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How To Temporarily Close Shopify Store For Maintenance 2022hey guys welcome back to my youtube,chann


Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Temporarily Close Shopify Store For Maintenance 2022

hey guys welcome back to my youtube,channel,i know long time no see you guys don't,know last video,i was pregnant shared with you guys that,i was pregnant,had my son we definitely have been,enjoying him and we are,back in business now i'm back on youtube,um,if you guys are interested i shared my,birth story,um but here we are i am back just,getting back into things so i wanted to,share with you today how you can,put your shop on vacation mode so this,will make your shop like unavailable it,will pop up a little screen um that your,your shop's like under construction or,something because,it does not look good if you go to,someone's website and they have things,that are all out of stock or just,there's like nothing available or,it's disorganized this is definitely,great if one you actually do go on,vacation and you want to close your shop,or two you want to go and fix things on,the back end and you don't want your,customers to see it's super easy,free but i will show you guys how you,can pause your shopify subscription if,you need to but you guys know how i do i,will go step by step i'm going to jump,into my laptop show you guys step by,step how you can do this,but i wanted to give a special shout out,to,for sending me a weekly planner this,one's actually really really cool i will,leave the link down below for you guys,to check out so let me show you some,specs on this and we're going to jump,into the video,and so here is my premium weekly planner,i personally received the color rose,gold ordered from amazon so if you need,a planner asap,you can grab yours via amazon and i will,leave the link down below but it also,came with stickers that you can put in,your planner and i wanted to open it up,to show you guys that you can write in,your goals,um your vision board you can definitely,get really specific which i really,really like especially being a new mom a,small business owner and i work,so managing appointments and everything,this is just so great and this is my,go-to planner now i absolutely love it,so thank you cleverfox again you guys,the link will be down below,okay so i am in my shopify store all i,did was click under the online store and,click on my preferences so you're going,to scroll down to password protected,and here is where you're going to click,enable so you're going to type in your,password um that is actually the,password they provided me you type in,your message that you want your visitors,to see while you are gone,you're gonna save those settings and,this is what your store will look like,it might look a little bit different,especially depending on what you use,but with shopify and the,settings that i have this is what mine,looks like what's really cool you can,also kind of use this for exclusives if,you only want to give the password out,to certain customers you can do that too,so i went ahead and took mine off but i,want to show you guys also if you need,to pause your paid subscription which is,super important i have used this in the,past as well,so you're going to head over to your,settings and you're going to click on,plan which is right here at the top,i personally use the basic shopify,uh plan which is about thirty dollars a,month that is what i use and you're,gonna click on pause or to activate,store so depending on what you need you,can click on that and you can learn more,of each just really depends on what you,need but it's very simple to pause your,store it looks more professional trust,me i'm sure you've seen other pages do,this before and you're like how did they,do that this is how you do that works,great if you're going on vacation or,whatever you need to do get done work on,the back end helps you look a lot more,professional,thank you guys so much for watching let,me know what other shopify small,business videos you guys want to see i'm,excited to be back i will catch you in,my next one bye,you

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Close Shopify Store | Close, Pause, Pause & Build

Close Shopify Store | Close, Pause, Pause & Build

today we're going to be talking about,how to either pause,or close your shopify store now if the,reason why,you're going to go through this is,because your store isn't getting enough,conversions even though you're getting,higher traffic you might want to check,out our tutorial video on how to improve,your seo or,search engine optimization before you go,about this process,if you've decided for certain that you,do want to either close or pause your,store,then let's go through it so to access,this feature,click on settings at the bottom left and,then click on plan,and permissions once here scroll to the,bottom of your page,and you'll find that you have three,different options there's pause and,build pause,and outright closing your store now let,me explain these a little bit,so pause and build allows you to,go into a state where your checkout is,completely disabled,now you'll only have to pay or at least,currently you'll only have to pay nine,dollars a month,which means that it's way cheaper than,having a plan,and it allows the opportunity to,continue to develop your store,now one thing to be cautious about is,that if you go into the state,your customers can still access your,store can still view it can still,add things to their carp when they go to,checkout it won't let them to because,your checkout is completely disabled,now this might confuse your customers,and and think that your site is broken,or something like that,so if you do choose this option i very,highly recommend,that you turn your password page back on,so that people,can't view your site to do that you go,to,online store go to preferences,scroll down and under password,protection,make sure that this box here is ticked,off,because this is a demo store that i'm,working with it's already checked off,here,but for live store this will be disabled,going back down to our other options,so the second option we have is to pause,our store,and this means that you won't have,access to your store at all,and you won't be charged for anything,they will make sure that they keep your,information your store information but,you have to be very cautious with this,at least currently with shopify they'll,allow you to put your store into a pause,state for three months,and then they will automatically upgrade,to you to the pause and build,side of things and start charging you,nine dollars a month again,so you have to be very cautious with,this if you really want to close your,store,then you're going to have to go with,last option of actually closing your,store,to actually go about this operation,there are two things,you'll have to be logged in as a store,owner,click the close store button and then,you'll have to enter the password that,you use,as the store owner to log in in order to,actually,complete the process once that happens,shopify guarantees that your information,will be saved for 30 days,and they don't make any guarantees past,that now in my personal experience,unless,shopify has become a lot more vigilant,they typically do hold your information,longer than,30 days so if you at some point in the,future,do decide to reopen your store you have,that option,but they only guarantee that your store,will be saved for 30 days,and that's it that's how to either pause,or close your store,looking to improve your store hire a,geek we offer individual store,optimizations,one-on-one training as well as workshops,check out the description below for more,information

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