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How to create a Facebook Ad Campaign for Ebook DownloadsKimani it's his ashram l33 digital you,matte

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to create a Facebook Ad Campaign for Ebook Downloads

Kimani it's his ashram l33 digital you,matter requests from machi Wilson from,the loft tapes on on how to set up the,Facebook ad campaign to to tend to,generate downloads for Braniff relieve,magnet such as neba so I'll take you,through the surf this morning to to what,I so what I use to create a very simple,Facebook campaign I should conveyance,elites so if you go to Facebook manager,here to create,and the objective you want to use is,conversions so before you can do this,you need to tell Facebook why what a an,off-site conversion looks like so in,this case it's anyone that actually,fills in this this form here which I'll,do and actually comes this Thank You,page so you want Excel Google within the,custom conversions that whenever saw on,plans on this page actually links to a,lead this way guru can optimize your,that's right this way Facebook can,actually able to flight not Google,Facebook can actually optimize your,campaigns further so we'll call this,call this ebook download,so just let this slide so the first,thing to just give you a name,descriptive name that long as you can,come by it this is where you'll actually,conversion save for this example we'll,just use a previous one,do it lead so this actually is going to,be the custom conversion we just talked,about audience so this is basically the,the people you're gonna to try and,target so think about who you're like,your audience's be but where do they,live how old are they what are they,interested in see if we take people I,live in the UK so let's assume that they,are between the ages of 25 to,say 50 her will target both male and,female I think it's too early to to,spread them I think once you've got some,data you can look at it,languages you can set to English English,UK detail targeting so this is where the,one who actually add in interests of,people who you feel may be interested in,the ebooks if we go back to a landing,page and you can see that the topic is,around music mixing promotion creation,so let's let's see what we can frontier,so let's to music,for example what I tend to do with the,first initial campaign is ensure that,their potential reaches as high as,possible this is so that gives face with,a good chance to see what it can do and,then you can narrow down further so you,want to although that's quite high,purely because you want to make sure,expanding interest is turned off should,be quite loan up,you want to try and get it to around the,million-plus if you can and at the same,time but especially within Facebook try,and use single interests or group,interests of similar interests reason,for that is Facebook where I tell you,where the leaders come from if you have,too many interests it's very easy and,tempting to add as many as possible so,let's see if we can join gets the,million mark and so there's audio mixing,here and recording studio there we go so,that's it I mean if you scroll down to,leave everything else is fine and,placements well what I found works,really well is if you go to edit,placements and just focus on the,newsfeed on Facebook for now he can test,these other ones but just from,experience we found that these sort of,other placements don't work as well so,we'll focus on Facebook feeds and,histogram feeds now you can obviously,test these as well so by all means do so,but I've run some campaigns in the past,this settings work for us that's here,everything else is put it Facebook needs,probably a good two to three days to for,the algorithm to kick in and see if see,if they can find people interested in,your conversion or your campaign rather,so I'd recommend if you can spend,between ten and twenty pounds and let it,by Dale anyone for two or three days,well then get a good idea of if it's,gonna come they're not or you'll have,some date to look at the next steps,whether it's you change the image or the,headline or just overall review the,campaign to see if it's generating,results I think the first thing is are,people stopped you're reading out of it,are they clicking on it and then they're,converting you're not going to get any,conversions if people don't click on the,advert click on the links first so,or we'll cover that a later date once,you go through if you make sure it's set,to conversions and leave everything else,as is you had to continue so they give,you a name and descriptive names so I'll,call it out bomb select your Facebook,page I believe is altered to read,digital for now and face will give you,the option to actually use different,sort of assets so whether it's image or,a video there isn't a right or wrong way,for this I I tend to start the single,image and normally I make sure that,stronger room with the sites so for,example let's use this as an image here,she can upload Facebook oh you need to,ensure that the image is relevant and,the image is actually going to stop,people while they're using Facebook to,stop and read your ad you can't remember,that people are people on Facebook are,not there to buy anything I doubt,anything that socialize with your other,friends are doing if you even stop them,for 20 30 seconds you need to make sure,that can be worth their time so they,keep an image that's relevant that's,going to stand out that looks different,to the images that are on there or even,a video as well sometimes you can get a,completely left field and try an image,which is just better grab attention,you'll be requests surprise or works,contest different images as well it's,important once you find the image you,actually put the website URL for the,landing page so this URL here,the important thing is you want to,actually make sure the advert headline,in text is chrome grew with a landing,page so there are people click on the,advert they could actually see it is,it's linked to this advert as well as,the landing pages link so and this,example will use this as the headline,for the texts as well what I tend to do,is I use a certain formula where we,might emphasize their their statement if,you like Basking questions or quad,trying trying identify the situation,this flicker paragraph so what you want,to do is emphasize the problem to the,kind of solution in here as well so then,we ask the question for the important is,we we stay that there's actually an,easier way so we're leading into it and,then we cash talk in our free guide,you'll learn why would you just copy and,paste this,and then finally the courseware should,click the learn more button to download,your create card what I also like to do,is actually create a bitly link and also,including in the link as well in the,tech sorry,you,this is how people actually read in the,text or who actually presence can be,they will say more politically so once,you've done that test so before actually,for go onto the call-to-action the test,long copy test your copy you may just,want to test the headline you'll,actually be quite surprised all works,they all depends obviously what what,you're trying to solve and the more,complex probably you're trying to solve,in a warrant and a bit more explanation,than what you're doing it all depends on,the sort of level of trust required as,well it's important a test on copying,your company so deadlines learn more and,every tenth leave everything else a nice,P description can try inaudible no,credit card required or something around,those terms just to kind of emphasize,the trust side of things as well once,that's done the conversion tracking sent,the pixel so as you can see here,Facebook actually will tell us if he,feels there's too much sort of text,theme as text in the image so what we'll,do is let's just choose who used to,stock me as they provide instead so,let's choose music and actually find,images works just as well compared to,getting images creative began test it,it's this whatever works for you really,it's images just to stop people and can,their feed and made them look at it so,as long as it's relevant then we find,safely this should be better still has,right this way more text in that stuff,let's try and find another,you,you,you,you,you,you,there yeah starts car now,so what's your double hit confirm and,then that should get sent to Facebook,for a review there the review time can,vary could take a new up to an hour or,even an entire day the face would,actually notify you once it's once it's,approved,once the campaigns running like I said,give it give it two to three days just,swear to generate some data face,brighter around sort of average of,impressions Facebook will give you the,relevant score which is one out of ten,now you want to get that as close to ten,as possible to to demonstrate the,Facebook's actually saying that this the,advent of created attacks is actually,relevant to and to the audience you're,targeting so once you've done that you,could then see your people clicking on,it and hopefully I'll get some,conversions as well Paul all I can,advise this stages give it a few days,even T and test a few things so what I,actually do is go within here P assume,the audience is the same i duplicate the,P advert,and cool and you may actually want to,change the image,so let's go maybe you are when you do,test just make sure that you tell you,test one variable at a time purely,because the copy may be right with the,image won't work,I think click publish if you can think,of five or six different tests to test,initially but that's your all work you,could add what I tend to do is once you,found they put all suppose you buddy,wants you kind of any audience or,winning out copy rather you can test,with different audiences as well but,it's I try and test maybe at three or,four different audiences at the same,time with maybe four or five different,ad copies as well labor of two or three,days and here's I think it's important,to to understand how much a believe is,worth to you in terms a lot of time,reliever customer you think in this,example you're giving away me book for,free,a bit important to us so how do you lost,them was the buying journey or the,customer journey to make them become a,paying customer maybe for the content,upgrade maybe even a free course at the,thank you page so once you know that,I'll determine how much you're willing,to to be prepared to pay for a customer,and the customer that's prepared to then,the most abaya cost will always win so I,think about what else could you offer to,your customer does some value that's,within within rules and you've got,consent for just complied GDP are I love,to hear we think on this video I'd love,to know what questions you have if you,have a question leave a leave a comment,below to this video as well and I look,after more Facebook videos and look for,taste team from you soon

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Sell More Books with Facebook Ads // Author Marketing Tutorial

Sell More Books with Facebook Ads // Author Marketing Tutorial

hi everyone welcome back to the channel,my name is vanessa and i'm an indie,author and i publish under the pen name,and sage,if you are new here this is not what the,setup usually looks like um usually i,use a very different camera than i am,using today and i am sitting in a,different spot in my office um but today,we have something very special planned,now i usually share a lot of videos on,tips for authors tips for creative,entrepreneurs because i am also a,graphic artist and a book cover designer,for a living but in today's video we are,actually doing some author tips and,we're doing some marketing tips,last week we talked about just different,marketing book general tips that i have,and today we are doing a facebook ads,101 where i'm actually going to take you,into my facebook ads platform and show,you how i set up my facebook ads to be,the most optimized to have the lowest,cpc and how i run them for my books when,i'm promoting them so i'm using my i'm a,camera,not my regular camera which is,right there,oh i can't point when it's backwards but,my regular camera is up here my light,that i usually use to make everything,look better is over there um so this is,just the imac camera hopefully it's okay,but that my figure this way when i do,the screen recording you can see me too,and we'll try something new so with that,said i'm actually going to minimize the,screen and i already have my facebook,ads manager open um and you can see here,there's like a lot of different keeps,going and going um this is just,for,the the,the year,so what we're going to do i'm going to,click out of this because they give you,some warning sometimes but i'm going to,i've recently set up some new ads for,wish of shadows so one thing i will say,when you're promoting if you have a big,series like i do right now i have seven,books out in the series the eighth one,and the last book is coming out um this,year but if you have a big series you,always want to make sure you're,advertising the first in the series,because that way you'll have people read,through especially if you have clothes,hangers and if everything kind of works,together,so i'm advertising witch of shadows,which is the,first,book in my series shadowhost mysteries,um shameless plug if you haven't read it,i there's a link below where you can,read my books um and i it's a fun little,why a paranormal mystery about witches,and they and then different,shapeshifters and a whole bunch of other,different paranormals i created myself,that aren't something you would normally,see so,anyhow,i'm going to open some of these up,and we're going to pretend that we're,going to be editing some of these so,we're going to start with the creative,test so the first thing i always do when,i am running ads is i run a creative,test so i test the creative i test the,copy those are the two things that i,test,i already have audiences that i have,kind of researched and saved and the way,i come up with those audiences,i will show you how i have it set up in,a second,but i do some research on facebook,i check like just on google online i go,through goodreads and things like that,and i come up with a list of different,audiences to use,and you can test your audiences as well,i have tested them before and i'll show,you which ones worked well for me but i,would recommend before you do creative,test copy tests or anything like that,just kind of have a narrow down audience,in place,so,for the creative test the way that i,have it set up so i would take one of my,better performing audiences in this case,my better performing audience are,interest and we'll go through step by,steps because this is facebook 101 when,you go to create a campaign you will get,this screen first so this initial screen,where you will name it,is your first screen so the way that i,name my campaign is i have the name of,the book shortened which are shadows um,i write what it is this is a creative,test and then i write the date right,after this is july 2022.,i don't worry about these special ad,categories,my campaign objective which is what when,you click right here on the left side,when you click create,it will ask you what campaign objective,you have i would recommend always,clicking on traffic you will get the,lowest cpc and you just want traffic to,a specific website,if you have white books which i have,do not,put in your books to read or any of that,they will not perform as well they're,very hard to track,you will need to do different ads for,different platforms,these ones i'm running right now are,amazon ads i am trying to increase my,book sales on amazon for the moment when,i'm done with this i will move on to,other platforms i don't run,all of them at the same time because it,can get pricey and again you want to see,if they're performing first so your,buying type is auction,your campaign objective is traffic so,auction just means you're auctioning for,your uh clicks so when you're you're,bidding on a click and you're getting,the lowest bid that you can possibly put,in to win that click to win that space,in the advertising in the online,advertising so there's think of it this,way there is a spot when you're,scrolling through facebook there is an,ad that you see that is a spot that is,reserved for an ad,and you are auctioning your bidding to,get your ad in that spot,and the best bid wins but you want your,bid to also be the lowest for what you,can afford right so,anyways long,story kind of a short rough explanation,of auctioning for,ads so you've got the buy and type your,auction,your campaign objective is traffic um,there's show more options here and we're,not doing a b testing or anything like,that,your campaign budget optimization i do,click this on i've heard kind of back,and forth,with people about it some people don't,like to keep it on some people do i,keep this on,if you click this off,it will literally like,change like your actual the way that,you're budgeting so,anyways,optimize if you want to i think it works,much better so,i have this one for my test run set up,for a daily budget my daily budget for,testing just for testing is 20 a day,i think that's a good enough budget and,i run them for a short certain amount of,time so if you're going to short,the show options right now it says run,ads all the time but because this is an,unpublished one isn't something that,ended i will not run ads all the time i,will actually run my ads to have an end,date and usually i test the creative for,three days i test a copy for three days,and then i run my ads so i would do,twenty dollars for three days so 60,bucks total to test just to create it,now when you're finished setting this up,here,instead of publish your button down here,in the bottom right will say next so you,click next and it will take you to your,actual ad set so the way that facebook,ads are set up,you have your folder,and the folder is your ad folder then,you would have ad sets under these,folders and your ad sets are your,targeting groups,so you will have your different,targeting groups and you can have,multiple ad sets and under those,targeting groups those ad sets you will,have your ads which is your creative so,it's a folder in a folder and a folder,essentially so my ad set name for this,one is interests this is what,was a top performing ad set targeting,group from before so i'm just using that,now this is where we get into the,um the budgets here and where the end,dates are,so under traffic you're gonna choose,website because you have a website,you're going to lean people to,i do not do dynamic creative you can,test it out later when you're more,familiar with ads i would say for at the,beginning don't do dynamic creative just,test your creative yourself first and,find which one that works,my optimization and delivery i keep it,as link clicks,and i want and this i just keep as is i,don't fill any of that out,budget and schedule set an end date make,sure your set and end date because,sometimes things happen and you forget,that you have an ad test running and,you're spending twenty dollars an hour,uh maybe a day no no my gosh 20 hours a,day and you forget,that it's there and that can get quite,costly,so you have your start date and then i,would pick an end date which is about,like three days time so as you can see,here that's pretty much what it was,now,audiences,when you go to pick your audience so,for the beginning um like i said you,might want to test out your audience,first so what worked for me and this is,just for this particular one for the,tests um i have the united states and,canada together under locations when i'm,actually running my ads i will not have,canada here i will have a separate one,for the us and separate one for canada,but for the tests i don't mind combining,them both together because,the same similar areas of the world um,then i usually i would do one for the us,when i'm running my ads,one for canada one for the uk one for,australia,so those will be my main ads that i'm,running my age i have set up as 18 to 65,plus you can change this um but a lot of,times i don't,for the gender i do have the gender set,as,women because my target audience and the,people who read my books are for the,most part women i have very few men who,read my books there are some but not as,many and so i kind of want to get the,most bang for my buck here and so i go,for the audience that i already know for,sure is the majority of my readership,now under,the if you want to edit this by the way,you can click edit and you can choose,either all or just man or so on and so,forth now for detailed targeting we're,going to go into edit so you can see how,this is set up i right now have dark,fantasy as interest right because that's,the ad set the targeting we're using is,dark fantasy fantasy books magical,realism paranormal romance romantic,fantasy and urban fantasy,those are my,interests that i am targeting for this,particular creative test,you can add more here so let's say say i,wanted to add a young adult,i could add young adult fiction,like once i start typing you see these,suggestions that come up so i can add,young adult fiction to this for example,i could go into facebook suggestions if,you click suggestions here all the stuff,will come out so you see you can add,like new adult fiction high fantasy,there's names of authors that come up um,keep in mind facebook doesn't have a lot,of like any in the authors really,basically as far as i can tell,and a lot of the authors that they have,are the big authors um and they don't,even have the newer bigger offers so,like somebody like for example victoria,avery art or something who's very,popular is not on facebook as a target,so it is a bit outdated when it comes to,author names um but you can choose,ebooks as an interest buffy the vampire,slayer so,you would pick here um this is how you,would find your audiences is through,these interests here you can also narrow,your audience so you can put in amazon,kindle,um,amazon kindle for example um since we're,targeting,people who,wire shopping on amazon um that's going,to be my link here like i said you don't,want to use a wide link for this but you,can put the kindle store um you can,put people who own a kindle fire so,there's quite a few that you can play,around with here,i don't send my language um to anything,in specific mostly because i am,targeting people um,that are,in countries that speak,english as the majority so i don't,target the language,show more options here i don't,care about connection so we're gonna,save that um you can save this audience,um if you want to i do have some,audiences safe but to be honest with you,most of the time i will either duplicate,ads that perform well or i will create,new audiences all the time,now we get into placements,when you start setting this up facebook,will put you down as automatic placement,that is not something you want to do,because your ad created will look wonky,in a lot of them so you kind of want to,control where your placements go i,usually stick to facebook and instagram,um and i will take out some of these so,i'll keep,messenger inbox will be grayed out i'll,take out messenger stories because the,creative won't fit um,for the test i kept an article usually,when i run the ads i will take an,article ads and as you can see i don't,have any apps and sites clicked on so,more often than not i will have a very,kind of skeleton draft of this when i'm,actually running the actual ads not for,the test so i will do a facebook feed,i'll do instagram feed,i would do,um instagram,probably stories facebook stories and i,would try to do reels and facebook reels,if the ad actually fits it but the rest,of them i don't click on but for,the tests i don't mind so again when you,get to the bottom of this one thing,actually i should mention before i,forget is when you're working with this,audience here pay attention to audience,definition on this right side so,you can be very very very specific if,you end up here i think it's a little,too specific you want to be somewhere in,the middle,if you're somewhere that's in the broad,section here,that means that it's too far overreach,and chances are that you won't get your,bids to be low enough to be shown to,enough people so you want to be in this,kind of central area here,and that could vary so sometimes you,would have an estimated audience size,that's this big right now 18 million to,22 million but sometimes this area in,the green will actually have you as 1,million to like 3 million and play,around and see what works better for,your boss,which,audience size that you have now keep in,mind this is an estimated audience size,and if you're going to be using if,you're going to be targeting people who,have viewed your page or like your page,because you can actually um,use saved audiences this way you would,create you save audiences or you can,search in custom audiences here so i,have look-alike audiences i have video,engagement audiences facebook page,engagement audiences so once you start,adding some of these in here,a lot of times they won't be able to,give you a proper estimation so just,keep that in mind,but when you get to the bottom,of this area here you've clicked off,everywhere you want your ad shown again,so publish you'll see next here,and that will take you to your first ad,creation now this is your actual,creative testing so as you can see here,i have they're kind of out of place for,some reason but,i have 23 different,creative ads and they're just different,images so what i do is i have the same,copy and i haven't done copy testing yet,this is just copy that i think is,pretty good from old performing ads,so what i would do is i set this up and,i will have my first image i'll label it,image one,i'll add it my add identity will be my,facebook page which is and sage my,instagram account and sage,and then i'll manually upload the ad,click single image or video because we,have a single image,um this dynamic experiences i guess like,it can be,on you can also click it off if you want,it doesn't matter for testing and then,what i'll do is i will go into,whoop,i guess because it's like off it won't,let me do it but for the most part what,you would do is under media when you,click media it will ask you to upload an,image or you go into your library and,then you upload an image and i will,upload this particular image here,i will go into,enable music on wheels you can click yes,they'll just play their own music over,your reels which is fine doesn't hurt um,most people don't even really listen to,that but,it doesn't hurt to have music because,then it's not just a static ad,i have a primary text so your primary,text this part here is what you see on,top here,when you see it in your facebook feed so,this part up here,as you can see it will show you before,to see more,that's how the whole thing is but it's a,good thing to see what you'll see so the,first thing that people will see before,it gets cut out for me is do you love,books about which is magic and mystery,and i think that's really good to keep,on top there and then i go into my,little spiel here with some good reviews,that's an example copy my headline is,pretty much always for my ads is the,tagline for the book which is welcome to,shadowhurst good luck getting out,now over here,i have a books to read,link i was testing a books to read link,and this is why i can comfortably say,that when you're actually paying for ads,lead them to your amazon page,you can,have a books to read link for testing,but not for your actual ads i just i,wouldn't recommend it in general but if,you want to so i was testing it did okay,it wasn't the greatest it does better,when there's like an up here,um so this,when you put your website you will under,destination,that's what's going to show up right,above your tagline now you can also add,description and then under your tagline,you'll have a bit more text i don't,never utilize this for the most part i,have tried it before it didn't do,anything great just more copy for people,to read instead of clicking to go buy,your book,and their call to action more often than,not i will say learn more i don't put,shop more because i think that turns,people off um,and then over here you'd want to put,down your website now i am using a uh,pixel id um for my website event if you,don't have a pixel id if you're not,driving to your own website which,sometimes i will do also then there's no,point click that off and leave it,now when you have this ad created this,is for testing only do not click publish,yet leave it,you want to go into here and you want to,create click duplicate,you're going to duplicate the original,complaint campaign you're going to have,one number of copies it's going to,duplicate it,now we're going to go into copy this is,verifying your changes it's not a live,ad so it's going to show me some errors,here,we're going to call it oh it's part of,schedule okay we reached an end date so,we can't really change it but,let's pretend that we duplicated and we,got this one so you're going to go in,here and you're going to change the ad,name,to number two so and then what you're,gonna do is you're gonna leave,everything the same all your copy,everything you did here the exact same,but you're going to go into your media,and you're going to upload a different,image and you're going to do this at,least 20 times so i have 23 times so,minimum probably 15 for the test,i've seen people do as high as like 50,or 60 i don't have the patience to do,that so 23 was as high as i could find,all of these images if we kind of go,through them they're just images that i,found on,stock sites so one thing you want to do,is you want to make sure you buy all,these with the proper license because,you can't use images you found on google,or on somebody's blog or any of that,stuff these have to be properly stocked,licenses,um and i got most of these from deposit,photos you can buy a bundle of images,for them because what we're doing here,is we are testing what image is going to,get you the best result,so how do you define best result and i,think that this is a question that most,people um don't really quite think about,but the way that you define best result,is if we look in here i guess there's no,point for us to have um this copy here,and edit it anyways but,i when i look at best results some,people will look at cost per result and,they'll go through and see and they'll,look here and they'll say oh okay let me,move myself out of the way they'll say,okay well this image here got us six,cents on the uh on the click which is,great right it's super,um inexpensive and so we should go with,that however,as you can see it only had two link,clicks and it only had four impressions,and so it wasn't really being served was,it now the higher ones,here that you have so you have a few so,you have one here,um that had,11 link clicks it was served 149 times,it got 149 impressions reached 144,people and it was 27 cents on the result,still kind of pricey for an image,when you think about it right um then we,go into some of these even higher ones,so we've got one here that was,18 link clicks,and we served,2936 times reached 219 people and it was,16 cents for the result and then one,right under it that was pretty close,it was pretty close with lancax but it,was a bit cheaper and so,either one of these,would be good to go with now,i chose to go with number seven and the,reason that i chose to go with number,seven because it's kind of the image in,it um it just describes my book a bit,more and so i found that it was not,misleading whereas this one here um it's,a really nice image i think i didn't,like how it cropped in certain areas um,and so i left this one um as a secondary,option i'll show you why that's,important too because i do use two ads,usually in the end,so now that we have taken a look at the,creative test and we picked so we're,gonna go with number seven that's the,creative that we want now we're gonna go,ahead and we're gonna do a very similar,approach with a copy test so i'm just,going to edit so you can see how i have,it set up so the name name of the book,coffee test,and the month and date,everything is the same we're keeping the,budget the same 20 a day three days i am,keeping the exact same audience so we're,testing the exact same audience again as,you can see nothing's changed,the same like everything is here all,under interests ads,actually i accidentally updated this,audience after the ad was already killed,so,you can see here the audience looks,different but when it first ran this was,a saved audience so they updated when it,first ran,um it was running as the interest that,you originally saw so,do not worry it was the same one,so everything here is the same and then,what we have is we have,that image that i chose that performed,the best,right,um the same and if you go through these,it's all the same image,but the difference is now,is the copy is different so we're,testing the same thing we're just,testing the copy,i am keeping,the same,um headline here because that's my,tagline i use it all the time again no,description and as you can see because,that books to read one did not do so,well i am now testing an link,only,and that works a lot better it just,looks cleaner up here,so we've got a few different,copy variations some longer so this is,very long this is the blurb some very,short,some just a few lines,some that have that same one that we had,originally under interest,then i have a few that are even shorter,like so i'm just testing every kind of,catchy,copy that i can think of,some has,different verbs i have two different,blurbs that i had written for this book,and some have comparison titles in it,some are just online right so it's just,like there's a difference i came up with,this one 13 different copy variations so,i couldn't come up with any more my,brain was hurting but if you can do more,that's even better so you're doing the,same thing with copy and you're gonna,click publish here and you're gonna run,it for three days and then you're gonna,go in,and you're going to see which one,performed the best so again you're going,to take a look at,how many click link clicks you got,and then you can take a look at how much,it costs you so this one here i think,ended up being the winning one for me 22,link clicks um 255 impressions 234 reach,and then 16 cents per click i could have,lowered it i'm sure i could have gone,with some of these lower ones but at the,same time like i'm not just chasing the,best um cost per click here i'm also,chasing the most relevant so i want,people to also buy after they click and,i want them to know that it's a book,they're buying because you can get a,cheaper link click if you kind of keep,it open and mysterious and you don't,necessarily like tell them what they're,getting so they have to click to find,out what it is but then they won't buy,because maybe they're not in the market,for a book and they actually are looking,for like a bicycle or something right so,you want to make sure people are um at,least that's my advice make sure that,people know what they're getting when,they're looking at your ads,and then from all of those two tests now,we can go into,my,currently running um,the way that i currently have it set up,so if we're going to edit and i'll just,kind of discard it this is where the,different audiences come in comes in so,i'll show you how i have it set up so i,will just when it's not a test i'll just,label it as the book title that i'm,advertising and the month when i'm,running the ad,auction traffic the same,my daily budget is only five dollars i,start with five and as the ad gets more,traction i will not i will not raise the,budget i would not touch that i would,just duplicate that and i'll run two of,them the same ones just duplicate them a,and b,i ran them for five dollars a day then,i'll duplicate it again and just it,keeps going and going and going,now,under my different ad set so before what,we had in the other ones you had one ad,set which is what the interests were and,a whole bunch of ads underneath when we,were testing now i have three different,ad sets,and two images under each one,and this actually was something i found,so if you can um join um,20 books uh i'm sorry 20 books to 50k,facebook group do join it somebody there,was a while back,posted a strategy for facebook so i'm,using a combination of different,strategies from different people here,and different places that i've learned,and from taking courses and things and,just working in marketing before but,this person,posted that what they do is they,actually run two different images,they're top winning images,under each ad set and so i'm trying this,out and it has been great so definitely,a good tip to to have so i have three,different assets here so some of them,are,like subgenres which would be the,interests that we have and my sub genres,are dark fantasy young adult fiction,high fantasy romantic fantasy magic,realism urban fantasy and new adult,fiction i also have narrowed them down,this time to ebooks amazon kindle and,the kindle store as being,so they have to match,this,these interests here but they also need,to match these interests so it's,narrowing it down to 14 million to about,16 million just over 16 million,or close to 17 million i guess,female only 18 to 65 plus and,here we have it i'm running only u.s,only in august right,manual placements,so these are my placements that i have,chosen um,and that's ad set number one asset,number two,are authors so under my interests,again i narrowed it down on the kindle,store amazon kindle and ebooks because,i'm sending people only to amazon so i,don't want people who read on kobo to,get this ad and then go read it,and these are all the authors,so just screenshot this if you want to,take a look at them after but these are,all the authors that i have come up that,are relevant to my book and then the,last one they'll usually do either more,interest but a lot of times um and this,is how you normally would find interest,you would look for your subrendras you,would look for authors and then you look,for a film and tv,comparable so my last one is film and tv,again us 1865 female,and stranger things vampire diaries true,blood angel once upon a time all these,different tvs and again you're narrowing,down two ebooks amazon kindle and kindle,store,same placements here now if you take a,look the ads are the same the only thing,it changes here,are the ad sets um that's what's,different for each of these now i'm,running two ads we have this one here,and this one here so i have my two,picked,my two tops top ones um that we're,getting like really good clicks um,the one i didn't choose so there's one,that was even uh better clicks it was,the one with the crow sitting on kind of,like a skull and stuff uh but it didn't,really represent like anything about my,book it was just a cool image so i'm not,running that one now um i will see which,one performs least for some of these and,i'll be swapping that image out with the,chrome in the next month,and that makes sense um so,the copy on this is the same this is the,winning copy so the winning copy if,you're wondering from the copy test was,a witch hiding in place side a killer on,the loose can she save everyone without,exposing her secret and then welcome to,shadowhurst good luck getting out,so that was the winning copy i'm driving,them to amazon my witch of shadows the,first book in the series um and this is,the creative that i went with now i have,cropped it as you can see here i've,manually cropped it when you upload it,um if it doesn't work oh here i can,actually show you here so i can just,scrap this here and,instead of edit media let's see if we,can scrap that there we go you can add,media,add image,and we're going to go back we're going,to choose this image here which is what,it was you're going to click next or you,can upload your new images here that's,how you would set it up so here we go,you want it cropped so original you see,how you have that like grayed out bar so,i want to keep it as a crop instead and,you can crop it to make sure it fits now,when it goes to 1916 i do not like that,crop so if you click this crop here,i will actually,shift it over and click apply same with,here in the right column in the search,results and instead articles,you can change the way that this crop,looks so you can crop it like this you,can grab it more like that so that seems,to work and that kind of dictates,everything that you see in here and the,way it looks,so yeah that's the only things that and,then here,the copy,is all the same,where here we go so small i barely,missed it same copy i was hiding in,plain sight the killer on the loose can,she save everyone without exposing her,secret welcome to shadowhurst good luck,getting out with the headline the copy,is the same but i have switched the,image and in here and then here they're,all image one and image two image one,and image two so the same things just,different,targeting the ad sets we're targeting,different things and that is my running,app um so if we go through here um you,can kind of set up here because we just,did some some stuff here so it's gonna,give me a setup error so i'm going to,discard all the drafts for now so we,don't have that,now if we go into the campaign,it's active so we can see here which ad,sets are doing how much you spent on,each ad set so far um the per click link,click which is really good across all,the boards and it looks like we're,getting the most link clicks on the,south genres which is expected um that,usually went out but i'm actually,surprised that we have a fairly,similar result here for,film and authors usually one wins over,the other,and if we narrow that down more to the,images even more,we can see here which images under which,ad set is performing the best so it,looks like right now the best performing,image is still the two rows as expected,we're getting 10 cents per result here,and that's really really amazing we got,50 link clicks on that,and it was shown 426 times so that's,really good this is a really good one to,use this is a good close second cpc wise,but,as far as clicks go i think this on the,sub genres again on the interest so that,makes sense um so either the two of the,images that we used on there for those,subgenres for those interests the,winning one is this one here and i'll,see how it does um and that way maybe um,i can,take a look and see it looks like for,the most part,that's the winning image across the,board so what i might do in september is,remove that second image which was the,kind of graveyard and,the school in the background,remove that one and put that,crow on the skull and see between those,two which one if that will raise,performance and lower cbc,so that in a nutshell,is kind of what you're looking at as far,as,facebook ads go i know this was a very,quick explanation um if you want,i could explain something further or do,another video in detail um,when i was actually also thinking about,maybe doing some mini courses and,offering those so we'll take a look at,what happens in the future but in the,meantime if you do want some more,explanation and different things so make,sure you comment below and let me know,and i can go into more detail on,facebook ads um i am a very very,familiar with them at this point i've,been using it for a long time and again,i'm not a marketing um guru expert by,any means,i've just been doing it for a long time,and so this is what kind of the,knowledge that i've gathered from,all over the place so,hopefully that helped you out and kind,of explain the process of how i run my,ads regularly if you are about to start,running ads and hopefully that was,useful for you and again we'll be back,next week with a regular setup so none,of this but i'm hoping this worked out,well but otherwise i will see you guys,next week for another video stay magical,and talk to you soon bye,you

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