how to get rid of taboola ads

Taboola Ads Tutorial | Everything You Need to Know (Complete 2022 Guide for Beginners) hey guys yvon

Ivan Mana

Updated on Jan 08,2023

Taboola Ads Tutorial | Everything You Need to Know (Complete 2022 Guide for Beginners)

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Taboola Ads Tutorial | Everything You Need to Know (Complete 2022 Guide for Beginners)

hey guys yvonne here at and,in this video i want to do a complete,tabula tutorial in 2022. tabula is one,of the most popular native ad platforms,you can use to run your ads which can,reach millions of people on millions of,different websites a really really cool,opportunity to reach your target,audience and make a lot of money if you,haven't tried native ads before so the,ads will look something like this you,can have you know some copy at the top,you can have some copy on the sides as,you scroll down you see ads here these,are native ads right so i'm gonna show,you exactly how to do this your ads can,also show up at the bottom of the page,so if i scroll down to the very bottom,of this page they don't have the ads but,it would look something like this where,it would say sponsored links by tabula,in the top right or bottom right and,there will just be a bunch of pictures,and a bunch of ads and i'm gonna show,you exactly how to do it here step by,step in my own new table account that i,created so buckle up make sure to hit,like and subscribe so you stay tuned to,my future content and let's get straight,into it so the first thing you guys are,going to want to do is have some sort of,website that you're promoting all right,so i'm going to assume that you either,have an affiliate site you want to,promote or ideally your own landing page,your own website so i'm going to close,out of these tabs and over here we'll be,using my unbounce page called,synergyspanish so this is the page that,we'll be promoting it's one of the pages,i created in one of my previous videos,to show you how to make money online and,if you are looking for a landing page,builder i strongly suggest on bounce i,have been using them for about four,years now they are my favorite builder,out of the 10 or so that i tried so if,you guys head over to,on bounce i give you a 14 day free trial,and 20 off on your first three months up,to a year if you sign up so definitely,an exclusive offer you can't get,anywhere else so again if you're looking,for a landing page builder i would say,unbalance is the way to go but this is,step one make sure you have some page,you want to promote next you're gonna,head over to so just head,over to sign up the process,is pretty straightforward pretty simple,to create an account you will have to go,in and verify your email they might ask,you to enter your website right away as,you sign up so just go in and enter,either your affiliate site that you want,to promote,or enter in your own website but don't,put too much emphasis on that because,the first thing you want to do once you,actually reach this interface once you,confirm your email is scroll to the,bottom and just deselect it so pause,this campaign and the reason for that is,when they ask you to create a campaign,when you're first just setting up your,account you don't see all the options,you don't have much optimization and,selection for what to do and all the,different options you can have for,targeting so i strongly suggest that you,pause it or even delete it if you want,and we're just going to create a brand,new campaign here from start to finish,all right i'm also going to show you how,to set up tracking as well how to set up,the pixel on your website if you have it,so the first thing we're gonna do here,is head over and click on create in the,top right and by the way you might see,this option here if you're completely,new which is what i have i started a,brand new account so just make sure you,go through these steps so add a payment,method we're going to create a campaign,together we're going to launch a,campaign together,complete your account setup if you have,it um well actually we're going to do,this too this is the pixel setup so,don't worry about that i'm just going to,close it,and what you're going to do is click on,create here and tabula has made their,interface much easier over the years and,we're going to click on campaign,it used to be much more frustrating to,work with i would say not as,straightforward now it's pretty pretty,straightforward pretty easy to work with,so don't worry about this option here we,will set up a pixel together after we,create the campaign so the first thing,we're going to do here is enter our,campaign name so the product we're,promoting here is synergy spanish all,right this is just our sample product,that we're going to promote,so we're gonna type in synergy spanish,and then for the brand name so this is,what will show up,below the ad right so below the title,it's gonna say add by,the name and so we're gonna just i'm,going to control c and paste it here so,the name of this product i want to be,synergy spanish next we're going to,choose a goal all right so if you want,to collect emails you're going to select,lead generation if you want to focus on,sales right away you're going to select,purchase if you want to focus on website,clicks and getting as much traffic as,possible you're going to go with website,engagements,if you want to reach as many humans as,possible if you have a new product you,want to share it with the world you,would go with brand awareness and if you,have a mobile app you will go with,mobile app installs for the purpose of,this video we're going to go with,website engagement and what this does,really is a tabula is going to target,people that are more likely to do any of,these things so if you select website,engagement tabula is going to target,people who are more likely to click on,your site and engage with your ad,whereas for example if you select lead,generation tabula is going to target,people more likely to sign up to your,email list or whatever it is you have go,in there next we're going to scroll down,and this is where you can set the budget,so you can set either a daily budget a,monthly budget or a lifetime budget and,then you would set the bid so we're,going to go with daily budget let's say,i don't want to spend more than 20 a day,and let's say for the month i don't want,to spend more than 50 a month all right,so you do have to enter both of these,you can't just enter the daily without,the monthly,and then for the bid is how much do you,want to pay per click so i'm gonna say,for example 10 cents per click and it's,just going to tell me that i'm expected,to get about 200 clicks a day at this,rate you can always change your bid,later on so i would start with something,lower and then increase it over time,because i don't want to put a bid that's,too high and then get through my entire,budget in the next 30 minutes right so,i'm just gonna start low see how things,go and if i'm not getting enough traffic,then i'm going to slowly increase this,maybe do 15 cents then 20 cents so on so,forth,you can leave this at smart bid at,optimization we're gonna leave as,optimized cpa goal this is if you have a,pixel set up and then once you get some,conversions enabled tabula is going to,try to get you as many actions,for your goals so let's say i want five,dollars per sign up let's suppose i'm,collecting emails i don't want to pay,more than five dollars per sign up so,then tablet is gonna do the best it can,to get as many targeted people to my,site so that my conversions will cost me,five dollars per conversion right so,that's the idea i'm going to leave this,as a blank for now,next we have the schedule so we want to,run this ad as soon as possible if,you're not ready yet you can of course,select a start and end date you can say,when you want your ads to run so you can,select the times and the days pretty,straightforward i'm going to leave it at,24 7.,and of course once you set up this,campaign you can set it to active right,away or you can pause it if you're not,sure and maybe you want to fix some,things and you're just setting this up,so it's there until it's ready you can,do that we're going to click next and so,here we have the targeting so this is,the meet and bones of our campaign this,is where the magic happens because this,is where we're gonna find our targeted,audience so the first option here is,gonna be location so you can choose the,country so if you type in for example,united states,you will be able to select by region by,dma i'm not exactly sure what that is,but by city by postal code you can,select that if you select more than one,country you cannot sort by region and,state so if you want to target specific,states,but you still want to target another,country what you would have to do is,then create separate campaigns so you,would create one campaign where you,target us and then specific regions and,then you would create another campaign,where you target for example canada for,the purpose of this video i'm just going,to type in let's say we want to target,canada u.s and let's say australia,and these are the three countries that,we'll be targeting you can select your,platform so do you want to target,desktop mobile and tablet or just,pick one,they do suggest for example if you big,desktop on mobile they do suggest that,you just stick with one at a time,because the bids will be different right,mobile is generally cheaper so if you,mix them and you set one bid it's not,going to be very cost effective for you,because then you might end up overpaying,so if you do want to run on desktop,mobile and tablet i would suggest,creating different campaigns for them,because you can set a different bid for,all of them and you might end up paying,cheaper for mobile so we're gonna go,with desktop here you have some other,options here such as the operating,system i'm going to leave it at all,operating systems but,you could select a specific one if your,product is tailored to a specific,operating system,browser again same thing safari edge,internet explorer,we're just going to go with everything,it doesn't really matter but if your,product,cares about what browser people are,using like if you have a certain,extension,let's say a chrome extension you would,probably want to pick chrome so that's,what that is and next we're going to,scroll down now you have the audience,targeting so this is actually the most,important part of all targeting,because this is how you're going to be,able to really set your audience and,really find the most engaged audience,for your product so the first option,here my audience is this is remarketing,lists so we don't have anything here,because well we didn't set up any,remarketing lists yet if you would like,me to make a video on how to set up,remarketing for tableau let me know in,the comments down below and i can make a,follow-up video for that but this isn't,necessary to get started and this video,is just about getting the basic setup,setting you up for called traffic right,remarketing is a whole other beast so,let me know in the comments if you want,a video on that so these two are the,options where you'll actually be able to,target your audiences so you have two,basic options you have the marketplace,audiences and you have contextual,marketplace audiences will target,specific people regardless of which,website they go on contextual will,target specific websites okay so let me,give you an example so marketplace,audiences by the way you have a lot of,options here so for example you can,target by age by education by gender you,can target by let's say behavior and,interests people that are interested in,any of these points so what happens is,tabula puts a pixel on a bunch of,different websites right and that way,they're able to monitor,people's behavior and so if they notice,that people for example end up on,they go to a lot of food and drink,websites,then,those people will be listed over here,and so when you select this option,you'll be targeting people that tabula,has determined to show an interest in,food and drink let me show you another,example if i close out of that if we go,into intent these are people that tabula,has determined are more likely to buy,any of these specific things so for,example if i say,autos and vehicles and we select this,you're now going to be targeting people,that tabula has determined have a strong,interest in actually buying these,products so not only are these people,going on car websites but they are going,on websites which have cars that can be,bought for example so not just blogs but,actual luxury cars that can be bought,okay so this is a little bit more,serious intent is a little more serious,than just behavior,because tablet has determined that these,people are likely to buy okay so i'm,gonna close out of that because we're,not targeting cars here you have b2b,here where you can target by employment,position industry job the size of the,company they work in stuff like that you,have custom where i believe this allows,you to target high-intensity shoppers so,people that tablet has determined uh are,very likely to buy things so maybe they,go on different websites and they always,buy so you can target these people now,when you select this targeting you're,going to be targeting people who match,at least one of the following so you'll,be targeting people who have an interest,in food and drink or are high intense,shoppers right so this is probably not,something you want if you want to really,hone in and get a very targeted audience,you probably want to,find something that's very,relevant to exactly what you're doing so,if you want to target high intense,shoppers you probably want to mix it,along with contextual targeting and you,want to create different campaigns to,test all the different audiences right,so what i'm going to do is i'm going to,remove these because these are,irrelevant to our product and instead,what i'm going to do is i'm just going,to type in here language,and i'm going to try to find people that,are interested in maybe learning spanish,because this product this offer here is,about learning how to speak spanish,quickly,so once again i'm going to type in,language and i'm just going to go,through this and see what i can find,and so for example i don't know what,this is iota marketplace,spanish language shows so people that,are watching spanish shows probably,speak spanish so probably don't want to,target that,but you would just go down and for,example english speakers so we want to,target english speakers right now this,is under demographic it's not an,interest group but this is something you,would want to do,and kind of do some research on because,what do english speakers do what are,some of their interests you can see if,you can find a sort of pattern and then,go in and find the audiences here so we,can scroll down see if we can find,something,so i have no idea i would have to do the,research so spanish speakers you,definitely don't want to target that,but let's scroll all the way to the top,let's suppose this interest hobbies,languages so i'm guessing maybe iota is,some sort of i don't know some sort of,place where people can buy and sell,things maybe language products and so,here it tells you even it says users who,browse content such as articles reviews,and blog posts that demonstrate an,interest in hobbies specifically,languages so maybe we want to target,these people right so we're going to be,targeting english speakers or,iota marketplace people that are,interested in languages and here tells,you the size of the audience so this is,almost 90 million this is almost 55,million people so a huge huge audience,and that's pretty much it for the,audience so basically you'll be,targeting people regardless of what,website they go on so if these people,go on an auto website to buy a honda,they might see your ad right now this is,completely different with contextual,where you'll be placing content on,actual websites so over here if i type,in so again you can do the same thing,here and kind of scroll through,right i'm trying to see if i can find,something to do with languages,maybe not let me see if i type in,language,no maybe spanish,no nothing,so we'd have to kind of browse through,it and see oops not culture narcissists,too broad,sports package no so i would have to,kind of go through this and see if i can,find something to do with languages,i don't know if i can but the point i'm,trying to make here is that you'll be,targeting specific websites regardless,of what people go to those websites so,if i target for example,um advertising and marketing i'm going,to be showing my ads on websites that,have to do with advertising and,marketing no matter who,sees those websites and then if you do,that it says targeting contextual topics,and marketplace audiences is not,recommended and will narrow your,campaign's reach however that could be a,good thing so if you really want to,laser target your audience and target,specific people that go on specific,websites,this could be the way to do it so,sometimes it is good to narrow so don't,worry that you get this message however,in this case this is kind of irrelevant,so i will clear that and if you scroll,over here a little bit to the top it,even tells you that targeting more than,one audience type so that means if i,select my audience marketplace audience,and contextual it's going to narrow,because that means that for my ad to,show up all three of these criteria have,to match however if you add more,audiences within a single audience type,so as we have done here this will now,increase your reach because now i'm,targeting either english speakers or,people that are interested in languages,and i actually don't suggest doing this,what i would suggest you do is instead,create one campaign per audience group,or really narrow it down by creating,several,of these audiences in several branches,and the reason for that is let's suppose,you make a lot of sales in in this,campaign right you will have no idea,whether the sales came from this,marketplace audience or this marketplace,audience you won't know so i suggest,that you only have one audience group,per campaign so you can really narrow,down where the sales are coming from so,in this case i'm actually gonna remove,this and we're just gonna go with this,option here iota marketplace interest,people that are interested in languages,and then we can create another campaign,for just targeting english speakers for,example right,so that's the idea we're gonna scroll,down,next you have tracking if you're using a,third-party tracking tool such as in my,case click magic you will be able to set,all this up within click magic so you,don't have to worry about this when you,enter your url you would just enter your,whole url including this,in the link however if you don't have,any sort of tracking system or you're,using for example google analytics you,can just leave it as default and you can,change these values here so utm source,you know if you're tracking on different,sources tabula utm medium referral so,you can change this to be the campaign,name so i'm not gonna get too much in,detail into the tracking i could make,another separate video for that but just,so you know this has to do with tracking,your sales and if you don't have a third,party tracking tool and you're just,using tabula you can just leave this as,is,so,take a look at this everything here,looks good so we're gonna go in and,scroll down again we're gonna click on,create,and add ads and so this is where we're,gonna create the actual images and the,headlines for our campaign so you have,different options here the first option,is you can bulk upload so if you are,working with an agency for example,who help you out and they create a whole,list of different creatives for you you,can just go in and bulk upload them,right over here so you can drag and drop,the csv file they gave you there's an,rss feed i'm not too familiar with this,but it does the same thing and then you,have these two more basic options so the,first option here is you will basically,select your campaign so synergy spanish,you're gonna enter your url and then,you're just going to enter all the,different headlines and descriptions and,the images all right,and that's basically how you're gonna do,it and then tabula will,change up and play around with the,headlines and the descriptions and,they're gonna mix and match them so,you're gonna basically enter everything,and then tablet's gonna mix and match to,find the best one if you select one by,one then over here you're gonna select,the campaign again and then you're you,can just enter a bunch of different urls,so if you wanna promote different urls,not just one you would be able to do it,here however for the purpose of this,video we're just gonna go with this,variations options over here,and it's probably the option most of you,guys are going to be going with most of,the time anyway so we're going to go,through this step by step so the first,thing we're going to do is enter a,landing page url so,our landing page url is this it is not,very pretty at all however you can get a,custom domain okay so this is just for,illustration,and in fact if you do watch my,unbalanced videos in my unbounce,tutorial i show you exactly how to do,that,but over here we're gonna go in and page,this page then we're going to scroll,down and then over here we can enter,some variations for headlines and,descriptions so,for this first part here for the,headline maybe we can say,i'm going to copy that,oops come back here,paste it here the headline can be 100,words so this is perfect,now uh make sure you read the tabular,rules for what you can and can't do in,ads you don't want to be suspended or,have your ads disapproved so one of the,things they say is that you can't use,excessive capitalization i believe they,say you can capitalize just one word,um but i have tried to capitalize one,word and the ad got disapproved so i,just go with no capitalization of any,words at all unless it makes sense to,unless it's an acronym like asap or,things like that,and then over here i'm just gonna remove,i think the exclamation mark is okay,so this will be my headline number one,we can add a description as well so we,can come over here and let's say,i want to copy this testimonial right,let's say we're going to use this,testimonial as our description so i'm,going to go ahead and paste it here,and we can just,tidy this up a little bit my mexican,friends are more impressed with my,progress in a little over a month,it was easy to follow,oh and then i guess,um,okay so,i'm going to delete that it's just,repetition,and then this is going to be our,description it's going to be like a,little testimonial right neil elson usa,we can see that,neil elson usa,um,yeah i think i spelled it right,and you can also add a call to action,button so we can say here we can say,learn more for example okay so this can,be our headline and description one and,then what we can do is we can duplicate,it and then we can change some words,around,so for this option here,we can do something else we can say,for the description for example i'm,going to ctrl c this part let me drag,this over to the right,i'm going to paste it here,remove that,and then that can be our description,here and then for the other title,we could say this i'm going to copy that,i'm going to delete that,and just paste it here okay and so this,is going to be our two separate,variations and for the cta button,let's try,maybe,sign up and we can see which one does,better okay so that's it for our,headline and description we're gonna,scroll down here we're gonna add media,so if you have images that's great you,can just go in and you can upload your,images straight forward i do love the,fact that they have stock images,available so they have a partnership,with stock images same as facebook ads,google ads,microsoft ads and you can just look for,keywords look for something that you,want,that looks similar to what you're,promoting,and,so i'm going to type in spanish and you,can just add it here for free you don't,have to pay,so,uh you can find something suitable i,don't know this isn't really suitable,but that's okay,so once you select an image,that's pretty much it it automatically,gets added,so,maybe let me say,speak spanish,and then let's see if we can find,something else,so,this looks cool i don't like,i mean yeah we can you know just for,illustration purposes you can go in and,add that and then there you go right so,now tabula is going to play around with,these variations here are some of the,examples of what it's going to look like,so you have the headline you have the,description you have the branding,placeholder which is going to say,synergy spanish,and then you have the call to action,button and then you can see what it,looks like on different in different,dimensions so you have a two by one,that's the bigger one right,six by,five and,this one doesn't show up i guess,let's,there you go so six by five right and,that's basically the idea right,so that's what your eyes are gonna look,like i'm pretty happy with them so i'm,gonna go in and click submit and i'm,gonna give it a second to load and now,it says ads successfully saved and now,the ads are gonna go under review so if,we go to campaigns,we're gonna see that our campaign all,right so i had to make sure to remove,that filter and just select all,campaigns and select the date to today,and then here's our campaign it says,pending review so if we click over here,you should see your ads here that will,be pending review and if they get,disapproved you will see a message here,that's going to say add disapproved or,something like that and it will give you,a brief reason why so it's going to say,for example image is inconsistent with,campaign or,text doesn't follow guidelines so if you,don't follow the text guidelines like if,you capitalize too much,they will say,issue with headline things like that and,then they will give you a link to an,article where you can go through and,read all their rules i can link the,article in the description as well so,you familiar familiarize yourself with,what you can and can't do and then,that's the idea so you're gonna set up,your campaign and it's it's as simple as,that they made it very straightforward,very simple easy to do and if you go,into campaigns here what you can also do,is you can change the campaign name so,we named it synergy spanish,but you can change it so that it's easy,for you to reference what the targeting,was right so if you recall we targeted,people that were interested in learning,languages so we can write here,synergy spanish,we can say interest in languages you can,also say the countries so we said u.s,canada,a u,and that's pretty much the main,targeting options so this way if you,duplicate this campaign you will be able,to see right away at first glance,what,the targeting was right and then what,you can do is,so let me quickly show you how to,duplicate campaign now so if you go into,ads,if you want to duplicate your ads you,can simply click on duplicate here and,then change it up but if you go to,campaigns for the targeting what you can,do is you can simply click on duplicate,campaign,and then everything is the same we will,change the name of the campaign later as,well but it's just gonna,make us select everything here so,everything is the same but let's say we,want to change,for the audience targeting remember we,said we wanted to change to spanish to,english speakers,so we're going to select language,english speakers we're going to,duplicate campaign,and it says successfully duplicated so,we're going to go into campaigns now,we are going to um,select this we're not going to say copy,we're going to remove that but we will,say instead of interest in languages,we're going to say,english,speakers,right we're going to hit say and there,you go and we're gonna remove this,filter once again,and we should see all campaigns here i,don't know why it does that um if we go,to old campaigns right here make sure,you go to old campaigns,now we see all campaigns so this one was,my campaign that i created don't worry,about that you can ignore it,i'll probably just delete it actually,but now these two you'll be able to see,that this campaign is an interest in,languages this one is english speakers,right so you'll be able to tell right,away which one does better and that's,why i do suggest that you put in one,interest group at a time unless you use,the laser focus approach where you,uh really narrow down and create an,audience with every one of the audience,options there so contextual marketplace,and maybe even remarketing so you can do,that now another thing you can do is if,you go into columns and you go into,custom here you can customize what you,want to see,so if you want to see your ctr your cpm,you know all this stuff or if there's,something you don't want to see if you,don't want to see start and end date,maybe it's taking up too much space,maybe you don't want to see the view,click through rate the view cost per ml,cost per thousand impressions you can go,in and hit save and i was gonna it's,gonna it's gonna change up you can also,rearrange your columns here if you want,so you can do that,so quite simple quite straightforward i,do like the clicks at the at the,forefront so either clicks or,impressions,and that is it for setting up the,campaign let me quickly show you how to,set up tracking because it is important,so what you're going to do is click on,tracking here and from here what you're,going to do is click on create pixel,and if you're using google tag manager,the process is really simple you're just,going to go into google tag manager,click on add new code you're going to,select tabula from the drop-down and,just enter this id and that's it okay so,instructions are here but it's really,really simple this isn't as simple the,pixel code option which is what i'm,going to show you here but it's still,very very simple just follow along with,me so the first thing you're going to do,is copy this code to the clipboard we're,going to go back to our landing page,builder click on edit,and depending on what page builder,you're using all you have to do is find,the javascript option where you can add,the code so in unbounce is going to be,in the bottom left in click funnels is,going to be,top left,so just look for it or ask support where,you can add the javascript and you're,just going to add it,in,the head section okay and it literally,tells you here you have to add it,between the head tags and then over here,i'm going to rename it,tabula,pixel,and we're going to hit save,and we're going to hit save and that is,it okay and then we're going to,republish the page,and then you're going to click close,here and then what you're going to want,to do,is just refresh your page several times,so if this if i didn't have that open,what i would do is click on it here and,just refresh this page several times,and then this should show up here it,tells you that it might take up to 20,minutes for the pixel to show up,let's see if it does if we refresh it,might take up to 20 minutes for me it,took about 30 minutes actually,so just give it a few moments now,another thing you could also do is,install this tabular pixel helper,extension on chrome,and when you refresh the page after,adding the pixel this should show a,little green one there which means,there's one pixel set up that said this,also took a while for me to show up it,did not show this pixel instantly all,right,so keep that in mind this will not be,instant this will take a while to show,up,but the main thing here is this to be,green,once this says pixel active you're good,to go you will be able to set up,remarketing lists and you'll be able to,create conversion campaigns and lead,generation campaigns and things like,that right so that's pretty much it i,showed you how to create campaigns how,to duplicate them how to duplicate ads,how to adjust your columns how to set up,your tracking,what else do we need that's pretty much,it for this tutorial let me know in the,comments below if you want a video on a,different network a different native ads,network maybe rev content or if you want,me to go into more detail into audiences,how to create a remarketing list or if,you have any more questions about,tracking,and that's pretty much it i hope you,found value in this video if you enjoyed,this content guys definitely take a look,at my youtube channel at,slash yvonne mana where i have close to,500 free videos guys showing you how to,make money online,covering a variety of different,sources and methods and it is just i,mean it's a huge library guys it's,almost 500 free videos of pretty much,anything you can think of to do with,affiliate and online marketing i also,give you guys a free guide at, the free 55-page affiliate,marketing guide and if you want to delve,deeper into traffic sources like,microsoft google and facebook ads i have,very thorough and very detailed almost,four-hour training courses showing you,exactly how to do all that at,,courses and that is all for this video,thank you for watching i will see you in,the next one

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