how to get more instagram followers using facebook ads

I Tried Gaining More Instagram Followers Using ONLY Facebook Ads but then as soon as i launched that

Lester Diaz

Updated on Jan 07,2023

I Tried Gaining More Instagram Followers Using ONLY Facebook Ads

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I Tried Gaining More Instagram Followers Using ONLY Facebook Ads

but then as soon as i launched that,campaign i went up to almost 100,followers that day and then it started,to go down to 50. you can see 43 47. hey,guys welcome back to the channel this is,lazadias and in today's video i'm gonna,break down exactly what i did to gain,more instagram followers using facebook,ads and this is a little case study that,i've been doing for the past week and a,half to kind of show you guys that it is,possible to gain targeted instagram,followers with just facebook ads not,having to pay for shout outs or do any,type of you know share for share or any,of that follow for father stuff that you,need to do on instagram in order to gain,a big following you can't really set up,an ad to run to gain more followers on,instagram you can't pay for followers,using facebook ads so i had to be a,little bit creative and find different,ways,to kind of bring some people back into,my instagram profile and that's exactly,what i'm going to show you guys um how,to do i'm going to show you the ads i'm,going to show you,my results over the past few days and,hopefully you guys can gain some,knowledge from this video apply yourself,to your own instagram profile if you,want to gain more targeted followers if,you have a local business you want to,grow your instagram following hopefully,this is a technique that you can apply,now the big question is why would you,want more instagram followers i would,only recommend you do this if you have a,business if you have a restaurant or,your influencer or you're trying to be,an influencer you create video content,perhaps you're looking to monetize,videos using instagram or grow a an,instagram page you could definitely use,this technique to grow,that profile or instagram page now if,you don't have any business if you don't,sell anything if you're not looking to,grow your brand or you're not looking to,create content to monetize on instagram,then i wouldn't recommend you do this,because you're basically going to be,spending money on a daily basis to kind,of get people to check out your,instagram profile and hopefully follow,you so just keep that in mind this is,not a way for you to buy followers to,buy a thousand or ten thousand followers,just like that this is to get real,people who might be interested in your,niche to check out your instagram,profile or page and hopefully follow you,so the first thing we're gonna do is i'm,gonna show you my results for my,instagram profile over the past week or,so i don't have all the stats because it,takes about 48 hours for instagram to,update the stats for the last two days,so i'm only going to show you for the,past few days but i'm going to show you,exactly how many followers i've been,gaining just from testing very small,facebook ads okay so we're inside my,instagram profile so what i'm gonna do,is i'm gonna go to insight,and we're gonna look for the last 14,days because i want to show you guys,what's been going on since i started,this little case study and basically as,you can see the percentages of accounts,reached has increased by three thousand,percent accounts engage about 354,percent more and also total followers,six percent more so i want to click on,total followers you can see this is,where i started doing my uh facebook ads,test i wanted to test if i could send,more people to my instagram profile and,as you can see um i wasn't getting that,many followers before but then as soon,as i launched that campaign i went up to,almost 100 followers that day and then,it started to go down to 50 you can see,43 47. i started tweaking the campaign a,little bit more because i was getting a,bunch of random people to uh follow me,from this different places and i wanted,to kind of narrow that down to specific,people from specific places in specific,niches or interests and that's exactly,what i did so that narrowed down uh the,amount of people who were following me,per day as you can see and then 39 as,you can see 34. so on average i was,getting about 40 to 50 new followers a,day uh using what i'm about to show you,with facebook ads so this definitely,works guys i didn't spend a lot of money,this was just a test an experiment to,see if it worked uh from this point on i,have the option to tweak my ads a little,bit more the ad that i was using i know,wasn't the best so i can definitely,change that and make it a little bit,more engaging and i know that if i,change that ad it will get me twice or,three times more followers by also,spending a little bit more money so,let's jump into my facebook ads manager,so i can show you exactly what i did all,right you guys so we're inside my ads,manager account and this is the campaign,that i've been running for the past,i would say 10 days and i've been,testing multiple audiences and targeting,and placements to kind of see,what was working uh the best and as you,can see um i've tested three different,ads for this one,each with specific budgets to test and,then i just left this one on which i'm,going to be turning off most likely,today because i want to replace it with,a different ad that i think is going to,do a lot better unlike facebook pages,where you can set up specific campaigns,to gain more followers for your facebook,pages you can actually pay for followers,and you know exactly how much money each,follower is costing you but for,instagram you don't have the option to,do that when it comes to facebook ads so,what i've been doing is just sending,traffic sending people to my instagram,profile and the way i did that is by,just using instagram stories and,instagram reels those are the two,placements that i've been using and i,want to show you basically uh the kind,of what this test is all about as you,can see,over the last uh 10 days or so um i've,received,1862 clicks meaning that people saw uh,the story the promoter story and the,real and they decided to click on it to,go to my instagram profile,it reached 98 000 people you can see the,cost per link click was 5 cents and i,spent a total of 90,for about 10 days so it's not really a,lot of money this was mostly just,testing to kind of see what i could get,and kind of know based on the stats from,instagram if i was getting more,followers or not because you don't have,a way to track exactly how many people,are following you,from these ads the only information,you're getting is how many people are,clicking every single day and based on,that you can match that to the amount of,followers you're getting per day and,kind of estimate on how many followers,you might be getting but to be honest,facebook right now doesn't have a way,for you to track how many followers,you're getting from a facebook ad,campaign so you kind of have to guess,and have an estimate based on how many,people are visiting your profile versus,how many people are following your page,so let's break down the three different,ads that i made and so as you can see,right here the only placements reels and,stories i'm gonna click on it so i can,show you what i actually did so,basically as you can see for my,goal i selected website so that's what,you need to select and select the,website meaning that i want to get,people to visit my instagram profile so,i'm going to show you what that looks,like at the end but let's scroll down,you can see my budget for this was just,ten dollars per day and scroll down a,little bit more you can see that i left,it worldwide,age between 21 and 40 and gender men,because most people who are interested,in my type of content are men so that's,why i chose men and as you can see for,interest i selected digital marketing,social media marketing and things like,that um of what i thought it would be,an interest of people who might follow,me based on the type of content that i,talked about in my instagram and the,type of post that i upload uh just to,see what would happen and so i selected,that detail targeting for the other ads,i didn't select any targeting whatsoever,i kind of want to see what would happen,so you always got to test and test and,test and see what works best for you so,you can see languages english and now,the placements this is really important,as you can see nothing else is selected,except for instagram so facebook,audience network and messenger i didn't,advertise on any of this i just wanted,to make sure that my ad only the people,who saw my reels,would see it on stories or instagram,reels of course you're trying to get,people uh to follow your instagram,profile so you want to get people who,are already on instagram so these are,the best two spots to gain more,instagram followers to get people to,click and go to your profile so those,are the two only options that i selected,and then if we go to,the um,individual ad i want to show you how i,set that up what i did is i selected one,of the reels that i had on my instagram,profile already that did quite well,it's only like a few seconds and it,shows how much money i've made from,facebook,in 2021 from one of my pages so i,selected that reel and i decided as you,can see it has this little learn more,option so when people click on that,learn more,while on instagram whether that's,stories or reals they go specifically to,my instagram,profile and here's the link from there,they can either not follow me or just,move on to whatever it is they were,doing before uh the same thing happens,with real so you really don't know,whether they're gonna click and follow,you or not but from what i'm seeing uh,usually about 10 to 20 percent of people,who might go to your instagram profile,might actually follow you so you have to,make sure you're testing every single,day with different ads different,targeting to see if you can find the,best and cheapest cost per click but at,the same time you want to get targeted,people to follow you just don't want,random people to follow so this is,exactly what i did for my instagram ads,you can test this with very small,budgets three five ten dollars per day,and i would highly recommend that you,only use instagram stories and instagram,reels to send people to your profile,because from my experience i also tested,uh just regular posts on instagram and,it just didn't work i wasn't getting any,clicks it was really expensive and i,found out that using reels and stories,what's the best way to get people to,check out my profile so guys as you can,see setting up this type of campaigns,now inside of facebook ads it's not,complicated uh you just have to like i,said test different ads see what,actually works best for your instagram,profile depending on what you're trying,to get it whether you're trying to get,more clients whether you're trying to,get just people to follow you because of,that you know validity metric you just,want to get more followers for your,instagram profile or you simply want to,try to sell something to that audience,in the future perhaps you're trying to,sell digital course affiliate marketing,or simply shout outs whatever it is you,need to know exactly what type of,audience to target it and that's exactly,one of the things that i'll be tweaking,over the next few days i'll be changing,basically my ad because i know that that,reel that i use it was a good reel but,it wasn't the type of reel that would,get me the best type of result so if you,want to make sure,that you get the best type of followers,you want to make sure that you test,different reels,as many as you can to see which one,brings you the best cost per click and,at the same time get get you the type of,audience you're looking for from my,little experiment what i learned is that,it is possible to gain instagram,followers just using facebook ads as,long as you do the placement right as,long as you use the right ads and you,target the right people so you gotta,send a lot of people clicking and making,sure that your real actually does the,job depending on what type of follower,you want so you want to test as much as,possible and you can test with very,small budgets three to five dollars per,day maybe four or five different ads let,it run for a week see what happens make,sure your stats you're checking your,stats every single day to see if you're,gaining followers on instagram so there,you have it guys i hope that this video,was insightful and helpful and you guys,can apply some of these techniques and,test this yourself let me know in the,comment section if you do launch an ad,let me know how you do if you're getting,followers and if you want to learn,everything about monetizing your,instagram profile or page you can go and,watch this video that breaks down,exactly what you need to do in order to,qualify for some of the bonuses and how,you can start monetizing your content on,instagram the link is going to be found,in the description below if you guys,want to check it out thank you very much,for watching guys make sure you guys hit,the like button below and also subscribe,to my channel if you haven't subscribed,already i post videos like this every,single week once again thanks for,watching and i'll see you guys in my,next video,you

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