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Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads- Are you finally ready to sta

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads

- Are you finally ready to start running Facebook,and Instagram ads for clients,but aren't sure how to set up the accounts,,billing, and more?,Running ads for clients is a great way,to grow your business.,But there are critical steps that you need to take,to ensure that you're doing it properly.,By the end of this video, you will have what you need,to start running ads for clients.,We'll walk you through Facebook Business Manager,,connecting as a partner,,getting access to your client's ad account, and pixel data.,And make sure you stick around to the end,because I'll show you how to report on your results,to your client, your employer, or your team.,So before we get into the screen share,,I want to give you a little bit of context,about the best way to run ads for clients.,And that is through business manager access.,If your client doesn't have the Business Manager,,they should.,That is the preferred way of running Facebook ads.,Now, there are two ways to get connected,into someone's Business Manager.,The first way is with a personal account,where you're added into their Business Manager,and given employee access.,The second way is through partners.,And that's where they are adding your Business Manager,into their Business Manager,and giving you access to their assets.,And that, in my opinion,,is the preferred way to run ads for clients.,Now, if your client does not have,a Business Manager account, you'll have to get that set up.,And we have some links for you,to help you do that in the description.,There are several reasons why you want to run Facebook,and Instagram ads on your client's ad account,and not your own.,The first reason is because of pixel data.,The client will retain all of the pixel data,and it will not get confused with any other pixel data,that might be on an ad account.,The second reason is because of billing.,There can't be multiple billing methods,on a single ad account.,So the client will have their billing method attached,to their own ad account and be responsible for that.,The third reason is because,if you're running ads for multiple clients on one account,and that account gets shut down,,you're putting all of your clients' ads at risk.,I'm going to show you one way,to connect your Business Manager,to your client's Business Manager.,So, go to,From there, you should see the name of your Business Manager,at the top of the screen.,Scroll down on the left side to Business Info.,Your Business Manager ID is right at the top.,Then you want to copy that Business Manager ID,and send it to your clients,and walk them through these steps.,First, have them go into their Business Manager,in the settings.,Make sure that their Business Manager name,is at the top of the screen.,Then under Users, they're going to click on Partners.,Then they're going to click on the blue add button,and say, give a partner access to your assets.,And then they will type your Business Manager ID,into the Add a New Partner pop-up.,So once they type that in, then click Next.,Now they're going to select the assets,that they need to give you access to,,which includes both their Facebook page,and their Facebook ad account.,So select Pages on the left side,,click on the radio button next to the page,,and then select Create Ads on the right side.,Before you click Save Changes,,make sure you go to the ad accounts on the left side,to also give you access to their ad account.,From there, you will select the ad account,and then select Manage Campaigns on the right side.,Now you'll click Save Changes,and you'll have access into their Business Manager.,One of the common pitfalls is that their page,or their ad account isn't showing in that screen.,If that's the case, they have not added their page,or their ad account into their Business Manager as an asset.,So they first have to do that,in order to give you access to those assets.,And again, the link to that Business Manager tutorial video,is in the description.,You will get an email notification letting you know,that you have been added into their Business Manager.,Now that you have that connection made,,your final step is to give permissions,to the people in your Business Manager,to be able to access that asset.,So you'll go into your Business settings,,select Pages on the left side.,Then you'll find the page that you've been given access to,and select Add People.,A pop-up will appear,and you will give yourself and/or team members,the ability to create ads with that page.,We repeat the process with the ad accounts on the left side,,select the people to manage the campaigns, and click Assign.,So now that you've got the assets assigned,,you can go into your ads manager and use the dropdown menu,to navigate between client accounts.,One common issue is that,the client hasn't named their ad account,,and so you'll just see a long string of numbers.,But if you use the dropdown menu,,you'll always be able to see,the Business Manager name there.,So, now that you're connected and running campaigns,,your clients are going to want to see the results.,An easy way to do this is using a link,in the ads manager reporting area.,In your main ads manager area,,what you're going to do is customize the columns,to show your clients the data that they want to see.,When you've saved that,,you can then go to the Reports drop down menu,and select Share Link.,Copy that link and share the link with your client.,So, click here to learn about how to create great reports,for your clients,,and click here to learn more about the Business Manager.,And congratulations on learning how to run Facebook,and Instagram ads for your clients.

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How to Run Facebook Ads for SMMA Clients in 2022 [Structure Explained]

How to Run Facebook Ads for SMMA Clients in 2022 [Structure Explained]

hi there guys and welcome to a new video,and in this video I'm going to explain,to you guys how you can get access to,your clients ads manager and business,manager so there's a few important,things to note before we actually get,started uh one is your personal profile,your business manager and your ad,accounts okay so these are three,separate things you also have a business,page if you will which we use to run the,ad spot in this scenario it's not,actually relevant or important so we,have your personal profile which is what,you use to log into Facebook so if you,go to and you're logged in,to your Facebook profile that is your,personal profile now if you go to, you'll get your,business manager so your business,manager is what you use to connect to,other business managers or if you run,ads for yourself that is where you find,your ad account which we have here,so each business manager can create up,to five ad accounts,I'll just quickly write them out here,there we go and above,your digital ID is obviously your,personal profile and then below your Biz,match you have your five ad accounts so,this is your own structure very,important to note you do not use your,own ad accounts or your own business,manager to run ads for your clients you,actually get access to their assets,through either polar access with your,business manager or admin access with,your personal profile so this is your,ecosystem like I said attached to this,is also your business page if you want,to run out yourself and then you have,basically let's see if we can quickly,duplicate that over,boom there we go so this is our clients,business manager,so zoom out here,so obviously your client has a patient,profile in which you know they log into,their Facebook Etc and now basically,what we do,is we get access to their assets so what,we can do if we have our own business,manager created which obviously if,you're an agency I recommend you can,then request partner access to their,business manager what will then happen,is they get an invite and they basically,say you know do you want to give this,business manager access to your assets,now the upside to this is that if,anything were to happen to this business,manager you're not attached to it so,let's say this other account goes down,and because of that the business manager,goes down as well this will basically,mean that the ecosystems fall in the,past all you need to do in this,situation is just Cloud ties with that,business manager and nothing happens to,you the downside to all of this is that,when they receive that invite they can,decide what they give you access to in,most situations than not they will not,be familiar with all of this and they,will not give you the exact access that,you need because when you get access to,your client's accounts you need access,to a lot of things you need access to,the ad account to run the ads you need,access to the business page to run the,ads on also access the Instagram page,which is usually connected to that,business page you need to access to the,domain you need to have the building,sets up to that ad accounts and so on,and so forth there are a lot of things,that need access,now,what,now another thing we can do here is,actually get our personal profile to get,access to the business manager as an,admin,the downside to this is that in a,situation where something does happen so,the radical account goes down and the,business manager goes down there's a big,likelihood that your personal profile,will get infected is what they like to,call it but that you will basically have,a xual experience the issues because of,that okay so the most convenient way for,us but the more risky way for us is to,get admin access with your personal,profile the less risky way but the less,convenient way is to get partner access,through the business manager the way I,like to do it is both so what I'll do is,I will give my clients the email that I,log into Facebook with and then I say,add me so add this email address as an,admin to your business manager so I'll,basically go down this road yeah so,admin access to their business manager,what I'll then do because I'm an admin,is I'll give myself I'll request partner,access through my own business manager,and because I'm an admin I will get an,invite you know of their business,manager and then I can give myself,access to everything and then I can call,Taj with my original business manager so,personal profile admin Access First,then I I'm an admin of this business,manager I can then invite my own,business manager and say okay I want to,give this new business manager access to,all of this and the business manager the,business profile and then once this is,done accortize with my personal profile,so that I have access to everything I,need in the most protective way possible,so it wasn't his look like if we go into,division manager so this is I am now the,client's BC right so what the client,needs to do is in their business manager,go to business settings which if they,click on tools here go to business,settings they'll basically get something,that looks like this goes to people on,the left hand side click on users add,user and then fill out the email address,here click on admin access this is the,importance part so admin access click on,next and then they don't even need to,select everything because once you have,admin access you can allocate all those,assets to yourself anyway so then as you,can see here so in this case me Joshua,Daniel George has access to the more,life business manager I've got access to,the pages the ad accounts the catalogs,the apps and the pixels which I can,basically access and allocate myself,access to so once your admin in the,business manager you can click on ADD,assets,and then you can basically just go into,all of the assets and then select the,things that you want access to so this,is only possible when you are an admin,of the business manager so in this case,if I want to accesses the page I can,select the page click on Facebook access,and then save changes in this case I,already had it so not a lot of changes,have been made,so once all of this is done we can go to,partner,add,and then as a client they can give a,partner access to your assets if you,want to do it yourself then you ask a,partner to share their Assets in both,cases we work with a business manager ID,how do we find that on the left hand,side go to business info and then this,is where you can find your business,manager ID so if I want to request,assets from the business manager I need,the business manager ID and vice versa,if they want to give their assets uh to,me so so that I have access to it then,they need my business manager ID okay so,that is how we do it now in terms of,making sure the account is set up,correctly and that you are compliant,with iOS 14 there are a few things that,your clients needs to do number one,again business info we need to make sure,that all the details here are filled out,and that the business verification,status is verified now quick side note,to this it's becoming less and less,important I've noticed and there are,even some newer business managers right,now that don't even have the ability to,verify the business manager now if we,click on view details here as we can see,I am verified in this case you know the,business here is verified and if for you,if you have an older business manager,you'll have a gray button or a blue,button depending on whether or not any,verification status is available for you,but some new business majors only have,the two base the you know the two,bubbles here and no fair bubble so you,can't even verify the business manager,in that case just ignore it and just,move on okay but if you do have all of,this then you need to make sure that you,verify the business manager so that you,your Facebook basically knows okay this,is a real business second thing we need,to do we go to Brand safety and domains,and we need to verify the domain so that,Facebook knows okay this is where we are,sending traffic to it's the legitimate,website and this is basically you know,where the paid traffic from the ads are,going to and it's all complying with,Facebook policies how do we verify the,domain we click on ads and then create a,new domain we add the root domain here,so not, if that makes,sense of course not Google but your,actual Shopify store once we do this,we'll get free options and basically,just walk through the steps it's very,easy just walk through the steps I,usually go for an atxt file in the DNS,settings of the website you do it once,and then it's set and forget so once,you've done it you never have to do it,again unless you of course you get a new,business manager so we need to make sure,that the website is verified that our,business manager is verified and of,course that our personal profile is also,verified as well I do not mean the Blue,Tick I mean that you have uploaded your,passport or ID to Facebook so that you,have a verified identity if you do not,do this then you will get into trouble,Lisa down the line and when I say,trouble I basically mean it's going to,be more and more difficult to keep your,accounts alive to keep your ads up and,running because Facebook keep taking you,down for suspicious activity and then,you'll need to upload your identity,again okay so those three things are,what we need to do and then of course,once we've done all that we can then go,to the events manager so all tools and,then events manager here we can select,the pixel and we can select what events,we want to prioritize so with iOS 14 we,can only have a few events that we want,to prioritize Above All Else,prior to this we could basically use as,many events as possible now post iOS 4C,if someone opts in to track them it's,eight events that we can prioritize if,someone opts out of tracking it's one,event and there's also different,attribution Windows which will not be,getting into on this um in this video,but basically if you go to data sources,you'll have all of your pixels here,so I'll just select the correct pixel in,this case then you go to aggregated,event measurements configure web events,select the domain and this is where we,prioritize the events that we want to,prioritize show fill e-commerce,obviously that is going to be purchased,if you're in the info product or lead,generation space this will probably be,lead or complete registration or,anything like that so once you've set,all of that up you basically have access,to your client's business manager access,to your client's ad accounts and your,client's business manager and AD,accounts or compliance with iOS false,team rules and regulations and your,basically good to go any questions feel,free to pop them in the comments section,below but for now we're going to wrap up,this video here like share comment,subscribe and see you all in the next,video,I know you can't put me down,for me

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