how to market video ads on youtube

Increase Sales with Youtube Ads [Google Ads Video Campaign Set-up Guide for 2023] welcome back to my

Increase Sales with Youtube Ads [Google Ads Video Campaign Set-up Guide for 2023]

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Increase Sales with Youtube Ads [Google Ads Video Campaign Set-up Guide for 2023]

welcome back to my YouTube teaching,series called get Google ready in 2023,and in today's video I'm going to be,taking you through the step-by-step,process and how you can set up your,video campaigns in Google ads which most,people will refer to as YouTube ads but,before I get to the step-by-step process,and showing you how I set up my video,ads campaigns in Google ads and the,strategies that I use for small,campaigns and also large campaigns for,large companies like Suzuki is that for,success with video ads or YouTube ads,you need to make sure that your ads have,these top five core principles and the,reason for that is you you do need to,remember that with video ads if you're,going to see any level success you need,to have high quality video ads and when,I mean high quality video ads I'm not,saying that you need to have super,ridiculous High budgets although you do,need to make sure that you have that,Baseline video and audio quality but,even if you've got got the highest video,quality and the highest audio quality if,your ads don't have these five core,principles you're never going to see,success with your video ads even if,you're using the most advanced and the,correct structure for your campaigns and,the first of these five core principles,is that your video ad needs to have a,strong hook and what I mean by that is,that you need to give the person a,reason to actually watch your ad think,about the user Journey that someone is,having when they're going to be seeing,one of your video ads they're currently,watching another video and they're just,waiting for that six seconds to finish,so that they can skip your ad So within,that first six seconds you need to give,the user a reason for them to watch your,ad and that brings us to a second point,is that within that hook you need to,either build desire or highlight a,problem that the user is currently,facing and then once you've highlighted,that problem or built some desire this,is where it comes to 0.3 in that you,need to introduce your product as the,solution so your product needs to be the,solution that will quench that desire or,will be the solution to the problem that,they are currently facing and then that,brings us to the last two principles,that you need to have in your ad is that,after you've got their attention you've,created the desire or built up the,problem and then you've also introduced,your product as the solution you need to,finally also be able to communicate,trust and also your brand Authority and,then finally give them a really strong,call to action in that you're making it,very clear of not only what you want,them to do but how they can go through,any of that complete that purchase or,fill out your forms so that they can,inquire about your service so very,quickly that's the top five core,principles that you need to include in,all of your video ads just so you can,make sure that you're going to be start,seeing some success and now that you,know those top five things that you need,in each and every one of your video ads,I want to now take you through the,structure that you need to be using for,your YouTube campaigns now I do want to,stress that in this video I'm going to,be going through a very basic structured,campaign setup I do use some more,complicated structures where you're,taking users on a journey or a flow of a,different number of videos which will,introduce all of those Concepts I spoke,about in Greater detail but for this one,I'm very much aiming at people who are,looking at starting their first video,campaign but having said that I will,also stress that this very simple,structure which I'm going to be showing,you I've used on large campaigns like,Suzuki where they are spending up to 30,to 50 000 a month so while it is a,simple structure it is also a highly,effective structure that International,brands are using and let me show you,what that looks like right now for,success with your YouTube campaigns you,need to make sure that you're separating,out your different audiences so in here,we have our campaign so our Google ads,video or YouTube campaign and then from,there I break it out into at least two,different ad groups and what I'm looking,at these ad groups is that this first,one I'm targeting some different,audiences and this could be collections,of YouTube channels for your remarketing,or your interest in Affinity lists so,what this one is this is looking at,targeting larger amounts of YouTube,channels based on their core audiences,or their interests and then this second,ad group is more specific and this can,be the one that you're targeting,specific channels and and what I like,about this strategy is that especially,if you're dealing with Niche where there,might be some really strong Market,influences what you can do is you can,specifically Target those channels so,that you're reaching out to those users,who you know are going to be your core,buying markets for your product or your,service and it can be a much more cost,effective way of rather than reaching,out to that influencer and doing a brand,deal is that you can go through and,specifically Target their users with,core messages the only thing that I,would say about this structure is that,there has been other times where I've,run this as two separate campaigns so I,have one campaign which is more just a,general campaign and where we're,targeting those audiences and channels,by interest and then I have a second,Campaign which is targeting those,specific channels and one of the core,benefits for that is is that you're able,to better control the budgets and the,spending between these two ad groups so,now that we've gone through the overview,of the five core elements that you need,in your ads so that you can see success,with your video ads and then I've also,taken you through a very simple campaign,structure that you can copy and use in,your own video campaigns it now comes to,the time where I'm going to take you,through that step-by-step process and,how you go about and set up a video,campaign now I do want to mention that I,will be going through these steps in,quite a fast process but never fear if,you do miss any of these steps all you,need to do is to follow that link in the,description section below and you can,get a free copy of my video campaign,setup guide and this has got all the,screenshots of the step-by-step process,so that you can easily follow it along,as you go through and set up your very,own video campaign so right now let's,jump into that screen share so when,you're in Google ads you want to go into,your new campaign selection and then,from here you have to choose what is,your campaign objective now I see time,and time again that people will go,through and create a campaign without a,goals guidance and and I have to stress,that is the worst thing that you can do,you want to be making a selection for,either sales or leads and the reason for,this is that a core understanding in,Google ads is that your conversion data,is held at the account level not your,campaign level so what I mean by that is,that by selecting either sales or leads,you're letting Google know that you're,wanting to attract either new sales or,leads and it will build into your,campaign some of the conversion data,which is already at your account so what,you're doing is you're feeding into your,campaign the Baseline learnings that,Google already has about the type of,people who not only interact with your,ads but that they're more likely to go,through and complete a sale so buy your,product or inquire about your service so,if you're an e-commerce brand you would,use sales if you're a service based,industry you would lose leads and in,this case I'm going to go through and,choose leads and then once you've,selected your campaign objective it'll,bring you down to the next option where,you want to go through and choose the,conversion goals now you can go through,and remove any of these that you like so,I'm going to remove this phone call,leads and what I want to stress that if,you remove this it's not removing it,from your account it's just removing it,from this campaign so Google will know,that that is not an action that we're,looking at targeting for this particular,campaign and then once you're happy with,that you then go through and click,continue and then we want to go through,and choose a video campaign type and we,already know that we're looking to drive,conversions now if you had picked sales,it would say that you want to drive,sales then we go through and click,continue and then from there we need to,come through and write your campaign,name now if you've seen any of my,campaign setup tutorials you know that,I'm really big on naming conventions and,what I mean by that is that I want to,give this campaign a name something that,will make it really easy for me to know,what I'm targeting in this campaign I do,need to stress that you can name this,anything because this is only going to,be seen by internal people who have,access to your Google ads account and to,make it simple I'm just going to write,video leads 2023 and then from there we,need to go down and choose our locations,now when it comes to locations you have,a couple of options you can obviously,choose all countries and territories or,the country that you're located in or,you can go through this third option and,enter in specific locations now I've got,in here Australia New Zealand and the,United States because they're the three,countries that I want to Target for this,campaign but if you want to you can even,Target this down to different cities or,states so you you don't have to do it by,countries so in here we can type in,Brisbane if we wanted to Target it by,that as well and you can even go down to,the postcode or the zip code area once,you're happy with that you then go,through the languages I recommend only,having one language per campaign so,we're going to keep this in English and,then it comes to your big strategy now,if you choose that sales or that leads,campaign objective which I recommend,it'll automatically come down to,maximize conversions and if you chose,sales it would give you a Target roast,option but because we chose leads it's,giving us a Target CPA or a Target cost,per acquisition and at the start I,recommend just starting it on maximize,conversions before you go down to that,Target CPA or Target roast option and,then we want to go through and write our,daily budget amount and now when it,comes down to our budgets this does work,a little bit different to other typix,campaigns and what I mean by that is,that you can either set your budget at a,daily amount or you can set it at a,campaign total so when you're doing the,daily amount and if you don't have have,an end date so if you want this to be an,always on video campaign if you were to,set this at ten dollars this would mean,that your campaign is going to be,spending about 300 a month or if you,want your campaign to run for a specific,period of time so we're saying that we,want to run this through to the end of,January what you can do there is that,you can set a campaign total and saying,that we want to spend two thousand,dollars in that time period or you can,set a total campaign budget amount and,we've got here that we want to spend two,and a half thousand dollars between now,and the end of January and what will,happen there is that Google will then,balance out that budget so that it will,spend two and a half thousand dollars,between now and January you may have,some days where you'll spend three times,the amount of what you did the previous,day and the reason for that is that it,all comes down to Google going through,and automating the bidding to where it,feels that it's going to get the highest,level of conversions in terms of the,length of the campaign while there,aren't any rules I would recommend it,running a video campaign for at least,three to four weeks and the reason for,that is because even though there is,some account level learning that will go,into your account the campaign is still,going to have about a seven to ten day,learning phase so generally with a video,campaign you're not going to be seeing,the best results until that week two,three and four so that's why I'd,recommend running a campaign for at,least three or four weeks but the longer,that you run the campaign the better the,results you're going to be getting and,what Google will do with this campaign,total option is that it'll hold off a,lot of the spending until it's finished,its initial learning and then once it's,finished it's initial learning that's,when it really starts to increase the,spending so that as a campaign total you,can get better results and then from,there if you wanted to you can go,through and choose some of your,different selections and then from there,we need to go down and add in some,different site links now if you've,already got site links in your account,you can add these in straight away now,I'm not going to add these now but I do,highly recommend that you do this and,what a site link is is for a video,campaign it works it's much the same way,as what it would do for a search,campaign in that you write in your site,link text you can add in an extra,description and then you can send people,to a different URL so so let's just say,that I was running this campaign for a,Villa Resort and I had one bedroom Villa,and two bedroom Villas what we could do,is that we could have a site link here,for our one bedroom Villas which if they,clicked on that site link it would take,them through to the one bedroom Villa,landing page same for the two-bedroom,Villa we could use this one to take them,through to the two-bedroom Villa landing,page we could add in another site link,for our Gallery so if people wanted to,see our photos or the fourth one you,could add it in for your testimonials so,if you wanted to help build some,Authority so that people can quickly see,your testimonials if you're running an,e-commerce brand what you could do is,that you could use these site links to,direct people to different products,which are similar or related to the core,product that you're advertising in your,current campaign so as I said highly,recommend that you're adding Insight,links but I won't go through and add,them in in this step and once you've,added those in you then go through and,click save and then from here we just,want to go through and write in our ad,group name once again when it comes into,your naming convention you just want to,make it something that is really easy to,understand so I'm just writing again,leads 2023 but as I said you can change,that and it's really just something that,makes sense to you and then you want to,go through and add in those audiences,and what this allows you to do is that,this is giving Google some extra,information on what are the type of,channels that they should be showing,your ads on so the way that you do that,is you click on add an audience you then,go into new audience and you start going,through the steps now I'm going to show,the audience that I've already got in,here so what I have done is that when,you go into your custom segments what,you start to do is you start to go,through and add in some different,keywords so this example I'm showing you,is about my Google ads optimization,checklist so I've written in here things,like how to make money with Google ads,Google ads optimization Google ads,checklist and they're this starting,keywords that I'm using and then from,there we want to go through and add in,our own data so what you can do is you,can go into your browse function and you,start to go through and add in your,different audiences and then from there,we also want to go through and add in,our interest and detailed demographics,now for this one because I'm looking at,targeting people who are new into Google,ads we're very much targeted on,businesses and starting a business soon,business loans small business management,courses and things similar to that so to,add those what you do is just click in,here Google will give you some,suggestions but if you wanted to you,could also do a search,and you can see Google has given me some,other suggestions which I'm going to add,in here now what you can also do is that,if you wanted to add in some exclusion,so let's just say you wanted to Target,people who had not seen your products,before what you can do is you could go,through and you could actually Target,people who had been to your website,before so I'm not going to do that now,but that's just letting you know that,that is an option that you do have and,then from there you can make some,selections that if you want to limit the,ages so I'm looking at targeting people,between 25 to 54. you can also go,through and add in some extra filtering,by their parental status or household,income and when you're happy with those,options you then go through and click,save so I showed you the process of how,I edited my current audience but that's,also the same steps that you would use,if this is your first campaign now for,this optimized targeting I do select,this on and what this is doing is this,is giving Google permission to go out,into different audiences which are,beyond the selections which you have,used now if you're setting up that,second type of AD group that I use where,your tag adding specific channels or,specific audiences you would select this,off so by selecting this used optimized,targeting what you're doing is that,you're just saying to Google that just,use all this information that you've,given them in the audience as a bit of a,guide but Google will go beyond those,selections versus if you don't select,this what this actually means is that,Google will only be specifically,targeting those audiences that you've,included in this audience segment up,here but because this is more of just a,general Outreach campaign I am going to,include this and then from there it,comes to the tie where we need to go,through and start creating our video ads,now the big thing that I do want to,stress with video ads is that you need,to have your video already uploaded into,YouTube so what you need to do is you,need to get your YouTube share link and,you just copy it in here what I do want,to stress is that this doesn't need to,be a public video this can be an,unlisted video so that people can only,see it when they've got the link so it,doesn't need to be one of the core,videos on your Channel Channel and then,from there we want to put in the URL,that we want them to go through and then,we just go through and start building,out our ad now with the call to action,so what I've gone through and done now,is that I've gone through and added in,my display URL extension I've added in,my call to action my headline and also,my descriptions and my long headlines,and you can see through here this is the,preview of my ad and when we're happy,with that all we need to do is we just,need to go down and give this ad a name,and I'm just going to call this,checklist because this is about,advertising my checklist and then from,there we just need to go through and,click create campaign and then you get,this happy screen which says,congratulations your campaign is ready,and that's the simple step-by-step,process that you need to use to set up,your video ads campaign in Google and,remember if you missed any of those,steps or you would like to get your free,copy of my Google ads video campaign,setup guide all you need to do is to,follow that link in the description,below thank you for joining me again my,name is Aaron Young from Define Digital,Academy and I me fifteen thousand hour,Google ads master and remember if you,want to stay up to date every time I,release a new video make sure that you,don't need to subscribe but you also,turn on that notification Bell so that,you never miss a new video and remember,that this video is just one of the,videos in my new 10-part teaching series,called get Google ready in 2023 and if,you'd like to go through and watch all,of the current videos that we have live,all you need to do is to go through and,follow this link right here thank you,again see you next time

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