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HOW TO FIND SAVED DRAFTS ON FACEBOOK THE MOST ACCURATE WAY? (2020)hello guys um,ever wonder where to

Tatzkie Potatie

Updated on Jan 21,2023


hello guys um,ever wonder where to find those,unpublished,posts or what you call drafts on,facebook,so uh today i'm gonna help you locate,them,i'm gonna show you how to find it,if you ever seen videos saying that you,can locate it here,it's wrong so facebook has been updated,and the process is now different so this,is how,you could actually locate your,unpublished post or draft,in facebook so first what you're going,to do here,is you would have to create,another post but your intention is just,to save it onto draft as well so you can,type anything,or maybe we could say,where to find,my threats,something like that so you're not going,to post it,you would have to click this,arrow on the upper left corner of the,screen,it's gonna go back and then,right below this is going to pop up,there's,three options save as draft discard,post or continue editing,so you have to click on save as draft,and it says here you'll receive a,notification with your draft,so let's tap it,and then there you should receive,a notification says your draft was saved,tap to make changes,so you have to tap that,and then it's going to show you the most,recent post that you made,but how am i going to find the,uh the draft that i'm going to post,so you have to click that,arrow again the upper left corner,and then there you'll see the list of,your post,and the drafts so the first one here,is one that i just created earlier just,to find,this this page so that we could get,right into this page,and then this is the post that i'm,looking for,the second one so you'll see their,unpublished draft,with the pick so what you're going to do,here is you have to tap,or click that three dots at the right,side,of the post and then you'll see here,discard,draft or open draft so this card if you,would like to delete it from the list,and open if you would like to continue,posting it,so i i just created this post like an,hour ago,so let's click open,and then there you'll see this,long post that i created earlier and i'm,about to post it,says in progress we'll just wait for,that to be published,and that's it that's how you locate,your unpublished drafts,on facebook i hope this video helps,thanks for watching,you

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how to find Facebook Drafts 2021 | how to find drafts on Facebook 2021 | F HOQUE |

how to find Facebook Drafts 2021 | how to find drafts on Facebook 2021 | F HOQUE |

hello friends welcome back to my iphone,youtube channel hopes you were good,friends today i'm going to show you that,how to find drafts on facebook app,friends sometimes you try to post,something on facebook,but you didn't finish your post and you,saved,as a draft so that you can post later on,so to find out drafts on facebook please,watch the whole video,and if you didn't subscribe my youtube,channel yet please subscribe now and,press the bell icon to get next video,notifications,friends to stay tuned with me please,like my facebook page also,you'll get the link in description box,and i'm coming to you,after intro,friends to find drafts on facebook you,have to open your facebook from your,mobile,then you write something to post so,click on what's on your mind here,then you have to write something here so,i'm right hello,good morning,now i'll not post this one i have to go,back from here,so click on go back then you'll see,interface like this,and here you'll find three options save,as draft,discard post continue editing right if,you want to continue,to write then you have to click on,continue editing,if you want to cancel the post you have,to click on discard post,but if you want to use this post later,on then you have to click on,save as draft so i want to use this post,later on that's why i'll click on,save as draft so click on here then,within a few seconds you'll get your,notifications,again i want to write something on post,so click on here,then you could write here so i want to,write thank you,then i want to go back from here,then i want to click on save as draft so,click on here,and after few minutes i will receive a,notifications so i have to wait here,until getting the notifications so wait,few minutes here,still i didn't receive any notifications,so i have to wait few more minutes to,wait here,friends it is taking too much time to,get notifications,before i tried to post something and i,didn't post,i make it save as draft so before i got,any notifications,so i'll click on the notifications and,you will receive,same notifications like this so click on,notifications,so i'll scroll down because i post that,on sunday this one my friends,you have a draft saved same this,notifications you'll receive another one,so you have to click on this,notifications then you'll see interface,like this,and you have to go back from here and,here,you'll find all the drafts what you,saved before,and it will expire within three days,after saving,so now if you want to post you have to,click on it like i want to post,first one so click on here and it will,come on the page like this,if you want to edit something you can,edit and after that you have to click on,post,then again go back and see my friends,this one will expire within one day,right,so if you want to post this one you have,to click on here,then if you want to edit something you,can edit here,then you can make it post so friends,in this way you can find drafts on,facebook,friends to find drafts on facebook if,you face any problem feel free to ask me,in comment box,i'll try to give answer as soon as,possible friends if this video helpful,to you please like share comment and,especially,subscribe my youtube channel and press,the bell icon to get next video,notifications,thank you for watching this video till,then take care bye bye,you

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