how to get rid of powered by shopify debut 2019

Customize Powered By Shopify | 2019 | Debut Themehey guys this is how you customize the,powered by S


Updated on Jan 24,2023

Customize Powered By Shopify | 2019 | Debut Theme

hey guys this is how you customize the,powered by Shopify link down at the,bottom of your store - whatever you,wanted to be as you can see here in my,tough story it says powered by Shopify,and if I click on it it gives me the,main link to the Shopify web page now,this is how we go about editing this so,as we did before in our previous video,without edit code type in footer,liquid,and we click on Flickr got liquid and we,searched powered by Shopify,so this is the code that you're going to,be replacing right here now in my case I,am using my link store again so the,rather than having the link back to my,store so say for example if you had,multiple stores and you wanted one main,site you can have that link paste it on,there so as you can see here this is the,link that you're going to be pacing to,you so if I wanted this to be for,another store or whatever it is this is,where you would input your link and this,is what you want to name it so over here,it's called a Shopify Stig I can say,Shopify Stig won for this example and,then we copy this code by the way this,code will be in the description so it's,easier for you guys so ctrl C which is,coffee go into here and you can see they,open the closed bracket or the open,bracket I should say here we're going to,remove everything up to this small we're,going to paste that into it alright and,now make sure you do it this right here,the second one this one is for your,desktop version of your website and this,is for your mobile version so your plate,if you don't replace this you'll still,see power by Shopify on your phone now,you just do that hit save and if we go,into our store so it still says test,power by Shopify refreshed link,and now it's powered by Shopify Stig one,if you don't want the powered by to be,in bold and you just want the same font,if we go back into our code here this,will also be two versions of this code,will be pasted into the description you,just remove the strong where it says,right here delete that and delete that,and we go like this copy it and you can,see here I replace that this is just a,test mock I do both,FaceTime and save and now if we hit,refresh you should see it in normal,format as we said before powered by shot,place big one and the link obviously we,didn't test link and this link takes me,back to my store now this link can be,replaced with anything that you want it,to be you want to link to YouTube,channel you want to live into your,Twitter or whatever it may be that's how,you customize your powered by Shopify,thanks again and make sure you subscribe

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How to Get Rid of The Powered By Shopify 2018

How to Get Rid of The Powered By Shopify 2018

what is up guys is the dropshipping,hacker here and in today's video I'm,gonna share with you how you can delete,this powered by Shopify link at the,bottom of your Shopify store so be sure,to stick around through the entire video,because I'm going to show you exactly,how you can manipulate the HTML code to,get rid of the powered by Shopify link,below alright so the very first thing,that you're gonna do is you're gonna,want to log into your Shopify account as,you can see I've already logged into my,back office for my Shopify site so the,next thing you're gonna want to do is,you're gonna want to head over to the,left here to this control panel and just,go ahead and click on online store and,then from there you're gonna click on,the actions button over here and click,Edit code now guys I don't want you to,be afraid because we are gonna be,opening up some HTML code I promise you,is very very simple and easy to do very,easy to just follow along with what I'm,doing here and then under this box here,for search files we're just going to,type in footer and then you can see,under the sections folder here we got,footer dot liquid so go ahead and open,that up and then now that you've gotten,this the all this HTML code open go,ahead and just click inside the box and,do a ctrl F or command F and then just,type in powered and hit enter and then,you're gonna scroll down until you find,this one right here so you can just,click these buttons here this will pull,up all the stuff here that has powered,in it but just go ahead and find this,one here and just highlight everything,from here to the BR and just delete that,and then be sure to save so we can see,that I just saved that,and then we're just gonna hit preview so,we're gonna scroll all the way down and,then you can see the powered by Shopify,is remove so it's very very simple to,remove that just follow along with this,video if you need any help with this be,sure to just leave a comment in the,video description below if you're new to,my channel be sure to subscribe because,I've got a lot of helpful tips on,creating and launching your Shopify,store and different ways to optimize it,and if you're new to drop shipping with,Shopify I do have a free ebook available,that goes over the six step formula for,creating your Shopify store in the,business model for success you can get,that by going to

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