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Get Rid of Facebook AdsFacebook has become a lot more pleasant,and one of the reasons it has been th

Robert Wimer

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Get Rid of Facebook Ads

Facebook has become a lot more pleasant,and one of the reasons it has been this,way is because I have taken my time to,get rid of sponsored ads appearing on my,Facebook feed now I'm going to show you,how I did that and it's going to get rid,of I would say about 95 percent of the,sponsored ads that you will see and I'll,show you I'll tell you about the other,5% at the end of this now I'm in classic,mode but you're going to be able to get,there in both versions of Facebook so,you're going to go up into the upper,right hand corner you're going to click,on the upside down triangle and you're,going to scroll down to settings now off,to the left hand side you are going to,go down to ads now this there is no easy,way to do this hollow out some time,during your day or do it on multiple,days but you're going to have to do it,this way there there are no browser,extensions that will do this there is no,third party anything to be able to do,this you are gonna have to do this on,your own because Facebook is always,changing their architecture and the,extensions that you put into your,browser that may work to eliminate ads,will not work all the time so this is,the hub in which you go to you are gonna,have to go through each one of these,instances and it eliminate these things,now we're gonna first start in your,interest,be it my interest now I have gone ahead,and done all of this stuff before but,you can see these are the interests that,in whenever you look at them they are,not going to be grayed out or whited out,on yours you're gonna have them and if,you've never done this you're going to,have a lot and it's important to look at,the see more once you're done because,there are a lot more now if I were to go,ahead and let's say click on the Fox,News Channel,I would add this as an interest now,that's what some of them are going to,look like whenever I do that I'm adding,it as a,interest and Facebook is going to see,all of these interests that are there,and they are going to start sending you,ads based off of these interests so the,only thing that you have to do is just,click on the X and get rid of them,you're gonna have a dialog box going,ahead pop up you may have them saying,are you sure you want to get rid of them,yes you're sure you're gonna be doing it,to all of the interests and you're gonna,have a lot now how all of these things,come about is if you've played a game if,you've done a quiz if you've liked a,page post from like your friends,reposting of a facebook page if you've,done anything of the kind it is going to,show up as an interest and those ads are,based off of those interests so you go,through this section and you just,eliminate them all every single one of,them and it's gonna take time to pin it,I mean it took me I'm just gonna admit,it to you folks it took me about thirty,minutes to to hammer through all of this,stuff then you go to your advertisers,and your businesses and you go through,all of these things and it gives you,descriptions as to what's going on but,you're gonna have to go through each one,of these and you're gonna have to go to,the view controls and mine is set up to,allow what you're going to see is don't,allow click don't allow on every single,one of these and the first time that you,do this on each one of these controls,you are going to get a dialog box asking,if you want to do it and then you're,gonna give it a little check box saying,do you want to do this on all of this do,you want the same thing check that,please because it's gonna make your time,go by a lot faster take your time and,read over this find out how you got,these things in the first place,especially the stuff that's here,Facebook does not hide anything about,their practices as far as running ads on,your on your page they they put it out,there for,you see but most of us just don't want,to deal with it,so what you do is on the bit advertisers,of business with each one of these tabs,you're going to go through each one of,these and remember to click on the show,more you are going to have a lot more,and these right down through here these,are lists that they're that you get on,whenever you click on your interests in,all that and the same thing with who's,website now I've got this already set up,and already done and set up for all of,these things and all of this stuff has,been taken out and you can go through,and see each one of these pages I have,gone in and unliked all of these pages,and I just didn't want them you go,through each one of these things and you,just you undo what you have done over,the course of months or years so then,you go to your information and make sure,that all of these are grayed out because,the advertisers are going through here,and basing their ads off of education,and job title now you would think that,well what's the big deal if I'm an,administrative assistant how many ads,can come my way believe it or not there,are a lot for administrative assistant,you can get into office supplies you,could get into coding you could get into,anything related to office,administrative assistant you know and,that's just an example you can get into,all of these things that are there you,go through the about you you go through,the categories if you have any make sure,that they are all set to OFF and you go,down and once you get all of that stuff,done you go to your ad settings make,sure you set these things to not allowed,not allowed and no one you go through,all of these things and then you're able,to go through your your ad topics now,you're able to go through all of these,things and turn them off,find them permanently go to the,parenting now yours are going to look,different you may have more you may have,less but go through each one of these,and make sure that they are set to hide,permanently same thing on all of these,things you've got a lot that are going,to be there and then you've got a little,information instance and where you can,go through and find out how Facebook Ads,work and it's good to go through all of,these things to find out how they came,into being but essentially in a nutshell,how they came into being is that we as,Facebook users like a post we like a,picture we like a video we like all,these things we we setup our interests,our books that we like our movies that,we like and off of that information it,just spider webs out into all of these,different ad categories that you are,instantly put on all of these lists that,you instantly get put on all of these,things that are out there that just fill,up your feed full of nonsense and if,you've ever clicked on an ad for,anything that you like and I mean if if,you click on an ad you know you're the,ad person is doing their job they see,that you're like involved in nature,involved in gardening or involved in,architecture or music or computers or,gaming or any of these things you're,going to see all of these ads and and,this is the thing that you do from your,computer and you're gonna have to do all,of the stuff here folks it's gonna take,time you've got to go through each one,of these and you are going to find stuff,that you didn't even think that you,liked but you did at one point you did,because those things don't show up on,their own now to close this thing out I,want to say with your friends if your,friends like a page like my pillow and I,saw this just the other day I have it,show up online on my feet here and,whenever I will go through it and I,found the my pillow ad what I did is I,went through,and found the three little dots up here,and said that in red hi dad,you have to go through you know you,don't want to see any more ads from,these things but after I did all of this,stuff and of course after I cleared out,my friends list of a lot of people I was,able to get a lot of these pages or,these people that I have not seen in a,while,and I'm seeing all of these pages,without so much as a sponsored ad,popping out and this type of stuff that,I just described will work for ninety,five percent of your home feed and if it,ever pops up that you don't want to see,it then just go through the thing and,hide the ad and say you never want to,see that ad again now I've got this to,where it shows up pages and groups and,all of that stuff but in the end you are,going to have a much much better,browsing experience if you just go,through the time like I showed you,and deselect everything get rid of,everything and for God's sakes don't,like if you see an article and all that,stuff they don't need you to click on,their little dealio to do that because,once you like an article or a picture or,a video or a meme or a note from a page,or a group well I don't think so much,groups but definitely from pages you are,going to get hit with ads again and,we're on autopilot if we like something,we like but don't do that share it if,you like well of course I think that's,going to get you any type of interaction,that you do and if you find out that,you've done something you're gonna have,to go through the process all over again,and find those people and your ad,preferences and do the exact same thing,that you did the first time when you,clear this off I hope that this helps it,makes for a much much better Facebook,experience getting rid of the vast,majority of sponsored ads later

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Facebook Ad MISTAKES To Avoid (After iOS 14)

Facebook Ad MISTAKES To Avoid (After iOS 14)

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to talk about facebook ad,mistakes that you really want to avoid,in 2021 the game has changed somewhat,after ios 14. so these mistakes are sort,of specifically updated for post,ios 14 facebook and environment which,we're obviously in right now so,if you've seen previous mistakes videos,or think you're avoiding the issues,you may want to go through this video,and make sure that you're not making any,big mistakes it could be really having a,negative impact,on your results before i get into them,just want to very quickly ask you to,smash that like button click that thumbs,up button that'd be much appreciated and,help me out and of course subscribe to,my youtube channel,if you're new and haven't done so,already okay so i've got a little list,of these alongside me i think i've got,eight um mistakes that i want to go,through,a lot of them are very easy to avoid a,lot of them can make a big big,difference,so the first one is that if you have not,verified your domain,and configured your web events you,absolutely want to do so,so that's why the screen in front of you,right now started in events manager,um within an ad account this is just an,example ad account that's hooked up to a,sort of a,test website that we have and you,actually want to come in here you want,to verify your domain and then,under aggregate event measurement you,want to make sure that you've got your,web events configured your,prioritization web events configured i'm,not going to show you how to do that in,this video i've got other content,about that and if you want full detailed,exactly how to cover the ios 14 stuff,you should check out my facebook ads,inside of course i'll make sure,i include a link to the um a link to,that course in the video description,below because i've got exactly how to do,all this sort of stuff,but mistake number one is not having,your domain verified and,not having your web events configured,in aggregated event measurement very,very important okay,mistake number two and this is,particular this is always well not,always but this has been true for a,while now and is particularly true right,now,is two small target audiences,so you can see for example i've got an,ad set set up here an example ad set to,demonstrate,and it's targeting the uk and,immediately the potential reaches 50,million,so how small would you want to make that,well i absolutely do not want to be,advertising to anything less,than 250 000 people ideally nothing less,than half a million people in a country,like the uk,now if you're advertising locally that,may not be possible you're sort of,exempt from this mistake but if you have,the option,but you're just choosing to target small,specific audiences,particularly post ios 14 that is not a,good idea and you absolutely,want to be targeting larger audiences if,you've got an audience of 2 million 3,million people,that's absolutely fine better to be too,big,than too small so that's mistake number,two mistake number three,is stop using well the mistake is to use,complicated sales funnels my,recommendation would be to stop,doing that and when facebook advertising,first came onto the scene there was all,sorts of really complex stuff that,people set up often just to sound,smart to be perfectly honest where you'd,have your target audience and you,give them one thing to do and like,they'd opt in and then they'd get a,specific piece of content and then,they'd get a webinar and then they'd get,a,dude and it's like a eight nine ten step,sales funnel,where they have to do a then b then c,then d in order to move on,okay that is not what you want to do and,i for a lot of businesses like this sort,of setup,one conversion campaign now i teach,other strategies and i've got a whole,webinar around different types,strategies you want to use for different,business models and i do recommend using,content and,email opt-ins and things like that as,part of sales funnels they're,set up completely differently to where i,just described in there much more,interesting so,if you're interested in that i recommend,you again there's a link in the,description to a free webinar i've,created,um called three killer facebook ad,strategies double or more your revenue,strongly recommend you check that out,four strategies,that we do use but a lot of the time,we're going to use a direct,offer setup which is one conversion,campaign okay,complicated sales funnels have to go,because,they haven't been great for a while but,particularly post ios 14 where we don't,have as much visibility over,the actions people take if you're,needing someone to take action a before,they get advertised to take action b,before they get advertised take action c,and so on you've got,so much drop off before you get anywhere,near actually selling them anything,you're end up spending an absolute,fortune to not get many sales so,complicated sales funnels mistake number,three get those gone now mistake number,four,is something i see a lot of advertisers,do once they start to,see a bit of success i'm going to jump,over to another tab,and come into the ad level and they,basically stop testing let's say you've,been,experimenting for a while things weren't,quite working and you got it right you,you found the targeting options that,worked you um,put an ad together creative image,um headline copy it worked right,delivered results,and you just thought great and sort of,sat back and enjoyed those results,but the thing is it's not going to last,all ads fatigue,all audiences provided you spend enough,get burnt out you have to find,ways to keep testing keep adding in new,elements,and not selling your lawyers because,it's so much easier to have lots,in the bank as it were ahead of time,like lots of different,creative options to use as opposed to,waiting for things to really drop off,and then,trying to to ramp things up um it could,be a lot harder and you can have a dead,period,um in between so strongly recommend that,you keep testing even if things are,going well you don't want to stop,testing that was mistaken number four,um facebook advertising mistake number,five is optimizing for the wrong,thing okay so if we just go back over,here we go to the campaign level,and there's basically a couple things,that i want to talk about when it comes,to optimizing for the wrong thing,the first is the wrong campaign,objective i still i,don't really know how given that you,know,me and plenty of other people have,talked about this forever but i still,see tons of people,using the wrong campaign objective if,you want purchases or leads for,your website you should be using the,conversions objective,not traffic not reach not video views,people use,all sorts of logic to talk themselves,into using other stuff like,when i'm only retargeting warm audiences,so i should use reach therefore i'm,going to reach more of them,okay the theory sounds good try it and,practice you will see the conversions,wins,i don't generate enough conversion,events per week so i should use traffic,instead,theory sounds good try it in practice,you'll see that conversions wins,right so just use the objective that you,absolutely want,if you want traffic because you're,advertising an article or a blog post,fine go with traffic,um if you want video views because you,want brand awareness you just want,people to watch this video of yours,online,fine go with brand aware they go with,video views that's absolutely fine,okay but go for what you want so that's,the first part is at the,um campaign level and then of course,is the answer level so perhaps some,people they know they want purchases via,their website so they've gone with,conversions,but then in here they're advertising to,add to cart or,initiate checkout or something like that,no go,for purchases again i've got more,information on that and there'll be a,link in the,description below to a video sort of,really breaking that down and providing,more nuance than i'm going to here,but optimize for the thing you really,want stop optimizing for the wrong thing,that's number five,okay number six is you want to be very,very careful relying on website visitors,for your retargeting audiences again,this is something that's much more,prominent,post ios 14 we know that we have far,less visibility over what people do,once they interact with your facebook or,instagram ad and go through to your,website,so if they're on an ios device and,they've not opted in,very good chance that they will not be,included in your retargeting audiences,you don't want to miss out on those,people because we know retargeting is so,effective,so if i scroll down to the uh to the,relevant part in custom audiences here,so you may have just had for example uh,website,i'm sure there'll be something created,in this ad account yeah you might have,something like all website visitors,and you can literally see facebook's,popped up a warning saying the size of,your website custom audience may,decrease,because some people it may not include,some people using ios 14.5 or late,devices which is exactly what i just,said,so instead of just using website,visitors add some other,custom audiences that you know are less,affected,by ios 14. so that could be,people have engaged with your facebook,page that could be people who've engaged,with your instagram account,and those are on app sources it could be,an email list so for example we could,pop in,an email list in there something's been,uploaded externally,not as affected um i'm not sure we've,got,we've got a video view yeah there we go,you could add in a video view custom,audience people have watched a video of,yours on facebook,these are not affected by ios 14 they,increase your overall,retargeting audience size and yeah if,you're relying on all website visitors,or a variation of i think you're in,quite a bit of trouble so,all website visitors um it's perfectly,fine to still keep targeting,with your retargeting campaigns but,don't rely on web visitors you need,other custom audiences to add into your,retargeting ad sets or retiring,campaigns depending on how you've got it,set up okay,mistake number seven is to tinker too,much which is something i see happen all,the time you know people will come in,and,take a look at that campaign and they,see the results and they go oh you know,i'll come into the ad set and i'll,i'll you know um change the,i'll change the targeting options i'll,tinker with the age,locations i'll come into the ads i'll i,didn't think that ad would work,and the headlines not quite right let's,delete the headline let's,and you just constantly every day or two,if things aren't going well you're,making adjustments,typically i would say more at the answer,level people do that than the ad but,they're still doing it at the ad,making adjustments doing things here,doing things there and it is such,a i can so understand why people do it,but it's so counterproductive to your,objectives,now we know that facebook has this thing,called the learning phase right so you,go through the learning phase,you need to get to the other side of,that and then give,whatever it is you're testing a few days,to find out,how that thing performs like if you put,a new ad into a campaign,you don't want to be assessing that,later that day or the next morning and,turning it off you don't know how it,performs it you haven't given it long,enough,if you keep tinkering you constantly,keep everything in the learning phase,and you jeopardize your results so,i really like to make adjustments and,give it if possible,seven days before i assess results,remember that a lot of facebook's data,is now modeled,because well because of the lost data,but also because of the reporting delay,that's been implemented,don't forget about that might just take,a bit of time for the results to come,through,it's very important that that's,something that you're aware of,don't over tinker i mean it's literally,i'm asking you to be,lazier you're going to see better,results,okay facebook advertising mistake number,eight,is not something i can really show in a,facebook word it's not something i can,show in a facebook ad account,and that's delivering a poor customer,experience and i think that,facebook are really cracking down on,this and they,rightly so in my opinion and they are,surveying,facebook and instagram users for,you know they'll ask you what was your,experience like with a certain,advertiser,and a lot of dropshippers are running,into issues with this because they don't,provide a good customer experience,and if your feedback score from those,people that you know oh i bought a,product from them but it took three,weeks to arrive it wasn't very good when,it got there they didn't give me a,refund,if people can't not comment but if they,if they submit,feedback with that sort of stuff in and,give you a low feedback score,facebook will prevent your page from,advertising you will just be banned from,advertising,even if you're not fully banned they,sort of as a halfway measure,can negatively impact your facebook ad,reach,your results it's just not something you,want to do,so that's the on facebook stuff you,don't want to deliver a bad customer,experience because facebook going to,step in and go,we're not having you give facebook,advertisers a bad name and decrease the,value of the platform,that's why facebook do that by the way,which is why i support it,but also it's just not good for your,business it's,as facebook advertising has gotten more,competitive,in order to do well and stand out you,really want to have all the tools at,your disposal some of those tools are,things like,word-of-mouth referrals you're not going,to get that if you have a poor customer,experience,you want repeat business you're not,going to get that if people have a poor,customer experience,so very very important that you,yeah that you really think about,how can i make sure that from start to,finish my customers,are at least satisfied,ideally very happy okay you don't want,to let them down that's what's that,number eight right let's run through the,list,and then i've got something i'll quickly,mention so number one is not verifying,your domain or setting up,your configuring your web events in,aggravated event measurement okay,you have to do that that's mistake,number one mistake number two is,targeting,two small audiences mistake number three,is using complicated sales funnels,mistake number four is stopping testing,not continuing to test new ads new,creative,all that stuff mistake number five is,optimizing for the wrong thing whether,that's the wrong objective the wrong,conversion event,mistake number six is relying on website,custom,audiences for your retargeting you need,other retargeting audiences,mistake number seven is tinkering too,much you don't be making changes every,day,mistake number eight is delivering a,poor customer experience,okay so hopefully that's been useful uh,before you go i want to quickly talk,about our facebook advertising services,so my company lead guru is a facebook,ads agency,and we specialize in facebook and,instagram advertising um so if that,sounds like something,that you would want help with you would,want your results taken to another level,we create manage optimized campaigns for,our clients we can certainly help with,that,we do have a 3k minimum budget,requirement but if you meet that,criteria,you can go ahead and book a call a free,call with one of my team members,just click on the video description the,link in the description below go through,to our website,and book a call with them they can let,you know how we work,pricing all the questions that you're,going to have and we can see if we,might end up working together which,would be awesome um if you found this,video useful,please let me know in the comments got,any questions in the comments please,click that thumbs up button that really,helps me out,and subscribe to my channel if you're,new i release facebook advertising,related content all the time,and um if you're advertising on facebook,into that sort of stuff,um i think you want to stay up to date,with the latest news and developments,and i can certainly help you do that,okay thanks a lot guys bye for now

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