how to make money from facebook ads

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads For Beginners (In 2023)yo guys in this video we're going to,talk

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads For Beginners (In 2023)

yo guys in this video we're going to,talk about how to make money with,facebook ads 100 to 700 a day more than,after the intro,all right guys check this out literally,for today we literally have,about 3 000,in commissions and the craziest thing,right now as you can see from my,homeless looking list because i've been,like professionally homeless the past,couple of months we are here in this,hotel with the really cool spot spa a,spiral staircase,and uh right now with just one of our,traffic sources with facebook ads as you,can see it is doing pretty well you can,see that right now in the us,we made this at about like 2 a.m,easternish time and like the screen is,like super dirty but you could see,exactly how this is working and that's,the beauty about like for example,facebook ads because of the fact that,you know you could literally get your,product or service in front of the,people that actually want to buy your,product or service does that make sense,let me take a second before,this focuses a little bit there you go,so this is exactly why you know i'm,asking this because several years ago my,homie over there,lily went and started like a co-working,business right and he he opened up this,like cool epic thing where like all,these people that make money online and,uh do digital nomad stuff like for,example co-work because everyone that,travels and makes money super super,super lonely um and it's like a good,sense of community i mean i went to a,lot of co-working spaces in bali in,thailand and poland all these places,so he was gonna go ahead and for example,you know do that right and he was gonna,go and do instagram ads and facebook ads,now one of the problems that most,business owners have when they first get,started,with,facebook ads and instagram ads and all,these things like no matter what you,need it for,is they don't know two specific things,and if you understand these two specific,things then whatever it is whatever,product or service that you're selling,you want to get clients or maybe you,want to just get a bunch of likes so,that you know your dating profiles are,better right you need to understand,these two questions and if you do that,you would be able to go ahead and make,money effortlessly with facebook ads,okay so literally hear this write this,down because what i'm about to share,with you can allow you to then start,attracting customers and clients,online even when you're drinking go,kefir,on the other side of the world that's a,beauty about advertising that's a beauty,about doing things like paid media so,those two questions are number one how,much are you willing to spend to acquire,a customer what do i actually mean by,that so so here,with the ads that are running right now,and you can see at 2 am 2 am we made,about like 1400 right with this one,product,i know with this product i'm willing to,spend anywhere from five hundred dollars,to seven hundred dollars even upwards,sometimes to twelve hundred dollars,to acquire one single customer i know,that,and the reason why i know that is,because i just know my numbers i look at,you know,how many people have bought in the past,couple days and i look at how many times,they buy over and over and over and over,again,so what that actually tells me is one,thing it's known as an ltv,stands for lifetime value here is a very,interesting quick story,yesterday i went to the shop with my boy,yousef who's helping me with like the,branding and helping me look like better,and cooler and less homeless while i'm,traveling um like super super sick you,know uh like at just braining and all,those things,we went to this market where we got one,like goat kefir thing right,and you know it's just like a euro two,euros or went out we got like two,and we drank it and it was really really,really good now if that was the only,kefir that we ever bought,to the person that owned that business,we were only worth two euros because,that's the amount of money that we gave,to them does that make sense right but,because they gave us such good service,and because we really really enjoyed it,we ended up buying,as you can see,from all the things that we have in this,hotel,a bunch,a bunch,literally so much kefir and now we're,literally worth you know,100 euros so,kefir net worth 100 euros to these,people that we're going ahead and making,these kefirs which is by the way really,good for your stomach really good for,you know longevity and whatnot so our,lifetime value,so far in the past two days is a hundred,euros but you know today we literally,tried buying 10 more 20 more because,these are so good and we're just like,drinking these,uh and they didn't have any but if they,did we would have spent you know another,30 euros 40 euros fifty years and before,you know it,in the next 30 days if we stay here and,we don't go you know uh jet setting and,going to other countries because that's,kind of what we're doing right now,then we would be worth 200 euros so once,you understand that,and you understand okay well how much,does it cost to make this okay say 50,euros for all the things that we buy,they would profit maybe 150 euros from,us so once you know that in those 30,days you ask yourself how much you win,you stay,spend on advertising to then get that,customer so if you get 150 euros you,spend 100 bucks,you know that you're gonna get 50 profit,does that make sense so that's how you,know how to outspend your customer,because the person that is willing to,spend the most to acquire their customer,are the ones that end up winning in the,advertising game in the facebook ads,game and all of those things right,now that is the first question what are,you going to spend to acquire customer,the second question you need to ask,yourself is how long are you willing to,wait are you willing to wait a week to,make your money back two weeks three,weeks five weeks six weeks eight weeks,you need to have that time uh just,consciously aware of it because not a,lot of people have money not a lot of,people have raised money from investors,no one has an endless flow of cash flow,and you need to understand your numbers,because the person that has the most,long-term thinking and thinks further,into the future and creates a way that,where they can allow themselves to spend,more to acquire a customer then they,will actually be more patient and more,patient when you start thinking in the,longer grand scheme of things like not,just next week how you're gonna make,money but three months from now six,months from now 12 months from now right,two years from now how can you increase,the value for every single customer,then you will be able to be more patient,and it's those people that have no,competition like right now the reason,why i'm winning the reason why yusuf's,winning the reason why everybody that,travels with us is winning is because we,think in three to five to ten year,increments and this is in all aspects of,our life and health and wealth and love,do you think that i would just naturally,be drinking stuff from a goat that they,fermented like this is weird right like,no,and the reason why i do this is because,i'm thinking in three to five to ten,year increments,for my stomach and my health 10 years,from now same thing in my love life same,thing in my wealth and in my business,and if you could start having that,mindset with facebook ads then you could,truly win in the game of facebook ads,and make money as you can see from the,results but hopefully that helps guys if,you want a faster and easier way to go,ahead and scale online any business or,this brand new opportunity this year,then sign up for this week's free,workshop below check out this video in,this podcast i'll see you guys later,you

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How To Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2023 (For Beginners)

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2023 (For Beginners)

hey guys michael steele here in today's,video we're going to talk about the,multiple ways to make money with,facebook ads this year this is a full,guide and a complete tutorial,more with that after the intro,hey guys how's it going mike fizz here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where it is the fastest and the easiest,way to make money online,but with that being said let's go over,the first step before you actually go,and start making money with facebook ads,you need to find out who all your,competitors are,so it's always a good knowledge to just,get all of their facebook pages up and,ready,and what you want to do once you have,like a list of 10 to 20 of your top,competitors of whatever space you want,to go into,you want to scroll down all the way down,here and see this thing called page,transparency,we want to do is click on see all and,scroll down and then just type in go to,ad library,now what happens is you will now see all,of the ads that they are currently,running right now with facebook ads,so you're probably wondering what do i,need to do now well now,you need to go and create a separate,email be it like,your name facebook ad testing at,,and what you need to do is start logging,in,and seeing all of the different things,that they are currently selling right,now,how are they selling what are their,email marketings like what is their,sales pages like,what is being sold at the back end you,want to go down here,put your email address in you want to go,down here put your email address in,why is this the case well let me put it,this way if they're spending money,on 590 ads they're not idiots okay,they're not going to keep on spending,money if it's not making them money,right so meaning if they're spending,money right now and if i scroll down to,here they've been spending,money on this since november 9 2020.,odds are this funnel or this sales,process,is making them money so if it's making,the money as you can see it's like this,insider,cheat sheet secret black book right and,same thing here,11 steps to make facebook ads at work if,they've been,running it and spending money since,november 2020 do you think,that they're still making money from it,like think about a company's,only goal and focus is to make a profit,so it could pay for the salary,of the employees and the override costs,the only reason why they're spending,money on these ads is because they know,that they're actually making money and,working,right so as an entrepreneur or someone,that wants to make money with facebook,ads,would it make sense to go into a realm,where you have no idea what it is,how to make money with it or how to,actually succeed with this at scale,or would it make sense to model what is,already working,right so that's why you create a special,little email address you log,in you put your email and you see,exactly what emails are sending out,email marketing is huge i would say,facebook ads is maybe 20,the rest of it the 80 is in the sales,process,the emails that you get sent out the,offer that's being present prevented,facebook if anything is is really just,like facebook has done all the hard work,right,if you just give facebook the best,images the best videos and the best,sales process,they will literally find the customer,for you but that's why you got to find,out what's already working for everyone,else's right,and with this it's pretty simple to use,like you could literally take something,like this go to fiverr,and be like hey take a screenshot of,this be like can you make something very,similar to this,you're probably wondering where am i,going to get ideas on facebook ads or,seo secrets and whatnot,well if you go to something like,pinterest and you go to search just type,in,all pins just type in facebook tips,who this sex five simple tips to create,facebook content 13 tips to beat the,facebook algorithm,i would just model what what's already,working right maybe say like,seven tips to beat the facebook,algorithm or something like that model,things that work,if you see a lot of marketing is just,modeling what is already working,the fact that i typed in facebook tips,and this is the first thing that pops up,means that a lot of people enjoy this,content,the fact that these people are using,these bribes or these,lead magnets or these things to get your,email address,odds are it's because it's already,working why reinvent the wheel when you,could model what's already working,like i said you go find a bunch of,things to model off of from pinterest to,get ideas,for you know your cheat sheet that,you're gonna give for the email address,and then you can literally go to fiverr,and they can create it and make it more,beautiful for you for 10 bucks,right now comes time to how to build,like a sales process like this,well it's like pretty simple right like,with the free software below and you can,get access for a free 14-day trial i can,just click on select template,and just like that i have something very,similar to this,right look at that the only difference,is i just got to change it up so you,could change this picture you could,change this image you could even change,the coloring,say you want the entire thing uh purple,you can just go,down type in background i can literally,change,the color to anything that it is that i,want if i want it all black if i want it,red if i don't want this,at all you know i can change this turn,it to a different color right you can,even change the text in the fonts and as,you can see it's starting to look,very similar to this and if you notice i,literally created something very similar,like that all i got to do now,is go to fiverr and be like hey i need,you know the,the cover design right and you just put,it on there and bam,within like five seconds i literally,created something like this you could go,ahead and give me their email address,you could even,ask for their first name if you want i,just gotta click on that change this to,first name enter your first,name you probably won't wondering like,there's a big space on between it well,you can just go in here,make it a little closer and just like,that you're good to go and you could,already get started with this,now that's the first step modeling,exactly what type of bribe or landing,page is working for them,the second step is actually putting,really good ads and creatives,so this year everything is just campaign,budget optimization you really want to,focus on that because facebook,wants to do all the hard work for you,essentially what this is is you give,facebook a bunch of different audiences,maybe five or ten audiences,and facebook will choose which one is,most profitable to spend the money on,right so that's the first step right you,wanna let facebook do all the hard work,right,remember twenty percent is facebook 80,is the sales process that i just showed,you now when you go down here,you want to go pick the objective that,you want people to actually take so do,you want people to purchase do you want,people to give their email address do,you want people to hop on a call,whatever it is that is what you need to,optimize,for because facebook is really good at,finding people,that are just like that so put whatever,conversion that you want,like i said it's either emails it's,either phone calls,or it's either purchases for anything,and then you want to,toggle this over which is dynamic,creative okay,that's one thing that you want to do,right there and as you can see what i,like doing is setting the time,at 12 the following day and then here's,where you put in your audiences,okay you could either put us you could,do the ages right here you could even do,25 plus,if you're selling something more,expensive and then you could put,whatever interest that you want,since these people are doing seo and um,like marketing and whatnot i can,literally come in here and type in,digital marketing,and just like that look at this that's,one,interest right there right digital,marketing and then i would always keep,it at automatic placements and then here,is where you go ahead and put in your,creatives so you got to look at the text,what texts are they writing right,notice how they say they have a bunch of,different variations of these things,right they have multiple images and,whatnot how can you get multiple images,try getting five different images and,try creating at least,three different ad copies like this,right,just model what's already working see,what they're doing except use your own,story use your own words,and then what you want to do is you want,to input those different styles of text,in here you could do multiple options,right because facebook will choose the,best one and then you can also do,multiple headlines,and then here you put multiple different,images and the beauty about that,is once you send them to your landing,page which is this which i just created,within literally five seconds,facebook will then convert on whatever,headline or picture or image will,convert the best same way with how,they're doing it for this guy,and the last thing you want to do is,just go back to the ad set level,because this is where your audiences are,hanging out and i'll just duplicate this,another time right because remember the,campaign will literally test multiple,audiences and pick the best one then i,would just go in here and change this to,a different,thing so this one was digital marketing,maybe i'll try online advertising,right and i'll maybe do that three or,five times because what happens is,on the campaign level this is how much,money you're willing to spend on a daily,basis,right on the ad set level this is where,all of your different audiences are,and then on the ads level this is where,you put all the different creatives,facebook's goal is to literally make you,the most money with whatever budget that,you set,but this will only work if you actually,know,exactly how to create a sales process by,modeling what already is working,now the next way you could actually make,money is say you don't want to figure,all this out you're like oh my god,that's too complicated i want to deal,with the entire sales process,you can literally go up to companies,that already have a sales process,and then just run ads for them right,it's pretty simple like you could just,go to yelp and say i want to just do,cryotherapy,and you could see all these people that,are doing cryotherapy,but hey guess what ever since the,lockdown and the pandemic a lot of,people,now don't know how to actually market,online a lot of people now are not,now depending on online sales to,actually,pay for their expensive overhead costs,for their employees or staff their,uh real estate and whatnot so what what,what happens if you just did all of the,things that i just said for your own,thing but instead,you do for this company right you go and,find similar crowd therapy companies,look for their facebook pages see the,ads that they're currently running then,you just go up to them be like hey i'll,literally do this for you,they'll pay you 2 000 a month because,it's worth it to them,because they'll make 10 to 20 000 a,month from your service,and you just do a simple thing like this,you know here's like a simple,cryotherapy landing page that i go ahead,and create,you could literally do this for all the,people that are in your local area for a,bunch of different local businesses,and they will go ahead and pay you two,thousand dollars per month for that,and those are just the fastest ways i,know to make money with facebook ads if,you want an even faster,and easier way make sure you check out,the free workshop below if you want to,learn how to create beautiful sales,pages,get a free trial of this software that i,use as well as the best,email marketing software that i go ahead,and use also don't forget to check out,my podcast where i interview a bunch of,successful people that make money from,facebook ads,from sales processes from email,marketing check it out in the link below,love you guys hope that helps comment,like and subscribe see you guys later,you

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