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Facebook Ads Placement Optimization - Tips To Increase Your Reach And Impressionsdid you know that t

Facebook Ads Placement Optimization - Tips To Increase Your Reach And Impressions

did you know that the placements you,select for your facebook ads will,determine how much reach and impressions,you get in today's video i'm going to,show you the facebook ads optimization,to get the best results so that you get,the greatest reach and the greatest,results take a look,hey everyone kevin small with 2q lead,generation strategies if you are new to,our channel welcome we're so glad you're,here what we're all about is helping,real estate agents just like you,generate more leads set more,appointments and close more deals so if,that's what you're after this is,absolutely the place to be please,consider subscribing we'd love to have,you here as part of our community before,we get going on today's video one quick,note i just recently released a brand,new class called the four pillars of,facebook marketing success the four,pillars is a free course,feel free to go check it out it's,talking about the four key things that,are important for any real estate agent,to grow their business so down in the,description below you'll find the,information on that go take a look,now in today's video what we're going to,be talking about is placements,placements is the section of the,facebook ads where we're telling,facebook where on different platforms we,want the ads to show up and depending on,what you do,it does impact the results that you get,as far as both reach and impressions so,let's go through this and we'll start,talking about uh what all of this means,so,this is uh the ad set,and this is the section when it gets to,placements now when you're going through,and you're creating your ad and you get,to this section on placements,most people leave it here with the,recommended placements so the problem,that with recommended with using that,option,is basically facebook is going to use,every placement possible both instagram,um facebook other websites etc so it's,going to use anything and everything and,while that sounds great the reason the,truth of the matter is it's not as great,as you think because some of the,placements where they want to put your,ad are just low visibility areas and so,i'm going to go through and i'm going to,share with you some of the ones that i,prefer and which ones i use and why,and we'll just kind of go through this,now you've also got to realize,one thing that's important is when you,are determining,what your campaign is so whether it's,awareness or whether it's traffic or,leads or whatever whatever option you're,selecting as your objective it will,change the placements because not all,placements are available for all,ad objectives so just realize if you,select a different objective than what,i've selected you will notice some,options are or are not available and the,reason why that is is it's because of,the,it's because of the ad objective that,you selected so with that when we get to,placements i always,do manual placements because i want to,pick the areas that i feel are going to,be,the best bang for my buck where i'm,going to get the greatest amount of,visibility that's what i'm after,so,with this you can pick specific,platforms so i can say all of facebook,placements all of instagram placements,i think those two are self-explanatory,so i'm not going to spend a ton of time,on either of those,audience network so facebook does pay,for advertising on third party websites,and other places and so that's what the,audience network is is it's those,third-party places,in most cases i personally and with my,clients i do not use that option,simply because i don't like not knowing,where my ads are,right,the only time i ever really use it is if,we're running some kind of a campaign,where there's tremendous value in them,seeing the ad on facebook and they move,over to instagram the ads there and they,go to another website and the ads there,like that kind of if i'm doing marketing,in that style then that's about the only,time i will use the audience network,otherwise i don't and then most people,just don't like ads showing up in,messenger um so frankly i i never ever,use the messenger option so in most,cases when i'm running an ad i would,have facebook and instagram um you know,if i was running the ad on both,platforms but then you'll notice down,here in these sections right a lot of,times if you come in it's going to look,like this all of these will be collapsed,and you just have these options but and,a lot of people don't realize that if,you click on that little button it gives,you a lot more choices in the feeds,now this first section in the feeds this,is the news feed area this is the prime,spot,where people are going to see it so the,facebook feed is what people are going,to see as they're scrolling through on,facebook same is true with instagram so,i never run an ad without using those,two options because those are the prime,visibility spots i can't imagine you,ever running an ad on facebook or,instagram and not using the fee the main,feed option so,100 times out of 100 you're going to,have those two options selected the,marketplace is the classified section so,if you're unfamiliar with facebook,facebook has a marketplace where people,can buy and sell items and i've because,it's a decent um traffic place i have,had some pretty good results with,marketplace and so i like my ads showing,up there,the video feeds so if you've ever,watched a video on facebook and then it,cuts away from the video and starts,showing an ad that's what this placement,is,i do not like it sometimes if i'm,running an ad that is a video that makes,sense but if it's an ad that's just an,image,i will uncheck that option so sometimes,i'll check it if it's a video and it's a,shorter video,otherwise i don't,so,instagram explorer so this is that,section on instagram where people can go,and search and find out about things,that they um you know brands and posts,and things they were unfamiliar with,i've also had good results with that one,i would leave that one selected and then,facebook groups um i've never really,tested much with this one,i don't use it a whole lot if you're,using an other um,another,campaign objective that gives you the,right,column option so the right column would,be these ads right here they are some of,the lowest visibility,ads on facebook i never ever ever,use that right column because it's just,such a low visibility area and it only,shows up on desktop it doesn't show up,on mobile devices so if that if it gives,you that option i unselect it every,single time,instagram shop,in the real estate industry this is,probably not something you're going to,use a whole lot,and then like messenger i already,mentioned i don't really use that one,and facebook business explorer if i'm,being brutally honest i don't even know,what that is so i don't use it,facebook basically wants you to use at,least six ad placements to get the best,results so you'll notice if you run less,or fewer than six placements,you'll get a little message that will,pop up where facebook will say you're,going to have limited visibility and,reach because you're not maximizing the,placements so that's one of the reasons,why it's critical that you have a,certain number of placements is because,facebook is basically saying we've got,these other spots for advertising that,we need to fill and so if you're going,to help us and fill some of those spots,then we're going to give you greater,reach greater visibility for the money,that you're spending so you'll notice,with some ads you'll spend a little bit,and get great results and other ones,where you spend a lot of money but the,results are very limited it's because,it's an ad that wasn't performing well,and it's likely also has something to do,with the placement so this is why,optimizing placements is critical for,what you're doing the next section,stories and reels again i've had some,good re uh some good options with the,are good,results with these ones if you're using,stories or reels the shorter content,tends to work better for these and so,that's what i would recommend for there,in stream i never use it i always,uncheck that option,overlay and post loop ads on reels i,always unselect that one as well,the search i've had decent results with,that one so it's kind of hit or miss,sometimes i'll use that option other,times i won't kind of just depends if i,need to pick up some other placements or,not,messages always uncheck that one in,article always uncheck that one and then,apps inside since uh you know in real,estate we're generally not doing,anything with apps um it just makes,sense to not use that one as well so,typically what i'm using are search,um,stories and reels again if it's shorter,content if it's a shorter video if it's,a long video then what happens is,facebook posts it but since stories are,really short it chops up that video into,like uh 10 15 20 different chunks and,i'm sure you've seen that before but,that's what happens,and then here with the feeds,again feeds are really the primary spot,where you want things so,that is what i would recommend to,optimize your,placements for the ads that you're,running on both facebook and instagram,again the reason why it's so important,is because if you are having the correct,placements and enough of them facebook,will optimize your ad and for the same,money that you're spending more people,will see it which just gives you greater,results so,that is today's video,that is all about facebook ads placement,optimization so if you found that,helpful take a split second go down,below click the thumbs up button we,appreciate your support also if you,haven't subscribed to our channel please,do so uh you can click the subscribe,button down below and then also right,next to it you'll see the bell,notification which will notify you,anytime we put out brand new content and,we put out content like this every,single week to help you get better,results and grow your business and then,lastly if you are interested in our,services where we do the marketing for,you to help you get more leads more,appointments and more closings feel free,to look down in the description below,and you'll see that information,reach out to us and we'd love to give,you more information about that so that,is everything make sure it's a great,week keep crushing it in your real,estate business,as always if we can help let us know,otherwise we will see you on the next,video take care

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How to Increase Facebook Engagement in 2023

How to Increase Facebook Engagement in 2023

look it's no secret that facebook is the,largest social media platform in the,world,but what isn't so clear is how to,actually use facebook to increase your,engagement so today i'm going to give,you the,seven facebook algorithm hacks to,increase your engagement,hey guys sherman here at life marketing,a digital marketing agency that works on,facebook campaigns,all day long for small businesses i'm,taking a break from work right now to,give you the seven hacks to,breaking the facebook algorithm to take,your engagement to the next level and by,the way,you don't have to click some link in my,bio for the full guide or,buy my free course if you follow these,instructions that i'm about to give you,i promise you that you will see higher,levels of engagement on your facebook,page and if you stay to the end i'll,give you a bonus hack alright so let's,cut to the chase,first of all what is facebook engagement,facebook engagement is any action,someone takes on your post,so likes comments clicks shares video,views and so on,will count as engagement now here are,the hacks,to increasing your facebook engagement,for your business by the way if you're,new to our channel go ahead and,subscribe so you don't miss out on,future tips to help you grow your,business,all right hack number one boost your,content i've got a question for you,if a tree falls in a force and there's,no way around to hear it,does it make a sound i'll wait,okay look i'm going to tell you what,everyone else is afraid to tell you,if you want to increase your engagement,on facebook you are going to have to,boost your post because here's the truth,there's 2 billion people,on facebook right now and everyone's,competing for the same five seconds of,attention on the news feed,and on that news feed guess what,facebook prioritizes posts with friends,and family,over business content which means even,if you have,followers on your facebook business page,you're still not going to reach,most of them and if you're starting from,absolutely nothing,meaning you have low followers and,engagement chances are,you're not going to get a lot of,attention by just posting,great content the reality is is that,facebook is not hurting for,content anymore instead it's the,businesses that are hurting for,attention but here's the good news,number one you don't need to spend a,whole lot of money,boosting your posts we've boosted polls,for clients for just five dollars that,ended up performing extremely well,in terms of engagement and followers and,number two,you actually increase your organic reach,through increasing your engagement so if,you boost your post,and everyone loves it facebook is more,likely to show your post to them,again the next time you post not to,mention that they may love it so much,that they decide to share it with their,friends and you get a viral spin,on your content so go ahead and save,yourself from low engagement by,milking the facebook algorithm by,boosting your post,hack number two create engage worthy,content,do you want to know what's not engaging,filling up your facebook page with posts,that have,absolutely nothing to do with your,audience and everything to do with your,business,we see this a lot with small businesses,they create facebook pages and start,posting about how cool their business is,and then they realize it's still just,their family and friends that are,actually following them okay so that's,the problem,now here's the solution facebook,prioritizes posts that spark,conversations,and meaningful interactions with people,so you need to post content that,pertains to the interests and goals of,your audience if you want to engage them,even if that does not directly promote,your business because remember,you're competing for attention on,facebook first and foremost,once you have attention on a consistent,basis,you can start promoting to your audience,to monetize it,but until then you need to post content,that grabs people's attention,you need a hook that piques people's,interest you need a message that is,authentic and relevant and,you need eye-catching images or videos,that make people want to stop scrolling,and digest your content all right hack,number three,get people talking let me ask you,something which,drink do you prefer coke or pepsi here's,another one,how often do you cut your yard every two,weeks or every month,okay and what's your favorite social,media platform,facebook or instagram regardless of your,answers to these questions,my point here is that posts that get,people talking will increase,your engagement on facebook now notice,that these questions are,very easy to answer you can easily pick,one,of the two options that i have listed,here this is much different than saying,what are you going to drink today or,what do you think,these type of questions require more,effort and thinking power,on your audience's part which ultimately,makes it much,easier for them to scroll right past but,by asking,questions with simple answers or,comparison questions in your content,you increase your chances of increasing,your facebook engagement,the trick here is that you also want to,be relevant to your audience,and business as well so a hair salon,might do a comparison photo of two,different hairstyles,and ask their audience which hairstyle,is their favorite well a nutritionist,might ask their audience if they prefer,almonds or peanuts as a snack anyway the,bottom line here,is if you want to increase your facebook,engagement,you need to get people talking by the,way guys since we're talking about,engagement,if this is helpful to you at all please,smash that like button for me below,all right hack number four interact with,your followers no one likes sending,someone a text message and being left,on red and likewise you don't want to,leave the people who were engaging with,your business,on red you should interact with them,your interactions,and responses will contribute to your,post overall engagement,and it might also encourage further,dialogue,and discussion thus leading to more,engagement on your facebook post,so don't sit back and say oh cool i got,five comments like you're a supermodel,and,everyone is just so flattered by you get,in the game,interact with the people who are,engaging with your business and build,authentic,relationships with your audience hack,number five avoid,fishing for engagement facebook hates,posts that ask for engagement,like posts that start with comment below,and share this,simply because you want engagement on,your post,those tricks used to work really well,like five years ago,but is now frowned upon after the news,feed exploded,with these type of messages so don't,hurt your reach by,asking for engagement instead make your,content so,irresistible that it's hard for people,not to hit that like button,or engage with your content hack number,six,post more often how much engagement can,you get,if you don't post anything at all,probably none,right well the same thing applies to,your post,frequency you're likely to get more,engagement from posting,five times per week than you would if,you post it just,one time per week so make sure that,you're posting frequently,and consistently but also make sure,you're not,posting garbage if you're posting a,bunch of bad,content it could actually result in you,losing followers,and engagement so craft your content,carefully,and choose a schedule that allows you to,do this as consistently as possible,hack number seven post native content,and keep,people on facebook why would facebook,show your post,in the news feed if it takes people off,facebook,their entire business model is based on,people spending as much time,on their platform as possible with that,said you're likely not going to,increase your engagement by including,links in,every single post or promoting your,youtube page for example,it's already proven that native content,performs best in the facebook algorithm,native content is content that is,created solely for the purpose of the,platform it is consumed on,so for example if you have video content,you should upload your video,directly into facebook and share it on,facebook's platform,doing this will get you far more,engagement than simply sharing a link,to youtube taking people off of facebook,and sending them to their biggest,competitor likewise instead of linking,to an article in your post,take the major takeaways of that article,and split it up into a series of social,media posts,that can be digested on facebook instead,of,an external website doing this will keep,people,on facebook longer and also help you,break through their algorithm to,increase your engagement alright so,here's a bonus hack,use video i'm including video as a bonus,hack,because not everyone may have the means,to create videos but if you do,i highly recommend it like i said in my,last hack,facebook wants to keep people on their,platform as,long as possible the longer they can,keep you on facebook,the more ads they can share and the more,money they can make,and what better way to do that than with,video,videos perform better than any other,type of media content on facebook,in terms of engagement even if you use,animated,or stock video clips to supplement your,posts,chances are is that it still will,outperform,other content types in the algorithm as,long,as your video is engaging so in short,use video as much as possible,alright so those are my hacks to,breaking through the facebook algorithm,to increase your engagement,now let's recap the seven hacks that i,gave you those seven hacks were,number one boost your content number two,create,engage worthy content number three get,people talking,number four interact with your followers,number five avoid fishing for engagement,number six post more often and lastly,number seven,post native content and then i gave you,a bonus hack,if you can use video as much as possible,if this video helped you guys out at all,please smash that like button for me,below,and if you want to see new videos to,help your business grow,then be sure to subscribe to our channel,thanks everyone and i will talk to you,soon,oh

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