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Creating a geofence audience for Facebook adsnick here from tech marketer,and i'm going to record ho

Nick Berry

Updated on Jan 22,2023

Creating a geofence audience for Facebook ads

nick here from tech marketer,and i'm going to record how to create a,geofenced audience,how i use these um i use them for my,wife's craft business when we're at it,when we're at a craft show,for my day job i use them for trade,shows and stuff,stuff like that so you know even though,we you make it an attendee list,you're not always going to get great,matches on this attendee list i see,about a 30 to 35 percent on b2b lists of,matching on facebook audiences,so what i started doing was,creating geofences at the location of,where the events gonna be now just a,brief description of what a geofence is,so you're going to do just like a pin,drop audience,but then you're going to do exclusion,zones around,the one mile radius minimum you can do,on facebook,to create a smaller area so you're not,targeting especially if you're like a,trade show event or a conference center,or something like that,you want to target just a conference,center area not the entire thing so you,can,pinpoint the people who are at the,conference mostly,and not just the entire,space a one mile radius because as you,can see when i when i get,into this you know it's going to be a,pretty large audience and still we,until we start to narrow this down so,we're going to get into it,so i've got the address copied from the,event space we're going to be at next,week,so we're going to go in we're going to,go search locations,drop this address in here,and so,florida's so weird so this is the,address this is a place we're going to,um the address from the event space at,orlando but it's tangelo park,now zoom in so first we're going to go,in,make it a one mile radius we talked,about that already so as you can see,right here is the actual conference,space,so i'm going to do,grab that i'm going to delete this one,turn this back down to a one mile radius,i'm gonna do a pin drop,right here change that to a one mile,radius,click on here,click exclude,sometimes it's a little finicky but,there you go,i should be going over this so you know,without these exclusionary zones it's,going to be much higher but right now,we're already,narrowing it down to about 3 800 people,what facebook is going to estimate,is at the in this space this available,space,now,there,i've even used these uh these geofence,audiences,sorry about that uh they're they're i've,used these geofence audiences to target,um,enterprise customers so if you want to,target just,if you have a very large business you,want to target or a group of,people who are congregating at one place,regularly,you can run create this geofence and,target those people so,you know we went we narrowed this down,to 3 200 people,um you know i i know what the attendee,list for this event is,so it's probably not going to be that,many,as you can see we went from that four,mile radius,uh one mile radius i'm sorry um down to,this group so i'm actually gonna,i'm gonna move this bottom pin i'm going,to remove it and drop a new one,because it's cutting off some of the,space,and this stuff's based on gps,and location data so it may not be super,precise but we want to get as,small of a space as we can but also,leave some room for error,heck there might be some people coming,to the event space event that are going,to be golfing so we'll catch some of,them three even some of the golfers who,knows,but this,is a geofence i hope you enjoy it and uh,have a great day

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Facebook's LOCATION Targeting Settings Are Wrong! Do This Instead

Facebook's LOCATION Targeting Settings Are Wrong! Do This Instead

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to talk,about how facebook's default location,targeting settings are wrong what you,should do instead but before i go down i,just want to very quickly ask you to,smash that like button that really helps,me out as much appreciated and of course,subscribe to my channel if you're you,are new and haven't done so already i'm,releasing facebook advertising related,content just like this all the time,that's very very important to your,results so go ahead and do that now,facebook's default location targeting,settings let's get into it so i'm in an,example facebook ad account and i'm,going to create a campaign to show you,what the current situation is,and um what the issue is and what you,should do instead so i just created a,quick conversions campaign that's the,campaign objective i use the most we're,going to jump to the ad set level,because of course the ad set level is,where the targeting um settings are,dealt with including location targeting,where you're going to advertise to,geographically now you can see that the,location default is united kingdom,that's because i'm in the united kingdom,and your location default in terms of,where you select is very much going to,be up to your business it could be,the country that you're in it could be,multiple countries if you uh operate,internationally it could just be a,specific geographical area so for,example i,live in a town called,cheltenham,in the west of england,and i for example if i was a local,business could go with something like,this right just advertised within 18,miles of my location,personally as a facebook ads agency,owner we are usually going to be,advertising either nationally within the,uk or even internationally including,countries like the us canada australia,things like that but that's not what i,really want to talk about here i've got,other videos talking about the location,targeting how to work it out and things,along those lines the part that i want,to focus on in this video is this,section up here now you can see that,facebook's default location targeting,setting is people living in or,recently in this location if we click,this little drop down you'll see that,there are various options four options,in fact you can either go with people,living in or recently in this location,which is the default you can go with,people living in this location people,recently in this location people,traveling in this location facebook,provide more information around what,that is,now this being the default will provide,you with the largest possible audience,but i think that's a big issue,there are lots of businesses that want,to advertise to people within the local,area or even within a country,that have no interest in advertising to,tourists or business travelers or,anything like that if you're a,service-based business,and,you operate let's say in london the,chances and you know you're a service,like something fairly significant that,people only buy,relatively locally,um the chances that you want you're,going to get a customer who is someone,who does not live in london is going to,be very very small they're more likely,let's say you're a roofer for example,okay people are only going to hire a,local company to do that for the most,part,um you do not want to be advertising to,tourists or business travelers and if,you're advertising in a place that gets,a lot of tourists and gets a lot of,business travelers you think of big,cities like london or new york for,example,that might represent an enormous amount,of the people that you're advertising to,if you just say,i want to advertise in this area i want,to advertise in london or in a specific,part of london and i want facebook you,to advertise to people living in or,recently in this location that might the,recently in might double the numbers,because people are going in and out of a,city like london all the time,and that could represent a massive waste,of your budget,you know again,the degree to which this is an issue is,really going to depend on where you're,advertising and how many people are,traveling in and out but if i was to,advertise to the whole of the uk for,example,um i don't know the exact numbers but,and obviously it's going to be affected,depending on you know what yeah you're,operating in and how much travel there,is and things but let's assume things,that are normal travel wise,there's probably tens of millions of,people that visit the uk every year that,don't necessarily live in the uk and if,my customers are only people that are,going to they're actually living in the,uk,well that's a massive problem and a,massive waste of my budget it's also,part of the reason we've had um issues,before where people have commented and,they said things like i'm only,advertising this location but facebook,seems to be showing my ads to people,outside of this location a lot of it,might be this,if you're advertising to the whole of,the us,are you aware that with this default,setting you're going to be advertising,not only people that live in the us but,also all the people that have recently,visited the us a lot of facebook,advertisers aren't aware of that but,that could be a real big problem so i'd,recommend that the majority of,advertisers go with people living in,this location now of course you have to,run,a common sense filter on this and make,sure that it works for your business so,if you are a restaurant for example or,a business that is tourist friendly,or business traveler friendly and you're,very happy to be advertising people that,are traveling or moving in and out then,absolutely you can leave it with the,default you can even specifically target,people recently in education or even,people traveling in this location but i,think for facebook to have the default,to include people recently in this,location particularly when you're,including um like advertising on the,country level there's probably,in a regular year i wouldn't be,surprised if 100 million people 50,million people that don't live in the us,visit the us and if you're advertising,for that whole year you could,potentially be advertising to all those,people that visited from all over the,world then left and went home they're,never going to be your customer you may,not even be able to sell your products,or services to them once they've gone,home um and you're wasting a huge amount,of money so just have a think about your,business and what it is that,uh where your customers have to come,from is it actually just in that,location which it is going to be for the,majority of people watching this i'm,sure in which case absolutely make sure,you go with people living in this,location that's certainly what i think,facebook should have as their default,even though they don't and um that may,well help improve your results okay,before you go couple things i want to,mention the first is our facebook,advertising services so my company lead,guru is a specialist facebook and,instagram advertising agency we create,manage and optimize facebook and,instagram ad campaigns for our clients,if you want to get better results we can,always certainly help you achieve them,so,if you're interested in finding out more,the best thing to do is click on a link,in the video video description below,that'll take you to a page on our,website and you can book in a call free,call with one of my team members there,no obligation just to find out more,about your business how we work all that,sort of stuff and we do have a 3k per,month minimum budget so please only book,a call if you meet that that criteria um,and um yeah maybe we'll get a chance to,uh to work together now if you don't,meet that criteria you don't have that,budget or if you do and you want to do,this yourself as opposed to working with,um a professional company like mine one,of the things i'd strongly recommend you,do is check out a free webinar i've,created called three killer facebook ad,strategies to double or more your,revenue and in this webinar it breaks,down the three sales funnels that we use,most often with our clients to perform,fantastic results we i in this webinar,i've broken down exactly how the sales,funnels work and you can work out okay,my business is this type therefore i,need to use this of the three strategies,this is how it works you can work all,that on the webinar strongly recommend,you check it out completely free link,again is in the video description below,and um yeah i hope you enjoy it if this,video has been useful please comment to,let me know comment if you've got,questions and things like that hit that,thumbs up button that'd be much,appreciated and of course subscribe to,my channel if you haven't done so,already thanks guys bye for now

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