how to make money with tiktok ads

$100k/mo on Tiktok ads with Affiliate Marketing Walkthrough hey guys welcome to my discord and in,th

Sam Georgiyev

Updated on Jan 10,2023

$100k/mo on Tiktok ads with Affiliate Marketing Walkthrough

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$100k/mo on Tiktok ads with Affiliate Marketing Walkthrough

hey guys welcome to my discord and in,this video i'm going to show you exactly,how to make money on tick tock ads guys,tick tock ads to be honest is the,easiest way to make money online right,now this is ridiculous and this is guys,it's not drop shipping this is not,e-commerce i don't know if you ever,heard of it but it's affiliate marketing,all you do is set up ads put a link in,there somebody follows the link fills,out a form and you get paid 10 bucks,easiest money you will probably ever,make and that i've made online if you,follow my tutorial this will be like 35,30 minutes 45 minutes if you follow it,step by step literally the next day you,can start making 50 and that's just the,start i literally show this to my,friends how to do it and they are now,making two grand three grand i'm gonna,show you screenshots and how much their,accounts and how much they're making,buckle up strap up there's gonna be a,walkthrough and we're gonna get it right,into it but right before that i wanna,clear some things i know i'm giving out,free information and a lot of people,think oh this is the course this is drop,shipping this is e-commerce this is none,of that i'm literally giving you free,information on how to make money right,before getting into the nitty gritty let,me just show you my buddies that made,money and i literally just showed them,what i'm gonna show you now and they,started making money right away so so,i'm recording this on sunday right as,you can see here this is thursday,never ran ads,like first day made 420 second day made,what 1400 and so today he made 1.3 k,um total he already made 3k guys and he,started thursday so was this thursday,friday saturday sunday in four days he,made 3k in revenue i think about,a thousand dollars of that is profit,somewhere around there like come on bro,four days and he's never ran ads and he,just started so this is another friend,of mine that's been running ads um he,kind of has more experience so you could,see the growth but so he started back in,uh february 18th so he started 30 bucks,right here's the growth and check this,out,bam bam bam bam so right now he made,today he made 4.1 k this is again sunday,um,and i mean march 1st he made 200 so he,went from 200 to 4 grand guys and like i,mean he knew the ads world a little bit,more than the other person but this is,just stupid it's stupid all i could say,here let me show you somebody that i,showed how to run it and he ran it today,okay so here's my other buddy i,literally showed him how to do this,yesterday,um so this is sunday right,let me show you this so all right,saturday he launched the ads,and um,look at this,65,never ran as before it's gonna be split,into seven sections let's hit section,one is first we need to do is create a,tick tock ads account now i'm gonna do,it here,you can speed up this part if you,already know how to do it but i'm gonna,walk through everything because i wanna,show you how easy it is to start making,money online so you just wanna go to,,create an account google search it i'll,post a link in the description so,you want to enter email here,all right now once you're here again,enter some basic information business,name you could kind of enter whatever,you can enter your name you know,again it doesn't matter you could just,do whatever just do other um do your,time zone and then you enter your phone,number,all right now you're going to be here,then ask you some basic information just,be like,running ads for,um,affiliate,um so they're going to want you to do,so you could set up the payment later,i guess you can't so pretty much enter,your,address here,okay agency again this stuff doesn't,really matter all right now when you're,here it's telling you to create an ad,that away but we don't want to do that,we created we want to create a pixel so,on to section two of the video,all right so section two is creating a,pixel what a pixel is it pretty much,tracks when somebody converts,and it tells tik tok hey the person that,clicked this ad converted right you know,submitted the form and so now tick tock,understands you know which ad had a,conversion that way you know which ad,works best so in simplified terms so,we're going to go to assets and then hit,events,and then web events manage,and then create pixel,so this is going to be a little bit more,technical so i want you guys to follow,closely um but again it's still pretty,simple so select tick tock pixel next,um,you want to do manual install code now,we can do you know,sam's pixel,next,next you wanna do standard mode,create,all right,so copying the pixel code we'll get to,this later in another section so right,now we just want to create the pixel,right,so,you know we'll have advanced matching,so verify,you can kind of skip this step so just,honestly just enter something random,again we'll kind of get back to this,step,we'll make more sense down the road so,right now we just want to set up the,pixel and that's what we're here to do,so once it verifies it'll allow you to,skip it,skip verification hit next,you want to do is,click events,okay so you want to do,click events,so here,and so you go here and it says event,type so we want to do is submit form,and then here so i think you,and then save,again we're kind of bypassing the pixel,installation so just proceed it,now on to section three of the video and,this is where we find a creative or an,ad to run now this is kind of the fun,part of the video so tick tock literally,gives you information of which ad does,best so we could literally just copy the,ad and run it for ourselves so,you go down to business,creative center again i'll throw the,link down but you can just go to you,know tick tock uh creative center you,know hit the first link and it'll take,you here hit top ads right so you want,to see the best performing ads,and just hit search right,so and then over here you want to do,such loans so we're going to be running,loan ads because they're currently the,most profitable so i'm going to hit,enter,and so it's pretty much giving me the,top ads in the last seven days,go by 30 days so get a loan for up to,250k,so this is literally people get a loan,of what's working,right so just from experience i know a,video that will work very well is and,something that i've tested is um,this video right so,and um,so this is gonna be a little tricky so,much to follow so i'm using chrome,browser and you're going to kind of have,to use chrome browser as well to do this,but what you're going to want to do is,download this video right tick tock,isn't just letting go download so what,you want to do is,right click and then hit inspect,and then i follow this closely so you're,going to have to go to network,and then in network you're going to want,to go so you might be on all what you,want to do is media so see where my,cursor is media,and play the video once you play the,video you should see another link pop up,here so this is pretty much the video,link,and what i'm going to do is i'm going to,open a new tab,and here it is pretty much just showing,me the video which is what i want and i,do save video as and i just download it,to my desktop,okay we got the video now to part four,is creating the actual app now let's get,straight to it,so we're gonna go to campaigns,now i'd recommend you bookmarking this,because it's kind of tricky sometimes to,get back to this page because they just,kind of make it complicated so i'll,bookmark,this pretty much,you could just do bookmark this page if,you're on a mac,all right now you're going to create the,ad,now we're going to do um custom mode,we're going to always want to do,conversions never all these all those,are trash you always want to conversion,settings,you can name this you know loan ad it's,whatever you want doesn't matter budget,keep these unchecked continue,ad group name we're going to do broad so,and then website on the pixel we're,going to make the pixel that we just,created sam's pixel and the event,remember to create an event is submit,form now it says no activity don't worry,about that,that will resolve itself again keep,watching the video and you understand,um automatic so when you're creating a,tick tock ads you kind of want to leave,as much things like leave it as is,because tick tock,tracks almost everything,and they pretty much know what to do so,you don't necessarily need to tell them,hey only attract these people they kind,of already know how to do that,so you could turn off video download,again it doesn't really matter leave,this off,what you want to do is target people 25,and older because you know that's,typically what,you want to shoot for,interest again we're leaving this open,we're not selecting anything because,tick tock knows,so here you want to do budget of twenty,dollars,and so whenever you set up ads you,always wanna run the next day so i'm,recording this at almost midnight so i'm,gonna,run this,right the next morning which is 13,and then you want to select the time and,do zero zero so you always want to have,the our ad start at,you know midnight or,the beginning of the day that way it,gets to spend the budget throughout all,24 hours,all right so going to keep here so what,we're going to do is cost cap,and cost cap 8. now again this might,sound confusing what i'm doing again i'm,giving you a walk through,just follow this once you run ads start,making money,good to hop in the discord and we'll,kind of talk more we'll do video i'll do,constant weekly calls and kind of,understand how to make money and scale,this but it's honestly very simple,all right now this is the creative part,and,as you know we already got the creative,so this is pretty much they want you so,um,you know you can just honestly enjoy it,enter anything random there custom,identity,you know,so upload,now you just want to upload the video,that we just got right here,upload,write confirm and so here's your ad guys,so we're almost done,right so enter text we could do swipe,left,to,check,eligibility,all right so,all right now so once you're at the url,part this is pretty much where we get an,affiliate link this is a link that,whenever somebody presses and fills out,the form,this link is trackable and they know,that,it's your link that somebody converted,on so you get paid now in order to get,this link we have to sign up for an,affiliate network now this process can,get kind of tedious but again um,just follow me step by step i'm walking,through everything,you shouldn't have to do a lot of,thinking because i'm doing everything,but yeah so just,let's get it going so we're gonna go to, i'll throw the link,in the description this is a network,where we could find this offer so we,want to become an affiliate,and so we want to fill this out right so,this is a form,to apply to affiliate network now this,part,might take so,typically you know it takes a data,response once we're going to fill it out,we might have to wait,a few minutes sorry if you're doing this,during the day you might get an answer,right away if you're doing this later,you know if you're doing this at night,it might take the next day to respond so,you're going to kind of have to pause,the as where you are and pick up where,you left tomorrow once they reply to you,and accept you so,all right you're going to want to put,your name,again email,email again,so legal type this is,email,okay legal tab this is pretty much you,know you'd probably just do individual,because unless you're a company,again you could just do your name,website,again just write something not important,mailing address again what your mailing,address is,country united states,now put your phone number in here,referral now here you want to type in um,saw,so i'm affiliate affiliated with this,network so they know who i am so i just,do saw sam's ad,sam's video,on how to run tick tock,ads,you want to run,your link,pretty much that's it,terms and condition agree and submit,application so,once they review it they'll pretty much,accept you you should get an email that,they've accepted you and will pick up,from there once you're approved they'll,send you a link in the email you'll open,the link,and here you'll generate the password,you know you could put in whatever you,want all right so once you use your,password hit activate,and then pretty much log in,with your password,i agree now the net network will,probably contact you they'll get your,email they'll get your,skype account and this is where you'll,have to communicate with the network,pretty much they're like hey you know,you should run this ad this will make,you you should run this offer this,affiliate link so pretty much there's,gonna be connection with transparent,with transparent affiliate which is,called the network but anyways again,again you can follow more details and,i'll make more videos once you join the,discord channel in order to join the,discord channel we'll have a 30-day,trial for anybody,that um,starts running ads and makes more than,50 dollars it's just a,pre-qualifications for people that are,actually serious about this business,then you have a 30-day trial in our,discord channel where you'll get all,this stuff for free you'll get to jump,on a one-on-one call with me and i'll,kind of give you more details,and,yeah so once you go here you can go to,offers and then this is the offer you,want to run loan tick-tock ads pretty,much you make 10 bucks,if somebody converts on here and on tick,tock you're gonna get like three five,six seven eight dollar conversion so you,can make like three dollars two dollars,five dollars per conversion depends how,good your ads are,and yeah and that's pretty much it so,we go to tracking links,and you want to grab this link right,here so this is link is,specific to,you the person that's running this so,you can grab this link,and wherever we left off on the ad we,will paste this link here,and let me just fix that real quick,there you go,so we'll paste this link now anybody,that presses this ad will go to this,link right and then you can see what,this link is pretty much if you fill out,the form,it will at the end of the form,you get paid whenever they fill it out,so,once you're done with this part,you um submit your ads,all right so now once you've created,your ad now we're going to edit it,and so right now you only set now again,this is what kind of budget you're,comfortable with,um,now the chances of you make now,obviously there's no guarantee that,you'll make your money back but the,chance that you will make money and more,is very high so,what you want to do is um,pretty much copy these and make three,three,um ad groups right so you can go,campaigns ad groups,now you know if you're not comfortable,spending you know we're gonna have a,spend of eighty dollars if you're not,comfortable with that don't do that just,run with one ad group but we're gonna,make more because that's how we get,faster results right,now you know once you're here,everything's already preset,and the only thing you want to do is,change the date remember we want to,start at midnight the next day that's,always the goal,okay,um,so we so see there's a there's a lowest,cost and cost cup we're going to want to,do is,do lowest cost and then hit next,all right now this is again preloaded,from your last so all you can just do is,submit,okay now again these are all broad,targeting,because again tick tock is smart,understand so what you're going to have,is going to have one cost cap so six,dollars and these are all lowest costs,so pretty much there's no bid system so,what the bid system is is pretty much,says hey don't get conversions under six,dollars but since your ad account is,fresh and the pixel isn't learned you,don't want to put a cap yet because they,don't know how much your conversion cost,so you do lowest costs on the rest of,them right,so your accounts under review is going,to take a couple hours,we're going to review and then approve,your ads so pretty much,you've uh set up your ads and they're,running however now we want to set up,the pixels how we left off now this part,is gonna be a little bit technical,follow along,um so,so when somebody's gonna convert you're,going to get here on the dashboard that,you may transparently it's like hey you,got one conversion and you made you know,x amount of money,um so i think it's ten dollars per,conversion specifically on what we're,going to be running,um and so what you want to say is from,this website you want to tell tik tok,hey there's a conversion and pretty much,how we're going to set up is go under,company,and then go to integrations,tick tock integration ad,name um,sam's,pixel and then it says access token over,here now we're gonna go back to their,tick tock ads manager go to asset,events and then manage web events,and then over here we're going to do,sam's pixel the one that we made in the,beginning remember i said we're going to,continue off so,we're going to want to go to settings,generate access token,copy that token,throw it in here,save,all right now we're going to go to post,back,add a post back,you want to do conversions,do global and then do tick-tock,so this is pretty much samus pixel the,pixel that we just added pixel code is,pretty much this id,you copy that,throw it in here,and then event we're going to do submit,form,so we're going to add it,and there you go so now whenever,conversion happens on,on the actual form it's going to shoot a,conversion here and then the conversion,will come to tick-tock and you're going,to see which ad converted,so guys that's pretty much it you're set,to run now guys keep an eye on this,because you are spending money on,tick-tock ads remember if you're not,keeping an eye on it you can start,losing money so just a disclaimer there,now keep an eye on it right it's not,just a sudden play once you set these,ads up you have to,keep a look at them so here's the thing,once you set up ads you're going to,probably make a couple conversions once,you do that,i want you to reach out to me on my,discord channel,we'll you'll join the premium group,and pretty much that's where we can,discuss strategies how to make more,money and pretty much i'll make more,videos and i'll literally be there and,guide you to the step step of it all but,for now this is pretty much the,walkthrough ends if you have any,questions throw it on the discord,channel we're gonna have a discord,channel specifically for questions about,this video ask anything i'm here to help,you,and i'm here for you to succeed and,start making money on tick tock

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