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Shopify Themes - Free, Paid or Custom? (The Honest Truth)so far on this channel we've continued,to g

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Shopify Themes - Free, Paid or Custom? (The Honest Truth)

so far on this channel we've continued,to go deeper and deeper into shopify,theme development but today i want to,zoom out and talk more broadly about the,need for theme development to begin with,if you're new here i'm chris and i,currently specialize as a front-end web,developer for the shopify platform i.e i,do shopify theme development but if,you've clicked on this video i'm going,to take a guess and say that you don't,actually need my services let me explain,so given that i've built a bit of a,reputation for this kind of work i get a,range of people reach out to me some of,which are just starting out in,e-commerce and to virtually all of these,people i tell them to start with a,pre-built theme and focus on customizing,their theme later,why because as a new store owner your,primary goal should be on sales and,marketing not on getting your theme,perfectly customized i'll be honest a,custom site for me is typically going to,come with a five figure price tag and if,you don't have a ton of traffic on the,site yet that budget is probably better,spent on generating traffic instead,pre-built themes whether free or paid,will do the trick for the majority of,sellers and with premium themes starting,at a price tag of just around 220 usd,it's an easy investment to justify that,is until you reach a certain level,that level is typically when you start,to turn over more than a million dollars,in revenue at this point you have a real,business and with around 40 profit,margin you're making around 400k which,you can start to split up between,marketing and website improvements,people often ask me do i build websites,to which i answer no i customize,existing ones regardless of whether,you're just starting out or a few years,into your business,very rarely is it the case that i as a,developer need to create a brand new,theme for a client,most e-commerce sites have similar,features almost every product page has a,set of product images a product title,description price product form,and the add to cart button so there's no,need to reinvent the wheel but with a,bit of theme development we can add,extra features to the product page make,unlimited changes to the styling of this,page and this is where theme development,comes in,while the theme might come with some,customization options the only way to,achieve full control is enlisting the,help of someone who understands,front-end web development on the shopify,platform so with this in mind let me,directly answer the question in the,title of this video,the first decision you need to make is,free or paid theme as i mentioned,earlier this is going to be a question,you need to answer no matter whether you,plan to create a custom site or not as,it's almost always more cost efficient,to start with a pre-built theme and this,decision i would recommend you make,based purely on your budget if you can,afford the two to three hundred dollars,required to buy a premium theme then i,definitely recommend you do it,at the time of recording each theme that,you see available for purchase on the,shopify theme store has had to pass a,stringent 22 point checklist in order to,get the mark of approval from shopify as,someone who works with themes on a,regular basis i can testify that the,amount of work required to make a theme,that is quality enough to be advertised,by shopify is generally worth it for the,small two to three hundred dollar price,tag that being said if for whatever,reason you can't afford a premium theme,at this time a free theme should suffice,especially if it has been developed by,shopify themselves,alright so now that you've made the,decision on which theme you're going to,start with the next decision to make is,around customization first of all you,should dive into the customizer and,explore the options already available,within the theme i can't tell you the,amount of times a client has asked me to,change something that they could have,changed themselves by finding the,appropriate setting within the theme,customizer then if you can't find a,setting for making that required change,you can look at hiring a developer to,make that change for you notice how i,haven't yet mentioned anything about,building a completely custom site yet,and that is because it's most often the,case that a custom site is not required,heading back to the diagram here for,those clients with a big enough budget,who are already generating good traffic,on their store this is where you can,start to refactor the entire website to,look exactly how you desire it and add,in any additional features you might,require if you're in any doubt of,whether creating a custom site is worth,it for your business then chances are,you're not ready so here's the tltr,if you have very little money to spend,use a free theme if your store already,has traction and is ready for a more,unique shop front create a custom site,otherwise buy a premium theme that my,friends is what i would recommend from,my years of experience working with,shopify all right guys thanks for,watching if you've made it this far in,the video maybe you'd be interested in,learning how to develop and customize,themes yourself using front-end web,development if so i encourage you to,check out some of the other videos on,this channel make sure you subscribe if,you're interested in learning more about,this stuff and i will catch you in the,next video

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How to Get FREE Premium Shopify Themes

How to Get FREE Premium Shopify Themes

Shopify themes are extremely expensive,and they keep raising the prices just,take a look at this two years ago I,bought this thing for 180 and today it,costs 350 and trust me it is almost,exactly the same thing with very very,minor changes I didn't know that,inflation also affected the theme,industry but that leaves me with only,two options either I find a way to get,cheaper themes or I find a way to get,free premium themes hey guys is the Eco,Mode here and on this video we're going,to go with the former and I'm gonna show,you how you can get free premium Shopify,themes so let's get started in three two,one okay so let me show you the types of,themes that you can get they are all,premium very very high quality you have,themes for everything that you need,alright so first I'm gonna show you how,to access this for free and then I'm,gonna show you how to install it on your,store I'm going to leave a link in the,description where you can get envato,elements free for 7 days we will use,that time to download as many themes as,you want and then I'm gonna show you how,to install them on your website when you,click on that link you're gonna get to,this landing page and here you can start,your seven day free trial okay you will,have unlimited access to everything here,all the themes and all the other,resources that they provide and if,you're wondering oh well but I'm gonna,cancel the subscription you know so I,never get charged of course right uh,what happens then well don't worry,because you can cancel at any time and,you will still have access to everything,that you downloaded you don't need to be,paying for envato elements to be able to,use the themes that you downloaded so,let's go over here where it says CMS,templates and we're gonna click on,Shopify and these are all of the Shopify,themes that are available and there's a,lot okay there's 448 right now let's,look for a specific theme that I,actually found while I was browsing and,it's called broccoli,it is this one Shopify for online store,2.0 okay and let's take a look at it as,you can see you know the template or,good you can see you know the features,that it has these themes normally come,with a lot of features like let's check,some of them out so it's for online,store 2.0 okay the newer version of,Shopify it has a top bar you know it has,announced member you have to pay for,apps that give you an announcement bar,if the theme doesn't come with it but,this one's come you also have mega menu,search field multiple currency you know,a lot a lot of features okay so let's,just preview it so you just click on,live preview and they will show you some,examples of pages you know that you can,construct with this theme of course the,images and all of that is not included,in the theme okay but all the,functionality is you will have to get,your own images and your own text of,course let's just click on the homes,style number two just to see how it is,alright so,yeah,you have your carousels the products,with a nice hover effects and all of,this stuff some counters here feature,products all right yeah this is looking,pretty good so let's install it so to,install it you have to go back here to,the product page and click on download,so let's just download it really quickly,then go to your downloads folder alright,this will be the zip file that was just,downloaded just right click and extract,all all right we're gonna extract it,and inside we have some demo data all,right some presets some product files,some documentation where it will show,you how to do everything within the,theme and of course you have the theme,files now keep in mind that the theme,files are a C file you do not unzip this,okay because you have to drag this,inside of Shopify I'm gonna show you how,to do it right now alright so let's just,move this away for a second let's go to,one of my newer stores and click on,online store,themes and right here well you can see,I've been trying a lot of themes a lot,of free themes just to find something,that I really like but to add a new one,you just go to add theme right here and,you're gonna click on upload zip file,then you're gonna go back here to you,know your download folder a file you're,gonna drag it here and upload file and,you're just gonna give it a second okay,theme uploaded it's installing at the,moment don't worry if you already have a,theme it's not gonna override it or,anything it's just gonna put it here,along with all of the other themes that,you might have if you want to do changes,on this theme and then publish it you,just have to click on publish and it,will overwrite whatever theme you have,and it will put whatever thing you have,back into the theme Library alright so,it has finished now let's just click on,customize to take a look at it,and look it already has like you know a,basic layout,there you go,pretty nice easy to change absolutely,anything you see you select the element,right and then here you have on the,right you have all of the options you,know to add text to change colors,everything just to give you an example,let's say that we want to change this,slideshow here so we go on the left side,here to slideshow and we have the slides,right here we have four slides right so,let's just click on one let's select an,image and let's just upload this for,example boom that's it you know and you,of course have if you go here to theme,settings you have an in-depth control of,absolutely everything holistic about the,thing right so for example let's say,instead of general settings let's say,that I want to change the typography,okay so these changes here will happen,on the entire website okay if you change,the the font for example and the colors,of course you know primary and secondary,colors right now is black and orange you,can change it to whatever you want and,of course social media links and all of,that you know because this normally goes,on the footer so that's on every single,page so it's here but of course you can,go Page by Page just customizing,whatever you want okay the logo with,let's just select an image let's just,put this logo that's it but I want to,make it a little bit bigger so we,increase the size boom to give you a,really quick example look at the header,right now so you see when we scroll down,nothing happens right but if we go to,the header section and here we activate,header sticky enable now when we scroll,down Boom the header appears alright so,yeah it's pretty simple to customize as,you can see it has so many features and,it's not only this theme all of the,themes that in battle elements have they,are very very good better than the 350,dollars they are charging now for the,Shopify things man it's just crazy and,let me reiterate this is completely free,because you're gonna do all of that in,the seven days that the free Trio allows,you to do what does the envato elements,free trial includes the free trial gives,you 7 Days of unlimited access to,embattle elements without any download,limited and very important with our,commercial license meaning that you can,use it for life okay even if you don't,pay on the description of the video I,left the link to the free trial so use,it if you most and if you are getting,value out of my videos please give me a,like subscribe and of course watch this,video because it's also about e-commerce,and I know you like that stuff thank you,thank you thank you I'm out

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