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Facebook Lead Generation For HVAC | How We Generate $23 Leads Using Facebook Adswhat's going on guys

Chevie Publicover

Updated on Jan 23,2023

Facebook Lead Generation For HVAC | How We Generate $23 Leads Using Facebook Ads

what's going on guys chevy back here,again in today's video i'm gonna be,going over,exactly what i did to get my new hvac,client,23 leads with facebook let's jump right,into it,hi there my name is chevy and i do,online marketing and lead generation for,home,service businesses what does that mean,basically i'd use facebook ads,google ads and seo to generate leads for,businesses to help them grow their,business,and then i take that information and i,share it here online on my youtube,channel now this video is about,facebook ads for hvac companies but if,you're,any other local service business or home,service business,this video will be very helpful for you,as well for those of you that don't,know me i started off as a marketing,manager,in-house for a local company here in,calgary canada,basically i took over from the previous,marketing agency that they were using,and i brought all of their marketing,in-house in the three years i spent,working,for this company i actually helped them,grow from about eight employees to just,under,40 right now i've helped them get to,number one rankings for lots of,different google searches in their area,a lot of competitive ones,and just last year we were named one of,canada's fastest growing companies by,,since then i've expanded out to help,other local companies get,killer results with their online,advertising all of that's best for,another video so for right now let's,jump into the nitty gritty of facebook,ads for,hvac as i'm sure you've heard facebook,ads are all the rage these days,and for good reason facebook ads can,generate pretty good quality leads for a,pretty fair price,we just set up a new campaign for a,client and with little to no,optimization we were getting 23 dollar,leads for their business these leads,weren't just anything this was name,email phone number for heat pump,replacements,some of the days in the first month of,running this campaign we were getting,leads as cheap as,five dollars now this is pretty,impressive considering,housecall pro a leading crm for home,services and hvac companies,says that the average cost per lead for,hvac sits at around 122,dollars now facebook ads do have some,limitations,from our experience they work better for,maintenance calls so annual tune-ups,as well as replacement leads and the,reason for this is because,facebook is more of a pattern interrupt,platform and what i mean by this is that,if someone's hvac system whether that's,their,air air conditioner or their furnace or,their heat pump if that's broken down,they're not typically going to go to,facebook to start scrolling through,their feed,to see what people are up to depending,on where you're at in the climate if,it's really hot or really cold that,person's going to lean toward,a search engine like google and they're,going to start searching out,uh companies near them you know hvac,companies near them furnace repair etc,etc this is why it's good to pair,google ads or an seo strategy with your,facebook ads okay so how do we get cheap,leads for this client,what was the targeting what did the ads,look like and why did they perform,so well what i'll do is i'll walk you,through our process and i'll answer all,of these questions along the way,first step was determining what was the,ad's purpose in this case we wanted to,generate more leads for heat pump,replacements,next came what i believe is the most,important part this is your offer and i,honestly believe,it's what makes or breaks your facebook,ads you want to make this ad catchy for,them and,give them some sort of reason to fill,out a form if your ads just your company,name and nothing else,that gives no incentive for someone to,do something no incentive for them to,fill out a form,and no urgency for them to contact your,business what you want to do is create a,compelling offer,in this case our client had a provincial,rebate so an energy rebate,of 400 so we use this as their offer in,their ad,now you can use other things like,financing,or you can either highlight your,warranty or anything else unique to your,company,all of those things work really well,next we gathered some assets like logos,images of the company and images of the,product and we combined all of these,assets using a tool,like canva if you haven't heard of canva,canva is this awesome tool for making,graphic designs,you really don't need much skill to use,it it has tons of templates,you can select the type of graphic,design you want to make,whether that's a brochure or a facebook,ad it'll pre-populate the correct,dimensions for you,it gives you all these elements that you,can use to choose from and all these,different templates,it's a really really slick tool and it's,free,in this case we use the free version,there's also a paid version that has,some,more advanced features like better,stickers and better things that you can,use in your ads uh,it also has a cool tool like being able,to remove the background of an image if,you don't know how to do that with an,adobe program so it's a really awesome,and free tool that you can use to create,your ads in this case we just use the,free version but i put a link down below,for you to check it out if you're,interested,okay so we used canva to create a few,different ad creatives,and basically we're going to bring these,over into facebook all you have to do,with canva is just go up to the top,right,click download and you have your graphic,you can download it in a png,jpeg whatever it is it works really,really well now let's jump onto facebook,what we're using here is what are called,facebook lead ads,these are basically contact forms,directly on facebook,that allow you to collect a user's name,email phone number and whatever other,information that you want,without ever having to send them to your,website this is really great if you have,a rough looking,website or an outdated website and,you're not sure of whether or not that,website can convert that user you don't,even have to send them there,you can collect that lead directly on,facebook okay so let's set up the,campaign in our ads manager,we're going to choose lead ads as the,objective here and we're going to name,it whatever our campaign is going to be,and we're going to start choosing the,options for our ad set,in this case with the targeting we,started very broad,making some assumptions about the ages,of homeowners which was,in this case you know usually somewhere,between 27 and 65,and we didn't further target any other,interest categories we also included all,the locations that this company served,next we got into customizing the actual,app,we took our ad copy that we made that,includes the offer and some other great,bullet points about the company and we,stuck them all into the ad now facebook,asks if you want to,create um different sizes of your ad,creatives for the different placements,that they have like stories,or news feeds but in this case i just,took the standard you know,1080 by 1080 ad and we just used it for,all placements here we're going to,create,our contact form so this is what happens,after they click on the ad,so this is where you start to ask people,for that contact information facebook's,really great because name and email,typically pre-populate based on the name,and email that they use for their,facebook profile,so it's it's removed the friction for,that customer even more,i recommend starting with as little,questions as possible name email phone,number and if you find that the lead,quality is not so great down the road,you can add an extra qualifying question,in there and that's it that's all it,took,after we had all that done we basically,hit publish and away we went we took a,couple different ad creatives,a couple different headlines we saw how,they worked against each other,and that was really all we did for the,first month of leads and basically we,generated,around 40 leads just under 40 leads at,about 23,elite now if you want to take this,another step further and you want to get,these leads emailed to you,or it to you you can definitely do that,by using a tool like zapier,zapier is just another online tool that,allows you to connect your facebook ads,to other platforms,so when actions happen on facebook like,leads you can send those leads over to,your crm,or over to your office staff or whoever,needs to get those leads i'll provide a,link down below,as well on another good video from,another channel on how to set up that,zapier integration,so now you might be wondering okay,you've set up ads you've tried this,exact approach,why are your ads not performing as well,as these ads now from my experience it's,going to depend on how competitive your,service area is,in this case this client was serving a,relatively smaller audience of a few,hundred thousand,it was you know not as populated of an,area like a,let's say texas or california so it was,quite low competition,and although these leads were incredibly,cheap we actually used the same,leads and the same added almost the same,offer with another client,in a different area and those leads came,in about two or three times more,expensive,so the biggest rule of thumb is,basically just create lots of variations,try lots of different offers,try different targeting and just test,test test but this is a really good,foundation to get things up and running,and kind of use as your baseline ad if,you just keep trying keep at it keep,watching videos and learn more and more,you'll be a pro in no time generating,tons of cheap leads,and if you have any questions about,anything i covered here today,you can comment them below i try my best,to respond to every comment,don't forget to subscribe and like this,video if you like the content,and if you have more questions that go,above and beyond comments,feel free to reach out to me directly,and i would be happy to help from that,thank you again for watching and i will,see you next time

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HVAC Marketing Strategies 2022 Using Facebook Ads Create an Ad Basics

HVAC Marketing Strategies 2022 Using Facebook Ads Create an Ad Basics

what is up,everybody my name is hunter and i am,here to make you more money grow and,scale your hvac plumbing construction,business,and get you more leads so,let's pop into the video i'm going to,show you in this video facebook ads,how to,do the ad sets okay,so we did campaign basics you can see,right there,we did add sets basics,now we're gonna get into the nitty,gritty ads okay,so this is,kind of complicated at first but once,you learn facebook,you kind of just get it okay,so we should have set all this up by now,we're gonna click next,okay,next thing's going to be the,advertisement okay,so this is really important uh it's,probably the most important part of this,is the advertise advertisement the other,things we're kind of just set up,this is a,nitty-gritty advertising part,so you'll click your facebook page you,should have already set that up,and your instagram account you should,have one and you'll connect it so you,should have an instagram account already,this one doesn't have an instagram,account for this page but i do on my,other pages,you will,need to create a single image or video,carousel ads are something different,we're not going to get into that,just do a single image or video we're,going to do an image okay images are,basic and they work really great,you're going to click add media,so now you guys get to see all my,pictures,it's kind of funny,but yeah these are all different,pictures for my electronic business but,uh we'll click on this one,okay,so right here,this is how i get new people in my group,and how i help more hvac people so,this ad works really great for me,and what you would do is you would have,a picture,of what you're working on and maybe you,with it,and you wouldn't you don't have to have,any text right here this is just,something i did,you don't actually need the text though,right there,and then everything's good it should it,should just auto,do itself in there click done,okay bam your ads,pretty much good to go as long as you,get a good picture,i like to do the 5-1-1 method but i'll,tell you more about that,primary text okay so put your city in,like mine is hey columbia,that's my city,um,you would be like uh,need your,air conditioner,worked on,we are here to help,oh,and then you would do like a hvac emoji,for right here if you're a plumber,you would do a wrench you'd probably put,a wrench emoji people like the emojis so,really do emojis i'll show you where to,get emojis from hold on,this is a little tip that most people,don't know but emoji copy paste is where,i like to get my emojis from okay,so you just i already have snow i don't,have them saved okay,i will do ice,okay is the ice one gonna pop up no,i think it's actually a snowflake we'll,just do fire okay,you do that emoji,water i don't see it so we'll do plant,no seasons,and there it is snowflake okay,so for hvac specifically you would do,this,and you would do that okay,another piece in there,call or text,888-aaa,for a,just you can put your offers in there or,just say call or text a8,and then you could do more text right,here,we are here to help we have,been in the business,for 10 plus years,and,can,all of,your heating,and cooling needs,cortex that's that would be a perfect ad,right there okay,this would probably get they just see,the phone number and they'd be like bam,and then for this ad we're just going to,copy the phone number,and put it in the headline okay,bam,put it in the headline they see it in,the text you see it in the headline they,call your phone number,you get leads this is how it works bam,you're off to a good start okay,send message so if they don't call your,phone number,they're gonna click the button,to send you a message,now you can do contact us,get a quote book now just use send,message for since we're doing a,messenger campaign okay,message template uh this gets a little,tricky um just because the message,template is a lot more in depth,so,you can just leave it on whatever it's,set on right now i'll probably cover,that in another video but by this point,you will have your ad fully set up,all your campaigns set up all your ad,sets set up your ads ready to go,and then you would duplicate this ad,four copies we want to make,okay,and you want to do,different pictures for each one of these,so i like to have five pictures when i,start an ad,so this would have a different picture,different picture a different picture,different picture,and you'll just see which picture does,the best okay,so that's how you do it guys i hope you,got some value from this video,and without further ado i will see you,on the next video if you want all the,material all condensed,just join my seven dollar a month,program and all the material,is step by step for you,and it's really easy to take in,and it would definitely uh,get you off to a good start but if you,watch this video you really watched it,fully,you will have your facebook ads set up,so,i will see you in the next video guys,see ya

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