how to hire personal assistant for ebay dropshipping

How To Hire A Ebay Dropshipping Virtual Assistant For $2 Per Hour! what's up everyone Carter here I'

Carter Maxwell

Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Hire A Ebay Dropshipping Virtual Assistant For $2 Per Hour!

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how to hire personal assistant for ebay dropshipping catalogs

How To Hire A Ebay Dropshipping Virtual Assistant For $2 Per Hour!

what's up everyone Carter here I'm with,million dollar eBay dropshipping Paul J,Lipsky and we're gonna go over how you,can hire a virtual assistant to help,scale your ebay drop from your business,to do some insane insane numbers and how,you can get them for extremely cheap I'm,talking about two or three dollars per,hours so Paul do you want to go a little,bit more in depth of you know maybe why,someone would need a virtual assistant,and how virtual assistants have helped,you kind of pick up some different tasks,you no longer have to do so you could,scale your business to do six seven,figures a year yeah totally so when I,first started dropshipping I was doing,everything by myself which it worked for,a while I think most people should do,everything by himself for a little while,so they understand how everything works,but I got to a certain point where my,business was scaling up we're doing more,sales every day and I was finding myself,just spending so much time fulfilling,orders getting the items to the,customers and I wasn't spending enough,time you know listing items into my,stores or trying to find new strategies,to make more money or to increase my,profit margins and plus I was just kind,of getting burnt out a little bit it was,a lot a lot going on especially if,you're working a job like I was at the,time so I took this kind of risk I hired,someone who lived in the Philippines and,he started helping me place orders and,what I found was that I was really,really nervous about it at first I was,like he's gonna mess up like no one can,do it as well as I can do it but really,like it's a very simple job placing,orders it's not that hard if you can buy,something on another website you can do,it and so of course this guy was able to,do it he did a great job and once I I,still remember this day because I was,constantly like looking over his,shoulder so to speak checking all his,work and just one weekend I got sick and,just got burnt out and just messaged him,I said just take care of everything I'm,gonna sleep all weekend huh and I woke,up like Monday morning and he did,everything,keep doing hair of it and that was a,moment when it really clicked like yes I,can trust these people yes they do a,great job and so now I can give him more,work and I kept giving him more work and,more work and then hired more virtual,assistants and then kid you not every,time I hired a virtual assistant you,could see my first year on PayPal,every time I hired one it was like boom,spike in sales a spike in sales it just,allowed me to grow allowed me to,concentrate more on growing the business,instead of running the business you,mentioned you have more virtual,assistants currently how much do you,have right now so currently for each of,my stores I have two per stores - pretty,bay - for Amazon there was a time I had,a lot I close to ten and that was just a,mistake who's way too many for my,business and I don't recommend that for,most people it's just it's just a lot,you don't need it so most these virtual,assistants you're gonna hire them they,want they want more work so don't feel,like you have to hire another one to,take on another role it's kind of better,when one person is doing more and that's,what I found,it just helps streamline the business,and makes it more efficient so what if,someone out there is already making,sales in the ebay drop shipping business,they have the process down but you know,they're looking to scale they're looking,to you know create more sales and make,more money in their Bay drop shipping,business so how can they go about hiring,a virtual assistant you know maybe what,tasks so they have them do or where can,they find them how do you go about with,that process so the first thing you need,to know is what you want them to do or,what is that you don't want to do,anymore so for me it was placing orders,I got sick of doing it so I wanted a VA,virtual assistant who could place orders,for me and then the second thing for me,was helping me add items into my eBay,store that's those are two very popular,kind of starter roles when you hire VA,virtual assistant so once you have that,task in mind you should go to a website,where you can hire virtual assistants,and there are a lot of them out there,but I really think the best one that I,found is called online jobs maybe we'll,have a link to it in the description,I'll link it below this video,cool so online,you're hiring people directly from the,Philippines and the benefit of that,website is that once you hire them you,are working directly with them so these,other websites you first have to pay the,website and then the website pays the VA,and so the VA ends up making a lot less,which I don't think is very fair or you,end up paying more and usually you end,up paying more so online jobs does have,a monthly fee but what you do is you,sign up you've you put out a job posting,you find virtual assistants to hire and,then you cancel your plan for the month,and that's fine to do and so you only,end up paying for one month and it saves,you money so without a doubt that's the,website you should do and you should,sign up for now once you sign up for the,website you just put up a job posting,explaining the job that you want done,and say hey I run a successful ebay drop,shipping business I'm looking to hire a,virtual assistant who has experience you,must have experience in order to apply,for this job and then just list down,some questions you want to ask them like,what experience do you have how long,have you been doing this what different,software are you familiar with and then,I usually ask them a strange question,like what's your favorite movie just to,make sure that they're paying attention,and then you'll start getting a full,Ludd of responses like a lot of,responses so once you start getting the,responses the first thing I do is I just,start cutting people out if they don't,have experience I am NOT interested,now look eBay dropshipping has been,around for a while there are a lot of,virtual assistants out there who have,experience they already know how to do,it they know how to list items they know,how to fulfill orders they know how to,do customer service don't hire someone,without experience it's going to waste,your time you should find someone who,can start today with your job with just,a little bit of kind of you explaining,how you want it done but don't try to,reinvent the wheel don't try to make,this complicated when or there's already,people out there with a ton of,experience man so without a doubt you,know just about everything when it comes,to hiring a virtual assistant what,tasks you need them to do and how they,can help you scroll and and scalable,your image option business - you know,six or seven figures years,it's insane so Paul where can where can,someone go to maybe learn more about the,process you know where they can learn a,little bit more in depth on how they can,hire a virtual assistant maybe what,specific tasks they can have them do,maybe some templates or some messages,that they could send those virtual,students to looking to hire where can,someone find something more in-depth,that they can just watch and learn from,to hire their first virtual assistant,sure so I do have a course that teaches,you how to hire virtual assistants it's,called super simple vaz I'll have that,linked in the first link in the,description of this video as well so you,check it out awesome so the cool thing,about that is that that will walk you,through how to pick the right tasks for,your VA to do and through the whole,hiring process I kind of hold your hand,I have written out job postings you,don't have to make a job post just copy,and paste it and then I have interview,questions for what you set up interviews,you have the right questions ask them,and then the probably the most valuable,part of the course or the two most,valuable parts is first is a whole,section that teaches you how to let your,virtual assistant work on your eBay,business without risking the security of,your eBay business and this is a speed,where why should I get to people like,well will I have to give them my credit,card information well I have to give,them my eBay password and people get,nervous about this stuff so I address,all of that in that section so you'll,see there's little tricks so that you,don't have to give them passwords you,don't have to give them your credit card,information so all that's in there but,they're really cool part the part I like,the most is actually inside the course,you'll get special access to actually,another website and that website has all,training videos for your virtual,assistants so you can give access to,that website to your virtual assistant,which means that you don't have to make,training videos yourself,so if you don't know how to make videos,for virtual assistants if you don't know,how to do a screen recording then just,send them to that that website that you,get access to your VA s will be able to,look at those videos and be trained on,how to help you run your ebay drop,shipping business Wow so you have a,whole module in your course that,basically has training videos already,pre-recorded that you can just give to a,VA and they can watch exactly yeah,that's a game changer and and you have,the risks your security your credit card,information so if you guys want to learn,more about Paul's program and how you,can hire your first virtual system,without having to take a huge risk and,without having to put a ton of time and,effort into it because he's basically,done all the legwork he has all the,templates and everything ready for you,to use then go ahead and check out his,course and it'll be the first link in,the description of this video anyways,that's it for this video Paul thank you,for sharing that so many things I didn't,know I wish out a note my notepad here,I'll be taking some I've been taking,some notes right now but thank you once,again for coming on for another great,video if you guys got any value from,this video please drop a like and,comment below if you have any questions,regarding anything he went over in this,video we'll do our best to get back to,you and respond to each and every,comment and if you want to see more,videos just like this on how you can,create an additional stream of income,online then subscribe to this channel,and I'll see everyone in the next video

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