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Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads- Are you finally ready to sta

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads

- Are you finally ready to start running Facebook,and Instagram ads for clients,but aren't sure how to set up the accounts,,billing, and more?,Running ads for clients is a great way,to grow your business.,But there are critical steps that you need to take,to ensure that you're doing it properly.,By the end of this video, you will have what you need,to start running ads for clients.,We'll walk you through Facebook Business Manager,,connecting as a partner,,getting access to your client's ad account, and pixel data.,And make sure you stick around to the end,because I'll show you how to report on your results,to your client, your employer, or your team.,So before we get into the screen share,,I want to give you a little bit of context,about the best way to run ads for clients.,And that is through business manager access.,If your client doesn't have the Business Manager,,they should.,That is the preferred way of running Facebook ads.,Now, there are two ways to get connected,into someone's Business Manager.,The first way is with a personal account,where you're added into their Business Manager,and given employee access.,The second way is through partners.,And that's where they are adding your Business Manager,into their Business Manager,and giving you access to their assets.,And that, in my opinion,,is the preferred way to run ads for clients.,Now, if your client does not have,a Business Manager account, you'll have to get that set up.,And we have some links for you,to help you do that in the description.,There are several reasons why you want to run Facebook,and Instagram ads on your client's ad account,and not your own.,The first reason is because of pixel data.,The client will retain all of the pixel data,and it will not get confused with any other pixel data,that might be on an ad account.,The second reason is because of billing.,There can't be multiple billing methods,on a single ad account.,So the client will have their billing method attached,to their own ad account and be responsible for that.,The third reason is because,if you're running ads for multiple clients on one account,and that account gets shut down,,you're putting all of your clients' ads at risk.,I'm going to show you one way,to connect your Business Manager,to your client's Business Manager.,So, go to,From there, you should see the name of your Business Manager,at the top of the screen.,Scroll down on the left side to Business Info.,Your Business Manager ID is right at the top.,Then you want to copy that Business Manager ID,and send it to your clients,and walk them through these steps.,First, have them go into their Business Manager,in the settings.,Make sure that their Business Manager name,is at the top of the screen.,Then under Users, they're going to click on Partners.,Then they're going to click on the blue add button,and say, give a partner access to your assets.,And then they will type your Business Manager ID,into the Add a New Partner pop-up.,So once they type that in, then click Next.,Now they're going to select the assets,that they need to give you access to,,which includes both their Facebook page,and their Facebook ad account.,So select Pages on the left side,,click on the radio button next to the page,,and then select Create Ads on the right side.,Before you click Save Changes,,make sure you go to the ad accounts on the left side,to also give you access to their ad account.,From there, you will select the ad account,and then select Manage Campaigns on the right side.,Now you'll click Save Changes,and you'll have access into their Business Manager.,One of the common pitfalls is that their page,or their ad account isn't showing in that screen.,If that's the case, they have not added their page,or their ad account into their Business Manager as an asset.,So they first have to do that,in order to give you access to those assets.,And again, the link to that Business Manager tutorial video,is in the description.,You will get an email notification letting you know,that you have been added into their Business Manager.,Now that you have that connection made,,your final step is to give permissions,to the people in your Business Manager,to be able to access that asset.,So you'll go into your Business settings,,select Pages on the left side.,Then you'll find the page that you've been given access to,and select Add People.,A pop-up will appear,and you will give yourself and/or team members,the ability to create ads with that page.,We repeat the process with the ad accounts on the left side,,select the people to manage the campaigns, and click Assign.,So now that you've got the assets assigned,,you can go into your ads manager and use the dropdown menu,to navigate between client accounts.,One common issue is that,the client hasn't named their ad account,,and so you'll just see a long string of numbers.,But if you use the dropdown menu,,you'll always be able to see,the Business Manager name there.,So, now that you're connected and running campaigns,,your clients are going to want to see the results.,An easy way to do this is using a link,in the ads manager reporting area.,In your main ads manager area,,what you're going to do is customize the columns,to show your clients the data that they want to see.,When you've saved that,,you can then go to the Reports drop down menu,and select Share Link.,Copy that link and share the link with your client.,So, click here to learn about how to create great reports,for your clients,,and click here to learn more about the Business Manager.,And congratulations on learning how to run Facebook,and Instagram ads for your clients.

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How I Manage Facebook Ads for Clients (My $3000/month Digital Marketing Service)

How I Manage Facebook Ads for Clients (My $3000/month Digital Marketing Service)

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