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How To Block Facebook Ads on Android/iOS (2021)hello friends in this video i am going,to show you ho

Satyendra Pandey

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Block Facebook Ads on Android/iOS (2021)

hello friends in this video i am going,to show you how you can disable ads on,facebook,app on your android mobile so first of,all open the facebook app,now from the bottom right hand corner,click on the three horizontal lines that,you see,click here now it will open up the menu,now scroll down till the bottom uh till,you see the settings and privacy option,click on it now it will open another set,of options,and you need to click on the second,option that is privacy shortcuts,as you can see click on it,now it i screen will open just like this,one,as you can see the first one or the,first option is privacy,and there are another set of options uh,below it now scroll down and the second,one is the account security,click on the uh third one uh you as you,can see the third one is add preferences,learn how ads work on facebook and how,you use data to make the ads,you see more relevant okay now the under,this one the second option is,your ad preferences you need to click on,it reviewer,add preferences click on it,okay now it will uh open another screen,now you can see your inter shopping,business entrepreneurs,you know it is showing my interest and,it will show your interest,in your facebook app uh you can also see,all your interest now,what we need to do is we need to click,on add settings that you see right here,in the third option is add settings,click on add settings,now there are two three types of ads,that you see on facebook,now these are the ads based on the data,from partners,and ads based on your activity on,facebook company products that you,see elsewhere you can read out the,description,that's how facebook is giving you ads on,your wall,on your facebook wall so what you need,to do is ads based on data from partners,so i simply click on it,now i'm going back now as you can see it,is allowed is written,below it that means they are giving ads,based on the,data from the partners now click on it,now it's also giving so much of details,if you allow us to use data from,partners if you don't allow,simply click on continue at the bottom,of the screen,now as you can see in front of the,allowed it is right now it is enabled,you need to disable this screen now it,is not allowed,to use now now facebook will not use,data from the partners to serve ads,on your facebook wall now click on save,now click on,done okay,okay now i have refreshed it now it's,showing not allowed,now go to the second one that is ads,based on your activity on facebook,company products that you see else here,now it is also allowed,now simply click on it and,see ads based on facebook ad preferences,click on no,and go back and refresh the page,okay now it's coming not allowed once,you click no,now uh the third one is the ads that,include your social actions,click here let me see what are the,options here,uh only my friends click on no one right,go back and refresh it and as you can,see,it is coming in as no one uh now once,you do this setting on your android,mobile,these settings are also applicable to,the facebook,on your laptop or you know pc or in,iphone,as well in iphone app as well so this is,how you can,uh how you will see less ads on facebook,it won't it won't,fully disable the ads but you will see,less,less ads on the facebook app on your,android mobile on your laptop,on your iphone so this is how you can do,it so thank you for watching the video,please like it,and subscribe to my channel for more,tips on facebook,thank you

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How To Lower CPC on Facebook Ads 2023

How To Lower CPC on Facebook Ads 2023

in this video i'll be showing you how to,lower your cost per click when running,facebook ads,and while we'll be talking about,facebook ads these same strategies apply,for almost all online advertising,platforms whether you're running google,ads or youtube ads,or snapchat ads or tick tock ads you can,still apply these same strategies to,lower your cost per click,hey it's connor from instinct education,every month we spend over a hundred,thousand dollars on facebook ads and,we're constantly testing new ways to get,better results so in this video i'll be,breaking down,five ways to lower your cost per click,and make sure you stick around to the,end because i'll also be sharing two,ways,to increase the overall effectiveness,and profitability,of your facebook ads campaign so before,we can talk about how to lower your cost,per click you first need to understand,how your cost per click,is calculated if you don't know that,it's very difficult to understand how we,can get it lower,so most people think that when you run,facebook ads you pay per click,but that's not actually how it works,your cost per click,is calculated based on two other metrics,and so when you go into your facebook ad,dashboard,you might see all these different,numbers and metrics and labels for,things and you might be wondering what,they are,the first thing you want to be aware of,is what's called your cost per,impression,so when you're on facebook ads you're,paying for impressions and an impression,is when your ad is shown on someone's,news feed so the way this looks in your,facebook ad dashboard,is called your cpm your cost per,1000 impressions and so let's say you're,running ads and you have a 10 cpm,cost per thousand impressions that means,that you're paying 10,to get your ad in front of 1000 people,now if,of those 1 000 people one person clicks,on the ad,your cost per click is going to be 10,because you paid 10 to get your ad in,front of 1000 people,and of those 1 000 people one person,clicked,so you're not really paying for a click,you're paying to get your ad in front of,people,and then based on what those people do,will determine,your cost per click let's say again you,spent ten dollars to get your ad in,front of 1000 people,and this time 10 people clicked now your,cost per click will be one dollar,because of those 10 you spent 10 people,clicked,10 divided by 10 is one so that's how,your cost per click,is calculated and ultimately it's the,difference between,the cpm how much you're paying to get,your ad,shown to people and the number of people,that click,on your ad that is how we calculate cost,per click so,if we want to lower the cost per click,there's two things we can do,we can lower what we're paying to get,our ad in front of,other people so that's lowering our cpm,or,we can increase the number of people,that are clicking on our app,so let's say we spend ten dollars to get,our ad in front of 1000 people,instead of getting one person to click,we could do certain things to get,five people to click or ten people to,click and when we do that,we can take our cost per click from ten,dollars a click down to,in this example one dollar click so,let's break down the five ways that you,can do that,so the first way to lower your cost per,click is by reducing what you're paying,per impression and what you pay for each,impression,is typically determined by two things,number one,the size of the audience that you're,targeting and number two the,number of other people that are also,targeting that audience,the way facebook ads work is that it's a,competition and so,every new person running ads is going to,increase what you're paying,so the first way to reduce your cpm and,therefore reduce your cost per click,is by selecting a different audience so,if you're let's say targeting,dogs as an audience people who like dogs,and let's say there are a hundred other,people also targeting,the audience of docs well if you found a,different audience let's say,dog toys people who like dog toys,and that audience maybe there's only 50,people,targeting it well your competition has,just dropped in half,so by doing that you're able to lower,your cpm because there's less,competition and your cpm,your cost per impression is determined,by how many other people,are targeting this keyword the second,way to lower your cpm,is by changing your conversion event so,when you set up facebook ads you can,select what type of conversion event,you want do you want to optimize for,purchases do you want to optimize for,leads do you want to optimize,for add to carts basically when you do,this you're telling facebook that i want,to find the people,who are most likely to take this action,so if you're optimizing for let's say,purchases,facebook's going to show your ad to the,people who are most likely to purchase,the problem is that's who everyone else,is also targeting so there's a lot of,competition and with high competition,we have a high cpm so what we can do is,change the conversion event to let's say,add to cart or leads where there might,be less competition,however understand that when you do that,you may get lower quality,traffic so there's always a trade-off so,this is why looking at your entire ad,account holistically,and not just trying to get your cost per,click as well as possible is a good idea,because just because you're paying less,for a cost per click,it may be from lower quality prospects,or lower quality traffic,and therefore the overall profitability,of your campaign,may actually be negatively affected so,understanding that,is really important so other than,decreasing your cpm,the other way you can decrease your cost,per click is by,increasing the number of people that,click on your ad again if your ad is,shown to 1 000 people and only one,person clicks,you're going to have a high cost per,click if we could increase that from,instead of one person to let's say 10,people,now your cost per click is going to go,down so how do we do that,well there's three ways the first is by,improving your ad,creative and this is the image or video,that goes with your ad,if you create a more engaging creative,then more people will likely click on,your app,the second way is by changing the copy,which is the text,that goes with the ad and this could be,the headline or the body,if we can create better copy write,better ads,more people will likely click the third,thing you can do is improve your,targeting and so an example would be if,you're selling dog toys,but you're targeting people who owns,cats the number of people that are,clicking on the ad is probably going to,be low,so if we can improve the targeting in,this example by targeting people who own,dogs,now the number of people that see your,ad and click is likely going to be,higher,so they're the three ways you can,increase the number of people clicking,on your ad you can improve the creative,which is the video,or image you can improve the copy which,is the headline or the body text,or you can improve the targeting which,means that more people who see your ad,are likely to want what you have to,offer so there are,five ways you can lower your cost per,click you can increase the audience size,and therefore,decrease the competition you can change,the conversion event,you can change the creative which is the,video or the image,you can improve the copy which is the,headline or the body text,and you can improve your targeting now,just because we're lowering the cost per,click it doesn't necessarily mean,your facebook ads are going to be more,effective like i said,if you lower the cost per click but the,wrong people are clicking,then ultimately your campaign isn't,going to be effective and the goal of,running at,any advertising campaign is to make a,profit make a return on investment,so here are two ways that you can,improve the overall effectiveness,of your campaign number one is by,increasing the conversion rates,after someone clicks so if we're just,focusing on the cost per click,we might be missing the next step and,that is what happens after someone,clicks,i would rather pay ten dollars per click,if every single person,that clicked converted rather than pay,one dollar a click,and no one converts so looking at your,complete,funnel your entire sales process from,click,to client or sale is important just,because you're getting cheaper clicks,maybe less of those clicks are,converting and so it's important you,understand the complete picture,and also focus on what happens after,someone clicks,the second way you can make your overall,campaign more effective,is simply by charging more let's say,right now you're spending a hundred,dollars to make a sale,and that sale is worth a hundred dollars,well right now you're breaking even,so yes we can lower the cost per click,we can increase the conversions and that,might get,that hundred dollars spent down but,another thing we could do,is just increase our price point,increase what we're charging,improve our offer add more value and now,instead of being worth let's say a,hundred dollars maybe we could make it,worth a thousand dollars,and so we still pay a hundred dollars to,make that sale but now we're not making,a sale of 100,we're making a sale of a thousand,dollars and our ads just went from,breaking even,to now being uh 10 times return on,investment,10 times return on investment so,understanding those two things is,important and not getting too,laser focused on just looking at the,cost per click and the metrics,understanding the complete picture,holistically and looking at the,aggregate,of what happens with your entire,business when you're running ads,so that's a complete walkthrough on how,to lower your cost per click when,running facebook ads if you found value,in this let me know,if you have specific questions leave,them in the comments and i'll do my best,to answer them,thanks for watching i'll see you next,time,you

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