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How to Pause Active Facebook Ads (2022)how to pause running ads on facebook hi,everyone welcome back

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Pause Active Facebook Ads (2022)

how to pause running ads on facebook hi,everyone welcome back to our channel i,am vmware from app guide and in this,card video i'm simply going to guide you,on how you can pause your running ads on,your facebook ad manager but before we,get started with the video if you are,new to this channel make sure to leave a,like and subscribe without any further,ado let's get started with today's video,so first things first what you want to,do is we are going to simply open any of,the browser which you have on the device,once you open our browser you want to,make sure that you are logged into your,facebook account and after we make sure,we are logged into our facebook account,we are going to simply go to,,if you are confused about this thing i'm,also going to leave them down in the,description box below so be sure to,check them out after you go to, wait for the,website interface to load up right over,here now first things first what you,want to do is simply select the page on,which your ads are running so on the,left hand side of the screen you can see,your current base on which you are,currently switched at if you want to,switch your page you can simply tap on,this down arrow icon once and then go,ahead and select any other page which,you have,once you select your page you can see,this is how the interface is going to,look like and in order to go to our ad,section or see our running ads on the,left hand side of the screen you will be,able to see multiple options but right,here halfway down to the bottom of the,screen you will find an option called,ads so we are going to go ahead and,simply click ads,once we click add wait for the interface,to load up and you can see it shows up,all of the recent ads which we have,recently run on our facebook account and,over here you will be able to see a list,of your ads if you want to see all ads,then on the left hand side you can,simply tap on all ads button once you,tap on all that's button it will show,you a list of all of the ads which you,have now before we get started on how we,can actually pause our ads if you want,to actually create a new ad you can,simply tap on this create ad button or,else you can go watch our other,dedicated video where we show you,completely how you can create an ad on,facebook but in this video we are simply,going to learn how to pause our ad so on,this at home screen right over here you,can see this ad is currently active now,let's say i want to actually pause this,ad which is currently running on the,right hand side you will simply be able,to see these three little dots you have,to tap on the straight little dots and,here you will be able to see multiple,options such as edit pause or boost,again so in order to pause our ads we,are going to simply go ahead and select,the option called pause patch button,right over here and if it asks you or,prompts you for a confirmation go ahead,and simply tap on the confirm button and,as you tap and confirm you can reload,this ad manager right over here and you,can see that this ad is currently paused,and if you want to resume it again you,can simply repeat the process by tapping,on the three dots and tapping on resume,add,so this was it for today's video this,way you can very easily actually pause,your running ads on facebook we hope,this video was really helpful and if it,did help you make sure to leave a like,and subscribe and if you have any more,questions queries or doubts regarding,this also make sure to simply leave them,down in the comment section below as,always thank you very much for watching,and see you soon in our next video

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how to pause ads on facebook catalogs

3 Rules For Pausing An Ad In Facebook Ads

3 Rules For Pausing An Ad In Facebook Ads

hey everybody I want to shoot a quick,video here to show you a neat new little,system that I've been perfecting over,the past several weeks well actually,it's been quite a while now but anyway,here we go so I'm going to show you what,I'm doing so you have an ad you have a,campaign you got a bunch ad sets and now,Facebook has really changed things quite,a bit on us so we need to adjust adapt,and move forward so this style seems to,be working really really well and I'm,sure there's this part of it to a couple,people already and they have a working,in their accounts too so what I'm,looking at is starting I've got 32 ad,sites today so what I do is I go in,every day and I'm just trying to figure,out when to pause an ad set so what I,the first thing I look at is if the,amount spent is five dollars without a,view content which is this column then,I'm going to pause it so to do that I,just go filters and I'd go here to,lifetime ad spent for the ad set and if,it's greater than five I don't filter it,so I'm on the lifetime up here and I'm,on lifetime ad set greater than 5 here,and so now you can see that I've got a,bunch it's only ad sets that have spent,over $5 that I'm looking at okay so I'm,looking at without a view content so,what I'll do is I'll sort it by this,column view content I know what's your,screen where bigger but it's not quite,big enough here so this will show me ad,sets that I'll sort it all by view,contents so here's one so this one spent,five eighty five and did not have even a,view content that means it's a dud okay,so I'm turning that off here's another,one,spent five dollars seventy seven cents,without a view content turning it off,here's another one five dollars and,twenty seven cents without a view,content turning it off and then I've got,one more,so 556 and it says one link click but I,don't care about that I care about the,view content because I want to make sure,it's registering on the pixel so I've,got one two three four I'm turning off,so let's go there review draft items I'm,in the new ads man,so it's a combination of the power,editor and the hots manager so I confirm,and so those four are now gone they're,no good to me they're useless they're,like an ex-wife so let's go back here,rule number two if it spends $10 without,and Add to Cart we're gonna turn it off,so I simply go here and I go with if,lifetime spent on the ad set is greater,than $10 I'm going to apply that so now,I'm only looking at seven ad sets and,now I want to go to the next column,which is Adsense or sorry I had to cart,I want to sort it from largest to,smallest then I scroll down and I can,see I do not have an ad set that has,spent ten dollars without an Add to Cart,so that's good so my rule number two,applies or doesn't apply to my ads in,this case now rule number three is if an,ad set is spent in this case twenty,seven dollars without a sale I'm gonna,turn it off so I'm going to remove this,filter and then I'm going to sort by,purchases so website purchases and if,there's anything in here that's spent,twenty seven without a sale then I'm,going to turn it off so I could actually,go and look and see this one spent five,but that's not twenty-seven so none of,these are really twenty-seven yet so,none of the rules apply I could also go,back and do the filter my lifetime,because the filters based on twenty,seven dollars spent so if I go there and,apply Rule three I see there's nothing,oh that's all right,let me go back here oh there we go,sometimes that buggers you up when you,have that in there I actually don't have,an ad set that's my more than 27 so this,is a brand new campaign let's reduce,that that's why it's read me off yeah,okay so since this is a fairly new,campaign I actually don't have any of,that I've spent 27 yet so that's weird,so that's my three rules if it spends,five dollars without a view content turn,it off if it spends ten dollars without,an Add to Cart turn it off if it spends,twenty seven dollars without a purchase,turn it off 27 is my number because my,necklace in this case cost its $27,even point so go and use those rooms on,your account now there is a lot more to,this a lot more to this system but the,reason I'm showing you this is I didn't,show you the scaling part because I've,got a really cool way that I scale these,now too,you probably look and you guys are smart,and you saw that my bid column is all,average bids and there's a whole whack,of them in here so it's pretty cool the,way I'm doing this something new that a,lot of people are not doing I haven't,seen anybody doing this yet but I'm not,gonna give it away to you right now I,want you to register for my webinar okay,so there's a link either above or below,this I'd like you to register get in,there and I'm gonna show you the kind of,scaling part of this that I also apply,because managing it and removing the,kind of bad things is one part but,scaling is the fun part so if you want,to see how you got to come on the,webinar click register now it's either,above or below this video and we'll see,you on the webinar have a great day

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