how to improve your facebook ads relevence score

How to Improve Your Facebook Relevance Scorehello Corinna si here from social media,worldwide and in

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to Improve Your Facebook Relevance Score

hello Corinna si here from social media,worldwide and in this video I want to,share with you how to improve your,Facebook Ads,relevant score when running Facebook as,you'll notice something called relevant,score for each ad you have published a,relevant score is a feature that was,introduced in 2015 to Facebook,advertisers and is a number from 1 to 10,that tells you how relevant each ad is,to your target audience,1 being not relevant at all and 10 being,very relevant by the way a relevant,score has nothing to do with the quality,of your ads it has to do with how,interesting your offer is to the people,you're targeting for example if your ad,is promoting anti-aging products for,women and you're targeting 18-year old,men then the ad would be considered,irrelevant and therefore your Facebook,relevant score would be very low on the,other hand if you're promoting golf,accessories to golf players then your,add relevant score is likely to be high,a good relevant score is usually 7 and,above Facebook calculates relevant score,based on the feedback received about the,ad since Facebook ads are interactive,and people can hide ads report as or,save an ad by clicking on the 3 dots on,the top right hand side of the ad or can,engage with an ad in other different,ways depending on the campaign objective,such as video views likes comments etc,the more positive the feedback is the,higher your relevant score the more,negative the feedback is the lower your,relevant score a good relevant score is,important for many reasons first it,allows the cost of reach since,Facebook's primary objective is to show,content to people are most likely going,to enjoy it the higher your relevant,scored the cheap it will be to reach,your target audience plus as an,advertiser your relevant score will help,you know whether your message is aligned,with your target audience and therefore,help you find you in your ads,accordingly to check your relevant score,for each of your ads log in to your,Facebook account and click on the drop,down menu on the top right hand side,then go to manage ads you'll notice that,your ads are structured according to,campaigns ad sets and,to access your Facebook and relevant,score click on ends and then you'll see,the relevant score column there are many,ways you can improve your relevant score,first be specific with your targeting,make sure your targeting is specific,make sure you know who your customer,avatar is what they like what they don't,like what they read what they buy their,fears their aspirations etc the better,you know your customer avatar the easier,it will be to craft ads that are,relevant to your audience a mistake to,avoid is trying to create an ad that is,too generic because you're trying to,appeal to everyone for example if you,are advertising a weight loss product,it's easy to you want to target both men,and women from 18 years old and above,across the world however it's going to,be impossible to craft a message that,appeals to such broad demographics to,improve your relevant score create an ad,for each market segment you're trying to,target and each and should call out its,target audience so that it speaks,directly to a specific group of people,for example you could create an ad for a,weight loss product targeted at career,women over 40 who are time poor and,create another ad targeting men in their,20s who want to improve their appearance,and self-confidence another way to,improve your ad relevent score is by,split testing also known as a be testing,split testing is the process of running,multiple ads to see which ones performs,better there are many elements in a,campaign you can test including your,targeting your ad itself or your landing,page start by first running three exact,same ends with the same headline same,copy same image and same call to action,but target different audiences let the,ad run for a few days and see which,target audience is the most responsive,and got you the best relevant score then,run another three ads to the best,performing audience but this time have a,different image for each ad after a few,days you'll be able to tell which image,use performed best feel free to continue,testing other elements of your ad such,as the core to action or headline,another strategy to improve your ad,relevance core is taking advantage of,Facebook's custom audiences custom,audience,a list of people you can upload on,Facebook to target with ads there are,five types of custom audiences a,customer file which is a file with a,list of people you may have such as I'm,mailing this or a customer list in a,spreadsheet you can simply upload it and,target the people on the list through,facebook website traffic is an audience,of people who have visited your website,app activity is an audience based on,people who have taken a specific action,in your app offline activity is an,audience who has interacted with your,business offline or engagement is an,audience based on people who have,engaged with your Instagram and Facebook,posts such as people who have watched,your videos for example by targeting,custom audiences you're more likely to,get a high relevant score because these,audiences will already have come across,your business and therefore will be more,likely to respond positively to your ads,in other words they will recognize your,brand and be highly likely to engage,with your offers again to be able to,target custom audiences login to your,Facebook account click on the drop-down,menu on the top right hand side and,select manage ads then click on the,drop-down menu on the top left hand side,select all tools and then click on,audiences then click on create audience,and then custom audience when you do,you'll see the five different options so,I hope you've enjoyed this video if you,did I've got an even better bonus for,you if you want to know how to leverage,the power of Facebook even further I've,got my facebook account optimization,video tutorial I'm going to play a,preview in just a second click the tab,on this video and it's going to take you,to where you've got instant access to,that full video plus you're going to get,another three videos from our,best-selling social media 360 home study,course and it's not going to cost you,anything in these additional 3 bonus,videos I'll reveal how to leverage the,power Facebook Ads for more traffic and,leads how to monetize your Facebook,marketing efforts and the common,mistakes to avoid on Facebook to,experience results much faster than,anyone else if you've got any questions,put them in the comments below click on,the thumbs up it really helps us out and,also remember to subscribe to our,YouTube,that way you'll see our newest videos,hello and welcome to this video titled,how to create and optimize a Facebook,page so if you don't have a Facebook,page yet or would like to create a new,one then just follow this tutorial so,first log in to your Facebook profile,because you need to have a profile in,order to create a Facebook page then,click on the drop down menu on the top,right hand side and go to create page,then choose what it is that you want to,promote on that Facebook page what kind,of business is it is it a local business,so if you have a local business that you,want to promote on your own Facebook,page pick this category because the,template is different is it a company,organization or institution is it a,brand or product are you a public figure,you might be a speaker a coach you might,be a singer then pick this one,entertainment that's if you are in the,entertainment industry or is it a course,or a community so is it a charity for,example then you would pick that one so,for the purpose of this demonstration,I'll just go and choose brand or product,that's the most generic one and then,choose the category so is it an app that,you're promoting maybe good so I will,just go and click on website let's,pretend this is an online business I'm,promoting so I'll put website and then,put your brand name or your product name,so I'll just put test and then click on,get started then add a profile picture,now if you are the face of the brand and,you would put a headshot review make,sure that the headshot reviews a close,up it's not a cropped picture make sure,that it's not pixelated it's a nice,picture of you smiling with no messy or,busy background so you really want to,look professional when you upload a,picture make sure that it's a hundred,and seventy times one hundred and,seventy pixels if the picture you're Pro,doesn't fit well enough then you can go,to pic resize comm and resize your,pictures,you

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How to Improve Your Facebook Ad Relevance Score

How to Improve Your Facebook Ad Relevance Score

hey everyone its Takara with SV ad,strategist simplifying Facebook ads one,question at a time and today's question,is about Facebook's relevance score what,is it and what does it mean and how can,I improve it so a relevant score from,Facebook is really this metric they give,you on the ad level so you can see if,you go into your ads manager and go to,the ad level you're gonna see a relevant,score for your ad and it's on a scale of,one to ten and Facebook calculates this,number by how relevant your ad seemingly,is to your target audience so if you,have a low relevant score that means,Facebook is saying your ad isn't very,relevant there's something going on,that's not right,so that would be the numbers of one to,five if you have a high relevant score,that means Facebook is seeing a lot of,likes comments shares engagement with,your ad and it is going to cost you less,to get in front of your audience because,it is a relevant ad so you want your,relevancy score to be high now if you,have an ad for me it's gotta be eight,nine or ten every time for me to really,think the ad is a good one if it's under,that then I know that's Facebook telling,me there's something going on there's,something wrong here and I need to look,at the ad and dig further so this is why,looking at your data and your metrics is,so very important now it'll only show,you a relevancy score after 500,impressions have happens with your ad so,you do need to give it some time to,calculate this relevant score for you,that's why we always suggest just let,your ads sit for 48 to 72 hours don't,touch it just let the Facebook Ads Abba,Facebook's algorithm do its thing to get,you your score for you and all the other,data that you need in order to make,important decisions to kind of keep,going in to your ads and strategize and,optimize from there so how do we improve,our relevant score well the first thing,I invite you to do is look at your,targeting and that's on the ad set level,now maybe your ad is just not speak,to the right target market or the image,isn't lining up with your target market,the copy isn't lining up so there,there's those things all come together,so number one look at your targeting,let's say you're selling our recipe book,right and you're simply targeting women,between the ages of 18 and 65 who live,in the u.s. well that's way too broad we,want to narrow that net down a little,bit and it's okay to start with a broad,net and then slowly narrow or get it,smaller and smaller but just make sure,sure you're targeting makes sense right,and that's where custom audiences can,help you out or you're saved audience or,split-testing audiences but make sure,that your ad is speaking directly to the,person you're trying to sell your,product to that's the beauty in creating,an avatar and really understanding your,customers what they're into looking into,your audience insights who are they,following what pages do they like what,products are they purchasing and then,you can speak directly to that person,that's going to be a more relevant ad to,them and then my second suggestion is to,look at the ad copy the ad image the ad,headline and make sure that it's good so,if you don't work with a copywriter that,might be a consideration I mean not,everyone is blessed with copywriting,skills I certainly am NOT sometimes I,nail it and sometimes I totally blow it,so if if you want to to look into,getting a higher relevancy score because,you feel like that's a place where,you're not blessed with the skill set of,copywriting I invite you to do that and,look for a copywriter for ads and the,other thing is make sure your image is,relevant so if you're talking about,recipe books like we're talking about,make sure you have an image of someone,cooking or a recipe or anything that's,relevant don't have a picture that just,doesn't make sense there and also make,sure once if Facebook sees that,someone's clicking on your ad and then,quickly leaving your website then,they're going to think that that's again,an irrelevant ad so make sure that your,landing page wherever that person will,go to when they click on your ad is,congruent with the ad image so the,colors should be the same the message,should be the same the images should be,the same,so I would invite you to split test,images headlines ad copy and perhaps,even the offer and see if you can,increase that relevancy score because,having a high relevancy score means you,pay less money to get in front of your,customers so there you have it that is,what a facebook relevance score is and,how you can work to improve yours I hope,this is helpful for you if it was then,please go ahead and follow me I'm on,Instagram FB ad strategist,I'm also on facebook at,for Dada board slash your ad strategist,you can find me on YouTube my website FB,ad strategist com forward slash,tutorials to learn more with me and if,you have any questions feel free to,email me QA @ FB ad strategist dot-com,I'll touch bases with you next time bye

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