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Realtors: How To Hide Your Facebook Ads From Your Competitors!hey everybody now of course the minute

Belladonna Riso - Real Estate Broker

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Realtors: How To Hide Your Facebook Ads From Your Competitors!

hey everybody now of course the minute I,go live I coffee,it's want to give everybody a second to,get logged on here and get settled in,I've actually been showing homes all,morning and it's like so cold and so,windy outside in Utah today oh my god,okay so our lat my last Facebook live,was on how what to do and what not to do,with your facebook lead at and over the,last day I actually got the same,question several times from a number of,different people so I want to address,that today and that is is there a way to,prevent your competitors from seeing,your ad and the answer is yes there is,and it's pretty awesome and it's super,easy so but before I forget and we get,into that if you've got any questions,cuz anything that you'd like to know a,little bit more about you can jump right,on over to agent lead,there's a link probably somewhere up,above the video okay so how do you,prevent your competitors from seeing,your ad now especially if you are in,real estate when you go when you are,building your campaign and you are in,the ad set level right so when you're,building a Facebook campaign you know,there's three levels right there's the,first level the campaign level then the,very next level at the ad set that's,where you select your budget your,targeting and the placement for your ad,right we'll get into placement in a,different video for this one all I want,to talk about is audiences and,exclusions okay so not everybody kind of,knows when you're building your audience,you can go in and you can select all of,these awesome interests behaviors and,demographics so those are the big three,actually let's start with that there's,three types of targeting inside a,Facebook one is interests these are the,things that sell people have,self-identified that they're interested,in,or Facebook knows they're interested in,because you know they spy on us the next,thing is demographic data that is the,data about what kind of job you have,income brackets things of you know,whether or not you're a parent if you,have teenagers those types of things,demographic information and then the,last one is behaviors Facebook tracks,our behaviors both online both on,Facebook and on other platforms so they,know for instance if you bought,something online recently there are an,infinite number of behaviors that you,can also target but you guys you can,exclude based on those three categories,as well so at the ad set level when,you're building your audience right,beneath the section where you'd put in,all of your interests in blue you're,going to see the word exclude that is,where you're going to select all of the,people that you're going to exclude from,seeing your Facebook ad so there's one,key piece I need you to be critically,certain you don't do but don't exclude,based on interests okay so let me give,you an example real estate broker you,can see real estate broker and then in,the right-hand column it'll say,interests you want to keep those okay,you're going to keep that in your,audience then you're gonna see real,estate broker job title that's a,demographic okay just be very just you,don't pay attention and make sure that,you were using demographic data to,exclude these people okay not interest,data so and it's it's super simple guys,once you're in there you'll be like oh I,get it,that's totally clear so you are going to,exclude every human being that has real,estate as a job title okay,let me tell you I should do um I'll tell,you what we're gonna play a game if,somebody asks for me to do it in the,comments I'll do a screenshot of my,exclusions from an actual ad and you,guys will laugh my list of exclusions is,about ten times as big as my list of,people that I'm targeting so I don't,know if that might surprise some of you,but I have basically done every possible,iteration of real estate sales real,estate agent real estate Associate,Broker real estate broker as a job title,and I exclude those from my aunt's now,once you've excluded,all of the people based on their,demographics and you know that they work,in real estate there are some interests,that I will also exclude here are my,favorite ones,I will exclude anybody who's interested,in mic Theory anybody who's interested,in Tom ferry,anybody who's interested in Tom Hopkins,Brian Buffini the National Association,of Realtors you guys get it oh and I,will exclude premiere agent for Zillow,okay so now anybody who has identified,themselves on Facebook as falling into,those categories your ad will not get,served to them so now we have to ask,like is it that big of a deal Bella why,should we put exclusions in there and,really you guys it's up to you but,here's the thing,one ad dollars are precious so why would,you advertise to somebody who is never,ever going to use you right there in the,business,there's no sense spending your money so,they can see your ad number one that,just makes sense but number two you guys,you don't want to just be handing your,best stuff to your competitors on a,silver,I promise you if your real-estate ad,comes across my newsfeed,I look at it i screenshot it if I think,it's good I'll save it I'll follow your,links I'll go through your funnel,I will funnel hack the ever living ,out of you if you have a great ad okay,hey that's that's what people do that's,what we all do okay so if I come across,an ad I'm like,that's dynamite that's a great hook,that's a great idea that's a great,funnel that's a great chat bye oh hey I,got like 800 email okay I can subscribe,using a totally unrelated to real estate,email so they don't know that I'm an,agent also as I go through their funnel,right I just use it you know any one of,my other dozen emails and I check out,their stuff I will screenshot their,stuff all I will go through their chat,bot flow and and evaluate it and and I'm,always always looking for good ideas and,I want to know what my competitors are,doing right keep your friends close keep,your enemies closer I'm not saying,they're enemies obviously but you guys,get the you get where I'm going with,this hey I promised you this as a real,estate agent and broker my specialty for,my entire career because I'm a little,sick was for sale by owners and I,guarantee you I knew the stats I knew,just about everything about the other,agents whose specialty were for sale by,owners I'd research them because we will,go ahead ahead against each other all,the time and it pays to know who you're,come your competitors are and what,they're doing so for that reason I don't,want you flashing all of your ads to all,of your competitors in town you're going,to give them your best ideas right if,they're gonna find you make them work,for it that's all I'm saying,but now in case you guys didn't know,it's it's been around for a while now,right but it's super helpful let's say,you see an ad that you love man that's,really well-conceived that's well,thought out of thought out you're like I,wonder what other ads do they have other,ads I'd like to see what else they're,doing go to their business page on the,left hand side towards the bottom you're,gonna see a tab it says info and ads,click on it it's gonna show you every,single ad that they have running and you,can seriously do deep market research on,your competitors in your marketplace who,are advertising against you so get in,the habit you guys I'm not kidding put,it in the comments and I will send it,out there for you but I ain't doing it,if nobody asks but you will laugh if you,see when you see just how huge my list,of exclusions is so that is my quick,little tip for today make sure you oh,one last one okay because this is real,estate specific that we're talking about,when you see that you're like hey I can,exclude stuff that's super useful I only,want to show my ad to retired couples,with no kids don't do it okay if you,guys aren't aware there was a big giant,scandal around this very subject Mark,Zuckerberg himself was hauled in front,of the Senate to answer questions you,cannot exclude anybody where that,exclusion could be considered a,violation of federal fair housing so I,know it makes perfect logical sense if,you're advertising a you know perfect,whatever one-bedroom condo and you don't,want to advertise it you want to exclude,families with children because they,could never buy your one-bedroom,no it only makes sense I get it you just,can't do it okay because it's still,considered a violation of federal fair,housing policies so yes I want you to,use your exclusions but I want you to,use them to eliminate your competitors,please don't try to use it to just get,the perfect group of folks to look at,your listings or your buyers ads because,with the exception of age now there are,some people that are saying no you can't,even do age and I'm like bite me okay,I'm not advertising to eighteen year,olds but with the rest of those you do,need to be very cautious in how you use,your exclusions if you're in real estate,so by all means go in there build out a,big list of exclusions based on job,titles and eliminate everybody who's in,real estate and who has obvious,interests that only a real estate agent,would have like let's face it nobody,outside of real estate is going to list,Mike Ferry as an interest or Tom ferry,or Brian Buffini okay so those are safe,interests that you can also exclude so I,hope that helps you guys for those of,you that asked that question yesterday,and again if you're interested in,learning more please hop on over to,agent lead Academy com I'm sure that the,link is probably just right above my,head at the moment and oh how could I,forget I wish you guys an awesome happy,loving fun Valentine's Day no matter,whether you're with somebody at the,moment or not and so happy v-day,everybody and I'll talk to you soon

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How To Automatically Hide Bad Comments On Facebook Ads

How To Automatically Hide Bad Comments On Facebook Ads

hey this is archie and welcome to a new,video today we are going to talk about,how to automatically hide the bad,comments from your facebook and,instrument apps but before we go into,about how to let's first understand why,this is so crucial and how to,differentiate the bad comments from the,comments where people are telling you,directly how you could improve your,website so they are giving you some kind,of critiques because there is a big,difference between these two types of,comments so to differentiate this,pattern you have to understand how,people are expressing their ideas onto,those comments so the ones that they are,trying to give you some kind of critique,some kind of meaningful critics you will,see that they have this positive kind of,vibes but they are trying to help you,out with improving your offer your,website and your ads pretty much so you,want to pay attention to that because,those kind of comments they are the best,data points that you could utilize to,improve both aspects and ultimately to,increase your sales and your,pronouncement now the bad comments on,the other hand they are the nasty one,they are usually from people that,actually they are not even your,customers yeah you might you know target,your ideal customer however you can,still kind of show your ads to people,that they are not that like friendly,when it comes to the ads when it comes,to being advertised when it comes to,kind of telling them what kind of,products you buy even though your,product might be a solution to them but,they just in their human nature they,just don't like ads that's why they can,be nasty they can tell like very bad,comments so you don't have much control,of that you just have to kind of admit,that your business your products are not,for everyone that is why it's important,to kind of utilize what i am just about,to show you so that you could hide your,comments those bad comments and have a,better good impression to the people,that are qualified to potential,customers who are interested in your,products because you have to understand,that people do judge cover bytes book,they look at the first impression of,your brand they look at your logo they,look at how you position your brand they,look at your ads they look at your,website including they'll also look at,your comments and if they see that you,know some trolls and some people they,are using they are writing some negative,comments that is going to decrease your,conversion rate but it's going to,decrease the trust in that potential,customer so,let's make sure that you know we prevent,that by kind of hiding these comments,now let me show you how actually you can,do that so to do that first of all i,want you to pull up your facebook,business page so not your personal page,but your facebook business page make,sure that you are logging in from your,personal page because if you join from,your business page i don't think that,you could find like the page settings so,the moment when you log into your,business page now you want to look at,the left side and click here where it,says settings so you want to make sure,that here you are at the general section,and find something that says content,moderation so they say no words are,being blocked from the page because at,this moment i have not included any kind,of words or phrases,that facebook will block those instantly,so you want to click here on edit,and now,here you need to add the words the,phrases or some kind of emojis that you,want to block in instantly from the,moment when someone published or,commented on your facebook posts your,instagram posts were on your ads as well,so let me put just a few examples here,and let's say cheap and then the moment,when you added one word make sure that,you click here on add and when you go on,and on and on so let's say bad,ugly,right,so whatever stupid,nori,so you pretty much got the idea you want,to kind of put all these words that you,want to block instantly now it's much,easier to do that when you've already,kind of seen some kind of comments that,people are using quite like a lot so,those words you definitely know that you,can block them instantly however if you,don't know then you just need you know,to think about the brainstorm and,you know kind of think in your brain,what kind of words these people might be,using for your products because for,every single brand,these kind of words they can be,different from you know other businesses,because every single business is,different so after adding those words,you'll click here on save so these,changes they are already applied and the,next thing that i want to also to do is,click here where it says profanity,filter click on edit,and then you want to,like toggle this on and click save,changes this is pretty much we double,check and we make sure that you know all,these professional words they will be,blocked instantly it's just one more,step to make sure that all these bad,comments well they will be hide,automatically so with all these changes,in place,you don't need to worry about it going,manually and hiding these comments,because everything is going to be,automated so you can have more time when,working on the things that you have,control over and they are helping you to,move a needle and to increase your sales,and your transparent and the overall,sales of your brand now this video was,pretty short but i believe it was quite,helpful for you and for your brand,however if you are getting too many bad,comments on your facebook ads on your,instagram ads then this technique that i,just showed you is not a way to,kind of prevent you from not getting,sales because the problem is most likely,it can happen with other aspects of your,business maybe they don't like your,product maybe they don't like your ads,maybe they don't like your website so,you want to look at the both commons and,understand what is happening what you,have to work on however from my,experience what i've noticed is that the,problem is you are pretty much not,targeting the right audience you where,you are targeting in the wrong way and,that is why i have a video over here,where i talk about how to target the,right way your ideal customer and it's,not what you think so click on this,video and i will talk to you soon

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