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How to Spy on your Competitors Facebook Ads | Desktop & Mobile | Updated for 2022hi guys it's luke m

Luke Mead Marketing

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to Spy on your Competitors Facebook Ads | Desktop & Mobile | Updated for 2022

hi guys it's luke mead here and today in,this video i'm going to show you how to,spy on your competitors and see what ads,they're running on facebook or instagram,so the first thing you need to do is,head to their page on facebook,you can do this on mobile phones or,desktop devices so here i am on this,sports page,and we're going to scroll down and we're,looking for the tab on the page that's,called page transparency instagram also,has this and so does facebook or mobile,devices so once you see this we want to,hit see all,and this is going to give us some,information about the page and the,background of the page so we can see,when the page was created we can see,where the page is being managed,and you can see whether or not there's,running ads and in this case you can see,this page is currently running ads,so we can go to this,and have a look at what they're running,we do that by hitting the button and,this takes us here this is the facebook,ads library where we can see all the,active ads on facebook,the facebook has created this because it,helps show you all the ads,i might have to turn my ad blocker off,quickly,and refresh this there we go,now the ads will show up,so here we go,we can see that there is currently these,ads running,and we see it's quite a lot we've got,videos photos,and a mix of,other ads,for in-store products,so we can even click on these,and go further,and see where they take you,we can have a look at here,click on the videos make the videos play,we can even look at the call to actions,and the codes they're using,so this is a really good way of seeing,out,how to use this how to find people's,ads they're using,and,how they're building these ads so if you,have a look at what people are saying,we can find that here and copy it and do,better,so it does have a heap of options,now we can also go into this system,and have a look at,any business that is on,line and running ads,so say for example we'll just look at,putting a hotel in,we can have a look at all the hotels,that are running ads and you can see,they come up here,so this is a really good way,for you to go through and have a look at,what your competitors are running,so if your hotel you can see what's,going on around here,say for example you're a marketing,agency we might put marketing in here,and see how it comes up,you can see there's a few examples of,businesses like this and what they're,running,so this is a really powerful way of,stalking it,now you can also do this on instagram,like i said it just does take you to,this,website here,so you can do this from any device with,its mobile or desktop device,now if you're going to run ads and you,want to learn a little bit more i,recommend you watch my next video called,facebook ads for beginners it does go,through how to create facebook ads,if you are essentially a beginner and,never have done so it's about 12 minutes,long and it shows you all the essentials,you need from budgeting through to,targeting through ad creative,and it teaches you everything you need,to know,i think you guys really enjoy it thanks,so much for your time today guys keep,well ciao

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Facebook™ Ads Campaign Results: Mobile Vs Desktop!

Facebook™ Ads Campaign Results: Mobile Vs Desktop!

hey gang I have to share with you a case,study here that we've been testing an,audience for our own Facebook social,media training okay so I'm inside of our,one of our Facebook back offices in the,ad account and you can see that this,little campaign we spent $78 we 267,clicks about 30 cents per click 34 leads,around 2 dollars and 30 cents per lead,we got 5 purchases and the cost per,purchase cost us around 15 dollars which,is pretty good I'm down the price of the,product is 47 so we made a hundred and,fifty five dollars from the $78 I'd,spent okay and this is an all digital,based product I created the product,myself the overhead is practically zero,because we pay 297 dollars a month to,click funnels and that houses all of our,websites Yeti out of content so the,overhead is it's virtually all profit,the only cost is that is the a spend,okay so and this this is just tracking,one click so if the person or sorry one,day tracking so if the person didn't buy,from one day on that they click the eyes,it's not going to track it here so there,was more purchases but it wasn't it was,in the follow up okay so the reason I,white to show this is to review a cool,little function within your Facebook Ads,to review hidden gems so to speak to,reveal the goods within the goods,because I mean at the end of the day I,will 9 9 times out of 10 actually 10,times 10 or I will spend seventy eight,dollars to make 150 five dollars I mean,who would would you spend a hundred,dollars to make two hundred of course,you live you doubling your money every,single time but it gets even better than,that now if you're running Facebook Ads,right now and you're not able to make,them profitable just reach out to me I'm,more than happy,to take a look at what you got going on,see if it's a good fit for us to work,together this little button here is,absolutely magical the little button,right here which is the breakdown button,so if I go ahead and I click break down,I can then see in this little report,section the age the gender age and,gender business location country region,edit edit edit edit up I want to look at,age and gender because if I'm paying two,dollars and thirty cents elite but all,of my leads are men and I'm wasting,money on women in this audience I want,to know that okay so pretty interesting,to stuff pulls up here when you type age,and gender I can see that I go the,majority of my leads were male sorry,female 25 to 34 but they didn't buy,second-highest was female four leads 35,to 44 but they didn't buy right and what,you can see here that the the person who,bought the most were actually males from,45 to 54 so now I can create a new I'd,say just targeting males between 45 and,54 and see if that wins and what you can,see here is the cost per purchase was,$0.99 per purchase a hundred and fifty,five dollars profit so the hundred and,fifty five dollars we made from this,campaign came from around ten eleven,dollars in spanked eleven dollars in,cost to get those five buyers for one,hundred and fifty five dollars in profit,now what is even more interesting if I,clear those breakdowns and I go to,placement and device Facebook is going,to show me that all of my buyers came,from the newsfeed desktop so not mobile,mobile got more leads but on desktop my,clicks were lower obviously because,majority attracted traffic's on mobile,my cost per click was around the same my,leads were less obviously my cost per,lead was weighed dramatically lower to,two dollars and thirty cents here AB,dollar and 58 here for desktop and all,my purchases came from the newsfeed,desktop and all my purchases cost me,four dollars and 74 cents to make a,hundred and fifty five bucks so you see,what I just did there was I trimmed down,let's say that and there you you start,to make some sales that's awesome but if,you kind of dwindle down the ladder of,your report you'll find the gold that if,I do the exact same at the exact same,audience the exact same targeting and,just do a new ad set that focuses on men,who are 45 plus and only focus on the,newsfeed desktop not mobile then chances,are reading this data from this test I,am going to be able to produce an insane,ry right it was around 90 99 cents per,buyer to to make forty seven dollars,four dollars and seventy four said spent,one hundred and fifty five dollars,brought in within the first day of the,campaign because it's on that one day,conversion skill that you can set up at,Facebook so pretty cool the reason I,wanted to show you this case study no,matter what style of ads you're running,make sure that once you start to win,leads and you can do this for your leads,also I just want to show you this for,sales once you start getting some sales,through make sure to come in here and,check on the click on the breakdown,stuff and dive into who your buyers are,and where they're located create a whole,new ad set just targeting those,parameters and give it a test to see if,if it converts way better you never know,you might end up getting,crazy ROI like spendin 99 cents to,acquire a $47 customer alright guys if,you want help with your Facebook guides,just comment below or P PM me I'll take,a look at what you got going on and see,if there's a way for us to work together,take care

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