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How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)having a bad website will kill your,chance

Jordan Welch

Updated on Jan 24,2023

How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

having a bad website will kill your,chances of success on shopify even if,you have the best products and ads it's,so much harder to see results with a low,quality store so in this video i'll be,sharing the exact store template that,i'm using right now to generate over a,hundred thousand dollars a month and,i'll be showing you step by step exactly,how to easily build one for yourself if,you're new here my name is jordan and,i'm currently documenting the entire,process of growing my ecommerce brand,with as much transparency as possible so,if you're interested in starting your,own online business make sure to,subscribe for new videos every single,friday also just want to say thank you,guys so much for 50 000 subscribers so,to give back to you guys i'm gonna do,something that i usually don't do i'm,gonna give away a free one-on-one,coaching call to one of you to enter the,giveaway just drop a comment down below,follow me on instagram and dm me when,you're done i'll be announcing the,winner for this next friday anyways,let's get started with the video,first things first here are some live,results that i'm getting with this exact,template so as you can see halfway,through the day i've already done over,2500 in sales and if we look at,yesterday's stats you can see that this,store is averaging around five thousand,dollars a day everybody is always asking,about profit so let's take a look,yesterday i did around fifteen hundred,dollars in profit and today so far,halfway through the day i'm at around,in profit which is close to 30 daily,margin i'm not showing this to brag but,just to prove that this layout is,working today i figured the best way to,explain this would be to make a sample,store that follows this exact template,so that's what i did let's have a look,at that sample store so this is a store,that i created in the home and garden,niche the type of stores that i like to,build to test products look just like,this basically we're building a nice,clean branded store with good logo good,images,multiple collections inside of that,niche high quality products and images,and overall a trustworthy and legitimate,feel i get dms every single day of,people asking me why am i struggling to,see results and then i look at their,store and it looks like this,if you take the time to make a nice,clean branded website seeing success,with ecommerce is going to be so much,easier this kind of store is perfect for,testing products because it is branded,it has a trustworthy feel but it's also,broad enough that you can test a variety,of products without being too,constrained i like to call this kind of,store a hybrid store it basically,bridges the gap between a general and,niche store building a store like this,is really not that difficult so i'm,gonna break down how to do it right now,the first thing that you're gonna need,to come up with is a clean name and logo,to come up with names i highly recommend,you guys check out this tool called lean,domain search basically you can take any,word or phrase that you like and plug it,into here and they're gonna show you,websites that are ready to go that have,this word inside of it so in my case i,used the word flora because it fit,perfectly for the home and garden space,and i scrolled and scrolled until i,found the name flora flow which i really,like all of the names on this website,are available to purchase for the com,domain right away so i would take some,time and try to come up with at least,five phrases that would fit with your,branding so now that you've come up with,a name you need to create a logo now i,know graphic design might be,intimidating to a lot of you but,nowadays there are a ton of tools that,make it incredibly simple one of my,favorite tools to do this is actually,called canva canva has a bunch of these,logo templates already built into the,app and it's actually what i use to,build the flora flow logo you can,literally scroll through their library,and find a clean logo for your brand in,seconds and know this video is not,sponsored by them i just really like,their product so as you can see the,template that i use for the floraflow,logo is right here i literally typed in,flower i looked at the options i found,this one and i just simply typed in the,logo name and then i made it a little,bigger,centered it in the middle and i deleted,the bottom and i made a logo for the,brand in,10 seconds,now look it's going to take you longer,than 10 seconds and you shouldn't rush,the process but i would highly advise,you guys use that tool to build your,logo i'm also a big fan of photoshop for,my brand that i'm running right now i,designed my logo in photoshop but it's a,lot more advanced and not very beginner,friendly once you've got a name and a,logo the next step is to build out a,nice home page for your store now when,you're running ads to this store,typically you're going to send people to,the product pages yeah you might have a,cool product you might have a cool,product page but if your customer starts,browsing around your website and they,get a weird vibe they're not going to,spend money with you and even if they do,the chances of them remembering your,brand and buying again are so slim so,this is the exact layout that i use for,all of my home pages let's break it down,there are a ton of themes to use on,shopify and it can kind of be,overwhelming this store is actually,built on the impulse theme which is by,far one of my favorite paid themes and,if you're looking for a good free theme,i recommend that you guys check out,debutify i've used both of them and,personally i like impulse a little,better but if you're on a low budget,debutify is an amazing option first,things first we need a nice and clean,header try to come up with something,creative that introduces the people to,your brand in a very inviting way now i,could have easily wrote the best,products for your home and garden but i,think it's much better to put something,that has a little bit more flair and,life to it so in this example i put,stylus essentials for the modern home,designed to elevate your lifestyle if,you're struggling with copywriting just,go look at some of the biggest brands,out there in terms of this image and all,the images on the site shopify actually,provides a bunch of really sick free,images and a lot of people don't know,about this so if you go down to image,and you click on change and you go to,free images you can search up almost,anything so in my case i searched up,flower and you'll see that shopify has a,bunch of these really nice high quality,images that they're constantly updating,almost every single week and they're,really fire the next thing i do is,typically put one of our collections on,display in this case it's the best,sellers because those are my favorite,products on the store so i wanted to put,those front and center and when they,click on it you're gonna see that these,are our top selling products and a nice,clean organized page we also give them,an offer with up to fifty 50 off on the,select products and it's just something,that gives them some incentive to click,and start shopping the next thing that i,really like to do is show some type of,mission statement for the brand i think,that this really helps your customers,connect with you and feel like they're a,part of something greater than just,buying a product so you can see what i,put here is that we want to help over 10,000 people create their dream,environment through providing our own,unique products worldwide now this is,going to be different for everybody so,make sure that you come with something,unique for your brand and once again i,just took the image directly from,shopify now the next thing that i threw,in here it was just a promotion you,don't need to have this but i included,it because i thought it looked nice so,you can just see it's 50 off of our,spring and summer collection and then i,just put a little blurb about stay at,home and stay at peace with these,essentials then i put the top selling,products live on display at the front,page of the website so that if they were,scrolling and they saw something that,they wanted to buy they can easily click,and start shopping then i put the,collections so they can browse the,different collections in this case i,only have two sometimes you might have,four or more than that so choose wisely,which ones you want on the page don't,put like 20 collections on the home page,and then i just included one last call,to action just saying your home is your,temple you should treat it like so learn,more which is basically going to take,them to the about us page about what,we're doing so that's pretty much the,exact home page layout that i'm using is,interchangeable across whatever theme,you're using obviously if you do use,impulse it's going to be easier to,follow along with that but the principle,stays the same a good homepage is,essential but it is not the most,important thing the most important thing,above all else is having a good product,page this is where your customers are,going to end up most of the time after,they click on your ad so i'm going to,show you this product page template that,i've been using for two years now that,has worked for me time and time again so,this is my checklist for a high,converting product page by the way i,built this whole entire store and,product page live inside of the crash,course on my software viral vault so if,you're interested in seeing me build,this store live just click the link down,below and you can check that out there,so really to have a good product page,you only need a couple things you need,high quality images a good title correct,pricing that makes sense for the product,a properly formatted description high,quality images in the description and,reviews so this is a sample page i made,for one of the products on this store,this product is called the geo vase it's,basically,these indoor floating terrariums where,you take dirt shells and plants and you,hang it up on your wall i think it looks,pretty cool and it's something that i,would hang up in my office myself so if,we go through the checklist we actually,have everything on this we have a good,title we have high quality images we,have a good description with high,quality grammar we have images in the,description and we have pricing that,makes sense along with product reviews,the way that this page is structured is,really simple so let's break it down the,first thing that i always include is a,headline the way i like to think of this,is trying to sell the product in just,one sentence so think about the main,benefit or thing that this is going to,provide and put that as your headline in,this case i put a unique way to bring,natural beauty to your home you could,say whatever you want for your products,but keep it short and straight to the,point next up i included a gif of the,product being set up to create gifts you,go to a website called giphy or jiffy,y'all can go down below in the comments,let me know how you think that's,pronounced i think that this just makes,the page look much cleaner especially on,mobile because you'll see on mobile it,starts out very visual and then once you,get to the description those images are,gone so we need to have something that,is loud and active and that's why i,include gifs and images in my,description the next thing i include is,some simple text explaining the product,now you don't want to make this long at,all this is about as long as i would,ever let it go typically we want to have,two to three little sections that,explain what this product is make sure,to bold some of the key points as well,because typically that's where people's,eyes are gonna default to and that's,what they're gonna read so even if they,didn't read anything else they're gonna,see that this is the perfect way to,bring life to your home and you can,transform your home's aesthetics with,the help of nature which is exactly what,this product does then i threw in,another image just to close off that,section so next up is the benefits,section the way i like to think of this,is if you are a door-to-door salesman,and you had to think of four things to,sell this product on what would they be,you need to write out those benefits,very clearly it's very important to,understand that we're not selling the,features of this product we're selling,the benefits that they're gonna get from,using it so in this case i could have,easily said,hang your plants from the wall,3m adhesive to stick to the wall,hexagon design but i tried to take it,and describe benefits that make the,product stand out and allow the customer,to understand why they should use it so,in this case i talk about achieving,tranquility basically that this product,is going to help them be zen and calm,down i talk about how this product will,become a centerpiece inside of their,house i talk about how they could design,their own masterpiece because it is a,terrarium so they can add their own,stuff in there and lastly i just put,that it's the ultimate choice out of the,four this is probably the weakest one,but it's still better than saying this,will look good on your wall after every,bullet point i add just a little one,sentence explanation going a little,further on that point and then we finish,out the page with another nice and clean,image as you can see at the bottom of,the page i just included some reviews,directly from aliexpress and that's,pretty much the exact product page,layout there's a couple extra things i,added on there to help me make a little,bit more money we'll talk about those,and then we'll finish up the video the,first thing i added is called quantity,breaks this is basically a discount,incentivizing them to buy multiple,products this works extremely well and,allows you to make a lot more money per,sale i also added a sticky add to cart,button which basically means while,they're scrolling on the website at any,point in time they can click buy it now,and get taken directly to the cart,inside of the cart i simply added a,countdown timer just for a small sense,of urgency and i added that upsell in,there again just so they can see that if,they add one more they're gonna get that,discount that's pretty much all there is,to it if you're still confused about all,this like i said before if you want to,see me building this store step by step,it's about an hour long video the link,for that is going to be down below thank,you guys so much for watching this video,i hope that you found some value from it,and just one more time thank you guys so,much for getting me to 50 000,subscribers i've been doing youtube ever,since i was a little kid and this was,always a goal that i had so let's,continue on to that road to 100k new,videos dropping every single friday hope,you have an amazing weekend and i'll see,you in the next video peace

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Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 2023 | Set up a Shopify Store in 13 Minutes

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 2023 | Set up a Shopify Store in 13 Minutes

in this shopify tutorial for beginners,i'm going to show you step by step how,to use shopify to build your own online,store from complete scratch so let's not,waste any time and get started the first,thing we're going to do is get us a,14-day free trial for shopify so go to,the description of this video and click,on the first link you find there or,simply go to forward,slash shopify here we can now claim our,free trial by signing up for a new,shopify account simply type in your,email and click on start free trial then,set your password and click on create,your store to save some time we're going,to skip the survey by clicking on skip,here you have to type in the name and,address of your business and then click,on enter my store,that will take us to the dashboard of,our new shopify store so let's start by,choosing a store theme on the left side,menu we click on online store and then,on themes currently the default theme on,shopify is the dawn theme which is not,bad but for this store i'm actually,going to choose a different one so we,scroll down and click on explore free,themes here you can now choose from 10,different themes that come with the,shopify plan you can take some time to,check out each of these themes for,yourself and then decide which one will,fit your business the best i'm going to,choose the brooklyn theme for this store,once the new theme has been added we can,click on actions and then publish and,now we can see that our current theme,has changed from the default one to the,new one we have just added,now we can go ahead and click on,customize to start building out our,store,here's where we can edit all of our,store pages like our home page product,pages collection pages and so on you can,also check how your store looks like on,different devices and screen sizes by,clicking on the desktop icon on the top,right and then choosing mobile phone for,example however we're going to make our,changes on desktop view,on the left side you can see the,structure of your current home page it,always starts with the header all the,way on the top and ends with a footer,which is all the way on the bottom and,in between is the content of the page by,default there are already some sections,on our homepage first we have a,slideshow section next we have a text,section a collection list a featured,collection a featured product and a,newsletter section we can also rearrange,these by dragging them up or down or we,can also delete sections by selecting it,and then clicking on remove section on,the bottom,if you want to add something new we can,simply click on add section on the left,side and choose what kind of content we,would like to add so let's now start,adding content to our homepage we're,going to start by adding a logo to our,header so we're going to select our,header on the left side and then click,on select image here i'm going to upload,my logo for this door and then click on,select,i'm also going to upload a white version,of this logo so that when there's a dark,background the logo will turn to white,to do that i'm going to upload the image,under transparent logo and now you can,see that the logo on my home page turned,to white but when i change to a,collection page for example it will turn,to black again so let's go back to our,homepage and move on we're going to,select our header again and then scroll,all the way down to the announcement bar,menu here i can change the announcement,text for the top of the website this is,a good place to put promotional messages,like for example giving a discount code,or simply putting something like free,shipping worldwide of course you can,also remove the announcement bar,altogether if you want to now we're,already done with the header and we can,move on with the next section of the,homepage which is the slideshow for the,sake of this tutorial i'm only going to,add one picture here so i'm going to,delete one slide by selecting it and,then clicking on remove block on the,bottom then i'm going to select the,remaining slide and click on select,image and then add my hero image which,is what people will see first when they,visit my store then i'll go to text,alignment and put the text all the way,to the right and we also want to change,our heading and subheading plus i also,want to add a shop now button so under,button link i'm just going to choose,collections all collections so that when,people click on that button they will,see all the product collections that we,will add later in the video however we,want to make it stand out a bit more so,i'm going to change the button color to,orange awesome the first part of our,home page is now finished now would be a,good time to save what we've done so far,so we're gonna click on save on the top,right so let's move on with the next,part which is our collection list this,is an overview of the different,collections that we have on our store by,selecting this section we can first,choose a name for our collection i'm,gonna name it find your style as i'm,building a watch store here i want to,have a men's collection and a women's,collection so i'm going to delete,collections until i only end up with two,separate collections and now we can,actually edit and populate these,collections in the back office of our,shopify account so we're going to right,click on the exit button on the top left,and then click on open link in a new tab,that will take us back to our shopify,dashboard,here we want to go to products and then,choose collections here i'm going to,delete the default collection that is,already set up by selecting it first and,then going to more actions and delete,collection then we're going to create a,new collection and we're going to name,this collection men's now we can add the,collection image on the right side under,collection type we're going to choose,manual because we're going to be,manually adding our products later and,then we can hit save now we can do the,same process for all of our other,collections once that's done we can now,put these collections on our home page,so let's go back to our editor and then,select the first collection in our,collection list and here we can assign,the corresponding collections so i'm,going to choose women's for the first,one,and then for the second one i'm gonna,choose men's and that's already it for,my collection list we can then move on,and also set up our feature collection,here i want to feature the products of,the new arrivals collection that i've,created before so i'm going to give it a,name and then select the new arrivals,collection however as you can see we,don't have any product set up yet so,this is what we're going to do next so,let's click on save and then go back to,our shopify dashboard here we want to go,to products and then all products,then we're going to add our first,product i'm going to name it minimalist,leather watch and i'm going to skip the,description for now to save some time,now we want to upload a nice product,image and also put the price of the,product and then also the available,quantity we have in stock under,inventory section if you want to you can,also go through the rest of these,options here and put in more information,about your product then we also want to,choose the collections that this product,belongs to so for this product i'm going,to add it to the men's collection and,also to the new arrivals collection and,now we can click on save and go back to,our products for all of our other,products we can now do the exact same,process once we've added all of our,products and we're ready to put them on,our store we need to change their status,from draft to active so we're going to,select all of our products click on more,actions and then set as active,now we can go back to our editor and now,we can see the three products that i've,just added to the new arrivals,collection,then let's move on and go to the feature,product section and then we're going to,select a specific product that we'd like,to feature on our home page for example,this smartwatch and now the last section,we have on our homepage is the,newsletter section for email marketing,which i haven't set up for the store yet,so i'm simply gonna remove this section,for now now we're gonna take a look at,the footer of our website here we want,to add links to all of our legal pages,of our website like our refund policy,terms of service and so on so first,we're going to go back to our shopify,dashboard,then click on settings on the bottom,left and then go into policies here we,can simply generate our policies using,the shopify templates all we need to do,is click on create from template for,each policy that we need however keep in,mind that these are just templates and,that it might be a good idea to read and,adjust them for your specific business,then we also want to add our shipping,policy great we're done setting up our,legal pages and now we need to make them,appear on our website footer so we're,going to go back to our shopify,dashboard then click on online store,navigation,footer menu,and here we can add and remove links on,our footer menu so first i'm going to,delete the search function because i,don't need it on my footer,then i'm going to click on add menu item,go to policies and here we can add each,of the policies that we have just,created,then click on save menu,now we can go back to our editor click,on save and then we can see all of our,legal pages in our footer we can now,also add our social media links by,selecting our footer then going to theme,settings and here we can easily add our,social media links which will then,appear in our footer,now we're almost done with our home page,the only thing that we haven't looked at,yet is the top menu which is the main,way our customers will navigate through,our online store,so to adjust this menu we have to go,back to our shopify dashboard again and,then go to online store navigation and,then click on main menu,and just like we've edited our footer,menu before here we can simply add and,delete links on our top menu for this,door i'm going to simply add links to,the men's and the women's collection and,also to the contact page which is,already set up by default once that's,saved we can go back to our editor save,and now we can see our customized menu,on top,awesome so now what we can do is play,with the overall style of our store,let's go to theme settings on the left,side,here's where you can match the design of,your new store to your brand colors and,fonts,under colors we can choose the default,colors for various elements on our page,and under typography we can change the,font of our website and under favicon we,can add our brand logo so that people,can see it in their browser when they,visit our store,then let's go to checkout and add our,logo to the checkout pages as well,awesome so let's make sure all of our,changes are saved and then we can also,take a look at the mobile version of our,store so let's go to the top right and,change from desktop view to mobile view,normally when we use a shopify theme,everything is already pretty much,optimized for mobile so we don't need to,adjust anything now we can also go,through the other pages like the product,page and the checkout page and make sure,everything looks awesome,great we're almost done with our new,store now we just need to go over some,important settings and then we'll be,ready to launch our store so let's go,back to our shopify dashboard,then we go to online store and then,preferences here we can enter our store,name and add a description so that,people can easily find it on google then,we can scroll down to password,protection this is where we need to,disable the password protection so that,people can actually visit our new store,however we can only disable our password,once we've chosen a shopify plan so,let's click on save and then pick a plan,i'm going to choose the basic shopify,plan for now and don't worry your credit,card will only be charged after your 14,day trial if you don't cancel your,subscription,so now that our plan is active we can go,back to online store and preferences,then scroll down and untick the password,protection then click save,perfect so now our new online store is,actually live and people can go and,visit our new website all we need to do,now is go through some more important,settings so we are ready to launch so,let's click on settings on the bottom,left under store details we want to make,sure to put the store name and also the,legal name of our business also go,through the other settings here and make,sure everything is correct,next we're going to go to payments where,we're going to set up our payment,providers to make sure we can get paid,if you want to use shopify payments,simply click on complete account setup,and type in your information you can,also scroll down and set up alternative,payment methods like for example stripe,which usually has less transaction fees,compared to shopify payments by default,customers will also be able to check out,using paypal if you don't want to have,paypal checkout on your store make sure,to deactivate paypal express checkout,now let's go to shipping and delivery,then under shipping let's go to manage,rates here is where we can decide on how,much we want to charge for shipping our,products i'm gonna make it easy for this,store and simply set up free shipping,worldwide,so let's delete the existing shipping,zones and then create a new shipping,zone,here we can create separate shipping,zones for different locations,for this store i'm gonna have free,shipping worldwide so i'm gonna simply,choose rest of the world here,then i'm gonna click on add rate name it,free shipping and choose zero dollars,next let's go to domains currently the,url of our new store still has the name,shopify in it which is pretty,unprofessional we want to make sure to,get this store on our own branded domain,so we want to either connect an existing,domain or we can simply buy a new domain,through shopify and connect it to our,online store,cool so now we have gone through the,most important settings and we can check,out how our new online store looks like,live so we can go back to our dashboard,and click on the little i icon next to,online store this will open up a preview,of our store where we can test the,customer experience and make sure,everything works perfectly and if it,does our new store is now ready to,launch

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