how to make id on facebook ads manager

How to Create Facebook Business Manager Account in 2022 || facebook business manager Account create

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to Create Facebook Business Manager Account in 2022 || facebook business manager Account create

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How To Create Ads Account on Facebook Business Manager (2023)

How To Create Ads Account on Facebook Business Manager (2023)

hey everyone welcome into this new video,in this tutorial I'm going to be showing,you really really quick how we can,create an ad account really really,simple and of course since it's really,easy to do this we're going to have some,time extra time so we can actually,create our first ad with our first uh,profile if we our first ad account so,let's jump right into it alright so,first of all guys what I'm going to be,creating or let's say manage or,administrating is my Facebook page so,what I want to do is to sign into my,Facebook account as viewers really,really normal so what I want to do is to,go into the home section here into the,home section I want to locate the pages,which is in here I want to choose pages,I want to select my page and I can,switch now so as you can see we'll just,jump a little bit back so I can see this,button that says switch now if you don't,see this button you can always go into,this page and go into the switch to firm,your account into the page that you want,to manage right so now we want to look,for the metal business suit so here what,I want to do is to see the menu I can,show this menu this is the manage page I,want to look for the professional tools,which is actually this one I look for,the murder business suit this would,automatically be sending us into the,better business suit so what I want to,do if you select here all this option,will is, I want to delete,everything and I want to hit into,settings,and I'm going to hit into enter let's,see if it's going to be helping us to,access so as you can see we are now in,here into the business settings this is,an amazing tool they're really really,amazing tool for all the managers for,all the administrators for all the,company to help you to manage your store,your your page your socials absolutely,everything is in here so as you can see,I do have used as people I have Partners,Mt steps and systems users so here into,the people here is myself and here I do,have and Page an ad account a catalog,and a business asset group so if you,want to figure out how to create your ad,account just head into the accounts,section and go into ad account so here,what I want to do is to choose the,option it says add,and I want to use the option that says,create a new ad account as you can see,this option for me appears as it's now,available because I already have an,account created so if I choose this,option I'm going to just need to choose,a name for that and here is an ID so I,can copy that into the clipboard if I,wanted to and it's really really easy to,create an account in ad account so now,that we have another account let's jump,and create our first ad so you can be,saying that this is a really really,complete tutorial for you to start,creating ads from your Facebook page so,now that you have your account I'm going,to click into this account here I have,connected asset you have to be worrying,about this if you choose add asset,what's going to happen is the next two,linked into a line of business so I,don't want to focus in here go into the,open in ads manager so here is a new,section of meta that this is only,specifically for creating ads,so you don't want to be intimidated by,that just get into the x button x button,x button so what I want to do is to go,into the create section this is what the,firms begins what you want to do first,of all is to create or add a payment,option in order to start creating your,first ad so after that you're going to,be let's say charged for your first ad,automatically you don't have to do,absolutely anything if I scroll a little,bit down I can choose my campaign,objective so I can choose a wetness,traffic engagement leads and promotions,and sales so if I am an e-commerce store,what I want to do is to find the people,likely to purchase my product or service,right so depending on the option that,you want to choose are the tools that,appears for your campaign,so for example let's see that you want,to create an ad for Instagram you want,to people to enter your account to enter,into your into your Instagram right so,as you can see if I choose the,engagement it says good for Messenger,Instagram and WhatsApp,if I want to choose for example here the,option it says traffic send people to a,destination like your website app or,Facebook event so this is just for a,different places a different website,custom website uh select option that,says awareness I think that the best,option for us for this tutorial is to,choose engagement because we want to,send people to my Instagram account so,what I want to choose is to go into the,name your campaign so here into your,campaign you don't want to put something,like my first,campaign on my first ad no select,something that includes the objective of,the purchase optimization of your,campaign for example let's say for,example I'm going to choose like,awareness Instagram and I want to leave,it like that and here into the ad set I,want to choose,let's say audience from the MX,Spanish people from 18 to 30 years old,and here I'm going to choose this ad,that says for example first,number one or at number 1.2 and getting,to continue,and the last part here it's really,really easy to start creating your own,ad what I want to choose is to if you,want to create a template you can do,this in my case I just won't do that for,for it's going to be creating a manual,option so here into the categories you,want to leave it like that we are not,a credit card offers auto loans or,something like employment housing social,issues we don't want to use any of that,but if you do are categorized into one,of these options then go ahead but in my,case I'm not so here into the campaign,details I want to choose auction,the campaign objective is the engagement,so here into the engagement that means,that I want,Facebook to find me people that are more,likely to send me to comment me to like,me to send me DMS to come in my on my,stories to like my stories to see my,videos I don't want just people to just,click into my Instagram and just leave I,want people to create engagement into my,Instagram account so you want to focus,into the main objective of your campaign,so Facebook can be helping us to,optimize uh much more faster our money,then here if you have like a very,limited uh budget you can set it in here,so for example let's say that I want to,spend only fifty dollars and nothing,more so after that just leave it like,that I want to scroll a little bit down,as you can see I do have here something,that is actually it says that I need at,least a hundred dollars for this,currency so I'm gonna hit a hundred,dollars so there's going to be a bother,so here we have I'm gonna leave it like,that like that and I want to go into,next and here into next you can choose,the conversion so here into the,conversion what I want to choose is the,option it says messaging apps get people,to engage with your brand on messenger,WhatsApp or Instagram so here I want to,choose into the collected message or,it's pulling to the message if you want,people to actually send you a message if,not choose the option and that might be,fitting for you for example the website,or the application in my case I want to,choose the application here's my daily,budget the starter day that's totally up,to you I'm gonna be focusing in here of,course the audience the audience is like,the most important part here so what I,want to do if you remember our custom,audience I want to look for people I'm,going to cut into from Mexico only from,Mexico and here to the age remember that,I chose film the 18 to 30 years old so I,want to choose this option I want to,choose all the genres on here into the,languages I want people to speak only,Spanish because my ad it's in Spanish I,want to choose Spanish or,there we go I want to say if you want to,see this audience for later you can,choose that here into the placement I,can recommend you to select manual,placement if you are going to be really,really specific on what you're looking,for for example in this example I want,to only select the Instagram platform,and I want not to use feeds but only,stories in Rios We have more options,here I want to leave it everything like,that and lastly in here you just need to,input your ad setup and here your media,your primary text your headline the,description the call to action your,website of course you want to include,input your Instagram sorry and there you,go go into the public section and then,into the power that's going to be asking,you to make the payment information and,you can see that you're at is going to,be in the draft section so they can be,helping you to uh just review your ad so,it can be studied within the first 24,hours after the review so there you have,it guys hopefully this was a very useful,useful video for you take advantage of,this great way to work from The Meta,business settings you can check,everything can be helping us for,improving our website our company,everything everything it's in here don't,forget to like And subscribe to the,channel if you want to see more stuff,about the meta business suit account,from Facebook thank you so much again,for watching this video and I will see,you guys on the next one see you soon

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