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Arie Scherson

Updated on Jan 25,2023


well what is going on guys my name is,sari and welcome back to another video,in this one I wanted to show you exactly,how to import products into your Shopify,store and I know that's very basic for,those of you that follow me that are,like very advanced but I get a ton of,questions about how exactly does this,process even work like how does how do,we do this it's gonna take me forever to,import products well I'm going to show,you exactly how you can do that it's,very simple and actually much much,quicker than you would ever expect so,I'll show you exactly how to do that and,what you'll need and that's it so if you,like this content if you enjoy the value,and if you love learning these type of,things from a reliable source make sure,you hit the subscribe button and like,this video with that being said I'm,gonna happen to my computer and stop,wasting any more time let's do it,alright guys so the first step in,importing products to your store is,actually going to be to have a store so,if you don't have a store yet I do have,a link in the description to get your,14-day free trial for Shopify and then,it'll just prompt you to this screen,right here and then you just create your,store super super easy very simple and,then you get a free store for 14 days so,it's awesome and then you know once you,have it all created you'll pretty much,have this dashboard right here that I,have this is kind of a test store that I,started for demonstration purposes and,then it's your source gonna look just,like this so essentially what you want,to do first is go to your apps on the,left here and then go to visit visit,Shopify app store right here on the top,right and then you want to download the,over lo app so it's just called over low,and then you just click get perfect and,I already have it so I just prompts me,to the app but once you download it,it'll just pop up here in your list of,apps and then right here you just have,overlooked so when you just click that,and you know you can't find products,like this and some people do but they,don't have nearly as big of a selection,like look it they do have some awesome,products but it's not gonna be as,efficient so this is how I would do it,oh my god I have so many pop-ups,it's insane okay perfect so this is how,I would do it I would go to Google first,so well this is how I do it actually so,you go to Google first and then you type,or below Chrome extension so you do need,Google Chrome for this but trust me you,definitely definitely want to do this so,you go over here the,pops up and then you add the Google,Chrome extension for overload it's very,simple and I already have it added it's,actually right here this one I know it's,like grayed out right now but once we,are now the Express it will not be,grayed out anymore so download that and,then all you have to do now is simply go,to Aliexpress so Aliexpress com and,right here this is pretty much where,you're gonna source your products,because over licious it integrates with,Shopify so perfectly and there's just,pretty much endless products so let's,just pick one from here now let's just,right away pick something that we think,is cool obviously the best way to do,this would be to go follow one of my,videos I probably will link one in the,description for actually finding winning,products but not gonna lie guys I have,found winners simply by searching on,Aliexpress and the best way to do it is,to pretty much for example go to phonin,accessories this is solely for example,purposes but the ones that have the most,orders tip okay well what's going on,here it's like not loading anything so,let's just look up fishing okay so we,looked up fishing quick and here,whatever you look up it'll pop up on,here a cat it like a list of products in,that niche or whatever you want to look,up and then right here where it says,orders you want to just click this and,it'll filter it by the products that,have the most orders so look at this 300,meter 330 yards fishing line but it's,got over 20 thousand orders guys this is,a hot product right here and I've,obviously you might be thinking well,that doesn't look like a winning product,you don't know that you have to test it,like please stop thinking that a winning,product looks a certain way it doesn't I,mean all the waiting product is is a,product that's hot and trending and that,you know solves a problem ideally and,this solves a big problem I would I mean,I'm not to be big fish' so excuse me if,that sounds dumb because it might be I,know this pen for example this was a,away this yeah,this was a huge winning product because,it's a little fishing pole in a pen like,how cool is that honestly,so that's why you know this this would,be a big winning product for example and,it's got four thousand two hundred and,twenty seven orders so you know it's,turning it's gotten a lot of orders so,this is something we would want in our,stores so now that we have the overlooks,tension on Google right here okay all we,have to do is go to the product and,right here you have this like I'll move,my screen all the way up until the top,just for a second and see see down here,this little blue circle thing all you,have to do is click that so you click it,oh and then you see right here where it,says product imported successfully,that's how we know it's imported into,our over little list so guys now all you,have to do literally is click open,import list and it's right here okay,this is the product right here it's not,on your store yet so bear with me you,just have to give it a title I would,probably just go portable like copy some,of their keywords pocket mini fishing,pole pen pens with reel fishing pole pen,with reel okay just like that actually,let's not do with reel and we'll add,with reel in the description but anyways,and then we'll just pick a collection I,don't have any collections here but,usually I would have a collection for,you know like for like creative gifts or,fishing stuff you know something like,that so then we do that and then that's,pretty much it you don't want to add a,description on here because sometimes,overlook glitches when you import the,product and it won't like it won't,import the description and that's,happened to me and it makes me really,mad because I spent a lot of time on the,description on you and then I imported,in it's completely gone and you're gonna,be really mad so don't do that and then,right here we just have some additional,pics we can choose which pics we want so,we'll just leave the ones that are in,here on default Bowl will also add a,couple more because I really like these,for example these are really nice or,that one too,this one probably because it's being,used I really like when the product is,in use so perfect we got these imported,so now all you have to do is click push,to shop and now it's in our shop so,let's just go make sure,and we go to our Shopify dashboard and,you click products right here and then,boom it's right here it's the third one,do you see it so right here we got a our,new portable pocket mini fishing pole,now now all you have to do is set a,price for it which obviously we'll just,do like $19.99 which is probably,expensive to some of you but like it,really isn't because it has a high,perceived value and essentially you just,want to give it a good description I'll,link the video below of how you can make,a solid product description I just you,know this video is about how to import,the product so just go and look at that,video it's exactly how I write my,descriptions and it'll really really,work well for you so just make sure you,do that and this is how easy it is to,import price to your store guys so if,you like this value if you learned,something from this make sure you are,subscribed to the channel okay I've,dropped videos like this every single,day and I'm definitely a reliable source,guys this month has been my biggest,month yet it's only March but March 17th,and this these are my numbers for my,store insane right but anyways guys so,just so you know that you're learning,from a reliable source but anyways guys,that's not to brag at all I just really,want to show some proof that I'm,actually out here doing this stuff but,anyways guys that's all I got for today,I'll see you tomorrow sideo pizza,you

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how to import a dropship product into shopify catalogs

Dropshipping for Beginners- How to Import Products to Shopify

Dropshipping for Beginners- How to Import Products to Shopify

hey everybody welcome back to my channel,today i'm going to be showing you how to,import products from aliexpress onto,your shopify drop shipping store i am,honestly so excited to be making this,video i wish that i would have seen,something like this when i was first,getting started um if you're new here hi,i'm mac and i do ecommerce i help people,build brands specifically with drop,shipping and print on demand stores,personal branding all of that good stuff,so welcome if you are new so this is,going to be a series video i do want to,make sure that i preface that this isn't,going to be the entire setup but i do,want to show you how you can get your,products actually onto your store,because i find that a lot of people get,stuck during that um during that process,but this is going to be a series and i,am going to be coming on and showing you,how to set up the aesthetics of your,store how to do the legal pages and all,of that good stuff so make sure that,you're subscribed so you don't miss out,and leave a like and comment so that you,can support the channel and i can post,more videos just like this one okay so,let's get into it i'm gonna share my,screen with you and show you everything,that you need to know on how to do it so,in order to do this you're going to need,to use shopify and we are going to,create a store if you have an account,you can have multiple stores however,each store is going to cost you 29 a,month so what i'm going to do is i'm,going to name my store you can always go,back in and change this um but i chose a,projector so right now i'm just going to,put projector,3000 obviously we can,go back in like i said but this is just,a quick tutorial to show you exactly how,to do this so it's going to create your,store go through all of this good stuff,okay so now it's going to ask you are,you already selling when it asks you,this we're going to select i am not,selling products yet do you want to sell,products through drop shipping yes,in addition to your store would you like,to sell online i'm not sure yet,current revenue i'm just getting started,and what industry are we going to be in,so i'm going to choose,i'm going to choose electronics because,like i said the product that i chose to,show you today is a projector so we're,going to go next then you're going to go,ahead and fill out all of this,interesting information um i'm going to,go ahead and do mine but not share that,with you it is important to put your,actual address on there especially if,you're brand new and starting out you,probably do not have an office so make,sure that you do put your home address,and give all of your legal information,you don't want to give false information,or anyone else's information this is,serious stuff and this is a real store,so please please please give shopify all,the information it's asking for it is a,trusted site i trust it so don't worry,about it okay so now that we're in,shopify it's going to ask us to select a,plan it wants our trial to start it's,now started so this crunch time baby so,we're going to open up the app store and,we are going to search for or berlo this,is how we are going to be able to import,our products from aliexpress directly,into our shopify so we are going to give,it access,this is going to ask you to create an,oberlo account in which you can do so,very quickly so once your store is,connected you are going to be at this,page here where it's going to ask you to,see your um select your product do all,of that so i'm just going to go to,explore products now this literally,brings you to aliexpress or burlo is,basically shopify's extension to connect,aliexpress for dropshipper so this is,made for you it's made for drop shippers,so it's very easy to use and it's,literally like you're searching through,aliexpress but you're already,integrating these products into your,shopify store so what i'm going to do is,i'm just going to search for the product,that i had chosen already if you don't,have a product already don't worry i,have other videos on this channel that,will show you how to pick a product how,to search for the trend all that good,stuff and they'll be linked below but,assuming you do have your product if not,pause the video and go figure that out,but if you do have your product already,let's do it so i'm going to show you,here i'm just going to search for the,projector,and remember this might be a little,slower because it is an extension,and then we're going to go ahead and,find the product that we originally had,chose once you find your product you're,going to hit add to import list and it's,going to directly put it on your import,list which is right over here then we're,going to select this and then now i'll,be able to change the name of the,product so i'm just gonna type in,project mini,projector,3000,mini sorry my nails are really long okay,and then don't worry about the,collection the type any of that yet and,then we're going to go over here to,variants and now this can get kind of,confusing so this is showing you all of,the variants that um can be sold from,aliexpress but you don't necessarily,need all of these variants so as you can,see here a lot of these are australian,or um european plugs which are different,than the bugs for the us so obviously,cater this to where you're located or,who you are selling to but i'm going to,turn off all of these because i'm in the,u.s and i want to make sure that the,ones that i'm selling,have a us plug so it looks like there's,two colors there's a black and a yellow,i'm going to go ahead and just go with,the yellow,projector i think it'll sell better it's,a little cuter in my opinion uh but yeah,we just want to make sure that we select,the correct one and that's going to be,the only variant that is available on,our store it looks like there are,two now see here also it says ships from,um,china or the united states i'm gonna be,shipping from the united states so that,is the only variant that is going to be,on my store we're gonna go over here to,pricing and this is gonna show you,exactly what the product costs as you,can see the product cost is,16.7 cents shipping they're going to be,shipping it for free and then this,allows me to change the price so,going following my rule if you've seen,my other videos is we want to charge,three two to three times more than what,the product costs in order to make a,good enough profit for our store and,keep up with all of these store um costs,that we do have so what i'm gonna do is,this product's about fifteen dollars so,i'm gonna charge fifty dollars and i'm,actually going to do 49.99 um the prices,with 99 cents after them actually tend,to do a little bit better i do think i,could charge more for this product and,still sell it but for the sake of this,video and to keep it quick and simple,i'm just gonna go with fifty dollars,then over here there is a magic little,box and it says compare at price people,love a deal people love to see a deal,they want the prices to be good so we're,going to do a little trick that gets,people to think the product is on sale,when it's not actually on sale be,realistic with this um i'm gonna go,ahead and say that it's normally 75,and it's on sale for 50 so they think,they're getting a cute little discount,there,and uh the next thing we're gonna do is,head over to the description all this,will already be in here for you because,this is what the supplier had put into,um the listing already and honestly like,you can go ahead and do all this right,now um but i suggest coming back to this,okay and now we're going to go over to,the images section and we're going to,make sure that the images that we're,bringing in aren't weird okay because a,lot of the times there's some odd images,that will come with aliexpress they come,from the chinese suppliers and sometimes,they're just a little funky so what i'm,going to do is i'm just going to go,through the ones that it's already,selected i only chose,i only chose the yellow projector so,we're going to want to make sure that we,deselect all of the um,all of the black projectors because we,only selected the yellow one so we don't,want customers thinking they can get the,black projector and then they can't so,um,just make sure that we have the us plug,yes okay,and then i'm gonna come down here and,we're gonna use this one we can use this,one this one all of these are good,because they actually show the product,this is awesome because it actually has,the product dimensions think of things,that you would want to see if you were a,customer um what kind of photos you,would want to see okay and then we're,gonna hit import to store,and we're gonna do it as a draft so this,is now being imported to the store it,may take a few minutes it may be super,quick just depending on your internet,connection so don't freak out and then,we're gonna head back over to shopify,and we're gonna go to product section,now boom there is your product it should,be available just like that as a draft,now as you can see all of the pictures,that i chose,oddly enough the description that i,didn't want in there showed up but,that's okay um and then we have the name,of the product the price that we had,already put in the quantity all of that,good stuff so next what we're going to,want to do is we're going to want to,create a description that talks about,the product a little bit but not too,in-depth like i said when it comes to,these product stores you really only,have three seconds of a customer's time,or a potential customer's time once they,click on your ad or your tick tock video,and go to your website they're not,wanting to read an entire description,that talks about this and that blah blah,blah so i'm going to go ahead and just,off camera create a quick little,description or speed it up so you can,kind of see what i'm talking about,okay so i finished my description as you,can see short and simple don't overthink,this part it's really not that big of a,deal the main thing is that we just want,customers to the store see what it is,buy it and be done so really don't,overthink this process the pictures look,great everything looks good you can kind,of move this around to like make a,little bit more sense um show like the,product,and then the dimensions,actually put this one there,um yeah you can kind of see what i'm,doing here and then what the product,comes with then the price is already,done all good so the way that shipping,works here is that there's two different,ways that you can go about this first of,all if the product you're buying from,the supplier already is covering the,shipping that means that you don't have,to charge the customer shipping and we,all love free shipping again think of,when you are purchasing something we all,love free shipping or what you can do is,you can offer your customer a coupon,code a free shipping code so they feel,like they're getting that or you can,just charge them shipping and make more,of a profit if you're not already having,to pay for shipping from the supplier i,don't think that's necessary so i'm not,going to be charging shipping on this,order,we're gonna go all the way down and hit,save,then we're going to select preview and,just see exactly what the store is,looking like so as you can see projector,3000 mini gets right to the point and we,just see all of our beautiful pictures,here so looking back on this i think i,used way too many photos don't use this,many just use what you need to show the,customer what they're getting but you're,seeing that this is what it looks like,and welcome to your store catalog,contact and all of that good stuff so,now you see that we have a perfectly,curated product listing page okay guys,so that is how you import your products,from shopify directly into your store i,really hope this was helpful to you like,i said this is going to be a series i do,want to post more about creating your,actual store doing the aesthetics,setting up your legal pages and such so,if you did enjoy this video and you,would like to see those other videos,please let me know leave a like and,comment and support the channel and of,course subscribe so you don't miss any,of my new videos thank you so much for,watching and i hope you have a wonderful,rest of your day

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