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How I Make $3,092/Week With FREE Traffic On Shopify (No Ads)trying to run ads as a new shopify store

Jordan Welch

Updated on Jan 24,2023

How I Make $3,092/Week With FREE Traffic On Shopify (No Ads)

trying to run ads as a new shopify store,owner can get expensive,really fast but thankfully there's a few,ways to get sales for,a hundred percent free and from using,these methods i'm generating an extra,three thousand dollars a week with my,shopify store,in this video i'm going to share my,exact free traffic methods,and how you can set them up yourself and,start making sales,this week if you're new here my name is,jordan and i'm currently documenting the,entire process,of growing my e-commerce brand so if,you're interested in starting your own,online store and you want to support,your boy make sure to subscribe for new,videos,every single friday all right let's get,started before we get into the methods i,just want to show you the results that,i'm generating using these,so let's take a look so this is my,profit dashboard on shopify and as you,can see in the last seven days,my store generated around twenty nine,thousand dollars in sales,with seventy two hundred dollars in,profit now some of these orders,obviously came from my ads,but if you look at my analytics app,which shows where my traffic comes from,and where i'm getting sales,you'll actually see that the ads only,contributed for sixty percent of the,sales,there's another thirty to forty percent,of sales that is coming from free,traffic,if you look this first method has,brought me in three thousand dollars,the second method four hundred and,ninety dollars and the third method,almost twelve hundred dollars,and this is all without spending any,money on ads so what are these three,methods the first method that i'm using,to generate free traffic is affiliate,influencers now you might not know what,this,is but it's really easy to set up and,i'm gonna explain it to you in full,detail,the second method is viral content on,instagram and tick tock,this method is wildly underrated and,surprisingly easy to set up,as long as you have a little bit of work,ethic and i'm even going to show you a,brand that's doing six figures a month,with primarily viral content and next to,no ads,and the last method is organic search,traffic on google alright let's begin,with the first method,affiliate influencers basically all this,is is sending out your product for free,to influencers that have a small to,medium sized following on youtube,along with the product you provide them,with a link that gets them 20 to 30,commissions on every sale that they,generate this is exactly what amazon,does with their affiliate program,and this program generates billions of,dollars per year for amazon,there is a ton of people who make these,type of videos and,they're constantly searching for new,content as long as your product is,somewhat cool and unique,there's a very high chance that they're,actually going to be interested in doing,a review,you're helping them out in two ways,you're giving them a product that they,can make a video off of and you're,providing them with a link that they can,make money with,ideally you want to look for smaller,channels that don't have a big following,because they're easier to get in contact,with and they're not going to press you,about a big upfront payment,this guy's actually a really good,example road gear reviews i just saw him,on the search tab here,so this is a great example of one of his,videos he literally put the product link,and his special discount code right,there and he's making affiliate,commissions,on every sale this is an absolute,no-brainer way to make sales without,spending any money on,ads you're gonna have some failed,attempts people aren't gonna reply to,you they're not gonna hit you back,but all it takes is five to ten people,that post videos about your product,for you to be consistently making fifty,to a hundred dollars a day,with no ad the app that i use to manage,all this is called go affiliate pro,and if we look at the dashboard you'll,see that in the last 24 hours,i made around 196 and in the last seven,days i made around a thousand bucks,just from these free affiliate videos so,don't sleep on this method,take some time write out a list of the,top 50 people that might promote your,product,and start hitting them up today when it,comes to viral content this is something,that i'm still getting better at,but there is so much potential if you,have even an ounce of creativity i know,you guys are sitting watching tick tock,videos for at least 30 minutes to an,hour a day,and there's so many trends that are,popping off every single week,if you're able to ride these trends and,attach it to your product in a creative,way,and you hit that for you page you can,take your brand to the next level,without spending a penny on ads message,i think the best example that i've seen,of this,recently is from this brand called zen,bodies they sell this shower head that,has been around in the drop shipping,space for,years it's nothing innovative but they,make these really sick pieces of content,check this one out,you see this we want this we love this,we need this but this,yeah we don't need that they're,literally just going off the trend from,other videos but they're relating it to,their product,so it fits with the tick tock landscape,but it also markets and sells their,product,this is another perfect example of them,riding a trend they're literally taking,a style of video that's already working,on tick tock and applying it to their,product,you get the point like i said this is,something that i'm still trying to,master,but this alone is making me an extra 100,to 300,a week and is super underrated tick tock,literally shows you the trends that are,going viral every single week,you just have to take them and apply it,to your own brand i would highly,recommend that you guys go check out,this brand zen bodies and get some,inspiration from them because they are,absolutely killing it and then for the,last method i'm using organic search,traffic this is basically people that,are just looking up your brand and,trying to find your product,now the other two methods that i shared,fuel this one,if you crack the code on those two,people are going to be looking up your,brand,constantly because they're not going to,be able to get away from it the best tip,i can give for this,is using a unique brand name that,doesn't have much competition if your,brand name is,very similar to a competitor that's,doing well it's gonna be so difficult to,rank and compete with him your goal is,ideally to rank on the first page for,your brand name,and for the type of product that you're,selling this just happens over time from,running your business and getting more,traffic but there's a couple things that,you can do to accelerate the process,this app right here called seo optimizer,is super helpful,it literally adds a bunch of different,things to your site that gets it to rank,higher in google,just like that and also a real cheat,code is getting as many people as,possible to post your product,because what happens when somebody posts,your product on a youtube video or a,blog post,is that google creates a back link for,your product,the more back links that you have the,more trust that your brand has in the,eyes of google,and the higher that they're going to,rank your product so hopefully you can,now see how these all go hand in hand,you should be sending your product out,to influencers hoping for them to review,it,you should be making viral content to,build your brand identity,and get it to blow up and in turn people,are gonna know about your brand,when they search for it they're gonna be,able to see people reviewing it so it's,legit,and you're gonna pop up on google which,creates this perfect storm,that allows you to make a bunch of money,from free traffic now none of this can,happen overnight,and that's the benefit of running paid,traffic if you launch a facebook ad,you can start getting sales as soon as,30 minutes to an hour,but not everybody has the money for that,so this is a great way to get started,with free traffic for your store there's,one more bonus tip that i want to share,with you guys that's actually making me,a couple hundred bucks a month one of my,friends created this app called social,snowball,that actually turns your customers into,affiliate basically after somebody buys,the product,they get an exclusive discount link that,they can share with their friends,so they can start making money selling,your product right away and as you can,see it's actually made me an extra 300,in the last 30 days without doing any,work at all so it's not going to make,you a million dollars or anything like,that but it's a pretty cool tool to have,on your store,and free money so those are my favorite,free traffic methods for making money on,shopify,i hope you enjoyed this video if you did,give me a thumbs up and subscribe for,new videos every single friday stay,tuned because i've got some really,awesome video ideas coming this month,and i cannot wait to share them with you,guys so i hope you have a great weekend,i'll see you guys next friday peace,you

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HOW I'm DROPSHIPPING $13,000/Week with NO MONEY (new) - Shopify 2022

HOW I'm DROPSHIPPING $13,000/Week with NO MONEY (new) - Shopify 2022

all right what is up guys econ valley,here and welcome back to yet another,video on my channel so today guys i'm,gonna be talking about my store and i'm,gonna be talking about our insane,advertising method for how we're running,free ad for zero dollars for completely,free we're scaling our ads using this,insane strategy probably the opa,strategy i found across all of,e-commerce and last video you guys asked,me to show you guys the process of,actually posting these free ads and,getting all of this traffic as you guys,can see we've scaled the store to six,figures for completely free without,using and over 7 000 sessions without,any money spent on ads literally zero,dollars spent on ads but yeah today i'm,going to be showing you guys the,craziest ad strategy for completely free,if you manage to use it,on your product and it works you can,just keep scaling this and you get your,results instantly get results on day one,but yeah before we get into this insane,ad strategy that i'm gonna show you guys,i promise you haven't seen this anywhere,before i don't see any other youtubers,dropshipping youtubers talking about,this i don't even see many dropshippers,taking advantage of this right now and,it's still so unsaturated it's crazy how,unsaturated this strategy is and how,many products there are left to be,tested,and you get your results instantly using,this method you literally get your,results on day one so there isn't much,of a process that really goes into this,there isn't that much work that goes in,there isn't that much consistency as,opposed to like tick tick-tock organic,ads or even some paid platforms require,a lot of consistency but yeah with this,strategy you really get your results on,day one and i'm going to show you guys,exactly why that is in a minute and,there's a lot of winning products out,there and there's just so many niches,using this strategy it's just so,unsaturated i mean i see very very few,people taking advantage of this,and yeah you're going to be mind blown,so be sure to stay tuned for that for,the people who are already um familiar,with this method and have been,subscribed to my channel for the past,few videos i'm going to be showing you,guys exactly how to post the ad and i'm,going to be showing you guys my own ads,today but yeah before we get into it,just a quick overview of the website to,my previous subscribers i've already,showed you guys this this is my best,winning website within one month we've,managed to scale these numbers and get,this much traffic onto the store now,seven thousand sessions is actually not,that much traffic the reason why we've,managed to scale to such crazy numbers,using only 7 000 sessions is because you,can actually see that our average order,value so basically the,our product is very high ticket so even,though we didn't have you can see not,that many orders we only had like 200,orders which is is amazing don't get me,wrong but it's nothing crazy it's,nothing off the charts even with just a,simple amount of orders like this 200 we,managed to scale six figures because we,were using a high ticket product,now that's very important when you're,using this ad strategy you want to try,to aim for higher ticket products,because the amount of traffic you're,going to be getting is capped there is a,limit to it and i'm going to be showing,you guys that in a second but yeah,average conversion rate here i think the,average is actually around 3.5 so um we,might be a little under average here but,you can see that we had a high returning,customer rates so customers did enjoy,the product and they did indeed come,back to buy more what i really wanted to,show you guys here is you can see our,sessions by traffic source so basically,how people found our website how people,reach their website you can see that the,number one highest sessions was from,direct and the reason why is because,this ad strategy that i'm about to show,you guys right now which is absolutely,insane craziest ad strategy i've ever,found throughout my entire four-year,journey in ecom um this actually uses,the direct ad traffic source so that's,why you can see we had some from search,just google search norm just natural seo,ranking we didn't even pay for it we,just ranked on google search naturally,because people were talking about us and,you can also see we've had some from,social so again just natural instagram,facebook or social media is getting some,traction,but you can see for the most part almost,all of the traffic was from this direct,source this direct source which i'm,going to be showing you guys in a second,and yes you can see that direct,accounted for almost we'll just say,almost all of our sales it's like,around 90 so yeah almost all of our,sales was from this ad strategy but yeah,without any further ado let's actually,get into it so the ad strategy that i'm,i've been talking to you guys about is,actually classified ads now if you guys,don't know what classified ads websites,are they're basically websites like,kijiji craigslist gumtree facebook,marketplace there's so many of them that,you can take advantage of using this,strategy so yeah you can see right here,offer up this is one of the best ones,for people who are in america and,websites like these are getting millions,and millions at least i know for,off-road and kijiji um there's hundreds,of them out there but for offer up in,kijiji i know they're getting millions,tens of millions actually per month,visits so that's millions of people that,you can advertise your product and your,store to for completely free all right,so let's just search for just chair just,as a simple example let's just search,for a chair,so yeah as you can see if we search up,chair there's all these normal people,trying to resell their own chairs,um that's basically what this is a,classified ads website it's a website,where you can resell your used products,so normal ordinary people are going to,be reselling their used products here,and we can take advantage of that by,coming in between them it actually looks,like these guys are doing it right here,right now because they have a logo here,um usually it's only businesses yeah,exactly usually it's only businesses,that have the logo normal people who are,trying to resell their um like chairs,and stuff they don't go put in the time,to put in a logo you can see here that,what these guys are doing is yeah this,is my first time seeing this ad i just i,completely guessed i've never seen this,ad before but yeah they're doing the,exact same thing that we're doing,they're just linking their website in,the description and you can also kijiji,has this but other classified ads,platforms don't have this it's an option,to actually put a button that links it,directly to your website so if you click,on this it's going to take us to their,website where they're selling this chair,yeah exactly um looks like they're lying,about the price too it's 850 here when,it was um oh no it was 850 here too okay,so all good so yeah this is exactly the,method that we would use to get all of,this traffic now i'm gonna show you guys,our ads in a second so here's two ads,that i literally posted 10 days ago i,literally just posted these ads and just,left them and um what you can see is,that they got a normal amount of views,and you can see that they've been pushed,back all the way to page 12 and page 11,and the reason why this happens is,because new people come and they post,ads with the same you know product like,similar products similar names and then,ours gets pushed down the feed so kind,of like on instagram how when you first,post your you know your new picture it's,at the very top of the feed and over,time it like goes down on the feet so,it's the same exact process here and,that's why i say you get your results,instantly using this method because the,first day that you post your ad is,actually the best performing day because,you're going to be right on page one so,right now we're on page 12. no one has,seen this product anymore all these 700,views and 60 replies that i got and by,the way that happens a lot of times,people are going to be replying to you,leaving messages you just got to send,them a message back redirect them to,your website just give them your website,link and then just and now i'm actually,not selling these products these could,be good products to sell i haven't tried,it out i literally just this is how i,would test products i would just come,and post them without even having the,website ready i would just compost the,products here with the title and just,see how it performs because there's a,lot of products that just don't have,high search demand and you can see here,this is this is good performance right,within 10 days getting a thousand views,um 80 replies and this is only in,toronto by the way this is only in the,city of toronto in my last video i,showed you guys how you can post these,ads in every single city in the country,and if you're using offer up you can,post it in every single city in the,united states you can post it in la you,sit in new york you can post it all,across the country so more and more,people view it,and yeah so this is like average,performance what's more important is,that you go and actually in depth look,at the replies you got not everyone is,going to be replying a lot of,conversions that we would get we,wouldn't even they wouldn't even reply,they would actually see the link that we,would put it in the description um but a,lot of people don't see the link to your,website that you put in the description,so they are going to be replying like,asking hey how can i buy this like is,their website or something you just need,to answer them and that's basically how,you can tell if it's a winning product,or not just looking at your replies see,if people are really like ready to buy,this product or if they're trying to if,they're trying to lowball you and talk,you down like most of the replies are,all trying to talk you down um then that,might not be a winning product right or,at least at the price that you're,listing it at it might not be a winning,product so yeah it's important to check,what the replies are not just if you got,like you know 100 replies that doesn't,mean anything what are the actual,replies are people trying to talk you,down do people not agree with this price,did people not like this product or are,people actually ready to buy this,product so yeah depending on the,performance you get without even,building your website without even,putting your link in the description you,can actually assume if a product is,going to work well or not so yeah now,this did give pretty decent results this,might actually be a winning product i,haven't tried this one out yet guys i,have so many products on my plate right,now me and my partner that i'm doing,this with um we have a whole criteria of,how we're choosing products using this,method and we have a bunch of products,laid down that we know for sure are,going to work so that's why i'm not,testing out these products right now,these ones because,i honestly just don't have time there's,so many products on my plate but for you,guys i'm telling you this method is,super unsaturated there's a lot of room,left here i don't know how much longer,it's gonna be like this for if um you,know these drop shipping youtubers start,talking about it a lot and the word,actually gets out about this method um,it will probably end fast so you have,maybe a couple more months left max,before this actually gets saturated but,right now it's super unsaturated a lot,of winning products left a lot of them,and without any further ado let me,actually show you guys the process for,posting the ads um this is obviously not,my main ad account this is not my main,kijiji ad account um i'm not going to,show you guys my main ad account because,then you'll see my you know my main,winning product and obviously i'm not,going to give that out to you guys,because it's still working and i'm,selling it but i'm going to show you,guys the entire process so you can go,out and find your own winning products,using the strategy so yeah basically,we'd click on post an ad let's just say,we're selling a microphone all right,let's say that's our product we're,deciding to drop ship a microphone so,obviously you put a way better title,than this don't just now this is just an,example um obviously you should try your,best to fit in as many unique selling,propositions in the title right away,while you can one thing we would,actually do is we would put stuff like,you know limited sale and stuff like,that at the end of it just to create,some urgency for the customer so you can,try to create some urgency throughout,the title the title is very important,the title and the picture are the first,thing the customers are gonna see so,yeah once you've chosen your title um,it's gonna bring the categories up for,you we're in buy and sell and then we're,in computer accessories and you can see,uh headsets and mics they're right here,so that's our product we're gonna choose,this category um now you're gonna put,for sale by business,the only difference this makes is it,just shows,um on your ad if it's owned by business,or by a personal owner like a person and,this is actually really good because if,it says it's owned by business right,away you know instant trust created for,your customers as opposed to if it's,that it was owned by a private,individual go ahead and click these two,so offering drop-off and delivery and,offering to ship the item um we don't,offer curbside pickup because we're drop,shipping our products so i don't check,that one but you could honestly check,that one it really doesn't make a,difference it doesn't mean that much,these are just small like check marks,you're gonna be having on the corner of,your ad i don't even think people look,at these to be honest with you but yeah,offer cashless payment that's the only,thing we offer so go ahead and select,that and then condition always put your,condition on you and now the description,here's where it gets really important,you can always do more stuff like prices,include tax and shipping you know stuff,like that now this is a little bit,sloppy obviously i'm not putting in my,best effort here this is just an example,try your best to make this look as nice,as possible for our actual winning,product we made it a lot longer than,this right in between these two we put,in the description of the actual,products so very good,quality microphone,with whatever whatever you know you want,a long description like this like about,is this long now here's the most,important part once you have your,selling points and your description in,between them you want to put um now,everyone does this differently the,competitor that i just showed you guys,that was selling that chair that was,selling that nice comfortable um office,chair they were doing it a little bit,differently than this um you can do it,so many different ways but here's the,simplest way to do it just put available,at and then go ahead and put in your,website link so,,and then you want to take this and you,want to copy and paste this throughout,the ad just in case if they don't see it,the first time they eventually see it,now for photos go ahead put the product,photo in here and um scroll down so,location now here's the beauty about,this strategy is you can scale it across,entire countries across so many,different locations so the best,performing one is obviously going to be,the most populated one usually so like,toronto,oh actually um you need to put a postal,code for it to come up so you can't just,put toronto you put a postal code inside,of toronto and you can see here boom,posted in city of toronto now you can,change this you can choose whichever,city you want and you can repost the,same ads in multiple different cities,and this is what causes an absolute,explosion this is how we got our 7000,sessions so easily this is how you can,get so many more sessions to your,website now you can go ahead and put,your phone number if your business does,have one this is optional you don't have,to and then um you'll go ahead and put,in your email it's gonna for me it's,already there now a lot of people,actually asked me about these on my last,video they asked me if they should be,buying top ad you know urgent ad,website url all this kind of stuff so,this is what i was talking about first,off where you could put a button to your,website on the actual post you do have,to pay five bucks for this um and it's,only for 60 days so it's not even,permanent but this is actually not,required this might seem very important,but it's not that important at all in,fact in the beginning when we were doing,this method we would keep using this,because we thought it was so important,to have a button linking to your website,but once we actually removed this once,we tested it out and we removed this and,we only kept our website in the,description as a link um our sales,didn't change by that much so yeah,honestly personally i,at first i thought this would have,definitely made a big difference but it,really doesn't it doesn't make that big,of a difference as for top ad though top,ad definitely makes a big difference top,ad basically makes it so you just stick,to the top of the search results and the,reason why we don't buy these anymore,either is because you can actually,achieve the same exact thing as top hat,by just reposting your ads so once your,ads go down on the pages once they get,lost um you can just delete them and,repost the exact same ad everything the,exact same and it will just move you,back up to page one again so you can,just keep doing that instead of buying,top hats so really there isn't any point,in buying any of these but if you guys,want to it's so cheap like compared to,buying paid ads this is so cheap it,doesn't even matter like i think we,threw it in there every once in a while,we'll just buy one of these we'll throw,it in there it's not mandatory at all,but um,it's up to you and then yeah just go,ahead and click on post your ad but yeah,i hope you guys enjoyed this video and,um make sure to drop a like if you did,and also subscribe to my channel i'm,gonna be coming out with more and more,content like this free content,completely free for you guys thanks for,watching this video and i'll see you,guys later peace

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