how to monetize a blog without ads

How To Make Money Blogging Without Ads: Monetize Your Blog In 5 Simple Steps hey everyone Jason here

Jason Whaling

Updated on Jan 07,2023

How To Make Money Blogging Without Ads: Monetize Your Blog In 5 Simple Steps

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How To Make Money Blogging Without Ads: Monetize Your Blog In 5 Simple Steps

hey everyone Jason here digital,marketing consultant and in this video,we're gonna go over a simple five-step,proven process for monetizing your blog,while simultaneously building your brand,and building a stronger bond with your,readers and increasing your viewership,so chances are this isn't the first,video or source you're looking on in,terms of how do you actually monetize,your blog and how do you build a income,long term so if you've been doing this,for a while you've probably heard of the,typical things there's ads which we all,know Adsense hardly gives us any money,then you've probably heard about,affiliate products making your own,courses doing freelancing and consulting,and whatever else selling physical,products the list goes on and on and on,but really there's only one thing you,have to focus on really that there's,only one thing all of those other things,are actually steps like four and five,right but the very first step the very,first step the key to success with any,type of online business especially when,it comes to making money with your blog,is an email list that's right an e-mail,list it doesn't matter if you're selling,your own products if you're selling your,time your selling services you're gonna,be selling affiliate products regardless,of what you're gonna sell with gaurd,'less of how you plan to make money,today next week or even a year from now,your email list is going to be the tool,that you're gonna be able to leverage,long term regardless of what type of,income path you're going to follow so in,this video I want to go through the five,simple steps we're actually beginning to,figure out what offers you should be,making and how to actually grow your,email list so if you choose the wrong,offers or you decide to change the style,or content of your blog in the future,you're going to have a list of people,you can always promote to so the first,step is actually going to your blog,analytics and figuring out what are the,top three to five blogs post on your,website right you want to figure out,what are the types of content that are,already performing well this is gonna be,the first step to creating your email,list and making money with your block,you want to identify what type of,content are you creating that your,readers really enjoy so once you have,that three to five list what you want to,do next is come up with something called,a,in gift or lead magnet or opt-in offer,and this is step number two and here,you're gonna look at that specific post,and ask yourself what's the next logical,step that someone would take after,interacting with this content so for,example if I had a post about YouTube,ads I could offer a free excel download,to help them organize their campaigns or,I could give them a five or six step,quick checklist for things they should,look out for before they start their,first YouTube advertising campaign there,are a lot of different types of opt-in,offers that you can make what's most,important whether you do a PDF and Excel,sheet bonus video or even a webinar if,you want to get fancy is that it's hyper,related to that post and the reason you,want it to be hyper related is because,you n'stuff number one you went through,your analytics and you know these posts,are popular these posts get you traffic,these posts are getting you engagement,so let's offer those people who are,already coming to your site for that,post and are already engaging with your,content a logical next step and so in,exchange for this free opt-in offer you,ask for their name and email and now you,can tap into the power of email,marketing and what's so awesome with,email marketing is it's relatively cheap,to set up and it gives you the power to,follow up but I'm getting ahead of,myself here so in step number three what,you're going to do is create a simple,three to five email sequence using,something like MailChimp is free to get,started or if you have a little bit more,of a budget I recommend convert kit for,bloggers and all you have to do is,create that free PDF or excel sheet or a,little bonus video or bonus template and,step number two and then say hey if you,want this go ahead and enter your name,and email and I'll send it to you so,they enter their name and email then you,send it to them and now you have their,email so you can begin to make offers of,whatever you want right so if you want,to test an affiliate product if you want,to try coaching or consulting you want,to offer a physical product now is the,time to offer that because on your blog,you want your blog to be all about you,your content and your reader this makes,sure that when people come to your blog,and new people come to your blog you're,continuously building a brand and it,doesn't really matter what's in your,emails because you're easy you can,easily change out those emails right but,when you're focused on lead generation,with your blog and getting,people to opt-in for their specific,offers you're actually going to get a,really good idea of what kind of offers,work and what kind of offers don't so i,actually recommend in this step with,your first couple of emails is to,promote an affiliate offer and the,reason you want to promote an affiliate,offer is you're just learning you're,testing right and so let's say three or,five emails later two people bought the,affiliate offer and the other 10 people,who opted in didn't okay great well now,we know that only a very small,percentage of those people cared about,that type of offer whereas if you had,made a full on course you put together a,coaching program and two out of twelve,people bought or purchased you know,that's a lot of upfront investment in,something that actually wound up not,working out so well now even though only,two out of the twelve people in our,hypothetical email list bought we have,12 people that we can keep emailing so,step number four you're gonna try,another offer right so you just make one,maybe two offers max per week you,definitely want to make sure that you,drop in some content emails as well just,saying hey I have this new blog or hey I,thought this video was really cool so,just so you're not always sending emails,that only have offers but as you go,through this process you keep following,up over and over again you're gonna find,out which affiliate products work which,affiliate products don't and which,offers on your blog get you the most,conversions and opt-ins and so once,you've gone through this process now in,step number five it's time to make your,own products so you can make an e-book,you can make a course master class some,private training some coaching whatever,you decide to do here what's awesome is,you've gone through this entire process,you know what opt-in offers convert you,know what affiliate offers convert and,now you're just creating your own,version of what's already working in,your funnel right because I work with a,lot of coaching students who've put so,much time and energy into courses and,ebooks that never sell or worse result,in a ton of refunds and bad,relationships with subscribers so that,does it for the five simple steps for,monetizing your blog so just a quick,summary we looked at the top posts on,your blog we created custom opt-in gifts,for those specific posts we did a three,to simple three to five email sequence,where we give them the opt-in offer and,then we make an affiliate offer,and then after that we just send them a,couple emails a week and maybe one out,of three or five emails is another,affiliate offer and after a few weeks or,a few months we get a really good,understanding of what affiliate offers,convert which ones don't and now you can,go ahead and increase your profits even,more by creating an e-book a course or,offering freelancing or consulting,around one of those affiliate offers,that's really converting what's great is,all you do is swap out the link in your,email instead of sending them to an,affiliate offer send them to your own,sales page offering something very,similar or better so thank you so much,for watching I hope you got some value,out of this video if you did go and hit,that like button and subscribe for more,digital marketing tactics and strategies,just like the ones covered in this video,and make sure you check out the,description because there is a full,playlist on how to design opt-in offers,in canva as well as a video to help you,figure out your ideal reader if you're,not quite sure who you should be trying,to sell to so until the next video hit,that like button subscribe and keep,building the business you love

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