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How To Get Your Facebook Ads Approved | Quick Tipshey guys it's chris here and in this,video i'm goi

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How To Get Your Facebook Ads Approved | Quick Tips

hey guys it's chris here and in this,video i'm going to talk about how to,avoid getting your facebook ads,disapproved,so if you're having trouble with ads,being denied and you can't figure out,why,then this video is for you okay so there,are many different reasons,why you can have your facebook ads,disapproved and it's something that,pretty much every single advertiser will,have to deal with at some point,and it can be very very frustrating,especially when you don't know why,your ads are being denied because let's,be honest,facebook aren't very clear when it comes,to their reasoning behind certain,decisions,and it may often seem like there's,nothing you can do to get your ad,approved,i've personally had many ads denied over,the years and i've lost,multiple ad accounts as well but having,to go through the process of learning,how to get around these systems the hard,way,i've learned there are always things you,can do to help prevent your ads from,getting denied,one of the most common reasons for ads,getting denied is because of,personalization in your,facebook ad copy whether that's either,in the headline or in the ad copy itself,facebook really doesn't want you to make,anything seem too personal,to their users so an easy way to avoid,this is to avoid direct questions,in your ad so avoid using words or,phrases that include things like you,or do you so you don't want to say,things like,are you looking for a way to blank or,do you want to blank because,using the word you makes the ad personal,like you are targeting that person,specifically which,in a purely marketing sort of point of,view you are,because you want to try and connect with,that prospect directly so using the word,you just seems like the most obvious,choice,but the thing is facebook doesn't like,that particularly when it's used with a,question that's aimed at them as an,individual,an example of this would be do you want,to solve your back pain,or are you looking for a way to get,white teeth,or something like do you struggle to,sleep at night,things like that now this doesn't mean,you can't use the word you,you can use it in sentences like make,sure you click the link below to sign up,or you don't want to miss out on this,special offer,because those phrases aren't aimed at,them personally,so a simple way to get around the,personalization issue,is just as short on the sentence so,instead of saying things like,do you struggle to sleep at night you,could just say,struggling to sleep at night question,mark making a simple change like that,will stop the ad getting denied the,reason why this will work is because,it's the algorithm that initially checks,the ads,not a human so if you can get past the,algorithm on your ads then you should be,alright,so the trick is to just slightly change,the wording to make the ad seem a lot,less personal in the eyes of facebook,now i know that goes against best,marketing practices because you want to,ask questions to connect with your ideal,customers or your ideal clients pain,points,but sometimes you just have to change it,up a little if you want to run ads on,facebook,another way of changing the ad copy is,to focus on the benefits of the product,so instead of saying something like do,you struggle to sleep at night,you could just instead focus on the,benefits of the product that you're,trying to sell,and how it solves that problem for the,customer so you could say something like,our product will help improve your sleep,which will increase your energy levels,during the day this will still connect,with the people who are struggling to,sleep because the benefits of your,product solves that problem,but you're not talking to them directly,which means this type of ad will be,approved,in essence you just have to be a bit,smarter than the algorithm,and you can get most ads approved,through the platform personalization is,just something the algorithm can easily,pick up on,and that's likely to lead to issues down,the road for you for your ads for your,ad accounts,and it's just not worth the hassle so,the personalization tip is just a quick,and simple tip,that's easy to implement if you're,having issues with your ads being denied,so if you find that your facebook ads,keep getting disapproved,then try and add copy your headline that,has no personalization in it,and focus more on the benefits of your,product or your service,hopefully that tip was useful if it was,then please make sure you drop a like on,the video,and comment below with any tips or,tricks that you found when advertising,on the facebook ads platform,also if you're looking for more help,with your facebook advertising,specifically for dropshipping and,e-commerce,then there's a link in the description,below that will let you book a quick,call with me and my team,so we can discuss whether it makes sense,for us to work together at a higher,level in order to grow your business,further,if you're interested in having a quick,chat then just click the link in the,description down below,and book in your free call and let's see,how we can help you there's also a bunch,of other useful links in the description,that will help you,grow your business so make sure you,check them out as well but with that,being said,that's the end of this one i hope you,enjoyed it i'll catch you in the next,one,you

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How to Get Your Facebook Ads Approved

How to Get Your Facebook Ads Approved

hey it's Andrew Hubbard hear from Andrew,Hubbard dot CEO and in this video you're,going to learn how to get your Facebook,ads approved so I'm assuming if you,found this video you've probably already,tried to run some Facebook ads and you,may have run into problems where you've,had them rejected so what do you do from,here well the first thing you want to do,is identify why your ads were reject it,so in the past Facebook weren't very,good at telling us why they reject our,ads in the past we would simply get a,message it would say Facebook ad not,approved and then it would be up to us,to just kind of figure it out and that's,a difficult process right now it's much,much better,Facebook is starting to actually give us,indications as to why it was disapproved,and they're also telling us which,element or which part of our ad was,rejected so whether it was the headline,or the body or the video or the image,they're actually starting to give us a,direct indication as to what part of our,ad is causing problems so that's the,first thing open up the ad have a look,at the notification that comes up and it,will tell you why your ad god,disapproved so whether it's because it,was had false or misleading claims,contain nudity firearms whatever the,reason is and it will tell you what to,change so we'll say update headline,update copy update your image okay so it,will tell you exactly what you need to,change now once you've identified okay,this is why my ad got rejected and this,is what I need to fix let's talk about,exactly what to do next,so the most common reasons at the moment,that we see for ads getting rejected one,calling our personal attributes so,saying things like hey girl hey man blah,blah blah okay implying that they're a,male or a female calling out specific,age ranges demographics anything that's,to do with the viewers personal,attributes if you mention that in the,video in the image of the copy at all,flatout rejection okay so what you want,to do is go through your ad if you've,been rejected and the reason is personal,attributes make sure you don't say,anything at all that implies you know,anything about their personal attributes,so some really common ones that we see,like I said we had some ads that got,rejected and they said hey girl and,then went into the ad right because we,said hey girl in this in the copy we,were implying that we knew they were a,girl and for that reason Facebook,rejected us for personal attributes even,if we say things like for entrepreneurs,like you or this is perfect for personal,trainers just like you or we're looking,for health coaches just like you or,we're looking for singles in the area so,we know you'd love this okay,all of that stuff implies personal,attributes and if you have any trace of,that in the ad whether it's an image,video or copy it's going to get rejected,so if you've got that you need to clean,that out now the next thing that we say,that's really really common is ads,getting rejected for making unrealistic,or false or misleading claims now you,may not be deliberately being,unrealistic or false or misleading but,what we're seeing more and more of is,that any instance where we're,exaggerating or making really big bold,claims Facebook are very sensitive to,that and they will reject our ads for,that so promising anything and this is,your measure if you're promising,something or implying okay it doesn't,have to even be promising just implying,a specific result in your ad the way,Facebook of view that and this is coming,from Facebook the way they view that and,think about it is that if there's an,implied result everybody who sees that,ad should be able to achieve that result,after after doing whatever it is your,call to action is okay so if you're,saying you know here's how you can get,10,000 EEMA email subscribers in under,four weeks that's an instant red flag by,the way any result in a given time frame,basically an instant red flag for,Facebook so if you've got you know learn,how we make ten thousand dollars per,month doing X instant rejection because,you've got a monetary value ten thousand,dollars per month,okay instant rejection so you want to,avoid that and you want to go with go,through with a fine-tooth comb go,through your ad and just make sure that,you're not making any big bold claims or,any claims at all that aren't achievable,to every single viewer so sure you might,think well we do have case studies where,people have grown their email lists,about ten thousand people in a month but,is that achievable,to everybody who sees this ad probably,not so you're going to need to change,that okay you're going to need to change,the way that ad copy or image or video,wherever the promises made approaches,the viewer okay,so that's a really really big one the,other one is MLA more employment,opportunities that's the third big,reason we see for ads getting rejected,so if your ad is a business opportunity,ad it's very susceptible to this,rejection reason so what you want to do,is go through and make sure that you're,not promising things like hey work from,home in your underpants I mean things,like that work from home work three,hours a day all of that kind of thing is,an instant red flag for Facebook so if,you know work online and travel the,world or that kind of thing it's very,difficult to get past Facebook so if,you're promoting anything that could,look like an employment opportunity how,to start a business on Amazon in three,weeks for example okay that's going to,get flagged by Facebook so you want to,avoid employment opportunities as well,as you've got anything you know that,sounds like an employment opportunity if,your MLM straight up don't bother trying,to run ads they reject MLM straight away,and if anything that sounds like an,employment opportunity it's going to get,your ad rejected so if you've been,rejected for MLM or employment,opportunity and you're not in an MLM it,could be because it sounds like your,business opportunity is an employment,opportunity and that's why they'll,reject you for that now the other big,thing a big reason that we see you know,and I'm just going to bunch these,together okay big reasons I should say,that we see swearing okay any any type,of swearing even words like crap okay,just to avoid it guns anything firearm,related even if you've got a picture in,the background of a gun or some type of,firearm if you've got a shirt with a,firearm on it it's going to get rejected,okay so avoid that kind of thing before,and after shots another quite common one,especially if you're in the health space,you can't have any before-and-after,shots in your ads okay so if you've got,it before and it shows an unhealthy,person and then after shot shows a,healthy person you will get out rejected,for that as well another really common,and easy reason for your ads getting,rejected is the display link must match,the URL that's in the act,so the display link is a field when,you're setting up your ads you can go in,enter a custom link that people see on,the ad so under the headline it shows,the display link or the display URL but,the domain now has to match the actual,URL that people go to so if I'm sending,people to a drew Hobart CO but I changed,my display link so it shows on the ad,that I'm sending them to get more,traffic calm then Facebook's going to,reject my ad because it's misleading it,says on the ad that they're going to get,more traffic combo when they click they,get it Andrew how about dot zero it's,got to match the same domain very quick,and easy to fix if you get rejected by,that one for that one it's a really,quick 30 second change and you'll be up,and running so that's the first thing I,want you to do go through your ad look,at the rejection reason understand what,the problem is whether it's a headline,copy and Facebook doesn't always tell,you so if if you're looking at your ad,and the rejection and it doesn't tell,you where it is a headline copy image,video sometimes it just doesn't appear,so you're out of luck there but they'll,always give you a reason like it's,rejected because it's MLM or employment,opportunity it's rejected because it's,swearing it's rejected because it's,calling out personal attributes it will,always give you a lease that reason so,you know what to look for so what I want,you to do is go through your ad first,check the policy I encourage you to go,through the policy I encourage you to go,through Facebook blueprint training on,ad policy as well it's a great training,doesn't take long to do and it will help,make sure you run into far fewer of,these problems check it if your ad if,you're sure your ad is compliant then I,want you to do the next step which is,actually a request to review so click,the button in the ad request a review I,want to just select the buttons that are,your basis for review the ones that are,relevant it'll give you a few options,select the ones that are relevant but,then what I want you to do is actually,type a response to Facebook support as,well just one or two sentences very,politely explaining why you believe the,rejection is a mistake okay type that in,send off the review the reason I,encourage you to type something into,that box is because we've noticed a,higher percentage of ads getting,approved if we do put something in there,then if we just tick the boxes and click,send okay so that's what I want you to,do next if you're sure your ad is,compliant send,to review and just do one ad at a time,if you've got let's say you've got five,the same ad and you're running it in,five different ad sets okay,get one approved first appeal one that,way if you're appealing all five ads and,sending them off and they all get,rejected at once you're just getting,more and more rejections building up on,the account and that affects your,overall account health which can then,lead to accounts getting shut down so,you want to minimize the number of ad,rejections or disapprovals that you're,getting on the account and the way you,can do that is if you have the same ad,running five times and it gets all of,them get disapproved appeal one first,see if you can get that approved and,then if it gets approved appeal the,others and get them all approved saves,you getting lots and lots of rejections,on the account so what happens if they,come back and reject the ad still well,the next step is to go to chat support,and have a conversation with chat,support and see if you can get that,decision overturned so the link is here,for chat support you can go to that link,I'll put it in the description for this,video as well so you can go over some,people have chat support support,available some don't so go and check if,you don't see the chat support option on,the page it means you don't have it,available which means it's not optioned,for you but if you do have chat support,available get in touch with them have a,conversation with them and see if you,can get the ads approved it's very quick,and easy to do and often we get ads,approved through chat support that were,rejected on our first appeal through the,standard appeal process but I encourage,you to go through the standard appeal,process first so you're not clogging up,chat support and going to them every,single time when you may not even need,to finally what happens if Chad supports,still reject your ad well in that case,it means your ad just isn't compliant,you're gonna have to make changes what I,encourage you to do is instead of,creating a new ad go and update the,existing ad change it until it's,compliant okay make changes be,conservative get it approved,likewise you know as I said before if,you've got a few ads running all of the,same ad and they all get rejected let's,say you've got the same and running on,five different ad sets because you're,testing that ad against five different,audiences well if they all get rejected,and you've gone through this process,still can't get it approved pick one of,them update it make it compliant get it,approved okay you'll have to,you'll have to update it because at this,point you've appealed at multiple times,it's definitely against policy make the,changes get it approved then update all,of your others that are the same and get,them approved as well the reason you,want to go through and get these ads,approved is because you don't want to,leave rejected or disapprove ads sitting,on the account it does affect ad Health,Facebook look at the overall quality of,an ad account and getting ads rejected,decreases the overall quality of your,account and when it gets to a certain,point,Facebook we're going to manually review,it and they will disable the account if,that's what they decide is the necessary,next step so you want to minimize the,number of disapproved ads in the account,that's why I say don't just leave that,out and create a new one and try to get,it approved update the existing one what,happens if you can't get the existing,one approved delete it start again but I,encourage you to get that existing out,approved first before you don't create a,new one all right so that's it they're,your steps to getting ads approved the,first step identify what the reason is,and where the problem is on the ad,second set go through and double-check,triple-check the ad to make sure it's,compliant if it's not updated if it is,go through the normal review process,appeal the rejection if that gets if,that gets rejected again go through a,chat support if it's available to you,that gets rejected again update the ad,try and get it compliant and if you,still no matter what you do can get that,a compliant delete the ad don't leave,the reject on the account and start,again if you follow these steps you'll,get far fewer ad rejections,you'll improve your overall account,health and you should have a much easier,time advertising on Facebook and getting,your Facebook ads approved hope this,video helps if you enjoyed it subscribe,to my channel click the bell make sure,you get notifications and I'll see you,in the next video

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