how to hide wix ads

Remove WIX Ads (updated) | Lifetime Wix Ads Remover | 100% Working so you basically completed your


Updated on Jan 07,2023

Remove WIX Ads (updated) | Lifetime Wix Ads Remover | 100% Working

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Remove WIX Ads (updated) | Lifetime Wix Ads Remover | 100% Working

so you basically completed your own,design on weeks and,suddenly you saw that,weeks charges so many,uh i mean huge amount of money every,year just to remove their own ads and,and,um to connect your domain,to their server so,if you don't want to upgrade,um,you don't need to worry about it you,don't need to pay a lot of money every,year so,you just need to,log on to this website,i will put the link in the description,so,this is the website which is,a permanent solution for weeks,ads,like um you can just remove the weak,sets with 50,one-time payment,you will be able to edit your website,uh from week's editor so,so you i will actually show you in the,video so,basically uh let me show you the,pricings and everything you can test,your,um,ads free website,just by clicking on here,and then,you need to,fill up the,form here,your week's url and your email and then,you will receive the em receive an email,uh which um will actually,provide you a link actually the link,will be your free website just to test,your website um i mean at free website,so let me show you my own test,over here,so here is the actual,um,week's website that i i was trying to,just design,so this one is the,um weak sets,i'm here is the weak sets,you can see,and after i tested,the link,uh,here is the actual ads free website here,so there is no ads on this website,and on the free link from the weeks,it shows ads,and,let me,change something and let's see if it,changes,on the,on the link that they provided actually,like uh change this text,to,a random,text,and,let's uh right here something else,thanks,reap,ads,and just publish it and let's see,if it changes,so on here if i will,you know um,if i will just,refresh the page,it will show you that that i change it,the text,over here so it shows the ads,and on the on the link it it doesn't,change it yet,because of i never,refreshed and i refreshed the page and,it's just changed,but the ads are not showing on here,this is my quick test,and just to show you guys that it works,if you want to purchase,uh this service from here,before you actually purchase you can,try out uh this,try out your own,ads free website and there is another,um,start to finish service here you just,need to,um you just need to purchase your domain,and then,before uh like here just reach read out,here that before you order the ads,um removal you need to purchase a domain,name after that you need to,purchase hosting and then you need to,connect your,hosting to your domain um your domain to,your hosting actually sorry so once,you've done that,just upload the ads free,files,to your public directory if you don't,know how to do it you just um,you just,purchase your domain,you just you just need to purchase your,domain after that,hand over,a rest of your,works to us,um just for 100 dollars so if you pay,hundred dollars here,um,after you purchase your own domain own,favorite domain then,then you can hand over all your works to,us,you can get free hosting for a lifetime,free ssl certificate for a lifetime,and connect your domain to your hosting,and publish it correctly as you test it,on the website

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