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Creating Clickbait Ads That Isn't Clickbaitjust one more thing and i want to,mention i'm actually no

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Creating Clickbait Ads That Isn't Clickbait

just one more thing and i want to,mention i'm actually not sure at scale,if facebook would actually allow this as,an ad,if they knew that that there was a gun,is that a real gun by the way it's just,an,air rifle how do you create click bait,ads,that isn't clickbait now i know that,this sounds like an,oxymoron seems ironic but today in this,video i'm gonna walk you through a,process that i utilize all the time,which is utilizing my environment it,could be props it could be objects,around me and utilizing that thing to,secure attention,clickbait i.e right but how do you make,it so that it's not clickbait,how do you utilize things that's around,you as,inspiration and utilize that as a scroll,stopper as an attention grabber,but also delivering away so that your,audience,gets value from it they're either,entertained they're,educated they're motivated and inspired,they get something out of your video,but at the same time it captures their,attention and you're able to make a good,compelling offer today in this video i'm,gonna be showing you a framework that i,utilize,all the time to take a look at you know,random objects it could be,this thing right here it could be this,captain america shield it could be this,iron man and one of the reasons why,you'll notice i have all these,random props is because if you've seen,my ads before i'm always,utilizing props as a good scroll stopper,and today by the end of this video,you're going to be able to see how,you can totally utilize the things,that's in your room right now at home,without buying anything,and utilize those objects as a really,good scroll stopper or click bait,but also deliver value so that it,actually makes sense today,behind the scenes i'm going to take you,to this session that's going to walk you,through how,you two can make this happen that's,going to reduce your ad cost,that's going to make your content a lot,more engaging and,finally getting your audience to buy,your offers,utilizing this unconventional method,let's begin,just one more thing and i want to,mention i'm actually not sure at scale,if facebook would actually allow this as,an ad,if they knew that that there was a gun,is that a real gun but are we it's just,an,air rifle welcome it's josh and mark,yeah hey guys so uh yeah we're from,england and we are serving people who,are looking to,invest and build their property business,very nice,and what do you feel is the current,roadblock,that you like to get unstuck with during,this session registrations for the event,registrations for an upcoming event and,do you feel that,the thing that you want to be able to do,the outcome is it to,is it a traffic problem is it an offer,problem or is it a funnel problem,i'm not 100 sure but what we did have,was,we had some campaigns that were working,then when we scaled them it totally,bombed we realized we scaled it on a,on a ad like the the budget was put on,the ad,not on the uh campaign level okay so,whenever i'm thinking about well what,should we work,on in order to to make this,optimized the fact that you have,experienced,you know 300 dollars cost,to acquire customer but then it went,up after you started scaling tells me,that we just need to be able to optimize,because those numbers are achievable,because you've achieved them before,at a smaller scale okay so one thing i,want to mention guys is that,when you start scaling ads here's a very,common observation ads,you will notice that your image ads on a,surface level,seems to be out converting,your video ads and usually image ads,out convert video ads in terms of cost,and sale,the reason for that is because image ads,can be very direct,right image ads can be just offer name,for sale,and then it's just straight to,complexion,video ads on the other hand the cost to,acquire sale might be higher,but it allows you to reach a much,bigger audience and when you want if you,were to include the fact that you,retarget the people,that has watched the videos you'll,notice that,videos and good engaging videos is what,enables you to scale a campaign,to a much bigger number without facing,diminishing returns well,image ads fatty out very very quickly,guys at the very least all of your,funnels,should always have a very basic,video and image reducting ad,okay which is basically targeting,somebody landed on a page,okay at the very least okay if not,you're gonna be losing and leaving money,on the table,okay so let's take a look at the two,video ads that you do have,and perhaps i can show you how to create,more ads because two video ads at the,amount of ad spend that you guys are at,is not enough okay how many of you here,you've judged the video that way before,let me take a look at the views and the,comments before i watch it show events,right so this creates this snowball,effect,okay so let me just quickly explain why,this thing is happening okay whenever,you run ads,as a dark post and if you created,like dynamic ads okay meaning you might,have,a different hit line you might have,a different subtitle a different button,then naturally what facebook does,is they create a lot of variations,because there's a lot of different,permutations of this ad right it might,be hitline c,with video a with subtitle d right,and if you did that now you have 30,different variations,okay and when you're running ads it goes,to these 30 different variations,therefore,your social proof which is your likes,your comments and your shares,is divided by 30. so for that reason,this is not going to be something that,is going to snowball and create a really,large,social proof okay so what i do is,whenever i've got good ads ads that i,feel okay,this is a good ad you know it could go,viral people will want to tag their,friend,it's funny i put some we put thought,into creating this,this production value then that is when,i will not create a dark post ad,this is when this ad would,be posted by page first and then,after that that is when i would,run that that video as a,as an ad okay so when when when i do,that,that is when all of the social proof,is going to be accumulated because now,there's only,one variation of it and now i don't have,to,look at all these different variations,because there's only one variation of it,so that's what we do all the time like,let me give you an example okay,so some of you might have seen these ads,of mine okay now you see this ad,here this is from 32 weeks ago right,this is like 2.1 million views this is,like 1.2 million views it's got 3.1,million views,why is there so much views here it's not,because my organic is strong,there's a lot of views here and ton of,engagements it is because,this ad it is an ad all these are all,ads,right but i knew because it's kind of,funny or entertaining,and it has got production value i,made the post on my page and then i ran,this one post,as an ad and they're still running as,ads today but here's the difference the,difference,now is when this post appears as an,ad the person who might not know me,they will be able to see the views,here's what happens when it pops up on,the field,right it's like oh wow wait wait a,second this is called,three there's three million views here,and thirty four thousand likes and two,thousand comments,maybe it's good or it's probably good,because there's a lot of views on it,right so the odds now,of them watching is higher okay so just,wanted you guys to be aware of that,so the way i see it is that this video,over here,the payoff of it being a dark post,does not outweigh the benefits of it,being a,non-dark post okay so when should you,create the dark post ads the normal ads,is when,you want to have a lot of different,variations of the hit lines the images,and the videos,because you want facebook to do the,heavy lifting for you but if you know,that you had this one,good ad just like the one that you did,right then there's really no point,in diluting the social proof into many,different variations,so right now because you guys have to,funnel up the events happening,the first thing that you want to be able,to do is you want to give,facebook as much leeway as possible for,them to work their magic,and they can only do that when they've,got like a lot of creatives especially,when you guys are spending,that amount of money in in such a short,time,you have to be able to give them this,ammunition to work with that is you know,in the form of,videos so that you can reach a much,bigger target,well i hope you enjoyed the behind the,scenes to this coaching call,if you enjoyed this video let me know in,the comments below what your biggest,takeaway is and as always be sure to,smash the like button,it does help the channel out a little,bit and to subscribe to this channel if,you,want to be notified of future videos,just like this one now some of you,asking me how can i be part of this,process how can i ask you questions how,can i have you coach me or mentor me,um we want to make sure that we are,working with the people that's right fit,you'll need to fill up a form,there's a link right below this video,somebody on my team might give you a,call to interview you to see if the,right fit for each other,and if you want to apply and see if,you're a good fit then all you need to,do is click on this link in the,description box below,and my team will be in touch with you

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Transform Your Facebook Ad Campaigns OVERNIGHT 😱 (Definitely NOT Clickbait)

Transform Your Facebook Ad Campaigns OVERNIGHT 😱 (Definitely NOT Clickbait)

everyone is jumping with you here and,welcome to this video listen if you are,doing anything with paid advertising,especially on the Facebook or Instagram,platform you need to watch this video,over the course of the last 18 months,I've spent almost a million dollars of,my own money alongside my partner,running different ad campaigns testing,different things and we figured out,there is a specific process to making,Facebook ads work and it's actually,contrary to what you're seeing most,other people doing so I'm going to roll,into a clip right now of a training,where I break this stuff down on the,whiteboard I hope you get value from,that training and and I'll speech in a,bit I'm gonna share with you something,very simple I'm gonna break it down for,you on the whiteboard that we're,literally overnight it will transform,your facebook ad campaigns and so I,first want to set some context we've got,to understand when we're doing Facebook,advertising we are doing interruption,marketing right you've got to understand,what process you know you're starting,out with if someone's going to Google or,YouTube they're searching for something,on Facebook you are positioning yourself,in front of them while they're trying to,do something else so that context is,really important now the next piece you,need to understand is most people spend,all their time ok building their website,okay or potentially you know a sales,funnel let's just put sales funnel in,here to cover both bases and what ends,up happening is people spend so much,time effort and attention on building,their website or building their sales,funnel and then they they they think,that that is the biggest contributing,factor to the sales are going to come in,and once you've done this it's just a,case of getting clicks right I can't do,a double quotation it just might get in,quick you know clicks right okay now,let's go to Facebook now that's gonna,Google and YouTube we just bring some,people into here so that we can convert,them into leads and sales and you're,missing a vital vital piece if you treat,Facebook ads like that you will have,higher costs and you will have a lower,quality of person coming through to your,sales funnel which will make this entire,experience horrible let me explain how,this works and this is hopefully is,gonna make instant sense to you let's,say someone's scrolling their newsfeed,and your website is all about dog,training you're going to teach someone,how to train their misbehaving dog ok so,what's gonna happen is you've got this,wonderful sales process here and you're,hopefully going to sell someone you have,your program so here is the Facebook,newsfeed now someone feels,comfortable here on the Facebook,newsfeed this is where they feel,comfortable but if you do something like,this if you put an ad that is simply,just an image of you or anyone else you,know with a dog this is gonna be a,horrible picture of a dog there you go,there's your dog okay and you just put,an image it just says I'm just gonna,write trained dog because I'm gonna have,a limited space here but if you,literally just treat this like getting,clicks so you've targeted people who,might be interested in training a dog,and now you've slapped an image there,with a headline that says hey if you,want to learn how to train a dog come,over to our site and come check us out,okay,yes you're going to get some clicks but,you've got to understand something you,have not built any kind of relationship,with these people over here you've not,provided any value you have literally,just identified someone's need and,you've based on curiosity alone you've,brought them to your page now they've,come over here not with intent on moving,forward throughout your sales process,they've come to check you out okay this,is that I'm checking you out face they,have not committed to moving forward,with anything over here,they're coming to see what you're about,the second piece of context you can,understand is if this is the Facebook,newsfeed okay this is their Facebook,newsfeed here this is where they feel,comfortable okay they're on the Facebook,platform,there's where they feel comfortable to,keep scrolling and clicking through,messages to post to liking things,showing things they feel comfortable as,soon as you bring them across this line,they are now uncomfortable and they if,they're not enjoying this experience as,you know it literally in the first few,seconds they're going to retreat back to,where they feel comfortable okay this is,why you are seeing high costs on you,know at Facebook and why you're seeing,terrible numbers throughout your sales,process because you haven't provided any,value or built any kind of relationship,you're literate is saying hey I know,what you're into come check us out,they're feeling uncomfortable they're,looking for you to grab their attention,as quickly as possible if you don't do,that they're back off again okay here's,where we do things different and I'm,going to explain why this will give you,just exponentially better results than,you're getting right now what we do and,we teach this talk you know in our inner,circle he teaches every where myself and,my partner we have this concept,add value that's our company name add,value because your ads have to provide,value to the end-user before you ever,ask them to come to your sales funnel,okay so if you if let's let's do our ad,down here instead of doing an image we,were actually going to have a video okay,we're gonna have a video that's supposed,to be a play button by the way and maybe,we're gonna have a headline here telling,them something but this is gonna be,three maybe four minutes one of our,highest converting videos to cold,traffic never heard of us before fifteen,minutes long what we're saying John no,one is going to watch a video from,someone they've not heard about before,for fifteen minutes yes they are because,the Facebook platform not only is where,they feel comfortable to sit there for,hours you know the average it's you know,a user experience every time they log on,the Facebook is over 30 minutes know,that people are going to Facebook when,they need to kill time so if you can,target the right person and identify,their needs and actually put some,content in front of them that is,actually going to help them and educate,them then at the end of this you have a,link to come over to your website so,after three or four minutes of actually,saying hey chances are you're watching,this video because you're you're in need,of training your dog let me give you a,couple of tips right now in this video,okay try this with a biscuit no no let's,really try this with a lead try that you,know have a go of this kind of stuff hey,if this was helpful for you right then,feel free to click this link and come,over to check us out we've got some,other trainings and other cool stuff,over here right now get this if you do,this if you provide value on the,Facebook platform okay,build relationship with them on the,platform they feel comfortable now,they're only coming over when they feel,comfortable with you or your brand okay,you haven't taken them from where,they're comfortable you know off to some,distant place whether or not they're not,excited about it yet you've built your,value you've got relationship now,they're comfortable with you now they're,going to move through this process right,another type of AD that we do now I'm,not gonna be able to illustrate it here,but it's literally a long-form ad,literally up to like 2000 words with an,image okay and then obviously a link to,move through so another type of ad that,we use because if you can,just someone's attention with what they,need you know have them read we talk in,two thousand words have them read two,thousand words by the time they get to,that link you can bet your bottom dollar,right they are now invested in you your,product your brand they've learned,something about you you've educated them,now they're coming across with intent to,move forward here there's no intent here,there is actually intent so this is,going to benefit you for two reasons,number one when they come to your sales,funnel now they're moving forward to,come to you because they've already,identified what you can do for them and,I said I like this person I like this,product I like this brand I would like,more okay so you're going to get a,better response at your sales funnel and,ultimately make more money you're also,going to see lower costs over here at,Facebook for your advertising why well,you're going to get a higher,click-through rate on these ads think,about it if this ad here gets you a 1%,click-through rate so for every hundred,people that see this ad in their,timeline one person clicks okay one,person actually clicked on the ad and,comes over here,fantastic Facebook has to show that ad a,hundred times for them to make some,money from you when they make that click,over here we typically will see,something closer to about ten percent,click-through rate so now Facebook only,has to show our ads ten times to get a,click so they're going to charge this,advertiser more money because it's,costing Facebook more impressions to,actually makes money themselves over,here they have to show our ad less times,so Facebook can make money quicker so,they're going to reward us with cheaper,clicks so not only is providing value,and information upfront on the Facebook,platform cheaper for your advertising,it's also bringing a hut you know a far,more highly qualified customer through,and and you actually going to you know,essentially be able to convert more,sales so hopefully this video has been,helpful for you if you'd like to learn,more about this kind of stuff and what,we do here add value there'll be links,um around this video you can go ahead,and check out we've got a free training,we've got a bunch of stuff going on,where you can learn more about what we,teach how we implement this process and,we'd love to see you over there so go,ahead click the link this time around,this video and if nothing else I hope,this was helpful for you and please go,implement this provide value on the,platform don't go for sloppy ads and,care you've just slapped together and,you're focusing everything on your sales,funnel okay make sure you put time,energy attention into your Facebook Ads,it will reward you and we'd love to,teach you this process in detail if this,is resonating with you says the link,somewhere else video go ahead and click,on that they'll take it to some free,training you can get from us and we look,forward to helping you in greater detail,we'll see you over there,bye bye hey so it's me again hopefully,you got some value from that video where,I'm breaking down how we're doing our,Facebook ad campaigns and how really you,should be doing them as well if you have,got value from this do do me a favor,leave me a comment below let me know,what you thought of this I'd love to,read there hit the thumbs up button,subscribe to this channel so you get our,future videos and if you would like to,learn more about this topic or Facebook,advertising we do have a free web class,you can sign up for where we go into,more detail on this stuff and I think,you'll really really get a ton of value,from that too so I'll leave that link in,the description box as well so go check,that out and I look forward to seeing,you in a future video,take care,you

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