how to get 1 cent facebook ads

𝐇𝐔𝐆𝐄 π‘πŽπˆ!!! π—™π—¨π—Ÿπ—Ÿ 𝟭 π—–π—²π—»π˜ 𝗙𝗕 𝗔𝗗 π—–π—Ήπ—Άπ—°π—Έπ˜€ π—šπ˜‚π—Άπ—±π—²do you get super aroused when you go to,the 99-cent store

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

𝐇𝐔𝐆𝐄 π‘πŽπˆ!!! π—™π—¨π—Ÿπ—Ÿ 𝟭 π—–π—²π—»π˜ 𝗙𝗕 𝗔𝗗 π—–π—Ήπ—Άπ—°π—Έπ˜€ π—šπ˜‚π—Άπ—±π—²

do you get super aroused when you go to,the 99-cent store well this is for you,because what we're going to be focusing,on,in this video is how to get super cheap,clicks on facebook,oh the dollar clicks remember those when,you first got started everyone's like,dollar clicks,make a million dollars a day we're not,gonna get quite that cheap,but what i'm going to show you in this,video my fellow hyruleans,by the way this is alex becker ceo of,hyros you know a company that helps,everybody track their ads and get a much,higher roi on their ads and then feed it,back to iii,and get even more roi on that it's that,that company that's what i do but more,importantly i'm gonna be showing you in,this video how to get crazy cheap clicks,on facebook,by what i've done to get really low,clicks on facebook but more importantly,get the actions that you're looking for,the sale the cpl,the clicks as well and the views much,cheaper than everybody else,i've used this in e-commerce i've used,this in sas i've used this in consulting,and info businesses,even if you're selling kangaroos this,will probably work for you so we're just,gonna dive,straight into it okay guys so this is,going to be super weird,because if you're watching this video,you probably look at all your stats in,your ads manager you look at the cpm,cost per view cost that's cost per click,cost per click and i all the time,when i help people with their ads they,they have a they usually have huge,spreadsheets with all these stats and,this is what they think determines,or is the indicator of how well their,ads are doing,so originally when people first got on,the facebook and so this day,what they focus on a ton of times is,cheap clicks and i'm going to be,straight up with you in this video,i tricked you into watching it because i,know you probably are looking for cheap,clicks too,but cheap clicks are not,the thing you want to look for they're,an indicator of something else which i'm,going to show you and if you understand,this something else you will get cheap,clicks but you also get cheap everything,else,because let's let's really understand,one,simple concept we can take the hundred,stats in the dashboard,right you can you can have an entire,board with all your stats right here,but at the end of the day there's really,only two stats that matter,in your business actually there's only,one it's roi,every one of these stats could be,completely out of control just broken,by standards but if your roi is large,then you,it doesn't really matter if you're doing,a 4x roi it doesn't matter,and so it's such a mistake to focus on,these things right here now there's also,other indicators in your business,that are going to indicate whether an ad,is working or not for example if you're,running a deep funnel that has an opt-in,in the front of it,your indicator is going to be cpl and,the cpl,is the main thing you want to be looking,at because if the cpl goes down,all of these stats right here go down as,well so if you just focus on what,controls the cpl,which is the message behind the ad the,quality,of your opt-in and understanding of your,customer then that's just going to go,it's going to plummet and then these,things will plummet as well and it's so,much easier to just focus on the message,of your ad,and your opt-in than it is all these,other stats the same thing applies with,an e-commerce store the main thing that,actually matters,is the cost per sale which is going to,be controlled by,how well the ad performs which is again,you're thinking well,isn't it all these things sort of sort,of i'm going to show you how to get all,these things super low without,thinking about them and then also the,offer that you're offering,okay if you have a call funnel it's,going to be cost per call,and then all of these only thing that,actually matters behind all of these,ones is roi and the crazy thing about,this,is in almost every business i see people,operate around,the cost per lead or cost per call,because they can't actually track their,roi which is,again i'm not going to pump high roast,in this thing but if you don't see the,roi,of your ads truly and you're missing,like 50 of your sales you're optimizing,around bogus stats and i guarantee,you're losing like 20 30 percent a year,try out hiros uh anyways,so look what you need to do instead is,this,when i'm running an ad okay and how i,get my ads,super cheap and let me show you this,concept right here in google,to make it a little bit more clear so,you're probably thinking all right but,isn't this about facebook yes but it's,just so much easier to show you this,because youtube's a little bit more,straight to the point because there's,less variables you just have a video on,facebook you have ad copy you have the,video,you have the images you have the,headline there's a lot of things to play,with,and so well let's just keep it simple,like this,you can see right here my cost per view,on youtube what most,people are going to try and do on,facebook and youtube,is they're going to is they're going to,try and control their cost per view,by editing their targeting and their,demographics,and all the little they're bidding,they're going to try and bid to lower,their cost per view,so check this out right here you can see,three different messages right here this,one is actually really,really blatantly obvious so you can see,here's a message right here where the,focus of the ad is saved 20,on ads okay the message of this ad,is how ai can be used to scale ads these,are two different messages the the,communication in both these ads is,focusing on two different benefits,and so you can see right here the cost,per view on this video is 30 cents,the cost per view on this video is 11,cents why,because this concept this message this,benefit,is far more attractive to the viewer,than this one this is what's going on,right here,so the way you actually get cheap clicks,and cheap views,is not to play with your targeting i,could go out there and play with the,targeting on this ad the demographics,and all the bidding,i could maybe get this down to 25 cents,there's no way i could plummet it much,further because people don't respond to,this benefit this message right here,doesn't stand out to them,this one right here stands out to them,like a sore thumb so then let's look at,these ads right here,okay again we see this one right here,scale ads scale ads,38 cents per view,this one focusing on ai 21 cents per,view but then we can also look at the,different messages,of the ai so let's this this benefit,right here you can see,really doesn't respond to customers,customers don't don't they just don't,care about saving money on their ads,that's why the cost per view is high,not because the targeting or some toggle,inside of adwords is messed up,now if we come down here we can see,different messages from this,ai and locks ads i'm pretty sure this,one right here focuses on a different,message and it's shot from my iphone,this one right here at my desk where i,have a different message at the start of,the ad i believe this one right here,talks about the benefits of ads this one,talks about ai,scaling ads okay this one talks about,how ai optimization works,people are interested what what am i,seeing from this people are not,interested in saving money on their ads,they're not really interested in how ai,optimization works they are interested,on ai optimization scaling their ads,further,and so this tells me what the customer's,thinking and if i want to get cheap,clicks,if i actually go and look at the the,cost per conversion i'm sure this all,lines up right here we're just going to,stick to cost per view right here,you're going to see that,this ad right here simply performs,better,okay now you can see over time this one,was the winner okay,so this one right here it's focusing,again on ai scaling ads,so this one is about 22 cents right here,okay,and so you can see all the ones that,focus on scaling ads,are the winners all the ones that focus,on saving money or how it works are the,losers,that's what you need to focus on with,your ads and so when you're looking at,your facebook ads it's exact same,concept,and my facebook ad account it's really,hard to show you this because,i already know this and so i converted,all my ads to focus on,scaling ads with ai in fact if you go,and look at,my main funnel right here you can see,that how highros uses ai tracking,insulin increase ad roi and so here's,the bigger,secret to everything i'm showing you,right here yes i totally tricked you to,watch this video because i'm going to,teach you the most powerful ad tech that,there is,what you want to do with your ads is you,want to see the messages and ads,that people connect to so when you run,facebook ads don't go out there,and run like five ads and then look at,their costs and start playing with the,demographics of targeting the age the,the income these things these can come,i'm not saying these things are,completely unimportant but these are,these are the things that are going to,get you a 20 boost what i'm showing you,here is going to get you the 80,boost what you want to do when you're,running ads on facebook or youtube,is make ads with different messages so,for example how i got,the high-risk ads to crush it okay again,these things pump out,i spent about 3 000 a day right now we,do anywhere from 15 000,to on good days 35 000 revenue back,that's,cash revenue that's not payment plans,that's not like,projected revenue that's not including,the mrr that comes from that's just cash,in and so what i'll do is when i was,running the hirose ads originally i made,one ad,actually i made three ads i focused on,increasing ad roi,i mean it on saving ad roi and then i,made another one,on uh just gains just overall benefits,and i made another one on ai,all right so when i looked at the cost,per lead which is actually what i look,at i don't even look at cost per view,because here's the thing the one with,the lowest cost per view and the most,clicks is going to be the ones the one,that people are most interested in,and so naturally the one with the lowest,cpl is going to usually have the lowest,cost per view so i don't look at these,numbers right here,i'm just showing you exactly what i,already know,that being said when we go into it i,originally ran these ads i noticed,people,really connected with ai and then they,also,respond to this one but they respond,most strongly to the ai so i scratch,these two ones right here all right and,so let's say my cpl,my cost per call this time was like 350,dollars,all right so that's that's we still do,very well at high risk with that but,not as well as we could if it was lower,duh all right so what i did is i,combined those two messages together i,said okay people really respond to ai so,what can i do i made an ai ad focusing,on scaling,an ai ad focusing on saving,and ai ad focusing,just on the overall benefits how it,works the tech behind it and how you're,behind the times,and then let's say i just added another,concept i don't quite remember it was,very clear to me that people instantly,responded to this one the cpl,uh the cost per call on these ones i was,originally running an opt-in first,the cpl was much lower on the opt-in,page okay so if i,i made this page originally and i tried,a few different headlines as well,alright so this one worked really really,well in combination with the scaling ad,so i really noticed that,people are very interested in the ai,combination but then what i did,next is i just removed this opt-in and i,switched straight to just the landing,page that goes for this,the call i noticed the ads that focused,on scaling with,i did exceptionally well and so what i,then did,all right now the cost per view and the,cost per click plummeted okay,and also the costs were called plummeted,so it got down from like 350,to like 250. and so then what i did is i,looked at this page and i said how can i,make it line up with ad because this is,obviously the message that people,respond to best,so what i then did is i changed the,headline and i made the focus of the top,of the page,b about scaling ads with ai boom,cost per call dropped to about a hundred,bucks a call 100,to 150 bucks a call i mean a few days,ago we're getting like 50 60,calls and we close at a extremely high,rate at highrose and so that's how we,get away with spending almost nothing on,ads and doing such high rois,this is the secret to it i know i,tricked you to get here but if you're,focusing on your cost per click and your,cost per view,and and all of these other stats you're,confusing yourself because what you need,to be focusing on is not the stats you,need to be focusing on what customers,are responding to,when you do that and then you focus your,ad creative and your landing pages,around what they're telling you they're,interested in,all these stats will naturally start,going down in the way you want them to,that's the lesson for today and if you,can then,work your ad copy around that,holy moly and then this is the fun,little bonus tip for you,check out these ads right here okay,check how little i spend on these things,look at the cost compared to the roi,hundred and ninety eight thousand,to five thousand thirty two thousand to,ten thousand,one thousand four hundred to forty two,thousand what you need to focus on next,and,i want to point out right here i'm not,looking at google stats so,and more of the stories focus on the ads,that are actually getting an roi because,i look at cost per call and cpl,add to carts or whatever other metrics,you might be looking at but i really,optimize around is this right here,okay and then the reason why these ads,do really well is because then i pass,this data back to google i pass this,data back to facebook and it optimizes,around,this data right here not cost per call,and cost per lead like so many people,too,and so my final tip for you if you're,obsessed with stats actually track the,correct stats,and then optimize around roi ignore,everything else,make and optimize your funnel around,what customers are telling you they're,interested in,your cpl your cpv all the stats will go,down,and then when you do that then focus on,and optimize and scale your ads based,around roi,not those relevant stats you could have,the best cpl,cost per click on planet earth and if,you're not pumping out an roi it doesn't,matter,it doesn't matter okay and by the way,what i'm using to track this with is,hyrus,i'm not trying to be biased i'm not,trying to throw it in your face there is,no other tool on planet earth that does,this,okay and puts it in your ad manager like,this and then passes it all back to it,there's no tool that uses the facebook,api like we do,so if you're interested in that you,should check out the link below this and,book a call with us,again we have a 90 day refund guarantee,on it if you don't see stats,increase you're at roi our ai training,doesn't improve your roi you don't pay,for it,now the next thing i also want to give,you or tell you is if you go look at,this page right here i made a video,yesterday that breaks down this,copywriting right here and so this is,another thing that's going to really,increase your roi as well,that's it guys that's all i have for you,today i'm going to be pumping out three,to four videos a week so be sure to,subscribe be sure to hit that like,button let me know the feedback you have,i'm trying to grow this channel,really fast right now and give you guys,the best ad content online,again the reason why i'm doing this and,i'm not holding anything back is because,if you learn something and grow your ads,you're going to run in the tracking,issues,and you or you're going to be upgrading,your hirose account so it works for me,so i'm just going to tell you,everything i know and so that's why you,should subscribe finally last thing if,you want to actually help scaling up,your ads and getting results i've helped,literally hundreds of businesses scale,past multi-six figures seven figures and,eight figures,you can book a consulting call with me,below and we'll show you exactly how to,plug into youtube ads and scale your,business that being said,check out the videos at the end of this,video i have so much content on this,channel for you there's a full facebook,advance course there's a full youtube,advance course there's everything i'm,doing behind my ads there as well,check it out this has been becker i'll,see in the next video probably releasing,our schedules now monday wednesday and,friday,you

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How to get 1 cent Facebook Ads STEP BY STEP

How to get 1 cent Facebook Ads STEP BY STEP

hey guys this is q MH and to learn this,tutorial I will show you that how you,can make your facebook ad in one cent,per click so first let me show you some,examples or proof that it really works,and you can use it as you all know that,you can use facebook ads for selling,product or getting likes for your page,or promoting your website or anything,like that i generally i personally use,facebook facebook ads for increasing my,lights of my pages so let me show you,that how much like I got for my pages,through the facebook ads as a proof so,this is one of the page that I am,promoting and still promoting with,facebook ads and I am getting like to,put the numbers,it's 181 k as you can see it's 180 1.4 k,and people talking about us is 7.62 so,it's a huge amount of like huge amount,of lights also let me show you another,page of mind,I personally tried this the visit ebook,ebook available I tried that ebook and,it works for me like a charm like I will,give the link in the description of the,video so that you also can download this,ebook you can see this is also its 68.9,to almost 60 90 like another one let me,show you like it can happen that you,personally try to create facebook ads,the facebook ads but it happens that,many many of my friends said that,they're not getting cheapest Chipettes,click give a cheapest Facebook Ads clip,so like they have to spend nearly 0,point five dollars or point two dollars,for per click so they asked me to create,a video on that how to get real Facebook,lights and also that Facebook page ads I,sorry facebook ads which creates one,cent per click so I'm giving the link in,the description it's also including that,Accord a huge amount of start with a,full full list where all the countries,are given listed over here like almost,all the countries that are in this world,because I've seen that many of the,countries that I don't even know the,names of those countries and also those,countries are given with their signal,CPC like if you apply those apply those,countries then you can increase your sip,is cost per click so it's helped me it,helped me a lot and still helping,still helping me you can say in this one,got one eighty one point okay and it's,oh sorry same potential okay this one is,14 1 81 k and this page is 135 feet and,look at its page people talking about is,almost 10k and you can see total page,likes 130 5.5 k so it works for me you,can also try the e-book it's very easy,to understand all the steps are given,like ABC and you will simply understand,whatever they're trying to say you can,see that sometimes it happens that you,might thought do you think that I,created those lights from fake legs like,they are using websites and software's,available that helps you to gain like,and those are mainly fake legs like,suppose you got 500 likes in three days,but it will stop that software for two,or three days you can see that those,lights will decrease because fake like,software or website which created the,which created those lights for your,website and when people it's something,like people automatically liking those,your page and so your page likes are,increasing but when people many times it,happens that it happens for me also,there are many times it happens that,people unlike dislike your face and like,it if you just took that page stop that,software for five to ten days then you,will see that those like will come from,500 to nearly 200 so you will lost 300,likes but you can see in my pages the,lights are still increasing because,those are the real likes people real,people are liking this pages for their,own and not,anyone sorry I'm not forcing anyone to,like this video like this page and they,are coming to my face they're seeing my,new ads and they're like to make pages,you can see new lights over here and if,I scroll down a bit I don't want to show,the pictures but still you can see those,lights I just uploaded 33 minutes ago,you can see 74 lights and if i go to,insights the analytics then and if i go,to posts then you can understand that,what i am trying to say that not a,single like it's big like in this page,every single people liking this picture,of their own i'm not forcing anyone i'm,not like using any fake like waiting,software website and all this credit,goes to the e-book and very easy to,understand and it's very easy to you you,can definitely try this ebook and you,will get maximum number of it if you,need anything you too like if I having,any trouble with that ebook or can't,understand then definitely ask me I will,definitely answer your questions and I,will help you as much as possible and,you can see that see those it's 28 May,and you can see page post which is,almost 40k and look at the lights 41 k,25 25.5 k to just 17 k look at flights,are and look at it dates it's all we,like it's 8 jun today it is 8 jun,these things are all in me so you can,see that yes I am getting realized so,this is all this is how you can get,light for your page and this video is,mainly about that how to get one cent,facebook at cake so just go with this,ebook I will you have linked in the,description of the video just simply,download the e-book and you will get all,the help you need so thank you very much,for watching and off

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