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Create This Buyer Leads Facebook Ad (Buyer Leads for Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers in 2022)ima

Adam Middlesworth

Updated on Jan 22,2023

Create This Buyer Leads Facebook Ad (Buyer Leads for Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers in 2022)

imagine if there was a tool that allowed,you to target,buyers who actually have good credit who,are looking to buy a home and who are in,your market looking for a home exactly,in the area that you want all without,wasting advertising dollars on people,who don't qualify who aren't interested,in buying a home in this video i'm going,to show you exactly step-by-step how to,target buyers in your market run,facebook ads we're going to utilize the,special ad category but i'm going to,show you a workaround,and i'm going to show you the exact ads,that you can use the copy the headline,the images everything so i'm going to,jump into my computer,and walk you through this step by step,click on create up here in the top left,once we click create we're going to,choose a campaign objective so we,typically do one of three or four things,here,uh,most likely you are going to utilize,lead generation if you're brand new to,facebook ads,this is the easiest by far,lead generation on facebook is,essentially a lead form or a form,still on facebook that somebody can,click the ad they see the forum they,fill out their information,and then that becomes a lead for you,it's by far the easiest,the second would be conversions,conversions allows us to send people to,a website so if you have a really good,website with maybe a really good idx,feed or landing page or something like,that,we can send them there,and then we optimize for conversions,what that means is we want leads right,and we want facebook to know that we,want leads so that facebook shows our,app to people who are more likely to,become a lead,of the type of lead we want so we want,more buyers right so facebook we want,facebook to show our ads to people who,are looking to buy and who are most,likely to become a lead or a conversion,right the next would be traffic maybe,you have a good,website you have a good idx,website but,you might not have the the best right,it's not going to tell,facebook that it's become a lead or a,conversion,and that might not be the case so we,just send traffic to that,to that landing page or that website,right,and then the last would be potentially,messages,uh but this this would uh require some,sort of,messenger bot typically or it would,require you to be on your phone,making sure you're looking at messages,and following up as soon as humanly,possible so i just recommend doing lead,generation so we're going to click on,that,and we're going to come in here,and click through and talk about what,we're going to name our campaign so our,campaign's name is typically going to be,what we're going to,be after right so this is buyer lead,campaign so we're going to call it buyer,leads,and there are a couple different,campaigns that we utilize right so it'd,be maybe a list of homes under a certain,price range or a list of cul-de-sac,homes or a list of homes with a pool or,it could be,for mortgage it could be something,specific as three percent down or maybe,an fha loan or,or any of those types of loans maybe,it's va or whatever that looks like,right,for this,we're going to choose,a list of homes,under let's call it,4,50.,okay and typically i would call it the,area as well so exactly,and then what i do is i call it uh lead,forms,and then whatever the date would be,right,and then we're just gonna kind of copy,and paste some of these things like this,and then we're gonna say uh the area,and we're going to call this,coal because that's what we're going to,grab i'll show you that tool in a second,and then we're going to stick with,the date,right and then this would be list of,plano homes under,450k,again with that so we're gonna click on,continue here,and then we're gonna go in,to,the campaign level so we have to declare,special ad category right,regardless of if you're going to utilize,the targeting or not you have to choose,housing if you're doing a real estate or,mortgage related ad,from there we're just going to click on,next and go into our ad set,typically here we would choose our,targeting,we're actually going to bypass,facebook's targeting and not even mess,with it right,so typically you would come down here to,the audience you would go through and,say i want to target,plano or indianapolis or wherever,whatever your area is,and you would target that area within a,15 mile radius right,instead of doing that we're going to go,and grab a list,from a,awesome tool and company called coal,information,so what this allows you to do,is say you have a renter,for a specific zip code and we can go,through and search for these,so i'm gonna go grab all of these zip,codes so you can do up to ten i'm gonna,grab the zip code here and you can do,house renters you can do apartment,renters or you can do condo renters,we're gonna do house renters because,that's probably,somebody who most likely wants to get,out of the house and wants to actually,own their house they clearly can afford,the monthly rent,so they clearly then can afford the,monthly mortgage,over here you can see a list of all,records you can do emailing so that's,email addresses you can phone numbers,i would recommend doing either emails or,phone numbers so that we can add that,list into facebook so we're gonna click,on search here and get the results,so now that we have the results we can,kind of come in here and look and see,what that looks like right,um so we've got phone numbers here we've,got all of the email addresses so,because we have,i i specified four email addresses we,can also get the phone number but you,can see we have all email addresses and,just some phone numbers and you can you,can see their,house number where they exactly where,they live so if you wanted to do direct,mail alongside this you absolutely could,you see the length of residency over,here,and what you can do is you just come,down here and download that,but there's another really cool,option here you can do advanced options,and look at some of the more detailed,targeting that we can look at here,so you come over here on the left hand,side you can see all sorts of things um,you can see,um,like they're interested in baseball,or basketball or some random,stuff like that so potentially if you,were you know if you had a house on a,golf course that you were looking to,sell or you wanted to do a list of golf,course homes,you could come and find,golf and you could target based around,golf right,or maybe people are interested in,gardening and you have really nice,houses and,gardening or whatever that might look,like right,there are some really cool options here,and you can even go as granular,as you know some income level,investments so you can do income you can,do investments,maybe they're doing mutual funds or,stocks or whatever right you can kind of,get really really specific on who you,want to target,based on what's available here on the,tar on the,the interest side of things,so you can get really really specific,about who your ideal client and your,ideal client avatar is and then you just,hit submit and then what you'll do is,you'll come and click on download,and then you will download that so first,of all you'll want to do csv files so,once you click on this on the left hand,side you'll click on csv because that,will be what you'll need to upload into,facebook all right so now that you have,your list from cole info what you're,going to do is you're going to want to,upload that to your facebook,audience right so you're going to have,custom audiences here you can see,you might already have those in there so,if you want to you can go and search for,those existing audiences,but you can also create a new audience,based on the list that you just,downloaded so we're going to click on,create new here click on custom audience,from here we're going to click on,customer list and click on next okay,don't worry about this click on next,say no here click on next and then we're,going to upload our file so you're going,to go and click on upload,go find the file that you want to,download,and then we're going to upload that file,from here you're going to call it,something very specific to the list that,you created on col info right so,say you have a,list that's in a very specific city that,has let's go with the golf interest,right,you have the golf interest and then you,might have income or another variable,right so you would say plato,um,rent house renters right plano house,renters,golf income something like that that you,know,what you have identified in that,audience,then we're gonna click on next here,from here facebook does a really good,job of mapping out some of those things,but what you'll want to do is come in,here to action needed and find some,other information so it could be first,name last name,you know the city they're in the county,they're in whatever that looks like and,click on,import and you can click on these right,so you can click on these this is first,name match that last name,match that,city,match that so on and so forth once you,have that click on import and create,and this upload will take a second,the bigger your list the more,time it will take so it might take a,second just be patient with it but once,it's done click on done,and then you'll have your customer list,here right so that is your targeting,right so if you've got a huge list maybe,you created,a couple lists of 1500 from coal info i,believe by the way that is their limit,so 1500 is their limit,i usually go through,i live in a pretty big area so i'll go,through and have a bunch,but so some of our clients are super,small areas and they don't get that many,so you just need one list,but i'll combine,up to 10 lists sometimes,so i have about 15 000,typically i honestly have a va do that,so i'm not sitting there copying pasting,and putting it into one file,so that is a piece of information that,you'll want to know i do go and upload a,bunch of those,and then download those to,excel,create a csv that kind of combines all,of those,from here what you'll want to do is,scroll back up and make sure that you,have your date your budget all that,stuff i usually recommend starting at,minimum uh five to ten dollars depending,on how big your audience size is right,if you just uploaded a list of 200,people,you know you're not gonna,facebook won't even get to spend ten,dollars a day for you there,uh but if your list is fifteen thousand,i recommend starting right around ten,dollars a day okay,uh from here we're gonna click on manual,placements,and click on just facebook and instagram,and then we're gonna go down here and,just choose these three facebook feed,instagram feed facebook marketplace and,we're gonna take out everything else,okay click all of these off,so that you just have,these three okay,scroll down here and you'll click on,next,all right so this is the ad level this,is where we are going to create our ad,so you want to make sure that your,facebook page is the page that you want,to run ads from if you have a linked,instagram account you want to do that i,typically just do the page because i,don't do instagram all that much,and then what you'll want to do is go,and create your ad,so for this let's go with the golfing,scenario right so let's say you have a,list of people who are interested in,golf,what image do you think would convert,really well,with somebody who's interested in golf,right,so you could go find an image that is,some home on a golf course or it could,be just golf itself right,so now that we have our image here we,can go and click on next and by the way,if you ever need free images go to,pixabay,and just search for whatever you're,looking for i literally just typed in,golf found this picture,click free download and bam free but you,can do anything right you can do house,click enter and you can get all sorts of,different images totally and completely,for free so highly recommend that,back to our ad here,now we're going to click on next after,we have our image,we're going to one to one that basically,just creates the most amount of space,for us if you just do original it'll get,it shorter right you can see how much,space,you're losing out on in the feed and,it's important,in facebook to create as much space in,the feed as possible,or click on done here and that is our,image,right i'm going to go and grab our,facebook copy and come back here and,copy and paste it in,so i'm gonna go grab these so these are,our um facebook ad templates totally,free if you want these uh this exact,thing,um i got it in the description below,we'll send that over to you via facebook,messenger,so you've got list of homes i would go,and grab this and just copy and paste,this in here,copy and we're going to come back to our,ad,we're going to click on paste all right,so uh for this we're gonna say hey plano,residents,um do you know anybody looking to buy,home follow here,we don't need that because we don't have,a link,um what we would say is click,learn more,to grab,a list of homes under,we'll say,450 we're gonna say homes on a golf,course close on a golf,course under 450. now i don't know that,that's necessarily possible um in,today's market but,uh we're gonna run with it so,we're gonna click headline and say golf,homes under,450 and we're gonna say,all right under here we've got the uh,instant forms so you can see what that,looks like here,we're just going to duplicate this and,create so,um,this is just a copy so you say plano,golf homes under 450k,um i always go for more volume if you,want higher intent they're basically,going to ask a question and say are you,sure that's your information,so it's just one more step so i usually,do that,we don't usually include an intro,uh get access to plano golf,playing homes on a golf course under,x,okay,um we usually do first name last name,email phone number in that exact order,okay sometimes facebook most of the time,facebook will auto populate that and if,they don't see their phone number they,might not even look for it and change it,or whatever,and so it's just an easy way for us to,get accurate information all right make,sure you have your privacy policy in,here and then you'll click on publish,and that is your buyer ad so that's,exactly how to utilize facebook ads for,buyer leads both for real estate and for,mortgage professionals,if you guys want the information on coal,information i've got a link in the,description below also if you want the,facebook ad templates i've got that in,the description below,those are totally free nothing to sell,you there,if you like this video give it a thumbs,up share it with your colleagues if you,utilize this strategy please come back,and comment on this video,share your success have any questions,comment down below i'd love to to help,you there as well i look forward to,seeing you guys in the next video,you

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how to get buyer leads with facebook ads real estate catalogs

How To Get Leads In Real Estate These Facebook Ads Generated Us Over 2,672 Buyer Leads

How To Get Leads In Real Estate These Facebook Ads Generated Us Over 2,672 Buyer Leads

hey guys so in this video we're going to,talk about how to get leads in real,estate these Facebook ads generated us,over 2,672 buyer leads within 365 days we're,going to show you step by step from step,one to the end of how we did this so,that you can implement it in your,business as well we're here in our back,office of our Facebook ad campaign and,as you can see here we've generated over,2,670 leads within the last 365 days,started in April 2021st all the way till,now which is 2022 October a little bit,over a year but the main point is is,that we generated quite a bit of leads,and these leads actually convert we're,going to show you guys step by steps on,how we create these ads and we'll show,you guys exactly what we're doing right,now to generate on average three dollars,and 59 cents per lead so we're gonna,show you guys an example of our or ad,copy and what it looks like we're going,to show you exactly the graphic the,verbiage that we use right now what,you're seeing is the exact photo that,we're using for this ad copy so if we,look closely you can see that we use,these new construction homes in Fresno,Clovis have to sell ASAP check out the,incentives that are available to make,these homes super affordable tap to,learn more button to get free instant,access on Facebook from there you can,see you can add a photo of a white house,or you can add a photo of a new,construction property primary text you,want to put that text in there for a,headline you want to say access to all,the new construction home deals in,Fresno and Clovis for the description,which is this part right here Fresno and,Clovis New Home deals call to action you,want to let them know learn more right,you can click sign up or whatever but we,choose learn more from there what you,want to do is you want to create a lead,form so a lead form is pretty much this,part right here you see scene right here,Elite Form you ask them a couple of,questions after you ask them a couple,questions you make sure to get their,name email and phone number to follow up,with those leads and then after that the,lead submit and then they go into our,system so that's exactly how we set up,our ad copy so go ahead and start,learning about this and implement this,in your business so now we're back in,our ad campaign and we're going to show,you exactly how to set an ad up first,what you want to do is you want to click,on the create campaign because this is a,lead generation tutorial you want to,click on lead create a brand new lead ad,and then this is what you'll see right,here new lead ad campaign new lead ad,set and all new leads so let's go ahead,and jump into one of our examples so,that is what we just created but let's,go ahead and look into our new,construction first what you want to do,is you want to name your campaign if,it's a new construction ad you want to,name it new construction if it's an,acreage if it's a cash offer you want to,name it as so you want to click on,housing and as you scroll down you want,to set a daily budget this ad,specifically is set for ten dollars a,day next what you want to do is you want,to click on the ad set to go ahead and,name your ad set name so what you want,to do is you want to connect your,business page into your ad we just,connect our the fam Real Estate Group,business page to it make sure to accept,all the terms from there what you want,to do is you want to make sure to set,your ad set budget currently right now,this budget is being ran through the,campaign so we're not going to be,setting a specific ad set budget so now,for the audience section what you want,to do is you want to make sure to create,a location that is 15 miles within the,current area that you're in age 18 to 65,and up and if you guys are worried about,finding buyer starter 18 19 year old,don't worry about it Facebook AI system,is fantastic they'll weave out all the,people that are not currently looking to,buy so what you want to do next is you,want to make sure to have the detailed,targeting on point you want to make sure,to Target your buyer properly so when,you click on the interest list you want,to make sure to Target people who are,interested in for sale by owner home,equity line of credit Zillow, real estate broker, you want to make sure to,Target the specific audience I might,want to go on in there and add people,who are interested in mortgage,calculator down payment assistant,program first time home buyer you want,to add this list and you want to create,a bigger list the next step is that you,want to make sure to have this as,Advantage placement is recommended so go,ahead and just do what you need to do,with what Facebook is recommending so,lastly what you want to do is you want,to make sure that your ad is live in,order for you to do that make sure to,name your ad name proper connect your,Facebook page connect your Instagram,page into it from there what you want to,do is you want to create an ad either,select image or video for this specific,ad copy we chose an image so what you,want to do is you want to go drive,around in your neighborhood look at some,new construction property and you want,to take a picture of a new construction,home from there you want to upload your,creative in the creative section and,then as your primary text we already,went over the primary text which is,these new construction home in Fresno,have to sell ASAP you want to add in the,headline you want to add in the,descriptions the call to action from,there create a lead form you want to,create a lead form so the point of the,lead form of course we already talked,about it is to collect the lead name,phone number and email once you do that,then you can start running your ad,properly all right guys so that was some,really good content that James just,talked about on how to create your,Facebook ads and what you need to do,step by step so here's what you need to,do next if you are doing less than three,to four deals a month and you need,consistent and predictable income for,your real estate business then go to, and schedule your,call with us now before you schedule the,call we would like you to go into our,webinar and watch how we went from zero,to making 304 43 000 in less than 365,days by focusing on Facebook ads YouTube,and Instagram in a brand new market all,without spending more than four hours a,day in a real estate business even if,you're a new agent little marketing,budget or nobody knows who you are all,without doing any open houses door,knocking or cold calling

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