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How To Make Money Online With Google Ads in 2023 (For Beginners) hey guys mick facil here and in thi

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 06,2023

How To Make Money Online With Google Ads in 2023 (For Beginners)

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How To Make Money Online With Google Ads in 2023 (For Beginners)

hey guys mick facil here and in this,video we're talking about how to make,money online with google ads and have,beginners learning a hundred to seven,hundred dollars a day with no experience,more that after than show,hey guys how's it going mike fasil here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where it's the fastest and easiest way,to make money online sign up for in the,link below we literally have a 62 year,old woman go from zero to 160 grand,profit in 90 days check it out now okay,so i'm here in my google ads account as,you can see multiple ads and multiple,audiences and whatnot that we have right,here with all the data and with this we,were starting to start you know,consistently bringing in sales with,google ads as you can see right here you,know we're averaging about like 400 on,the low end to 2500 on the higher end,and in the past seven days we've netted,11 grand from the sales and in the past,30 days we've netted after refunds about,like 34 grand per sale so you're,probably wondering okay what were the,steps behind this how can i actually get,started if i have a product or if i,don't have a product so the first step,is focusing on what product that you're,selling you know for me i was i went to,affiliate marketing route so my product,is literally with clickbank right it,links up with google ads and you can go,ahead and promote products that you,don't have to create yourself if you,already have your existing business then,you just connect that with google as,well but the number one thing is it all,stems on how good your product is if,your product isn't good it cannot scale,so what i like doing is finding proven,offers and products now before i,actually started spending money with,google ads i then needed to go to step,number two and i needed to find a,product in market fit now for most,people that are doing google ads are,like okay well you know that's great but,i don't have any money for google ads,the problem with google ads is it's more,for like intermediate and advanced,marketers but if you're a beginner just,getting started how can you leverage and,finally make money with google ads if,you don't have any money whatsoever,because for example clickbank and google,ads you have to be unprofitable for like,two to three months before you start,getting profitable okay that's the,downside with google ads like okay you,actually have to pay to play and most,people get weeded out of the competition,because they just don't have the deep,pockets so what i did to be a little bit,more safer and not spend all the money,that i got and start google ads right,away is i was like you know what what if,i just start making videos about the,products that i was already saying so,that i can find out which topics are the,ones that are actually creating the,sales so for example for this specific,product what i did,for example say it's like an affiliate,marketing product right i started making,videos about all these other videos um,similar to keywords about like network,marketing,about affiliate marketing about shopify,about you know amazon it was about,amazon fba about kindle and i was like,okay i'm gonna do,the ad style but like in content i'm,just gonna post it up on youtube and see,which one will actually bring me a sale,i then you know looked and was careful,at the sales that were coming in every,single day and i asked myself okay which,angle in which audience was able to,bring the sale in because that does one,of two things number one it helps me,build up cash flow to then invest in ads,and number two it saves me money because,ads and youtube videos are essentially,the same thing okay your ads play on,youtube videos but if you could find a,way to make your youtube videos and your,ads rank on youtube it's free money guys,so that's really what i did i started,making a bunch of videos and all these,things that are popping up about robert,kiyosaki about network marketing about,everything and anything imaginable and i,literally just started recommending,people to you know this product and as,you can see you know like i started,podcasting with people i started doing,all these things talking about law of,attraction anything imaginable i was,like okay if i for example make a law of,attraction,video and let's say i post this up right,this video,you know this one i'm like okay let me,go say this and then in the beginning,i'll say okay guys if you want this,check the link out below say the piece,of content and then i think i'm like,okay guys if you want more check the,link below right,if i did not get a sale from that video,i'd be like okay law of attraction isn't,really good i did the exact same thing,for example with jump rope i'm like okay,maybe people that are into fitness want,this product right and look at this 700,000 views you would think that this made,me sales it did not right the problem,with you know when you just get started,with google ads if you spend money on,something and it's giving you leads and,metrics and whatnot if they're not,buying it does not matter how much,people see it here nearly a million,people saw this video yet no one bought,my product right so i was like okay,maybe i shouldn't focus on the health,and fitness niche for this specific,product i saved myself a lot of money,because for this you know i'd have to,spend like a couple like tens of,thousands of dollars to get this much,views right so getting a proof of,concept of what angles and audiences are,already working is really really crucial,because then you could take the money,that you're making and invest it,actually into the ads which is what i,did right and not only that but you,could see that when you start making,videos about it you can see in the past,90 days,people also put ads on your videos and,you're able to diversify your risk by,getting paid by from other people that,are also you know publishing or like,like doing ads you can see just from,that you know in the past 90 days it,started growing from literally nothing,to the point where it now is able to,allow me to forward to actually be a,little bit more aggressive on ads,because now i'm getting an extra stream,of income the thing about ads and ads in,general you know like i remember back in,the day i was uh you know running,advertising for the first time it's very,scary because it's very weird spending 5,or 10 or 20 or 30 a day and not,understanding how the advertising,platform works you know you're,essentially just like burning a lot of,money in that time and especially if,you're not used to it it's it's very,weird on your brain what really helps is,if you find a way to cash flow from your,product and service organically so that,the money from that you could take a,percentage of that and be like okay this,is what is i'm able to spend on ads so,if i lose it it's fine because i'm,making money elsewhere for free right so,that's really what i did i made money,for free,you know with the actual product itself,you know you can see that it's like a,lot lower here because i wasn't running,as much ads and then when i started,treating it seriously you know it,started averaging now consistently about,like two thousand five hundred three,thousand dollars a day right and then of,course the low end it's like 1400 then,there's a 400 one there and then it's,like up and down right but the thing is,because i do not have the stress of like,oh my god what if i run out of money i'm,able to go ahead and reinvest it the,second step that you need to do is,invest in email marketing because yeah,you can get the leads,from you know ads themselves but if you,don't have a follow-up sequence you know,you're literally leaving money on the,table now as you can see from here we're,getting about like 100 to 200 emails a,day and a lot of cancellations because,if no one clicks on the link with me on,my emails i just immediately remove them,because i don't have time for people,that don't open or click on emails right,so i remove a lot of people every single,day because i just want to keep a really,good core group of people on my email,list to promote other offers and,services to you right but as you can see,in the emails that come in i have all,these like things that are automatic,emails that literally get sent out,automatically for like 14 days right,like as you can see there's like 14 days,worth of emails for just like this thing,alone which that means if people don't,buy the first like time upfront i have,more chances to close the deal and what,most people don't understand is people,are like oh my god google ads is how i'm,going to make much money no it's not,it's how you attract people into your,sales process and you building a,relationship with the people that are in,your sales process,is what allows you to make the money,once you understand and set that all up,you then need to focus on what your,competitors are currently doing right,now because guess what you don't have to,reinvent the wheel you know google ads,you could do it you know from search or,you know in gmail or in all those things,that you see different ads on the way,that i like using google ads is from,youtube ads so what i want to do is i'm,like okay what are my competitors what,ads are already working for them how can,i find it and as you can see here are,multiple ones of my competitors that,like have a bunch of ads and you're,probably wondering well mike how do you,find their ads whenever you see an ad,all you literally got to do is right,click do stats for nerds,and see this thing right here,not the entire thing but just this thing,right here from f to g you literally put,that,in the end of a youtube video after the,equal sign you know and that's exactly,how i found these whenever an ad comes,up i just type in right click stats for,nerds i grab this link right here and,just like that you know i put it in like,right there and then you know i got,their video and just like that look at,this 1.5 million views that they paid,for,you know 15 million views 100 000 views,300 000 views so at this point i asked,myself okay what made these really,really well uh for this case let's look,at this because this had the most views,15 million views i'll literally play it,and find out what made this really work,really well you can see that he has a,watch now on the left watch now on the,top right,wait here's a hundred thousand dollars,so that's you know the attention getter,i can give you this hundred grand or i,could teach you just like that it,already invokes curiosity,and as you can see i can literally break,down what is working,for him a little bit of screenshots and,just reverse engineer my marketing from,that because the thing about marketing,is you don't have to reinvent the wheel,you just see what's already working and,you just model that you don't copy it,directly you model okay this is the,angle that they're choosing if i just,pivot my attraction mechanism in my ad,to talk to that desired audience member,better then i could actually make more,money with that and that is the secret,with making money online with google ads,and if you don't want to do this for,yourself what you can actually do is,do this for other people you know for,example i hired an agency to run and,manage my ads i paid someone good money,to go ahead and do this for me this is,also very very good because then you can,get paid while you're on the job,learning which is why i would definitely,recommend it if you want to make money,with google ads sometimes it's best to,work with clients before creating your,own product and you're offering your,service i did it a weird way because i,was like you know what i just want to,find a product on clickbank and do the,selling that way um that way you know i,can make money and i don't have to deal,with clients but of course if you want a,fast and easy way to make money online,with this check out the free workshop,below because it's the fastest and,easiest way to make money online i'm,talking about a 62 year old woman go,from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days,check out the link below as well as,check out my podcast of all these,multi-millionaires that make a bunch of,money online checking it out now with,obviously love you guys i'll see you,guys later

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