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What To MEASURE With Your Facebook Ads (Super Simple) hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in t

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 08,2023

What To MEASURE With Your Facebook Ads (Super Simple)

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What To MEASURE With Your Facebook Ads (Super Simple)

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to show you,what to measure with your facebook ads,what danger should you look at should,you track and should you use to assess,performance and then make the proper,adjustments to improve performance going,forward that's one uncovered in this,video before i do you just want to very,quickly ask you to smash that like,button and of course subscribe to my,channel if you are new and haven't done,so already so i've got an example,campaign up i'm going to um talk about,this more in a second and actually one,of my work ons for my youtube content,personally is to tighten them up to make,them a little bit shorter i really want,to explain things so often i repeat,myself and go over a few things multiple,times and this can be one of my shortest,videos i've ever created because,90 plus percent of what you measure and,what you use to optimize your facebook,ad campaigns should be one metric and,that's cost per result,this is not groundbreaking but hopefully,it's going to clear up some confusion,and help save you guys a bunch of time,if you are running conversions campaign,which i would hope the majority of you,are we certainly run conversions,campaign most of the time,it then becomes your cost per result,whether that's cost per lead cost per,purchase that really really matters,that's what's going to determine the,success of your campaign that's what's,going to determine the profitability of,your campaign hopefully you know what,you can afford to pay to acquire a lead,or pay to acquire a purchase and then,you benchmark that against your cost per,result but we use it for optimization,decisions not just working out whether,it's profitable or not i get lots of,people asking me how do you know which,ads to turn off which ones to leave on,cost per result how do you know which ad,sets to turn off which ones to to to,leave running cost per result and i'll,give you a very quick example this is a,campaign we ran is a lead magnet,campaign so we're sending people to our,website wanting them to opt in,for a lead magnet join our email address,hence why uh email list hence why the,cost per leads are nice and small,and here we are going to make our,decisions based on cost per result so,you can see for example we have turned,off adset 2 because it's cost per,website lead is 2 pound 34 which is,significantly higher than some of the,other options here you know we've got ad,set four in at two pounds eight and set,six in at one pound fifty nine and set,one in at one pound ninety three and,then of course the warm audience ad set,in at just 14 ph which is not surprising,given um the quality of warm audience,accents,but,it's super it's so easy to get lost in,this other data right you're looking at,impressions and click-through rates,and you can just create a huge amount of,unnecessary work for yourself you can,end up optimizing for things that don't,matter i get loads of comments from,people saying things like,i got this ctr is that good or bad i go,i don't really care what your ctr is,your click-through rate doesn't really,matter your cpm your cost per thousand,impressions doesn't really matter,provided your cost per result when,you're using conversions campaign,objective is what you want it to be and,that's how you go about improving,performance now there are lots of tweaks,you can do on top of that once you've,got that right things like diving diving,deep on ctr and tiny little details and,things like that,but i i'm often encouraging my account,managers people work for my agency,to,not get lost in focusing on the one,percent two percent three percent,improvements in a campaign that a lot of,people do yeah you want to do them where,you can but that's not where your,majority of effort should be,can you create a new offer can you,create a new landing page can you put,new ad creative together can you use a,new hook in your ad copy that gets you a,30 improvement in results 35 improvement,in results and that's what i want people,to focus on,and how do we measure that how do we,come back and see performance how do we,improve things we're always looking,at costs per result as i said this is,not groundbreaking um this is designed,to save you some time this is designed,to cut out a lot of what's unnecessary,which is super important and this is,designed to help clear things up and,help you get better results and it's all,based around cost per result provided,using the best,using a conversion objective and,optimizing for the conversion event that,you really really want that's what you,should focus on almost exclusively okay,hopefully that's been useful before you,go so i'm gonna quickly mention that's a,free webinar i've created called one,facebook ads technique to supercharge,your results in this webinar i break,down what i feel is the single most,important facebook advertising technique,that you want to master if you want the,best routes possible in this video i've,talked about the one metric you should,measure i'm a big fan of of focusing on,the one most important thing and in this,webinar it's the one facebook ads,technique it's completely free links in,the description below would strongly,recommend you go through it about 40 50,minutes long well worth your time um,check it out and i think you'll be glad,that you did if you enjoyed this video,thumbs up subscribe to my channel and,comment below to let me know comment,below questions comment below,with feedback always much appreciated,and i'll talk to you guys soon thanks a,lot bye for now

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