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How To Get Your Facebook Ads Approved | Quick Tipshey guys it's chris here and in this,video i'm goi

Chris Wane

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Get Your Facebook Ads Approved | Quick Tips

hey guys it's chris here and in this,video i'm going to talk about how to,avoid getting your facebook ads,disapproved,so if you're having trouble with ads,being denied and you can't figure out,why,then this video is for you okay so there,are many different reasons,why you can have your facebook ads,disapproved and it's something that,pretty much every single advertiser will,have to deal with at some point,and it can be very very frustrating,especially when you don't know why,your ads are being denied because let's,be honest,facebook aren't very clear when it comes,to their reasoning behind certain,decisions,and it may often seem like there's,nothing you can do to get your ad,approved,i've personally had many ads denied over,the years and i've lost,multiple ad accounts as well but having,to go through the process of learning,how to get around these systems the hard,way,i've learned there are always things you,can do to help prevent your ads from,getting denied,one of the most common reasons for ads,getting denied is because of,personalization in your,facebook ad copy whether that's either,in the headline or in the ad copy itself,facebook really doesn't want you to make,anything seem too personal,to their users so an easy way to avoid,this is to avoid direct questions,in your ad so avoid using words or,phrases that include things like you,or do you so you don't want to say,things like,are you looking for a way to blank or,do you want to blank because,using the word you makes the ad personal,like you are targeting that person,specifically which,in a purely marketing sort of point of,view you are,because you want to try and connect with,that prospect directly so using the word,you just seems like the most obvious,choice,but the thing is facebook doesn't like,that particularly when it's used with a,question that's aimed at them as an,individual,an example of this would be do you want,to solve your back pain,or are you looking for a way to get,white teeth,or something like do you struggle to,sleep at night,things like that now this doesn't mean,you can't use the word you,you can use it in sentences like make,sure you click the link below to sign up,or you don't want to miss out on this,special offer,because those phrases aren't aimed at,them personally,so a simple way to get around the,personalization issue,is just as short on the sentence so,instead of saying things like,do you struggle to sleep at night you,could just say,struggling to sleep at night question,mark making a simple change like that,will stop the ad getting denied the,reason why this will work is because,it's the algorithm that initially checks,the ads,not a human so if you can get past the,algorithm on your ads then you should be,alright,so the trick is to just slightly change,the wording to make the ad seem a lot,less personal in the eyes of facebook,now i know that goes against best,marketing practices because you want to,ask questions to connect with your ideal,customers or your ideal clients pain,points,but sometimes you just have to change it,up a little if you want to run ads on,facebook,another way of changing the ad copy is,to focus on the benefits of the product,so instead of saying something like do,you struggle to sleep at night,you could just instead focus on the,benefits of the product that you're,trying to sell,and how it solves that problem for the,customer so you could say something like,our product will help improve your sleep,which will increase your energy levels,during the day this will still connect,with the people who are struggling to,sleep because the benefits of your,product solves that problem,but you're not talking to them directly,which means this type of ad will be,approved,in essence you just have to be a bit,smarter than the algorithm,and you can get most ads approved,through the platform personalization is,just something the algorithm can easily,pick up on,and that's likely to lead to issues down,the road for you for your ads for your,ad accounts,and it's just not worth the hassle so,the personalization tip is just a quick,and simple tip,that's easy to implement if you're,having issues with your ads being denied,so if you find that your facebook ads,keep getting disapproved,then try and add copy your headline that,has no personalization in it,and focus more on the benefits of your,product or your service,hopefully that tip was useful if it was,then please make sure you drop a like on,the video,and comment below with any tips or,tricks that you found when advertising,on the facebook ads platform,also if you're looking for more help,with your facebook advertising,specifically for dropshipping and,e-commerce,then there's a link in the description,below that will let you book a quick,call with me and my team,so we can discuss whether it makes sense,for us to work together at a higher,level in order to grow your business,further,if you're interested in having a quick,chat then just click the link in the,description down below,and book in your free call and let's see,how we can help you there's also a bunch,of other useful links in the description,that will help you,grow your business so make sure you,check them out as well but with that,being said,that's the end of this one i hope you,enjoyed it i'll catch you in the next,one,you

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How To Get Your Facebook Ads Approved Faster - Hernan Vazquez

How To Get Your Facebook Ads Approved Faster - Hernan Vazquez

welcome once again thank you guys for,joining me hope that you guys are doing,great and the main point is to tell you,guys a little bit about how to make your,Facebook advertising better or in other,words how to actually you know work out,or what to do when your Facebook ads are,now getting approved so whenever you're,getting an an account or a facebook ad,account a Facebook ad that it's not,going to prove then how you fix that all,right and this comes kind of in a way or,in a time where it's kind of weird like,this being kind of weird times you know,during the whole corona thing or,whatever kind of Facebook wasn't as,helpful as we would want it to be when,it comes to you know advertising in fact,a lot of people were having their an,account shut down a lot of people are,having their their business accounts you,know banned or they were having their an,accounts their ads disapproved for kind,of weird reasons right and lately I,would say over the past week or so,Facebook has been cranking that up and,then usually means that they're rolling,out some sort of new or some sort of way,of shape or form of new policy so what,happens in that case is that a lot of,ads even ads that were perfectly fine,running like two weeks ago or even a,year ago or even six months ago they,become disapprove right so what do you,do like how do you cope with that what,do you want to do or what do you need to,do and and funny enough I came across,this article by Mollie Pittman and Ezra,Firestone malicious became the CEO I,would believe of Astra Firestone's,company and they were they went live on,a zoom call talking about what to do,when you get a Facebook ad disapproved,and and how do you fix that and you know,it's funny because I've been kind of,saying the same for the longest time and,usually it doesn't have to do with what,you're running on facebook of course,there's some stuff that you cannot run,on Facebook like you cannot say anything,to claim me you cannot say anything too,weird there's a lot of niches that are,not allowed on facebook at this point,but here's the kicker usually the most,vanilla type of advertising and you know,super compliant advertising will,actually go down now what do you need to,do is to buckle up and,start appealing and you need to start,appealing until they give your an,account back or your they reinstate your,Facebook Ads so for instance I was,talking to a client and he was going,through these problems and I went,through his ads and you know everything,that he said was great everything that,he said was was actually pretty good and,there wasn't any like compliance issues,right there and what I'd like to do,before and you know working with a,client or before running a Pheo client,is to actually go through his entire,funnel and check their ads in case,they're running any ads and do some sort,of policy review if you would like a,policy audit right again I'm not an,expert but I do not work for Facebook,but I kind of know and I usually tend to,err on the on the side of caution right,I tend to learn instead of caution I,tend to be really conservative with the,ads that I'm running I'm not like out,there saying yeah like click here and,you will make a million dollars in five,minutes that's not the type of,advertising that I'd like to run or the,type of advertising that you know I,recommend my clients to run so I'm,pretty conservative with that so,basically what I do is like a policy,review of all of these funnels and what,happens is that you know nine times out,of ten I'll ask people to change stuff,on their funnels before even launching,their ads like I'll personally ask,people to change their stuff around on,their funnels just before even like,running one ad and the reason why is,because we want to be as compliant as,possible but even so even still like I I,know this super high level media buyers,I know the super head level accountant,you know people that run like super high,account super high spent getting hit,with this approvals as well wait again,ads that have been perfectly fine for,the past six months to a year so what do,you do in those cases is you want to,appeal as much as possible and and,that's pretty much the only thing that,you that you can do and the only thing,that you should be doing if your ads are,compliant again if you're doing anything,crazy if you're doing any crazy income,claims if your ad seems too spammy if,your landing page seems too spammy,because it's not just about the ads it's,about the landing page as well right,what you're saying the wording and all,of that if you're promising stuff you,need to have a huge disclaimer on all of,your pages even if you're offering,something for free and at that point you,will be able to appeal and appeal an,appeal appeal like a lot of people get,discouraged,frustrated after like the first time,that they tell you hey these decision is,final,you know usually it's not that final so,you want to keep on appealing as much as,possible so that's basically what you,want to do go ahead and appeal as much,as possible if you have an in and and,you know you can chat with them so if,you have an in go ahead and use that in,but usually it's just a matter of,appealing you can contact Facebook,support which was in existent when I,started running ads like six years ago,we didn't have any support any support,at all you couldn't talk to a human,being now you can if you cannot through,chat you can through email but there is,the opportunity and possibility for you,to talk to a human being so that is,something that you want to do go ahead,and appeal as much as possible please,clean all of your copy first clean all,of your ad copy all of your landing page,copy and whatnot and if you want me to,review if your stuff is compliant go,ahead and join the no BS advertising,Club it's super inexpensive and it will,save you a lot of headaches because one,of the things that we do in there is,policy compliant audit so you know again,I do not work for Facebook but I can,tell you my opinion on why stuff might,not get approved why stuff might get,disapprove and all of that so I hope,that this helps if you have any,questions feel free to reach out go to,no BS advertising duck club to learn,more about the no BS advertising club,I'll see you guys soon bye

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