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Facebook Ads For Clothing Brands | Optimization And Scaling MADE EASY (MASTERCLASS)what's up but it'

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Facebook Ads For Clothing Brands | Optimization And Scaling MADE EASY (MASTERCLASS)

what's up but it's Rob this is apparel,success and in this video here I want to,show you how I optimize the ads for my,clothing brand it's pretty easy to just,run ads for your brand but it's a whole,other world to actually assess which of,the ads you're running are working which,of the ads that you're running should,you kill and stop running because,they're not getting the job done and,which of those ads should you increase,the budget for and actually scale up a,lot of the intricacies and the nuances,around this is something that I think a,lot of clothing brand owners just have,no idea what they're doing and so I hope,that this video gives you a clearer,understanding of how you can do this for,your own brand so here it is,foreign,I want to let you know that the whole,point of optimizing your ads and making,decisions around your ads is to get the,most bang for your buck because what,you'll find is that the major concern,the major challenge that you have any,time you're running ads is trying to,actually get a return on your investment,that is worth it for you,especially if you don't have a lot of,money to be advertising your brand you,need to make sure that the ads that,you're running are bringing back a high,enough return that you're actually in,the profit and that you don't run out of,money and literally just crash your,entire clothing brand so that's the,whole point of optimizing your ads,making these tweaks making these little,adjustments to your ads that are,ensuring that every single Cent that,you're spending with your ads are,actually getting the job done and,they're bringing back the most amount of,profits you possibly can so let's dive,in here I'm going to show you exactly,what I'm doing to optimize my ads,there's no fluff here this is quite,literally what I do to run my own,clothing brand and run the ads for my,own clothing brand as of September 2022,and I just quickly want to shout out Dan,from indestructible and thank him,because he showed me a lot of what I'm,about to show you when it comes to,structuring optimizing and making,decisions for ads so as you may have,seen in a video that I posted last month,I use this software called triple whale,that basically funnels all of the ad,platforms into one platform so you can,see how all the ads are performing on,Tick Tock ads Google ads Facebook ads,basically all in one place and at the,same time triple whale also has way,better attribution so you can actually,see accurately where the orders are,coming from how many orders each ad got,you and if you remember when Apple,released their iOS update it really just,wiped out the whole tracking and your,ability to track accurately so just a,heads up here that if you're not using,triple whale you can still try and make,these decisions using the attribution,that's coming through on Tick Tock ads,and on Facebook ads itself but using a,software like this like massively,increases your ability to see what's,working and it will really help make,decisions so I highly recommend it,whether you're using triple whale or,you're not I still want you to really,take note of how I'm making decisions or,round which ads to keep running and,which ads to kill and how to optimize my,ads because that's the main lesson that,you're going to be getting out of this,video so we're on Triple well here this,is the last seven days for my clothing,brand from the 19th to the 26th of,September you can see I've spent 1 506,dollars on ads that's accumulation of,Facebook ads Tick Tock ads and Google,ads all in one that number and I have an,overall return on ad spend of 6.54 and,you might be thinking that's really high,like how the hell have you managed to,get your ads to work that well and to be,honest,a lot of the sales that I make for my,clothing brand are organic sales they're,not all from the ads that I'm spending,money on so a lot of the times I'll bail,myself out with not as accurate return,from my ads by having just a whole bunch,of orders come in from organic Tick Tock,and organic Instagram reels and so I'm,gonna break all of this down as this,video goes just to show you exactly you,know which of these sales is coming from,ads and which of these sales is coming,from organic but I just wanted to clear,that up in case you looked at that 6.54,row as and thought holy I don't know how,the hell you're running your ads so well,in the last seven days I've done four,thousand nine hundred and forty six,dollars in net profit and that includes,the cost of goods sold as well as your,ad spend and a total amount of sales in,the last seven days of nine thousand,eight hundred and thirty nine dollars so,what I'm gonna do here in order to see,what's working when it comes to the ads,so that I can make the best decisions,possible is I'm going to go to pixel and,then ads inside of triple whale and what,you're looking at is a snapshot of all,the different ads that I'm running,Facebook ads Tick Tock ads and Google,ads and I'm going to go through each of,these one by one down to the actual ads,that are running and just look and see,how they're performing I'm going to,assess exactly how they're performing so,at the top here you can see Facebook ads,in the last seven days has brought back,10 orders I've spent 622 dollars and I,have a return on ad spend of 3.19 this,is what Facebook has recorded as my,return on ad spend with its limited,tracking and this is what triple whale,with the actual direct tracking is,showing 3.19 so just to be clear this is,the accurate tracking and this is what,Facebook ads is telling you it's tracked,so you can try and use this as best as,you want but this is going to be your,accurate number and you can see that,we've done,1987 dollars in sales directly from from,that 622 dollars in ad spend so I'm,gonna dive into Facebook here just by,clicking on Facebook these are the two,campaigns that I've been running on,Facebook there's a retargeting campaign,with a whole bunch of AD sets and then,there's this open Canada campaign and,you can see here the return on ad spend,is pretty good for both of them the,retargeting one is doing better than the,open Canada one and you can expect that,because it's a much more warm audience,that we're putting ads in front of but,let's go into each of these and I'll,show you exactly how I'm going to make,decisions on which ads to keep and which,ads to kill so let's start with this,open Canada campaign that I have here,I'm just going to click on it and I can,see all the ads that I'm running for,this campaign currently and how they're,performing in the last seven days and I,tend to do this over the last seven days,just to see how things are going over,the last seven days you can also sort it,in the last three days and make your,decisions based on all of that combined,but just to make this simple for you you,can see that this give given her hell ad,that I've been running I've spent 124,dollars on it and it's gotten me a 2.56,return on ad spend so that one seems,like it's doing pretty good I'm going to,let that continue to run the next ad,that we're going to look at here is this,utna boot hoodie you can see I've spent,7.59 on the ad so far in the last seven,days and it hasn't broughten back an,order yet but I'm Gonna Leave This ad on,because I've only spent eight dollars,and I want to give this until about,twenty dollars worth of AD spend and if,I still don't have any orders coming in,that's an indication that hey this ad,really isn't working for me I'm going to,turn it off and I'm gonna try out a new,ad I'm gonna try out a new creative and,this is how you're sort of optimizing to,make sure that all of the money that,you're spending on ads is actually going,into ads that are working the next ad,here that I want you to look at that's,an amazing example of this is the,sticker stack I've spent 85 dollars on,this ad and it hasn't broughten back a,sale yet so what I'm definitely going to,do with this ad is I'm going to turn it,off because clearly the 85 dollars that,I've spent on this ad was not worth it,it was worth it to experiment to see,what's working but I think it's at the,point where you know I haven't gotten an,order I've spent 85 on it let's turn,this one off and so I'm going to go into,Facebook ads turn this off and I'm going,to introduce a new ad that I think might,work better and so I can start this,whole process over again and see how,this new ad does for me the last ad,inside of this campaign is this table,clothing one I've spent 26 dollars on,the ad and it's brought back one order,with a return on ad spend of 2.96 and so,that one's looking like it's doing well,enough right now I'm gonna let that run,now what I could do here just to get,even further into the nuances with you,this givener hell hoodie ad that has a,return on ad spend of 2.56 I could try,and scale this up by increasing the,budget because it has a pretty good,return on ad spend after spending 124,dollars it may be worth it to go into,this and turn up the the money for this,ad just a little bit to increase the,scale and to get more audience and to,see if you can continue to maintain that,return on ad spend even as you're,increasing the budget and that's,essentially how you go about scaling up,your ads but for now because it's 2.56 I,haven't spent all that much on the ad,yet I'm gonna let it run for a few more,days and just see if it keeps performing,and if it keeps performing well that's,an indication that this might be an ad,that I want to increase the budget for,so that was the first campaign we made,our optimizations we made our tweaks,based on the data given to us and let's,go to the second campaign now this is,the retargeting campaign you can see I,have four different ad sets and we can,just go into each of these ad sets and,make the same types of decisions so you,can see the big one here is this socials,one I've spent 235 dollars on this ad,set with a return on ad spend of 4.49,and five orders have come from it so,that's a pretty good return on on your,ad spend if I click on socials it's,going to open up all the individual ads,that I've been running inside of this ad,set at the top I've been running this,givener hell hoodie ad with a return of,1.66 I've spent 110 on it honestly I'd,prefer to have a much higher return on,ad spend for this ad,1.66 is a little light and I can also,bail myself out with this lower return,on ad spend because I have my organic,content also performing very well for me,on Tick Tock and on Instagram reels so,even though my return on ad spend for,something like this isn't like six or,five I can still tend to get away with,running ads like this when your organic,content is doing well and that's also,something that you want to just keep in,mind as you're running this so this,one's like really cutting it close I,really want to have a much better return,on ad spend here in order to keep,running this into the future I'm gonna,run this for a few more days just kind,of see how things go and if it doesn't,pick up if it doesn't get any better,than this I'll probably end up killing,this ad and turning on a brand new ad,inside of this ad set to replace it to,hopefully get a better return on ad,spend the next ad that I'm running,inside of this ad set is this oh yeah no,meme stack the reason why it's called oh,yeah no is because it's my oh yeah I,know for sure hoodie you can see I've,spent 44 dollars on this ad and it's,brought back a return of 3.79 so it's,gotten an order in the first 44 dollars,I'm happy with that I'm going to let,that continue to run and as long as that,return on ad spend is up over three like,that I'm really happy I'm gonna keep,running this ad as long as it can and I,might even even eventually increase the,ad spend for that particular ad and then,the utna boot hoodie that's another ad,that I've been running I've spent 15 on,it I don't have an order yet this is,cutting it real close I might give it,till the end of the day if there's no,orders coming through with it I'm gonna,kill that ad and introduce a new ad to,this ad set and you can see here that,this story order one is doing really,well forty two dollars spent,950 return on ad spend two orders so I'm,gonna run that one and that one's,definitely another one to keep my eye on,when it comes to increasing the budget,and just scaling that up as a winning ad,so this is essentially how you can make,really smart decisions about the ads,that you're running scale up your ads,appropriately for the ones that are,working really well and kill all the ads,that aren't working really well and this,is an amazing process to really make,sure that the money that you're spending,is really worth it and if I go back to,ads here I can do this exact same,process for tick tock ads for Google ads,if I'm running Snapchat ads or Pinterest,ads I can do it for all of them and it,just keeps it all in one nice place so,if you're not using triple will you can,definitely try to scale up your ads and,make all these decisions on Facebook ads,and on Tick Tock ads themselves the,attribution is just not going to be,nearly as accurate and that's because,ever since that iOS update there's all,these privacy regulations and the,attribution is just nowhere near as,accurate as when you're using something,like triple whale because you're getting,first party data directly pulled from,your website so it's going to be,accurate every time and if you want to,sign up for triple whale you can use the,discount code success15 to get 15 off I,wanted to show you all this just so that,you can have the right mindset around,how to optimize your ads and how exactly,I'm making decisions and this is,genuinely what I use to scale up my own,ads for my own clothing brand and make,decisions and optimizations within my,own brand and I really hope that that,helps give you a clear insight into how,to do this for your own brand and I wish,you all the best if this video helped,you out please hit the like button for,me and let me know what you think in the,comments below and I'll see in the next,one peace

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how to make facebook ads for clothing brand catalogs

Facebook Ads For Clothing Brands (Full Proven Strategy)

Facebook Ads For Clothing Brands (Full Proven Strategy)

yo what is good guys harry here and,today i'm going to be talking about my,full facebook ad strategy for clothing,brands going into 2022. so right here is,a live ad account of a clone brand where,we've generated around 250 000 sales as,facebook are tracking it's actually a,lot more than that because of the ios,14.5 update it's only tracked about 250,000 in sales so throughout this video,i'm going to talk about the exact,strategy i personally use on clothing,brands to generate 250 000 sales this is,probably going to be one of my most,in-depth video and it's probably going,to be one of the most valued because it,takes you from a to z on exactly what we,do to scale brands to seven and even,eight figures so let's hop into the,powerpoint it's a full facebook ad,strategy for cloven brand 2022.,so what are we going to cover,so there's three main parts to facebook,ads so you have the campaign structure,so this is like testing ad creatives,retargeting,and lookalike audiences,then you've got ad creatives so you've,got top of funnel ad creatives you've,got middle of funnel ad creatives and,you have bottom of final ad creative,because all three tend to be different,to resonate with that audience,last but not least we've got scaling,increasing ad spend and you've got cbo,manual bidding and then just duplicating,and increasing on the ad set go,disclaimer your clothing brand needs to,have a proven product or offer otherwise,this strategy just isn't going to work,so i personally only work with brands,that are doing over twenty thousand a,month that's because i know that their,product works organically and this,strategy just takes them to from twenty,thousand to a hundred plus thousand a,month but if your product is bad if your,offer is bad no amount of marketing is,going to make a difference to that,you'll just lose money,also i'm going to leave this whole,powerpoint down below and you can go,ahead and download it for free and a lot,can use this as a standard operating,procedure um whether you go to employ,someone whether you buy um hire media,buyer whatever they can go through this,um and you can teach them pretty easily,because this literally will take you,from,step one to,the last final step of facebook ads so,part one campaign structure so this is,the creative testing campaign and at the,end of this i'll show the actual example,of the ad account of how i structure it,to begin with i'm just going to explain,how i set it up when you're going to do,your conversion event always go for,purchase there's no other reason to go,for anything else i've never used,anything else personally in four or five,years of doing facebook ads,and because you want facebook to,optimize for the thing that you want you,want purchases you want new customers so,ordinance age i leave it broad normally,it doesn't harm to narrow it down but if,your targeting's right and you add,creative with right it's not gonna,resonate with people that aren't in your,age bracket so just leave it broad and,then what i do i put it on manual,placements facebook feed and instagram,feed and instagram story so those are,the majority of the placements that i,personally use um right now i'm going,pretty hard on instagram stories and,instagram feed that's just because,cloven brands you kind of sell an,aesthetic and instagram is the most,aesthetic place to be so i test one ad,creative one audience at a time so you,have one ad set one ad created the,reason being is because you want to know,which audience is performing rather than,stacking them up another way to test and,add creative is by using your past,interests at work that's that works,really well also the interest supreme,um or the audience supreme is work has,worked really well in the past what i,would do when testing ad creative is,just duplicate that audience and test,your new ad creator on that as this just,speeds up the process because you know,that's a proven audience for my budget i,usually set them at 10 per day each ad,set and then leave that for three days,or three times cost per purchase what,i'm personally doing right now is,testing a minimum of three ad creators a,week with those free ad creative i'm,also testing that on three different,audiences as your creative is going to,be the biggest dictator of what your,cost per purchase is and what your,return on ad spend is so now i'm going,to show you the ad account and show you,how we've got it set up so this is in,the creative testing ad campaign and as,you can see there is a lot of ad sets,are in here um obviously not all of them,are on so there's 145 ad creators in,there so there's 145 ad sets in here not,all of them are different ad creatives,but they're at least different audiences,or different ad creative so a lot of,testing has been done in here so this is,the breakdown inside the ad set so i've,just clicked edit so as you can see,we're targeting hypebeast conversion,event,purchase daily budget 15 pound a day and,right here we're targeting most of the,big countries what i recommend is,um europe united states canada,new zealand australia um just the big,countries and then you can see the ages,18 to 65 and you can see the targeting,is hypebeast and i leave that all the,same just with one interest and this one,right here is on automatic placements,and says i've changed my strategy this,ad set's been on for a long time but,normally it would be like this i'll show,you now normally it looks something like,this so instagram stories instagram feed,and you know facebook news feeds you can,put on,recently i've just been having better,results with just instagram feed and,instagram stories and even just,instagram stories on their own,so as you can see this has generated 135,purchases and 12 000,in revenue so what i would do personally,is just hit duplicate and hit,suggestions,and then target something similar to,that so maybe supreme maybe complex,magazine,um i'm gonna go through different,targeting in a minute throughout this,powerpoint,and i'll give you loads of targeting,that already works,and um,yeah so you got balenciaga so i'd hit,that take the hype beast out,and then go ahead and hit publish and,then what you want to do is keep on,testing ad creative and keep on testing,different audiences with those ad,creatives until you get the highest,possible return on ad spend so this,right here is a spreadsheet of a couple,of ideas that you can use um,while targeting on facebook ads so,you've got stuff like general these are,very broad aunts audiences you've got,like um clothing jacket outerwear,streetwear street fashion vintage,clothing outfit for the day,um,and then what i prefer to go with stuff,like brands as these type of interests,tend to have a higher conversion rate in,my opinion so stuff like hypebeast,supreme balenciaga a bathing ape zara,urban outfitters,um asos stuff like that and there's many,more on facebook these are just a couple,of them and to give you some ideas and,some suggestions and you've got stuff,like magazines so gq xl,um complex magazine and then also you've,got like rappers so like kanye west,drake travis scott asap rocky so these,are all audiences you can use right now,have worked in the past retargeting on,facebook ads,so,there's two types of retargeting there's,bottom of funnel retargeting and there's,middle of funnel retargeting,so bottom of funnel retargeting and,stuff like all website visitors view,content add to cart initiate checkout,and purchase these are all conversion,events and are typically where you'll,see the highest return on ad spend for,retargeting and then since the um ios,14.5 update what i've been doing is,stacking those audiences on top of each,other which i'll show you an example of,in a minute and then middle of funnel,retargeting so these are people that,engage with your instagram account,engage with your facebook and then that,is visitors by time spent so you can do,um top five percent of people spent on,your website top 20 up 25 percent,and then finally video viewers and you,don't need to stack middle or final,retargeting because audiences tend to be,quite big,an extra tip is,um you can also test ad creative on your,instagram and facebook engagement,audiences if they're big enough that is,so let's say you got 200 000 instagram,followers sometimes it's a good idea to,just test ad creators on that as well as,you get very quick and very good,feedback from that type of audience,and then when i'm retargeting i,typically target worldwide but keep the,structure the same as creative testing,so that's the age that's the placement,that type of thing,but worldwide just because,um it will already have the people from,your creative testing campaign that,you've already targeted um from that,country so there's no you can just keep,it broad it's already a set audience,right so now i'm going to give you an,example of how to create these audiences,and how i structure them so this is my,retargeting campaign you can see we,made 73 000 in revenue,um this is probably the highest return,campaign,in um this ad account because that is,usually the case for cleveland brands so,as you can see within the ad set we're,targeting all website visitors 180 days,initiate check out 180 days purchase 180,days page view 180 days visit to type by,time spent 10,25 and 5,and these are all within the same ad set,and this just makes the audience bigger,that's the only reason,if you've got a massive brand you can,split these out and it's better to split,them out,but in this case we couldn't because the,audience sizes were too small so we just,stacked them on top of each other so how,you create these you can either do it,within the ad set or you can do it,within the audience managers,um i'm going to do it within the ad set,right now so you go create new,you go custom audience,and then you go website,and then next and then for all website,visitors leave it as all website,visitors,and then 180,and then wipers or website,for website visitors 180 days,and then just hit create audience,and then press done,that will come up,here,when you type in all website visitors,the website is 180 days,and then you literally just do the same,thing for every other audience,so you just go website,and then view content add to cart,initiate checkout just do them all,individually um let's say you want to do,initiate checkout you've got 180 days,then do initially check out 108 days,and hit create audience,another thing you might want to do is,just put this on all when you're,individually creating them that means it,will have all the rules the same so it,will include 180 days of initiate,checkout so that's how i bottom a funnel,retargets,next we got instagram,engagement and facebook engagement,audiences,so i'm going to show you quickly how to,do that as well,so you go create new again,and then custom audience,and then you go instagram account,and then you keep on everyone who,engaged with this professional account,and then i'll just name that engaged,engaged,with ig,obviously pick your instagram account,and then hit all on that,and then i leave it up three six five,days obviously you can test out um,shorter retention periods um,it just depends how much data you got,there,and then hit create audience,and the same again,for facebook page,and then again everyone engaged and,they're engaged,with facebook and again hit create,audience if you're thinking oh yeah but,what kind of content can i use on these,audiences um just stick to the end of,this video well sort of like halfway,through um where i will break down what,um creatives you want for creative,testing what creative you want for,um retargeting and what then lastly,we've got um video views this is another,ad set so i'm going to teach you how to,create video views so you go custom,audience,and then you go video,and then,this is the type of engagement so anyone,who's watched 95 of your video anyone,that's watched 75 of the video,everyone's 50 everyone's 25 and you can,literally highlight all of these i do,highlight most of them,and then just say for example 95 this is,a little bit tedious you have to go for,all your videos then go for them again,then go for again then press choose,video to highlight the video that you,want to retarget video views on and then,just press confirm,and now you have got people that have,watched 95 of that video you've,highlighted it,in three six five days,and hit create audience what i,personally do is normally do 95,75 and 50 as you can see here,um and then just stack them on top of,each other i don't really tend to split,them out because there's not much points,you're not going to serve up a different,ad creator to them you can if you want,but i don't tend to right and that is,how i structure,my retargeting,so lookalikes so from the previous slide,retargeting we would have created view,content ads car initiate checkout,purchase,um we wouldn't have created purchase csv,our purchase lifetime but basically off,those events that you've just created to,retarget you can now create look-alike,audiences off them and the look-alike,audience,is basically just an audience that looks,like let's say someone that's purchased,so it could be very powerful these days,they don't work as effectively as they,used to but they're still definitely,worth a try out um and i've found that,uploading your customer base from,shopify to downloading your purchases,your customers from shopify is a csv and,then uploading that to facebook which,i'll show you how to do in a minute,um works very well and then typically i,create one to five percent of each one,and split them up one two percent two to,three to twenty four three to four,percent and four to five percent that,should have a five there and then at 180,days when using look-alike audiences you,usually want to target either your top,foreign country let's say it's united,states or if you've got enough data five,top performing countries so it might be,you know united states united kingdom,italy germany france but yeah if you,have enough data to be able to do that,facebook will tell you um if you don't,then it just won't let you create a,lookalike audience the way i test um i,use lookalike audiences is i sometimes,use it to test ad creative i know you,know one percent purchase works really,well i use it to test an ad creative or,i usually just scare with them so if,i've got an ad creator that knows,working i will just then launch it to,load and look-alike audiences you can,also create um look-alike audiences off,middle of funnel audiences so this is,people engaging instagram you know what,we created a minute ago i'm retargeting,you know video views and visits by time,spent,um they tend to not be as good,but they're definitely worth a try if,you've got a working ad creative now i'm,gonna head back to the ad account and,show you exactly how to set that up and,the way i set up so do is go ahead over,to audiences within your ads manager,right so in the previous slide i showed,you how to set up the audiences so right,here let's say we want to create a,lookalike of all website visitors in the,past 180 days so what i would do is,highlight that create lookalike,put in the top performing country um or,top form in five countries so let's say,united kingdom,for,me and then what you want to do is hit,five,and this creates,five different audiences,um that are similar to people that have,visited your website so hit create,audience,then what you want to do is let that,load um and populate shouldn't take long,and if you want to create purchase,lifetime value audience which is the,highest look-alike audience you get so,that look-alike,is based off of people that have,purchased the most amount of your store,and then facebook are going to find,people that have are similar to that you,just hit custom audience and look like,and then go,hit your pixel,and then again type in the,united kingdom,then again hit five,then great audience,so this right here is a campaign um,where i've used the purchase look-alike,audience as you can see one percent one,to two percent two to three percent i,haven't used four to five percent three,to four percent i only really add those,ones in if the one to two percent the,two to three percent and the one percent,are working well i'll then add in the,three to four percent um and the four to,five percent but yeah this is how i set,it up individual ad sets and then you,can see that look like added in there so,you can see the purchase 180 days i'm,targeting europe we want to get you all,website visitors one we created earlier,one percent you can put that in there,and then take that out so yeah that is,how i run my look-alike audiences and,how i create them so part two add,creatives,so,throughout this part i'm just gonna,break down,each part of the funnel and which ad,creative to serve up to which audience,so this right here is the funnel that i,use um i'm to break down each individual,step but this is just a broad overview,of the funnel that i apply to all,clothing brands so top of funnel,creatives so this is your cold traffic,so when you're creative testing and,testing different audiences this is,typically called top of funnel and cold,traffic because they don't know your,brand this is the first time they're,seeing your brand so these right here,are the different qualities,that i think,in my opinion make up a,great facebook ad for clothing brand,when running adds to cold traffic i,usually use stuff like short engaging,ads carousels and gifs,and majority of the time i use videos,the reason being is because these are,more engaging than anything else you can,quickly get your offer across and also,you can then go and use you can then go,and retarget anyone that viewed the,video i don't just use videos i use,carousels and i also use gifs so most of,the ads instantly need to show off the,fit and the quality you basically need,to share exactly how it's going to fit,to that customer and if it basically,will look good on them as you can see,here destructive they capture that,perfectly and we're going to break down,a couple of their ads in a minute and,again so user generated content so,sending out your products to,um customers and getting them to take,pictures and it work well because,you will then see how it fits on a,normal person and it's relatable so when,it comes to the ad copy on most ad,creatives,the main variable is the actual ad,created rather than the ad copy,so the ad copy just really needs to,reinforce um you know the benefits the,quality the design the fit so so there's,three different main points that would,determine,um high return on ad spend from your,facebook ads so you've got the offer so,what you're offering to your customers,whether that's a percentage off whether,that's like buy one get one free i saw,jk attire do a sick buy one get one free,i did like two jackets and get one free,combined with a good product then,combined with a good ad creative,most people don't get all three of these,but in an ideal world you get all three,of these an offer doesn't necessarily,have to be a discount as i'm just about,to tell um right now is that high-end,high-end clothing brands usually offer,um high quality design high quality um,materials that type of thing,and then that's usually what they push,and the high street brands they usually,offer you know discounts free shipping,planner,um discount on volume free shipping over,a certain amount but as you can see on,the right destructive are offering both,so again in an ideal world you offer,both as this gets a direct response from,the customer and makes them want to buy,essentially so destructive here are,offering,uh comfort,uh quality and free worldwide shipping,and that's what essentially makes that,ad so good i'm just going to show you a,couple of samples from the ads library,right now so right here is that ad that,i was just talking about,so here on destructive,most ads are fairly similar they've got,videos you can tell these are definitely,top of funnel videos,um and yeah,it just basically shows off their,product and shows off how it fits so i,also just wanted to add these couple of,points in here so,this is a survey that hypebeast turks,where on the left they have the top,qualities that a consumer looks for when,buying clothing or in this case,streetwear so they look for cool,comfortable clothing,exclusivity status symbol and community,the other most important factor is,product quality and design i guess what,you've got to think about when you're,advertising your back in your mind is,combining,those top two thing because that's,essentially what the consumer wants,so middle funnel creative these are your,warm audiences so these are the,audiences like engage with your,instagram account maybe your video,viewers engage with your facebook these,people are aware of your brand but the,main thing you need to do between you,and a brand and turning them into a,customer is building trust and handling,objections,so how do you do this how do you build,trust with them so you want reviews of,your product you can see how on the,right destructive um they've actually,put a quote from one of their customers,so it's my favorite streetwear brand the,fit and quality is unbeatable,and,my order arrived in less than 24 hours,so they have solved all the objections,there,because when you go to buy something,because i've literally got one of their,hoodies right i'm wearing one of those,hoodies right now,um and i highly recommend it when i'm,going to buy clothing products i think,about the fit i think about the quality,and i think about how quickly can i get,it and they've touched on all of those,points and then they then go ahead to,prove it in the video so this right here,is an insane ad this is like perfect for,middle of funnel because they have,basically read the consumer's mind,and gone ahead and just solved all their,um objections so let me go ahead and,show you that video right now says this,one right here,so i better show you the unboxing yeah,and then it will show you at the end the,fit of it so all objections handled,yep let's see there we go,and that's just a normal person or it,looks like a normal person what also,works well here stuff like influencers,wearing your product um,just like instagram images as they blend,in well to the feed and then also raw,images of your product and you can also,test out your top of final ads here,sometimes i literally just duplicate my,top of funnel ads and test it out middle,of funnel because sometimes they may not,need a different angle they just need to,see your ad a couple more times,so bottom of funnel creatives so these,are people that are very familiar with,your brand they've been to your website,they've added to cart they've initially,checked out or even if you're up selling,purchases they know who you are they,pretty much do trust you,so the case is just getting them to come,back and buy so the easiest way to do,this is give them some sort of incentive,maybe it's a 10 discount maybe again,it's free shipping,um you just basically have to get,creative with that,and then what i also do is put some sort,of scarcity in it so it's like,use this 10 discount code to complete,your order,only you know,only last for 24 hours this code and,then in terms of the ad creative you,want flat lays or,just your clothes on the model pulled,from your website and just yeah just,retargeting them they're familiar,um they've seen that picture on your,website so you're just basically,bringing them back um i quite a lot of,the time use carousels for that or dynam,dynamic product ads which facebook does,it automatically that's why a lot of the,times you do see um,pictures from their website is because,facebook pulls that off the website,automatically and right here is a very,good example from reputation studios so,it says complete your purchase discount,um use code back 15.,hurry offer expires soon and then that's,pulled from their website and i could,imagine they get a fairly high return on,ad spend from that so now you should,have the tools or if you've found a high,return on ad spend ad creative and,audience um you can now start to scale,up those audiences and scale up those ad,creatives which i'm now going to show,you in part three so part three scaling,slash increasing ad spend so once you,found out creative that works once you,find audiences that work you can,obviously start ramping up the budget,and getting new cons new customers,consistently and,essentially scaling your clone brands to,the absolute moon scaling so abr,stands for ad set budget optimization,there's two types of that there's cbo,which is campaign budget optimization,and there's which is as a ad set,budget optimization which you tend to,use most of the time so the first,strategy,is duplicating ad set and finding a new,audience we typically call this,horizontal state scaling which,essentially means having multiple ad,sets at a lower budget,rather than having,one ad set at a higher budget so instead,of having an ad set at 100 pounds you'll,have 10 ad sets at 10. the reason we do,this is just because,um,as you increase budget assets ad sets,the cost per purchase usually goes up so,you can kind of mitigate this a bit by,keeping the budget low on each,individual ad set so right now i'm going,to show you how to do that so if we go,to the ads manager let's say you've got,an ad set that's working well it's,generated a lot of purchases all you got,to do,is just press,duplicate,then just hit suggestions and then find,something else maybe you want to put,streetwear in,and then keep that all the same,obviously change everything,keep the budget the same and then carry,on doing it so just press duplicate,again,and then maybe you want to go with,supreme,so you just basically duplicating ad,sets keeping the budget the same but,changing the audience,and as an overall ad account we have now,increased it by 20 pound per day so the,second strategy is increasing budget by,20,on ad set you can obviously go more of,your ad set budget is already really low,um because,you won't be making a huge amount of,sales anyway,um but let's say you're 100 per day on,an ad set you want to take that by 20,or you know 20 to 40 per day,um as this tends to not throw out of,optimization and have that kind of delay,where it has to re-optimize itself and,then finally,just go straight duplicating the ad set,and then increasing the budget and you,can increase it to whatever you want,um,i recommend doubling it,uh just because you don't want to you,know,you don't know how it's going to perform,because just because it works at a lower,budget doesn't mean it's necessarily,going to if it works at 20 pound a day,doesn't mean it's going to work at 200,pound a day but i tend to just duplicate,it as you're not messing with the other,ad sets and,so let me show you a quick example of,that,so you highlight the ad set press,duplicate keep everything the same just,hit duplicate and then if it's at 15 a,day i would just go ahead,uh a day,and then hit publish and then see how,that plays out for the next couple of,days if it works or if it doesn't just,adjust accordingly right so cbo scaling,i probably find most success with cbo,scaling this is what i use probably the,most consistently as well,um so what you do taking your best,performing ad set,and then you're duplicating it three,times and setting it as a new cbo so a,new campaign what you want to do is keep,the audience size the same so,if i have an ad that's working well what,i'll do is duplicate it into a new,campaign,and then,just duplicate it three times and then,set the budget at probably like 50 60 70,pounds a day,the thing with cbo they take a lot,longer to start working so,don't be surprised the first two or,three days are awful on it if it's a,higher budget cbi i tend to look at my,shopify dashboard to see any significant,increase,in sales because that's not it's,normally coming from the higher budget,cbo so any ad sets within that that are,really heavily underperforming ideally,don't turn off any of the ad sets but if,they are underperforming you can you,know turn off the underperforming one,and leave the rest on so i'm going to,show you a quick example of how i do,that so this right here is a simple cbo,setup um,where we spent 13 000 and made back just,under 40 000,in revenue,as you can see here at the bottom i,turned the least performing one off the,budget for this one was 150 pound a day,so literally all i did was press,duplicate on an ad set,and then this time instead of doing,existing campaign um instead of doing um,an original campaign i hit new campaign,just name the cbo cbo,and um,then hit duplicate and then within that,new campaign what you want to do is,press duplicate again,then duplicate again,and then go back to the campaign level,and switch this bit on here from um,to cbo,and for that 70 pounds there whatever,you want minimum i would say 50 pounds a,day and then hit publish and then last,but not least manual bidding,i don't tend to use this all the time,but it's good to know and i thought i'd,put it in the powerpoint because i have,used it in the past a couple of times so,facebook's obviously an auction,platform so what you're doing with,manual building you're manually bidding,so you're determining how much it should,cost for a cost per purchase or whatever,so easiest way to do this is just,duplicate a winning ad set,and then change to manual bidding put it,on cost cap that's what i normally um,put it on and then,the target cost,needs to be above your average cost per,purchase so you can just look on your,average cost purchases across all,campaigns,and then add 20 to that otherwise it,just won't spend and if it does then,that's great,but normally it just won't spend or it,might spend a load in one day and not,spend anything the next day,anyway on top of that budget needs to be,ten times target um cost so you gotta,have a big budget for manual bidding and,the reason is that again it just won't,spend money so yeah,if it doesn't spend money just hire the,target um cpp so cost per purchase,but with manual bid and you have to keep,an eye on it all the time that's why i,don't tend to use it because it will,just spend your money within a couple of,minutes like a couple of seconds it has,no time frame so it would just go ahead,if you've got a grand,and you put that cost per purchase up a,bit too much it would just go and spend,all of that and might not even get it,for a very good cost so i'm going to,show you how to do that right now,so again go ahead and hit duplicate,you want to per so sorry this is,what i meant was cost control so the,target cost so your cost control you,want to put,let's say,let's say your typical cost purchases,like 15 to 20. you want to put like 25,um to 30. i'd put 30,and they'll come up with this little bid,strategy,and keep it on cost,cap and then what you want to do,is come up to your budget you'll want to,put out 300 a day it's definitely not,for people that have small budgets but,if you have a large budget and you want,to scale extremely fast then this is the,way to do it and then again just hit,publish and also you can do on cbo as,well so thanks for watching guys i hope,you got some value out of that if you've,stayed to the end of this i know it's,going to be a long video i really,appreciate it,and,remember i'm going to link the,powerpoint down below if you want to,download it and again,use it for your own clothing brand or,use that as a,standard operating procedure for your,clothing brand maybe you have employees,or media buyers you can do that and if,you own a clothing brand doing 20 000,per month plus,and have a validated product have an,audience and you want to scale it to,seven figures and beyond click the link,below and apply to work with my agency,applied to work with me personally where,we will implement all these systems,and more and take your brand to the,absolute next level really so i,appreciate your time and have a great,and have a great day

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