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How To Make Money Online With Ads in 2023 (For Beginners) so in this video revealing an,interesting

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 06,2023

How To Make Money Online With Ads in 2023 (For Beginners)

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How To Make Money Online With Ads in 2023 (For Beginners)

so in this video revealing an,interesting case study on how to make,money online with paid ads and i would,literally use this method to go from,zero to five grand in 30 days to 1.6,million that first year more that,afternoon show,hey guys how's it going mike fasil here,welcome this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,which is the fastest and easiest way to,make money online we literally have a 62,year old woman go from zero to 160 grand,profit in 90 days check it out in the,link below so one of the reasons why i,got started with for example paid,advertising is i didn't want to go ahead,and show my face on camera i did not,have the time to make a bunch of content,that no one was going to go ahead and,spend time looking at i didn't want to,write a bunch of blog posts that no,one's going to read i didn't want to,show my face on camera i didn't want to,make videos i didn't want to go ahead,and take forever to rank on google i,wanted to go ahead and make money fast,and in order for me to go ahead and make,money fast i needed to go ahead and put,myself in front of people that were,already in a specific pain point does,that make sense and like i said because,of that and because of that psychology,of instead of me creating my own,audience i literally pay my way to be,put in front of the right audience you,could see that it completely changed my,life like here was literally back in,2015 around october with a brand new,business idea it went from zero to five,grand in 30 days guess what i used paid,advertising and because of paid,advertising i literally took the profits,and then invested in more ads not my own,money right like initially it was my own,money just here but after a while the,profit started kicking in i used the,profits from the ads to go ahead and you,know buy more paid traffic in,advertising and you could see that it,started scaling like crazy to 1.6,million that first year now here's the,thing even though i started spending,more on advertising it wasn't my own,money because it was from the profits of,my business and that is one of the,biggest benefits when it comes to making,money online using ads is you could,literally grow and scale like that right,like what other business can you go and,within a month go from zero to six grand,in sales in 30 days right it's literally,ads and the craziest thing is not just,me doing this we literally even have,people in our community people like dina,a stay-at-home mom using advertising,without showing your face on camera,without putting your face on the ads,itself and without actually having your,own product with paid ads go from zero,to 30 grand a month in five to eight,weeks not just sure we have ilio we have,greg we have chris we even have,francisco from chile where the average,income is 500 a month go in and do this,so if they were able to do what's,stopping you so let's actually break,down the psychology right because a lot,of people don't understand that to,succeed with paid advertising you need,to get like a proof of concept that,actually goes and works right so the,first step is getting a proof of concept,so let me go talk about the various,different ways to get proof of concept,one of the ways that i got proof of,concept is seeing if i can get the,customer or client organically for free,right so uh back in the day i would go,ahead and make youtube videos about the,product or maybe i would see if i like,could get some customers on instagram,right that would be like the first step,right um other ways is to just see if,you if you had anybody around you i want,to go and buy specific product or even,if you get your family and friends to go,ahead and buy this specific product is,there actually demand for that product,because if you go ahead and start,scaling with ads without actually seeing,if there's a demand it could be pretty,difficult right so like i said i would,go ahead and make some youtube videos uh,we literally have people go ahead and,for example see if any one of their,family members go out and buy that that,would be one way another way is starting,with very very low budgets and,understanding when you have a product,that is not successful right so for here,when i went and scaled this to zero to,five grand in 30 days,i was spending money on ads and i had,this mindset where you know i would,spend 200 300 a month on ads so that i,could just pay my tuition to learn paid,advertising right and this is what a lot,of people don't realize when it comes to,business and advertising you need to,have a budget from you know the amount,of money that's already coming in from,your job or your other businesses to,make sure that this is what's going to,go ahead and invest in for example paid,advertising to learn because when people,get started with ads like oh i just want,to put five dollars and if it doesn't,work like uh paid advertising doesn't,work the thing about this is it takes,time to actually learn and here i was,spending like i said like when i was,first starting five to twenty dollars a,day and i was afraid because i've never,spent money on ads before in my life,right and because of that and this is,literally without making youtube videos,right that's just one method if you,literally don't have money for ads but,here i was just spending five to twenty,dollars a day and the first week was,scary because i never like just spent,money on ads and just had to go to the,ethers of facebook's like uh like,facebook's or google's or youtube's just,pockets right it was just weird just,spending money and just seeing it go,away and i was like what did i just buy,because you couldn't really actually see,it it wasn't until i started making,sales and i was like oh,now i could actually go ahead and scale,i also heard another story here in bali,there was this one girl she had about,like five grand to spend on ads and she,was just spending money on ads but,because she didn't have that you know uh,aware of focus to understand like like,that safety of margins just making sure,that okay i'm gonna spend five to ten,dollars a day,and because she didn't actually have the,idea to split test and test things she,lost it all that's what i don't want you,to go ahead and do that so the first,step is making sure that you have a,budget to go ahead and spend to learn it,the second step is understanding that,when you're spending the money on ads,you need to test certain variables now,what do i actually mean by that so,advertising kind of works kind of like,natural selection in dna there are,certain parts of your product and offer,and words that you say that have a,higher likely to make sales and there's,certain parts of the words the copy the,offer that it will decrease the chances,to make sales now when you go out and,run ads you get a bunch of metrics okay,you get a bunch of people that click,things you get a bunch of people that uh,you know go ahead and just like things,you get a click-through rate you get a,cpm which how much or how expensive it,is to show it to a thousand impressions,of people that are on like the media,platform now what you want to do is when,you go ahead and run ads you you split,test it in multiple different variations,so you have an a and a b think about it,kind of like a science experience,experiment and when you're running ads,you're always running at least a control,with the variable that you're testing,are you split testing the titles are you,split testing the headlines are you,split testing you know the actual,landing page itself each one of those,changes should be in its own different,campaign if you will and after running,ten dollars each,twenty dollars each you're gonna start,seeing which ones have a higher likely a,chance to go ahead and make you money,with ads,and when you start thinking about it,with that philosophy you start seeing,that oh wow ads,is just like one giant science,experiment that's literally it right and,if it's one giant science experiment you,literally need to go ahead and just test,as many things as possible which is why,it's very important in the beginning to,have that 100 200 300 500 a month budget,to just go ahead and test things because,that's what allows you to scale like,crazy oh but mike i'm afraid to go ahead,and lose money then i don't know stay at,a job right because the thing about this,is when it comes to business there are,some types of risk evolved one of them,is advertising and for people the people,that are afraid to spend money in,advertising they will literally lose to,the people that actually have the strong,reason and why tech should go out and,make money and the beauty about this is,none of these people literally have to,go ahead and show their face on camera,because they started using ads does that,make sense now once you're at that point,it gets very fun because let's actually,break it down you literally have your ad,so this is your ad what is your ad it,consists of like a headline and then,maybe copy so these are just like words,and there may be a big picture so this,would be a face we add if it's a youtube,ad it's literally just you know a video,so you don't have to worry about,headlining all that stuff uh and then,they go to this thing known as a landing,page all the landing page is is exactly,getting them to go ahead and take that,next action step which would be adding a,cart or going ahead and like going and,checking out a new product right,and finally that is what becomes the,transference of money so that psychology,of ads is very simple can i spend one,dollar,on an ad here and turn that into three,dollars because if i could turn that,into three dollars i could essentially,take that money and spend it on more ads,and that's how like i said i scaled this,like crazy from zero to five grand in 30,days to 1.6 million that first year,right and because i literally just took,the money started spending more ads,started spending more on ads and just,from this concept if you understand this,you could go ahead and sell really,anything right now the next step you're,probably wondering is where will i go,ahead and find products one of the,easiest ways to do that is literally,clickbank because it's free and instead,of dealing with like little rinky dinky,commissions you can see that they,literally have products e-commerce,products they'll pay you a hundred and,fifty two dollars commission right to,make a sale and they do the shipping and,handling the customer service they do,the delivery they spend the money on the,inventory meaning it's completely,turnkey done for you all you got to do,is focus on the ads now this is really,good because when you get started in,business and making money online you,want to focus on the bare minimum amount,of responsibilities that you have to do,and outsource the rest that's how i was,able to scale the most in my businesses,it's literally just me and one other guy,and everything else is outsourced,doesn't make sense and like i said,clickbank is exactly how these guys with,paid advertising was able to go from 0,to 30 grand a month in 5k weeks and if,you want to know exactly what they did,with that with this brand new method,this year then sign up for the 63,workshop below check out this video this,podcast i'll see you guys later,you

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