how to get rid of ads on my iphone

How to Block All In-App Advertisements on Your iPhone! what's going on guys today I'm going to,show


Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Block All In-App Advertisements on Your iPhone!

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how to get rid of ads on my iphone catalogs

How to Block All In-App Advertisements on Your iPhone!

what's going on guys today I'm going to,show you two very quick ways that you,can remove or block all in-app,advertisements on your iOS device so,this works on your iPhone iPad iPod,Touch all of those devices you can,remove all of the ads so I'll show you,exactly what I'm talking about so the,score app for example everyone uses this,app or a lot of people do and at the,very top you have this advertisement,video which is very annoying also if you,go into many different games this is,just one that I downloaded a second ago,and once you start it up and start,playing it'll have the banner at the,bottom of the screen also games will,have the big pop up ads that make you,wait like 10 seconds in order to click,the little X in the corner before you,can keep playing so this is going to,remove all of these advertisements on,your device and it is very easy to do so,the first way that you can block all of,the ads on your iOS device you may,already know how to do this if you just,turn off your data connection and your,Wi-Fi connection and then reload the app,so make sure you go into your recent,apps and cancel out those two apps and,once you've boot them back up if you're,not connected to any internet there will,be no ads so as you can see the ad that,had this I've had the ad on the bottom,the banner that is now gone this isn't,the ideal method because if you have an,app that you need the internet for like,let's say for the score app if I go into,the score app I won't even load up,without internet so the second way is,going to allow you to remove these ads,even with your internet connection,turned on so the second way that you can,remove ads on your device is by,installing a VPN or virtual private,network so head over to the App Store,and search for an app called Luna Lu and,a and hit search and go ahead and,download this app right here just,download it like you normally do and,once it is done go ahead and open up the,app so once it's done download and go,ahead and open it on up and once it,starts up it will see a little power,button in the middle by connecting the,VPN you agree to our terms and,conditions so I recommend reading those,but I'm just,go ahead and turn this on and you will,have to click allow' with this little,pop-up here so hit allow it's going to,take you into the VPN page in your,Settings app of your phone so just go,ahead and enter your passcode to your,device if you have one once you enter,your passcode the power button will turn,green and will say you are now connected,so you can click through there's a,couple pop-ups for the initial time that,you turn it on that will kind of tell,you a little bit of both the app but,once you click through those and hit no,thanks on push notifications you're now,all up and running it is connected and,you can exit out of the app so once,you're connected that's all you have to,do as you can see I'm still connected to,my Wi-Fi network and if I go ahead and,open this app up and I start playing,there is absolutely no banner ads at the,bottom and also no big fullscreen pop-up,ads will show up and I am still,connected to the Internet if we head,over to the score app and reload it once,again that video ad at the very top is,now gone you can go through and and do,everything that you'd normally do with,these apps except you don't have these,annoying ads blocking some of the,screens so this will allow these apps to,start up faster it has less to load,it'll also save you some data if you're,using your data connection won't have to,load these videos and these,advertisements that these apps will,create so all in all this is something,that you should definitely do and if you,learn something new in this video be,sure to hit the like below and hit,subscribe peace

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