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Facebook Ads Tricks & Strategies in 10 Minutes – Mistakes to AVOID!you and I know that with Facebook

Andrew Ethan Zeng

Updated on Jan 17,2023

Facebook Ads Tricks & Strategies in 10 Minutes – Mistakes to AVOID!

you and I know that with Facebook ads,there can be many mistakes you could,make and if the proverbial Facebook,moons and sons do not align then your,Facebook ads your store and your profits,and sales will take a hit the fastest,way to improving facebook ads is well,understanding the most common mistakes,that so many people make and how to,correct them so in this video let's go,over the most common mistakes many,people make with Facebook ads that,aren't so obvious and how to avoid them,and then improve your ads so starting,off with the first mistake and this is,in no particular order the first mistake,is messing around with your campaign far,too often and this is something I see,far too often people get too excited,about scaling up their ads they might,see some results one day and then,suddenly they increase their budget or,they start changing the current,targeting options on the current ad set,that is scaling up far too quickly and,this dramatically impacts the campaign,and it's a big no-no even though it,might make a lot of sense to start,optimizing ad quite quickly,it can't intuitive only because we need,time for this ad to grow properly and to,nurture that Facebook algorithm before,shocking the system so if you're,spending too much money all of a sudden,the algorithm will not know what to do,and the other issue is making,adjustments during the lighting phase,which is typically a week long from,setting out live and this learning phase,is very important that it is properly,fleshed out without any major changes,what you do want to do though is be,patient with your ads do not increase,budget too dramatically now this depends,on where you're at with ad but in,general you don't want to increase it,above 20 percent every single day that's,just a you know rule of thumb but this,really is dependent on your own,situation and besides that just giving,it enough time and being patient with,your ad and really zoning in on the,statistics the metrics before making any,major changes to your ads the second,most common mistake with Facebook as,that is hampering your results is,running ads all the time just like,you're not away 24 hours of the day,seven days a week and we have a,circadian rhythm as human beings it's,similar to Facebook ads they're up peak,performance times for your ads - and we,need to understand how to tap into the,peak performance times for your ads if,you're letting your ads run all the time,well then you're potentially burning,through a lot of cash now on the other,hand if you know how to optimize your,ads correctly to serve at the right time,for the optimal audience then you're,going to see much better results and,better bang for your buck as a solution,I recommend using a strategy called day,parting which I'll show you right now on,screen to achieve day parting create a,new campaign and for the sake of this,tutorial I'll click on a random,marketing objective traffic the move to,your ad set level when you're on the ad,set level scroll all the way down and,the trick here is to set the budget to,lifetime budget you then get access to,more options and then with the more,options under ad scheduling click Edit,and this is where it happens,click run ads on a schedule as you can,see here this will really give you a lot,of options to run your ad at specific,times you can use the viewers time zone,or you can use your own time zone and,from here you can select each box as to,when you want to run your ad you can,also select every single day here you,need to analyze your stats your website,your Shopify store and/or your Google,Analytics to find out the best time of,day for your business to serve your ads,moving into the third mistake now which,is to do with targeting and this is not,targeting accurately with interests very,easy mistake to make when it comes to,Facebook ads we've seen the infinite,amount of possibilities to target there,are so many different options and many,times you're not making sales simply,because your one interest off the right,audience targeting is so powerful on,Facebook that it could be the difference,between an,that is really performing well for you,and driving profits and sales to an ad,that's just not working for you and you,have no clue why targeting is typically,a very common issue that people don't,know how to leverage properly so I'll,answer one of the most common questions,I get when it comes to Facebook ads,which is how big should the audience,size be initially and if you're just,starting out with a new product and,testing then roughly 500,000 to a,million now of course this is not a,definitive answer if someone tells you,that there is a definitive answer for,audience size then that's not correct,but when you're just starting out brand,new with a fresh new product and testing,that is the rough audience size that you,should go for you can achieve that,audience size by always niching down by,interest stacking it's kind of like a,Venn diagram essentially where you have,an overlap of interests I'll put,something up on the screen now to show,you so you usually have a few different,interests and there's an overlap the,overlap is what we want to go for and,that is the sweet spot the thing is we,need to get the two or three for,different interests correct in order to,find that sweet spot so having that Venn,diagram in mind we are going into the ad,set level and then under detailed,targeting we're going to start inserting,our interests so let's just say we have,a product that is going to appeal to dog,owners that also like the outdoors so,we're gonna do is type in firstly its,dogs because we want dog owners we can,ditch down a little bit more than this,but just for the sake of this example,we're gonna go pretty quickly then we're,gonna click the narrow audience button,there and as you can see this is where,the Venn diagram works we're going to,stack it ad stuck it with a different,interest,so this interest could be the great,outdoors so just type in outdoors and,that's at that as an additional interest,and as you can see on the right-hand,side of the screen we're now at a,potential reach of 1.7 million people,still a little large so click narrow,further and then we're going to find,another additional interest that is,specific to our product so in this case,let's just type in,let's click that and then we now all the,way down to 260,000 people so that might,be a bit too low but you get the point,we have to be very specific without,targeting and if we're just a little off,it's going to make a massive impact,without ads and your results moving on,to the fourth most common mistake with,Facebook ads is a terrible product page,if I can account I can't even count,actually how many times people rush,their actual store their website that,product page get really excited get,ahead of themselves and start pushing,Facebook ads you are essentially burning,through money I'm gonna give you a,really big pro tip that I want you to,write down and remember and that's hip,right now is that the ad itself the,Facebook ad attracts the click and the,product page sells it's not actually the,other way around where many people think,that they're trying they must sell on,the ad but no it's the other way around,and you need to know that the ad,attracts the click but really the,product page is where we truly sell so,overall having a bad product page you,are going to see that you had the,dreaded issue of having a lot of Add to,Cart a lot of product views but,absolutely no sales and this is,something that's really confusing to,many of us and I'm sure many of us have,experienced if you're in e-commerce now,if you already fix up the past few,issues that we've already talked about,in this video you are way ahead of the,curve and you were significantly going,to increase your conversion rate and,chances of making sales but there are a,few more important ones so moving on to,the fifth most common mistake which is,not retargeting or at least not,retargeting correctly using probably a,bad analogy,not retargeting is kind of like you're,going to that fair collecting all the,coupon tickets really impressing the,girl of the carnival but at the end of,the day and when you have a whole bunch,of tickets you don't claim it you don't,claim it and cash it in for a prize,that's the same as not retargeting it's,crazy because retargeting is one of the,easiest ways to scale,your sales and skyrocket your sales and,profit margins and to get those sales at,a cheaper rate by using existing,audiences to gain those sales that means,a lower cost per clicks and lower cost,per conversions because it's always,cheaper remember this it's always,cheaper to market to an existing,audience and existing customers than to,try to gain new customers there are many,many different ways to retarget it there,are many beginner strategies there are,advanced strategies but I will leave you,with this tip which is when you do,retarget make sure that you have a,unique offer and that you'd have a,different ad this is really important,now the sixth most common mistake is,something that a lot of people do not,use or take advantage of which is not,using facebook ad automation rules as,you can imagine one of the issues with,Facebook ads is as you start to scale up,as you have more products as you are,advertising more frequently it's very,hard to keep track of every single ad,how to optimize every single ad it's,just impossible to have one person look,after a whole range of different ads,really effectively because each ad needs,its own attention to fully maximizing,you know squeeze the juice out of each,ad and increase sales and profit that is,essentially where automation rules come,in and automation rules is kind of like,if this thing happens then this thing,happens automatically and to give you a,quick example let's just say a certain,product hits X amount in return on,adspend,well then what we're gonna do,automatically is increase the budget by,10% these are actually rules that we can,apply with Facebook Ads,so with the nifty tools depending on,what type of interface that you have,because honestly Facebook Ads is,changing all the time it should be,underneath advertised here all the way,down to automated rules then click,create a rule from here you can see all,the different rules that you can,potentially set up and it is limitless,here so this is really fun to use and,you can start to see that all the deer,current rules can be applied to,different things then actions can be,turned on to adjust budgets or manual,beard turn on and off add sets etc so,this is a really powerful function that,you can start to use and start to play,with so AB note of caution you have to,be careful with this because this,actually can turn off if you're not,setting this up right essentially you,can automatically turn off add sets that,are working well for you so you need to,be very careful with the rules that you,create automation rules is something,that I go in to find detail on in social,marketing mastery and I actually give my,students the exact rules that they,should set up and talking about social,marketing mastery with all the issues,that we talked about in this video,everything I went over today these are,the common issues but they're the basic,issues and if you're looking for my,personal step-by-step strategies for me,to help you coach you in a group,coaching setting well be sure to check,out the social marketing mastery 2.0,program which has officially launched,and enrollment has finally opened once,more public enrollments have not been,open for almost a year which is,absolutely insane since a year ago we've,had so many students absolutely crush it,with Facebook ads so if you're looking,to crush it too with Facebook ads then,I'll leave a link down to social,marketing mastery two point zero which,is currently open at the time of this,video so I'll see you inside the,classroom if you found this video useful,then it'd be much appreciated if you,drop this video a like and leave a,comment down below letting me know what,is the biggest challenge that you find,with Facebook Ads I also share my daily,insights on different marketing and,entrepreneurship on my Instagram at,Andrew Ethan saying so follow me there,and on top of that don't forget to binge,watch my other videos hacks tutorials,and tips tricks on my channel to help,you build and scale your online business,and unlock your full potential in life,and as always thanks for watching and,keep on hustling

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Meta Performance 5: The New Best Practices for Facebook Ads

Meta Performance 5: The New Best Practices for Facebook Ads

it seems that Facebook ads actually has,a new set of best practices so if you,remember the Facebook power five,Facebook has now launched the Facebook,performance Vibe and today we're going,to dissect exactly what that is so that,you can set up your Facebook ads for,success now for those of you that don't,remember the Facebook power 5 was the,set of best practices that Facebook,launched about three four years ago and,they pretty much said that if you did,all five of these things then you would,have the best possible results on your,Facebook ads and the power five included,these five things number one was account,simplification number two is dynamic,creative testing number three was,automatic Advanced matching number four,was automatic placements and number five,was detail targeting expansion and they,pretty much said if you do all five of,these things then you're gonna have the,best possible results what's kind of,funny is for those of you that have been,working for big agencies during that,time they would actually give you like,agency scorecards so they would say oh,you're doing like 90 of the best,practices AKA like 90 of the power five,now it is my hidden belief that if you,weren't doing all these things Facebook,would actually dock you in the algorithm,auction so if you weren't doing Dynamic,career testing or you didn't have,accounts application then the algorithm,would actually deprioritize you now I,don't haven't improved this but it's,just like one of my fan theories that I,have if you have any fan theories about,meta or Facebook comment them below,because I bet we all have a ton based on,our Collective time together in this,industry but we're not here to talk,about the power fight we're here to talk,about the performance Vibe and this is,what Facebook says about performance,five in our efforts to help our,advertisers make the most of machine,learning in this new environment we have,developed the performance five a simple,strategic framework that can help you,increase the effectiveness of your media,dollars on our platforms these,performance levers have been outlined,below with actionable steps for each of,you to get started immediately so what,all that means is hey here are the new,set of best practices these are the new,things that you need to do to make sure,that you are most effective on Facebook,ads so let's go ahead and dive into,those five things number one is going to,sound super familiar because it was also,a part of the power five and that is,account simplification and essentially,what account simplification is is that,you need to reduce the complexity of,your ad account AKA you need to have,less campaigns for a majority of our,campaigns at thesis we are having,anywhere from three to five campaigns,tops and that's even for like our,million dollar per month standards and,for our brands that are spending less,than 250k per month frankly we have like,two campaigns at most one prospecting,and one retargeting and the reason why,Facebook says this is important is,because it wants to reduce the amount of,time in the learning phase now if you,have been watching my channel you know,that I really don't care that much about,the learning phase the truth is I don't,really give a about the learning,phase because your campaigns are always,going to be in learning in one way or,another however I have found that having,a Consolidated account structure really,does lead to better results overall a,lot of times what I do when I'm auditing,accounts is I take a look at how many,campaigns there are and how much overlap,there is in their targeting and I,consolidate that immediately and almost,always we get better results out of the,gate as a result of that now what's,interesting is Facebook actually gives,an action here and they say that you,should try to keep less than 20 percent,of all of your ad sets and campaigns,under learning so take a look at your,overall budget and try to have less than,20 percent of that in active learning,it's not a bad rule of thumb but it's,not something that I would live and die,by either number two is creators for,direct response and essentially what,this means is you should be partnering,with creators for your creative so I,have a few thoughts here number one,there's obviously a big Trend with user,generated content or ugc and the reason,why a lot of that works if you're,partnering with the right creators,because it leverages the right amount of,trust authenticity and frankly,originality or original content and what,Facebook's saying now is don't just,create user generated content but,they're saying to use something that,they are now calling branded content ads,which I think is just whitelisting and,what's kind of interesting is they're,saying if you are new to branded content,ads or if you are new to White listing,then try invest 10 of your budget on,this type of AD content but if you've,already been running that and you seen,more attraction than invest 50 of your,budget now I think that this is a really,interesting suggestion and I do find,that a lot of times whitelisted content,tends to perform a little bit better,than content that's just run through a,Brand's handle but I think it's a little,aggressive to go after that 50 Mark I am,a little nervous at some of these like,percentage of spend suggestions but,you know maybe they're on to something,because some of our Brands really are,spending 50 or more on whitelisted,content number three is creative,diversification and this is just,essentially saying hey you need to test,out different types of AD creative,formats so don't just double down on UDC,don't just use image ads don't just do,Rust versus then ads don't just do like,typical problem solution product,explainer video ads you need to really,have a wide variety of AD creative,strategies and formats that you're,testing at any given time and I,completely agree with this one of the,things that I'm always telling to Brands,is that in order to really scale on,Facebook ads you need to have multiple,types of AD creatives and AD formats,that are working for you not just one,like I really don't think that you can,scale your ad accounts on ugc alone I,think their action here is kind of funny,they're like test out reels placements,only which okay yeah I've actually seen,that work pretty well for Brands but it,doesn't really tend to have the scaling,power it really does seem to be a,short-term efficiency play but it is,something I'd recommend everyone test,and they also say to monitor creative,fatigue and audience saturation which,like yeah that's our job as media buyers,we should all be doing that number four,is to make sure that you have,conversions API or Cappy which I totally,agree with this is one of those best,practices must that came out after iOS,14. so all of our clients currently have,Cappy installed and I recommend any,brand to also do that as well and,something Facebook is saying here is to,pay really close attention to your event,match quality and they say to aim for a,score of good or great and essentially,all that this is saying is hey make sure,that your events are matching up,properly with your pixel data and your,Cappy data in number five the last thing,on the Facebook performance 5 is,business results validation and,essentially what this is saying is hey,make sure that you're measuring your,results properly and the way that,Facebook is recommending that you do,this which is something that I really,agree with but I never heard anyone ever,talk about on a YouTube video is to do,conversion lift studies now conversion,list studies are something you used to,be able to do directly on Facebook ads,manager alone but now you have to do,with the help of an agency partner or a,Facebook marketing expert expert and,essentially what this is going to do is,it's going to be something that they,have to set up on their back end and at,the end of this test which can take,anywhere from a month to maybe three,months is essentially tell you how,accurate your data is so oftentimes when,we first start off with a client one of,the first things that we're doing is,actually doing a conversion lip test to,really understand how much we should be,trusting the data inside of ads manager,so hint if this is something you haven't,done be sure to reach out to your,Facebook marketing expert be sure to,reach out to your partner agency manager,and try to get some conversionless,studies on your accounts however it,might like caveat here is like you,should also be using a third-party,attribution tool like a North beam or a,triple whale the reality is is that even,though it's been like more than a year,and a half post iOS 14 a lot of the data,inside of ads manager still isn't as,trustworthy as it used to be and,regardless of whether or not you do a,conversion list study I'm still really,only recommending Brands to scale or,decrease spend based on the data that is,actually inside of triple oil and North,beam not inside of ads manager and,that's it if you got this far in the,video be sure to give me a like And,subscribe because those small actions,really do help me out as a Creator and,they cost you nothing but it means a lot,to me,um I would love to hear what you guys,thoughts are on the Facebook performance,live a lot of this is just kind of like,the information to me but I do think,it's helpful that Facebook releases new,best practices,um it kind of signals to me like a new,era of buying media on the platform but,yeah that's all okay thanks guys see you,soon bye

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