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How To Run A Video Ad On Facebook || David Cantero ||okay so now today we're going to run a,facebook

David Cantero

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Run A Video Ad On Facebook || David Cantero ||

okay so now today we're going to run a,facebook video ad right so,i always recommend posting it on the,business page first right it goes here,first write out the text,the three bullet points you always want,to focus on is is number one when it,comes to the text and even when it comes,to the video just keep this in mind for,future videos it's really there's really,a three-step formula to add copy is what,we call it ad copy number one you're,calling out the audience attention,charleston or whatever like,hello neighbors like i'm just trying to,get the attention of my local area and,putting the name,in that is is is always good hey,charleston hey hey fellow neighbors in,charleston or whatever right making it,friendly and just and just making sure,that that name sticks out right away,that's number one calling out your,audience and the number two is telling,the story giving a tip hey guys today,i'm going to share with you three must,do's when selling your home,right,on the video,what's that so that's what i say on the,video but i also need to say that yeah,yeah yeah you also want to bring it up,here because because some people are,going to watch the video some people may,just read the text,and and not even consider watching the,video until they actually read the text,and they're like okay well dan let me,watch a little bit of it right so the,text,yeah so it's it's grabbing the attention,of two different type of people some,people like to just read some people,like to watch a video right so i want to,i want to mention it in both places so,number one calling out the audience,number two telling a story and then,number three the call to action,that's it,that's the,basic three-step formula for any ad copy,is what we call it so that's for the,text and that's for the verbiage in an,i don't know where it actual video,what's so important is is is posting it,here first writing out the text and and,actually completing it first before you,run the ad because as we go and run the,ad you're not going to be able to change,the text anymore,all right so so yeah so so right now,this text,now and in first,is the most important now now,we don't have to go and set up the ad,right now and we can just write out the,text later on today and then set up the,ad tomorrow that's that's always an,option,but if but if we plan on going right,this second to go set up the ad we won't,be able to we can we can we just won't,be able to come back and edit this text,because it's already set to go live as,an ad so facebook won't let you change,the text anymore so actually this is now,when we would have to do it,now,charleston today and actually bring down,today bring it down today bring that,down hey charleston today i'm going to,i'm going to share with you the three,must-dos when selling your home in this,video i'm talking about pricing your,home correctly staging your home and,keeping your emotions in check after,being bring after bring that part down,after being in the real estate industry,for the past 20 years these are the most,common mistakes that people make when,selling their home,i put together a free,pdf or i yeah at the bottom the very,very bottom i put together enter hit,space it yeah,i put together a free seller's guide or,i put together a free pdf that covers,blah blah blah that covers this this and,this i put together i put together a,free seller's guide,that is jam-packed with,20 years of knowledge of me,working in this space or whatever like,something like that i put together a,free sellers guide that that that's,jam-packed with 20 years of knowledge,and and and and and and um,i put together a freestyle together,that's jam-packed with 20 years of,knowledge,i put together a seller's guide i put,together a seller's guide i put together,a seller's guide,that is jam-packed with 20 years of,knowledge and i'd like to give it to you,for free,so that that's your basic three step,right calling out charleston telling a,little story and then the call to action,that's it and then and then again i,could i could i could literally go word,for word off that same exact framework,in the video so i could be talking about,the same thing in the video cool and i,also wrote wrote it out right and that's,it and then and then you post you post,so now as we post and as we go now back,to set up the ad,we can no longer mess with the text okay,so so that's pretty much it and then and,then every now and then putting maybe a,couple emojis in there that kind of,helps stan makes it stand out as well um,in fact let's do that let's open up,another tab let's just throw like maybe,an emoji the emoji a good basic emoji,let me um,let me send this to you,so right here in the zoom chat,just click,on click on this link and you can,bookmark this one too this is just a,basic,emoji,website where you can grab all these,different icons,website emoji,yeah so just click on it and then scroll,to the top,and then copy yeah right there copy the,green one perfect and then just bring it,to facebook and then just paste it in,somewhere so maybe next to charleston,hey charleston or put it in front,whatever play around it,yeah see so emojis are cool,um just to help help the post stand out,like it just,color makes makes a person stop a little,bit so,hey charleston,yeah perfect,and then maybe even maybe even um,that's fine that's fine because you can,always put like a down arrow click learn,more to download now and there could be,like a finger pointing down because,that's how people are going to see it,right they're going to see,the text the video and then the learn,more button right below so if i put a,finger pointing down like just little,random things like that it sounds stupid,it actually is but it it somewhat,catches a person's attention,so yeah so, bookmark that page and,then um just use that every now and then,you know um so,so on the post now all you do is hit hit,hit the publish and that's it so let's,publish it and there's really two,different ways to run a facebook,a facebook ad one way is this way where,you actually post it on the business,page publicly just like you would,anything else right out the text,everything and put it here that's one,way and then a second way is where we,could have went into the ad we we could,have went straight to the ad,and just set up everything in the back,of the ads manager went straight there,and,pulled the video file from your computer,and just ran it ran it there,and wrote out the text,there in the ad as we're running as,we're setting up the ad that's the,second way people do it,i do it this way because if i'm gonna,spend money on this damn thing i want,that,post to live on the page forever i want,it to be public forever,when you run it the other way,i just unless you completely hate it,then of course well whatever delete it,or make or maybe run it,i'm not going to do that now we'll do,that later this is so terrible now that,i'm hoping they're like a little bit,better you're going to start getting,better,trust me this is how it starts this is,going to go back to any any of your,videos they all look like crap like all,of my videos in the beginning look like,they still like,i i mean in the very very beginning yeah,all all videos so this is perfect so hit,post hit the blue one and we're good so,now we're posting it here it's good,we're going to leave it here forever and,it's and it's there so now let's go to,the ads manager so now we're going to,simply run the ad,so we just closed on the business page,the whole strategy is to is to is to,keep it that simple selfie style video,at home outside at the office whatever,at the bar wherever like,selfie style video giving that type of,tip one minute to three minute,and and the whole key is to is to be,consistent and have one ready every 15,days,so this one would run for 15 days the,next one,can run for 15 days so now i'm doing two,a month,in my professional opinion two of those,videos per month,can can can can replace all of the,posting that one is doing across every,platform,if that person's a local business owner,so with you being a local business owner,although you can help anybody move,anywhere i get it you're really a local,business owner though,right so if we're farming a few zip,codes i need to dominate this area,right so so so all i'm saying it could,be done that way one video every 15 days,that you're actually running an add-on,and that's it we're not posting we're,not tick-tocking we're not doing any of,that crap we're targeting our local area,and that's it,you know like it could be that simple,and you could dominate like that simple,which means when i look at those videos,i don't look very polished in them,because you know it's frizzy hair,weather and all kinds of stuff going on,well,go outside try try playing around with,that with video outside and getting that,natural light,like those are always good too like that,video that i put put on facebook the,other day right showing my office and,just new new new place i'm outside the,light right that natural light is the,best,so,so indoors it could it could look a,little dark right,depend on if you have,windows or whatever but,but yeah play around with it but but all,i'm saying is that that's all it takes i,can care less where you're at you could,be on a boat fishing,deep scene i don't wherever as long as,it's a selfie style on your phone that's,what i'm saying it could be that what,i'm saying to you is you have a,different you're in a different industry,than i am,no we're we're in the people business,we're all in the same business we're in,the people business,so it it's people that that relate to us,so so the fancier we we try to look or,or or the more polished one tries to,look it just it just depends on who,you're trying to attract obviously i,mean not obviously but but but to tell,you the truth it's it's it's kind of who,you're looking to attract,also that that plays a big role too who,are you looking to be looking to attract,and whoever you're looking to attract,because everyone has an ideal client so,we're not looking for all of charleston,i'm looking for homeowners but then even,within homeowners it's even more of a,narrower niche that i'm actually even,looking for,maybe i'm looking for for for for,military or maybe i'm looking for,people above the age of 45 or maybe i'm,looking for people in their 60s everyone,has an avatar like unless you're just,trying to help everyone then that that,could that could work too but but it's,it's really narrow narrowing in your,marketing so however you want to look is,who you end up attracting,and that's fine too but all i'm trying,to say is that be authentic be authentic,that's all i'm trying to say,and and it doesn't come any more,authentic than being on that cell phone,talking to it selfie style from home,like it doesn't get any more authentic,than that,you know so if you need to do yourself,up if you need to,fix your face whatever like if if that's,what it takes okay cool,then that's that's what you'll do it's,just it's just the strategy one video,every 15 days,like,however you want to do it up but but no,it doesn't have to be the video it,doesn't have to be fancy edited like,these at all if that's what your,question was,but but but as far as editing or looking,pretty like this with with all them,subtitles that's not necessary at all at,all at all,as you go into ads like as you go into,ads and as you as you start talking to,your local area,you know,so refresh this page see if that if that,video has has posted yet,we're good so there it is there so now,let's go to the ads manager and let's,just run it from there so now we're,going to click the green button um,create and then over here,this this video this is this is the,first this is the first one right this,is the first actually,because the other ones were images,right the other ones were images so this,is the first video one,a lot of times it's good to roll out,your first video under awareness,but this is a video that we're actually,trying to capture elite so we're gonna,have to go lead we're gonna have to go,go lead go lead go lead click on lead,and then and then continue,okay cool we'll just yeah we'll just,roll out lead,we'll roll out lead,okay cool so now we're on that we're,we're in the first step but this is this,is step,1.1 i guess so right here category,you're going to always go with housing,so always hit the drop down categories,always go with housing and that's it,okay so and then at the top you always,want to give it a title always name each,step there's these it's just three steps,so if you can see to the left,new leads campaign new leads ad set new,leads ad,you see that to the left of the title,these are the three steps right so these,are the three steps we're going through,right now we're in step one so,naming it giving a little brief,description,allows you to look at the dashboard in,the background you see the left all,these other ads that you ran in the,background,that dashboard it just allows you to,know what ad that was so,here i would just name it video right,video and and what video what video was,this this was video,seller guide video number one or video,where i was wearing a black shirt or,whatever like try to be like three,monsters,whatever yeah exactly video three,must-dos perfect,video three must-dos,and then um,and then in parentheses in parentheses,i'm gonna always go with the objective,so in parentheses what do we choose as,the actual objective,we chose leads,right so in parentheses i'm i'm going to,put there so when i look at it on the,dashboard i know exactly what add that,was it was that video and it was under,the objective of leads okay cool housing,and that's it next so giving it a brief,a good title and then and then housing,is what you'll always do next that's,step one,tab tab one which is what i call it now,we're on tab two,this is the ad set so here we choose the,targeting here we choose the the,conversion event here we choose um the,the budget,so,we'll name it at the top after we do,everything at the bottom so let's go to,the bottom first so websites fine,conversion event,click inside that box,um we did set up your custom conversion,right so scroll down,scroll down scroll down seller guide,leads perfect there's your custom,conversion um,okay we're good we're good and then,scroll down scroll down and then now we,have right below we have budget,so we want to be at anywhere from ten,dollars a day,ten dollars to fifteen dollars a day,whichever whatever whatever you want to,roam it but,but the way you want to kind of look at,it also is is is monthly and and really,know that monthly budget what can we,really put towards this a month,that's kind of how you want to break it,up,because if it's if it's if it's let's,say if it's 300 a month and that's 10,bucks a day,then i'm gonna run this i'm gonna run,this at ten dollars a day for 15 days,there's 150.,all right let's do that and then i'm,gonna run the second video right and,then i'm going to do that for the next,15 days and there's another 150 that's,my 300 for the month right or whatever,so,so so do it that way so 28th start it,always started the next day at 6 a.m,and i tell you the truth it's kind of,you're already in afternoon your time,um,you're waiting afternoon at your time,and i always like to give facebook 24,hours i always like to give them at,least a minimum of 24 hours to approve,the ad so if anything why don't you,start it on the 30th start it saturday,morning saturday morning 6 a.m eve goes,live perfect and then end date just push,it out 15 days,push down 15 days,um,and then let's plan on talking let's,plan on talking in,in in in 13 days,let's plan on talking about this how we,can always talk whenever the hell you,need me but regarding this ad we'll talk,in 13 days just to review it right we'll,look at it if leads are coming in then,then we may consider leaving it on and,just extending the end date um or if,it's if it's even a good ad we can even,duplicate it and run another ad off of,this one so we can get ninja with it,but but that just all depends on how,it's looking in in 13 days,and and if it's looking like complete,like a complete flop then we just shut,it off and start the second ad no big,deal in the very beginning this is all,part of testing like this is all trying,to and and and we're penetrating a local,area,so the branding is is just starting as,well so the lead is one thing but the,branding the fact that p the fact that,your neighbors are now gonna start,seeing your face,there's value to that you know what i,mean even if that person hasn't clicked,yet even if you didn't capture a lead on,that person just yet the fact that a few,hundred people down the street are now,gonna see your face,that's different that's a different type,of person that's a different type of,marketing that's a different type of,lead,you know so so i'm so i'm so fired up,for you so scroll down scroll down,scroll down,scroll down um we're good on that so we,went august 14th okay cool we're good on,that and then and then and then the,location so let's change out the united,states hit edit on the united states,um,below below,yeah click on that edit and then and,then go ahead and x out united states,exit out and then type in your location,and so,and then make sure you switch that drop,down above people living in yeah,yeah so go ahead and type it that in,type that in and then,we want people living in this location,we're living in and then so now we,already have um,okay good we're good there we're good,there we're good there um,okay perfect and this now we have now we,have some some something to go off of,for the title of this step so scroll to,the very top the title of this step,could be we could put in we could put in,ten dollars a day ten dollar ten dollar,daily,or,or ten dollar a day whatever ten dollar,day slash,and then and then maybe the address the,address we'll just do dash yeah ten,dollar day dash,and then the address so you know you,know exactly where you're where you're,targeting,um,yeah take away the 15 15 day,actually no i guess that's fine no it's,perfect okay cool,so are you going 30 miles,yeah okay cool okay so that right there,eve that right there i don't know if you,went with that on our last ad but but i,want whatever it was i want you to stick,to the same exact targeting,we did that last time,awesome okay cool so that's that's the,stopping ground that's that's where,we're going so okay scroll down we're,good we're good website conversion event,budget the calendar the date the end,time the the the location we're good so,now we hit,actually you know i'm so sorry manual,placement go down,we want to uncheck everything so we're,going to always go manual placement so,scroll down scroll down always go manual,placement we're going to uncheck,instagram,we're going to uncheck messenger,we're going to uncheck audience network,and then and then right here below we're,going to uncheck we're going to uncheck,the in stream so these these boxes,uncheck in stream uncheck reals,uncheck search,uncheck in article,and then that's it so scroll down,anything else that's that's all right,there's no more okay cool we're good,okay scroll back up yes what why do we,not want it on like instagram,the reason why you don't want an,instagram is because,two reasons it's it's more than it's,longer than one minute,so it won't it won't show good in in in,the ad placement because it's a three,minute video,so it's too long,and then second when when you do run,instagram,you want to run it completely separate,so here let's say this was going to be,an instagram ad we would uncheck,everything and we would only check,instagram,so then we would run this as a,independent completely separately,instagram ad,right just so when you look at the,numbers you can you can know okay damn,did ig work or did it not like you can,really you can really analyze the,metrics looking at it separately versus,trying to bundle it all in here and,trying to look at all the metrics all,together,when it's like no i want to separate,them like that's a whole different,platform let me run that ad separately,the image has to be a a certain size the,video has to be a certain length right,under a minute,so so you want to do those ones,separately,and we can always do that next for sure,we can always do that for sure but but,but shoot a one-minute video shoot a,one-minute video for that,um and then the way you did it here,vertical that's good for instagram as,well so do a one minute vertical video,for instagram and we'll run that,completely separate,um,but but then also in the future,or horizontal,you did this one vertical right which i,wanted you to do horizontal,for facebook but it's okay it's okay,it's okay but in the future yeah,horizontal widescreen,for facebook,and then for instagram it's vertical one,minute ideal,no longer than one minute vertical okay,so so we're good here we're good here,hit next i mean yeah yeah scroll down,and click the blue one so we're good,here,okay so now this is the last and final,step so at the top you can go to just,name it video three must do same thing,video three must-dos,perfect we're good there and then the,facebook page that's our page and then,the ad setup right below the drop-down,add setup,so click on that create ad and then,you'll click on use existing post so,create ad use existing post,and all you're going to do is simply,select post,and find that post,so it's right there at the top,and we're good so now click on that,click on continue,and then now we need our our our landing,page link,so just open up another tab,grab your your landing page,and then we're going to link it over,here,okay so there's our link we're gonna add,that to,the learn more button so go back to the,ads manager um scroll down so we're,gonna scroll down and then right below,you're gonna see um yeah so right here,go ahead and add button,and then paste in,paste in that link right there,paste that and then just click the blue,button,okay cool so we're good okay so now,scroll down and just make sure that,you're tracking,make sure the tracking is okay okay,we're good and sometimes sometimes when,you're there on the tracking that box,website events sometimes that's not,checked,so sometimes that's that's wide open,i've seen it many times so all you gotta,do is check it the website events box,check it and then and then choose your,hit the drop down and choose your domain,and your green dot you'll see the green,dot so just choose your domain and,that's it so it needs to look like that,and then publish okay so one last thing,real quick and then i got to jump on,another call hit publish,and then um,now what we want to do so we just we,posted it on the business page first we,came over here we we set up the ad to go,live,at 6am now what we want to do is we want,to and look and sometimes it gets stuck,like this,sometimes it gets stuck like this so,when it gets stuck like this the blue,publishing one of three,when it's when it's stuck at blue open,up another tab,and just go back to the ads manager so,go to your bookmarks,ads manager,okay and all we're going to do is push,it through over here so click on ads,manager,and then,over here,blue review and publish three so click,that no no no the button in the top,right,so review and publish that's where you,push it through so click on that and,then you just simply click the green i,think it's a green button yeah publish,and that's it,so now now you'll see in the bottom,right it pushes through,turns green and you're good now last,part click the three lines in the top,left,and and so the moment you you put out a,video the very very next thing,after we publish the ad here we go and,set up the audience so click on,audiences,we want to track,the people who watch a percentage of,that video,so now it really starts now it's game,time now it really really starts this is,the beginning of your branding the,images those are those were i i look at,those as test ads those were play around,ads from this point on we're putting out,video from that from this point on so so,really what you want to do is you want,to start tracking the audience that,watch a percentage of it so click the,blue one create audience,and then custom audience,and then over here these are these are,the different sources where you can,actually create an audience but,in your case your business all you're,ever going to really do is website and,and video,and where do you have an audience for,website which is which is the seller,guide,page visitors if you can see in the,background can you see in the background,seller guide page visitors only,do you see that in the background,in the background do you see that,oh yeah visitors online okay,what's that,yes seller guys page visitors only yeah,you see that right so so we already have,that audience so we don't need that so,from this point on it's really just,videos,videos and different pages too as you,create open house agent attraction pages,things like that then then website but,in this case video for sure so hit next,and then over here you're going to hit,the drop down so engagement hit the drop,down,you want to go off of you want to go off,of 15 seconds anyone who watches 15,seconds of that three minute video is in,this audience 15 seconds is a good,amount of time for somebody to recognize,someone's face,um and then retarget them and show them,another ad so click choose videos no no,no choose videos,and then,you'll find that video,so you're in a different page you're in,the portugal one so right in the top,right choose your page,see if it's over here,there,there is a video check that scroll down,hit the blue button,confirm,and then give it a name so,the audience name this is three three,mistakes or whatever what was it yeah,video type in video and then yeah three,and then in parentheses in parentheses,15 seconds,yeah perfect create audience and that's,it so now we're going to start building,this audience so when we go 15 days,later and run our second ad our third ad,our fourth ad we're going to continue to,retarget those who've been watching,these previous videos,that's how you create the omni,click done,that's how you create the omnipresence,that's how you create the branding,especially when you're targeting a local,area,by the time we're on our fifth sixth,seventh ad that whole town's gonna know,who you are like literally because we,keep we keep penetrating thousands of,people and showing them your face over,and over and over,so that's what builds the credibility so,post it on the business page first run,the ad and then set up the custom,audience any any questions on that,awesome

The above is a brief introduction to how to get rid of facebook video ads

Let's move on to the first section of how to get rid of facebook video ads

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how to get rid of facebook video ads catalogs

5 Winning Facebook Video Ads To Steal In 2022!

5 Winning Facebook Video Ads To Steal In 2022!

today I'll be giving you five winning,Facebook video ad formulas to steal with,some examples and you guys can apply to,your ad account what's going on guys,welcome back to the channel my name is,Nick therio and if you don't know who I,am I run an Ecom growth agency I make,all these videos completely for free and,fully transparent to you guys to help,you scale and grow your store to a point,where you would like to work with us in,our agency we manage anywhere from 750k,to over a million dollars a month in,Facebook ad spend for our clients so if,you're interested in what we do click,link below to book a free strategy call,with me and my team and we'll hop on a,call together give you a strategy,session you can take it and run with it,or you have the option to work with us,if we're you think you're a good fit for,the agency now before we get started,make sure to like button hit that,subscribe button for new videos Monday,Wednesday and Friday and let's dive into,the video,so actually I lie it's not gonna be five,ads it's gonna be four ads but the fifth,one that I'll be giving you guys is,actually about four different toppings,you can put on top of your ad and I'm,gonna explain that in a second but the,first video I want to show you guys is,called the demo video and I got this,idea with this kind of recipe video book,first just from um watching some of,social Savanna's content so I want to,give full transparency give her a little,bit of credit for this idea I actually,use about three different videos she has,created it's actually used as examples,for me and my team but the first recipe,I want to give you guys is the demo,video now what does this look like well,first off it starts off with a hook,really strong hook this is visually and,um you know text based with a demo but,you're showing off the product in use,and that perspective right there showing,off a key feature of it key benefit of,it uh testimonial and a call to action,obviously right here we have hook,captures their attention demo introduced,product can show it off in action,feature show off specific features a,product that has benefits and then,benefit May benefit people experience,from it and introduce products or just,let me just put this like that and then,test which is just show off testimonials,are Awards you're basically just,building the social proof aspect right,there and then a call to action okay and,I'm going to show you an example as well,of what this looks like so here you go,and again credit to social Savannah this,is one of her ads she releases a lot of,her creatives on Twitter so if you go,find her on Twitter she has a lot of,videos and stuff like that that she puts,up right there so let me just kind of,control this back in so we can see hook,right here and I know with this a,product the demo is basically just,showing off the products you know being,pour in a glass right there and then it,also talks about a few different,features of it right there helps boost,minutes all right let's go back right,here antioxidant and flavor packed so a,few of the features of it and then a few,with the benefits Pro it's good health,find some inflammation things like that,and then here is the testimonial side,with a call to action at the end so very,simple ad and you know really cool one,to articulate right there now number two,is benefits so obviously you want to,start off with our hook again visually,and text based benefits what is the main,benefits of the product feature what is,the main feature of it demo the product,testimonial call to action so let's go,ahead and see an example and this is,also a cool example right here because,um it's it's a longer hook a hook,doesn't need to just be one scene so you,can see right here boom and kind of,introducing product a little bit as well,and then there we go now we're starting,to talk about the let's see was it,benefits,boom,and some of the features and stuff like,that that you can use it for,showing the product in use,and,even a call to action at the end so not,the strongest example of that in use but,just get some general ideas from there,of what it looks like now another thing,you guys might be wondering is Nick how,do I apply these so what's cool about,this is that we we're a big fan of,restrict restrictions create creativity,so for us if we limit ourselves to these,four types of videos for an account that,we can create then what happens is that,it get it forces us to think about each,video like this and it forces us to get,more creative on the hooks really hone,in on things that really move the needle,inside of the creative side so by having,less we can have a little bit more,Direction in our creativity and have a,lot more a lot more thoughts and stuff,like that that come out of it so problem,this is recipe video number three where,we focus on the problem solution and,showing off the product benefits,testimonial call to action so this is a,really good for like from where audience,who's aware of their problem but I have,no clue what the solution is then here,you go so again let's show you guys a,good example of this Okay cool so solid,hook right here,problem,talking about the problem,all right introducing the solution,obviously some benefits right here and,some features,that's pretty much it,and for her testimonial she don't have a,strong testimonial on it you know she's,kind of showing off her using it and,that like that could be the testimony,right there you know showing off the,final ending of it right here just proof,and stuff like that and then a call to,action at the end so there we go all,right cool next one is three reasons why,and this is basically where you know,it's not it doesn't follow your standard,like hook problem things like that but,it's a very common one we've been seeing,a long time now work really well for us,and basically it's just hook and then,you're gonna say reason one reason two,reason three and basically you give more,or less than three,um I prefer three I think three reasons,why it's just the best but you know I've,never seen four reasons why I work I've,never seen two reasons why I work so um,but yeah so let's just go ahead and show,you guys the video looks like,and there you go,and obviously it's just it's very,straightforward,cool and that's pretty much it so again,I want to give shout out to social,Savannah,um just because I said if we got a lot,of creative inspiration for looking a,lot of her ads for a lot of our clients,for the agency I just want to again give,a quick shout out to her as a lot of,these examples we use is her content so,I just want to make sure you give you,guys are fully aware of that I'm not,trying to take credit for anyone else's,you know work in that perspective right,there now again I promise you guys five,so I actually have like four main videos,let me show you guys but I have four,other little things I want to show you,guys that you can use on top of those,videos so this is like the main recipe,the core Foundation of a video now the,next thing we like to look at is the,spices okay now again some people like a,little salty foods some people like a,little spicy food so I want to show,y'all the spices so spice is something,we can apply to one of these four main,videos so spice right here is a,testimonial mashup so you can basically,take any one of the fees you know say,three reasons why or you can have a,different girl for each reason that,talks about the product to show off the,The Core premise of why a mashup works,well is that it shows the proof that a,lot of people love in this product same,thing with problem you can have a,multiple different girls talk on the,problem solution benefit test one or,call to action and then same thing for,these others right here so testimonial,mashup use a variety of people to tell,the overall story for the video so,that's that's spice number one now spice,number two is a Founder so a lot of,people like to use this where they have,the founder tell the story all right and,this actually works really good with a,problem,um recipe right here of hey I'm the,founder of so and so and I've dealt with,X problem for so long that's why I,developed this solution show off the,product or whatever it is and the,beaming benefit testimonial call to,action and so you're kind of telling and,addressing the problem they've overcame,with this particular solution and you're,telling it from a Founder perspective of,why they kind of created the brand and,that side and I love this style of you,know kind of spiced ads that main video,and it's worked really well next one is,storytelling so this is like your,standard testimonial I've seen so many,people who have like testimonials but,they suck and because what makes a,really good testimonial is to telling,people about the problem they were,dealing with and the solution they found,and how amazing that solution is so this,works really well with a problem,um again type of video where they're,talking about the problem then they,found this brand as the solution similar,to how that was shown in this video,right here demoing the product benefit,test one or call to action and yeah,works really good last one is trying the,product everyone's been talking about,this is more of just a hook to apply at,the beginning and I've seen this work,really well too especially with Tick,Tock why here where it's like trying,this product that was viral on Tick Tock,or trying the X product that everyone's,been talking about this would be a good,one for a demo product right here,because you can go immediately go into,demoing and showing off the product,maybe even them using it and things like,that so but yeah so again four main,videos and like we can just count these,four spices as like the fifth video that,I give you guys,um but yeah I really hope this helps you,guys uh again you know we are big fans,of restrictions create creativity so if,you just try one of these we might try a,hundred different variations of this one,video right here to see if it works on,an account and you want to look at each,part of these as a different like Legos,in that perspective right there where,you know you can swap up the hook on,this video and create just one video 10,times all with a different hook okay and,again the hook is visually and textural,bass so you could try three different,visuals in the beginning with the same,text and three different you know texts,with the same visuals and that's six,different apps right that you can create,so just give you guys a few different,resources of how you create this and,again thank you guys for getting us 70,likes on our you know first round we did,this where it was like 15 plus winning,Facebook ads image ads to create so,you're more than welcome to go and grab,that video right there where I have 15,different type of image ads you can,create from there so thank you again for,watching this video if you're an econ,business owner and you're at least 50k,to 100K a month in Revenue love to work,with a leading agency that works with,Facebook ads and everything and click,the link below to book off me and my,team manage roughly 750k to a million,dollars a month and AD spend and we,absolutely crush it for our clients so,click link below book a free tragedy,call with us we'll show you a few things,that you can apply to your business help,grow it you can take it and run with it,or you have the option to work with us,if we think you're a good fit for the,agency thank you guys again for watching,this video hit that like button hit that,subscribe button for new videos every,Monday Wednesday and Friday my name is,Saint Terio talk to you guys later peace

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