives and,everything he's probably making,thousands of dollars per day and the,product is is a hoodie for squid games,which is the the trending series right,now so we will go for this hoodie to,discover other hoodies that's actually,trending right now and to do that simply,head over to google search engine again,and type in google trends and again i,will put link for it in the description,box you don't need to do all of this,just scroll down description box and you,will see google trends here and simply,type in hoodie and hit enter okay the,first thing you're going to do is change,your country my country is morocco let's,just remove it and keep it worldwide if,you want to go for a specific country go,for it i'm going to go for worldwide and,as you can see here is the trend here,and lately it is going up and which is a,normal thing because the winter is,coming so people are looking for hoodies,so let's just scroll down here in this,section the countries and if you see the,countries united kingdom sweden ireland,netherlands united states this is all,really good countries for drop shipping,because these countries they do buy,online a lot so they do shop online,let's just scroll down and here is the,golden section that i want to show you,as you can see related queries which is,a keywords that's related to hoodies,that's trending or exploded lately and,and by the way this data is from google,themselves so this is 100 aggregate,maybe 99,but that's enough i think as you can see,the first one carl jacobs hoodie,breakout this is really going really,high right now the second one brown,essentials hoodie and this is easy gap i,think mr weinstein hoodie three thousand,percent brown gap hoodies girlfriend,carl jacob i don't know who's this,car jake it's not this is not relevant,for me anyway open arms hoodies uh,mambasita hoodies among us hoodies and,shelter essentially and so on as you can,see there is a lot here even if i keep,going like this you will find,250 percent for this lucky me i see,ghost hoodies which is crazy to be,honest and you can go in like this there,is a lot here 25 as you can see it says,25 here which is the limit you can see,here and this is just the first method,to see related products to hoodies,that's exploded lately the second one,which is head over to google search,engine again and type in keyword planner,and if you are not familiar with this,keyword planner this is also a tool,that's provided by google themselves,well you can see each keyword and all,the search traffic for it which is the,number of people that's actually,searching for this particular product on,google search engine and also i will put,link for this in the description box,after you did access it you would need,to be already signing in a google,account which is really obvious and,after that head over to this discover,new keyword key option right here simply,click on it and it will open this option,so simply i'm going to search for hoodie,and before we hit enter you see this,default says here french i don't know,why it's keep showing up french for me,i'm going to go for english and the,country here says morocco which is my,country right now i'm going to remove it,and it will search worldwide and hit,save and right now click on this get,results right here and let's just give,it a moment and here is as you can see,this is all keywords right here hoodies,which essentially hoodies like hoodies,hoodies for man champion,astron i think what is called this this,is an artist i think he died in 2018 or,maybe 2016 i can't remember correctly uh,trasher hoodie black hoodie of white,hoodie hey gao hooji i don't know there,is a lot here and if you see here what,it says average monthly searches so the,the number of people that's actually,searching for each keyword here and the,first one is 100k which stands for 100,000. i think you already know this and,between 100 000 and 1 million people are,searching for this sweet shirt right,here and also the others as you can see,here there is a lot here and all of them,between thousands and 1 million search,per month and you can keep going there,is no limit here about the data you can,see here as you can see it did find here,2420 whenever you see a keyword that you,think it would be good for you simply,copy it and get back to google trends,and simply paste it here and see the,trend for it if it's actually going up,or not as you can see this is just a,lucky try as you can see i did copy it,from here i didn't i just go for a,random one and it's already showing me,that's actually trending just like you,see right now and the country is a,really good netherlands united states,canada sweden united kingdom and this is,a really good data because as i said,these countries they do buy online so if,you did saul maybe like bangladesh or or,india or indonesia these countries do,not buy online a lot so the conversion,rate will be really low but these,countries are gold online as i said so,right now i think you guys understand,the first trick right and also if you,have any questions about what i did,right now or anything just drop me a,comment below i will reply to you with,the proper information about your,question and right now let's just go to,the next step which is finding trending,products or trending content where you,can find products or drop shipping niche,from tech talk website and as i said,will not use tech talk website or tech,talk application it just happened that i,say tech talk website and i do hate tik,tok website by the way i think i already,said this right so let's just close all,this and to access the platform that,said i will put link for it in the,description box just scroll down in,description box and access this ads i,think it's already saved in my history,here it is this is the creative center,for tech talk and right here you can,access the actual ad library for tech,talk i did make a couple of videos about,it but right now we will not use the,tech talk ad library we will use another,section and here is,it's called trend discovery and they do,keep changing the layout a lot on this,website so if you can't see it just,scroll through the website until you,find the the trend discovery option and,click on explore now and right now it,will show you all the videos that's,actually trending on tech talk,application and as i said there is a lot,of creativity you know awesome videos on,tech talk but also there is some videos,the trending because simply they do,share an awesome product and that's well,well and that's what we're looking for,right so let's just scroll down as you,can see this is a really simple videos,there is nothing special about this what,is this let's just open this one it,looks like some kind of product here,no this is just some some prank or,something like that let's just close,this and just get back i like cats by,the way let's just open this video this,i think he is holding something on his,head i don't know what is that,oh this is awesome,check out the cat it's really enjoying,them,yeah that's really awesome,he's living his best life he's better,than you by the way yeah this is a,really good product as you can see from,the likes,640 000 likes which is a lot so keep in,mind as i said in my previous video not,everyone do hit the like button so the,views will probably be like five million,or more because as i said not everyone,hit the like button somebody will watch,the video and enjoy it but he will not,hit the like button whatever you do and,there is some people like that also on,youtube they do like the video but,hitting the like button is completely,different from them i can't understand,that so please if this video helped you,out help me out please hit the like,button i would really appreciate that,and also as you can see the comments two,thousand and eight hundred comments on,also for the shares here eight thousand,shares so the shares are more than the,commons so if you can get a hold of this,product right here let's just mute this,it will distract me pause please so,there is no link here or anything like,that just like you see right now but,however you can open up google search,engine our best friend and simply type,in cat head massager maybe,and here we go,this is from amazon i think,there is some already some videos on,youtube here,and here is this is the same product,yeah this is the same the exact product,actually yeah as you can see this is so,you can so you can work with this,product and download the video from here,right simply download the video crop it,from this side right here and check out,the necklace by the way this guy is,richer than me anyway as i said simply,download the video on crop it or there,is actually some websites that will,download the video for you without the,watermark on it so you can remove the,watermelon and use this actual video on,your ad set and i'm not saying this is a,winner product i'm just saying use this,platform right here to discover products,or discover drop shipping niche where,you can make some money by selling them,because they are already trending that's,the point from this video right now as,you can see there is a lot of videos,here and there is no limit to the number,of videos you can see here all you need,to do is simply create an account on the,platform right here and you will be able,to see all the products and here is,another product i think what is this,just close this,now as you can see it did change the,color once the the water splash on it as,you can see this is a really cool,product and as i said you can just,download this video and use this exact,video in your ad set because this is not,a branded video this is just a random,video that's going viral on instagram so,i just find these two without having to,do anything simply access this platform,might keep scrolling like this until i,find something down i like here is,another one here but i won't access it,because this video will be one hour long,and i can't edit the video it will take,me a day or two so i hope you did enjoy,something from this video i did show you,the first trick which is the exploding,products and we did use one specific,niche to find multiple niches that,actually trending which is the hoodie in,this case and also the trends discovery,platform on tech talk which is this,website right here as i said they will,put link for it in the description box,just scroll through it and go for videos,and just scroll to it and keep watching,videos and keep watching videos and,discovering new genes until you find a,good drop shipping niche so you can make,some money and be happy just like this,guy right here he's living the best of,his life so as i said if you guys have,any questions or have any video requests,you can find my instagram in the,description box or just drop me a,comment below otherwise i think my job,is done and thanks for watching and i,catch you on next one

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