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Facebook Pixel Setup and Standard Events: Your Comprehensive Guide- Your Facebook Pixel is one of th

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Pixel Setup and Standard Events: Your Comprehensive Guide

- Your Facebook Pixel is one of the most important parts of,running successful Facebook and Instagram ads.,But your pixel alone is not enough.,We really need to pair your pixel with,Facebook Standard Events to make sure,that you can not only track everything that's taking place,,but that you can optimize and improve your ad results,,increasing your return on investment.,I am literally going to walk you through every single step,that you need to take to either set up,a brand new pixel from scratch,,or check that an existing pixel is set up properly.,And we're going to go through those standard events.,(jungle noises),First and foremost, what is a Facebook Pixel?,And what does it do?,Simply put, this is a piece of code,that's going to be installed on your,website, your funnels or landing pages,,and is also tied to your social media and ad accounts,,that's going to show Facebook exactly who your audience is,,what they're doing,,and most importantly, will allow you to tell Facebook,what you want to see more of,so that you can get the very best results possible.,The first thing that you're going to need to have is access,to your Facebook ads manager or business manager account.,You're also going to need backend login access to your,website, landing page builder, or funnel builder.,And you're also going to make sure that if you already have,a Facebook Pixel,,that you know that pixel ID,and that it's actually in your account.,Let's go ahead and get started.,Go to Facebook Business Manager.,And then we are going to click on business settings.,Click on the data sources drop down.,There will be a tab titled pixels.,Once we click on that, we will see every existing pixel,that is already inside of your business manager,with a name and who owns it.,When you click on that pixel,,you're also going to see the pixel ID.,This pixel ID is how you're going to be able to verify,that the right pixel is installed on your website or pages.,I have a lot of different pixels in this account,,but these are not all pixels for my website.,These are pixels for clients and students,and people that I'm working with.,A lot of times, I see people have 10 or 20 pixels,for their own business.,That's simply not necessary.,One pixel can really go on any of your digital assets.,The only time that you would want to create,a secondary pixel is if the audience,or the business is completely different.,If you have a commercial real estate company,and a residential real estate company,,they're not the same demo.,Because of that,,you may not want to group them together.,However, there's also nothing wrong with having,the same pixel and using different standard events,to track the actions that are taking place.,So if you already have the pixel,,like I mentioned, you'll see it right here on the screen,,click to copy and paste it in somewhere,like a Google Doc or your notes.,Because we want to make sure that we're keeping track of,this as we go through the process,so that it's easier to verify later.,If you do not have a Facebook Pixel,,we're simply going to click on the add button.,And then it's going to say, Allie Bloyd Media's Pixel.,You can name this pixel whatever you want.,You are the only person that will see this name.,It's going to say,,check your website for easy setup options.,You can do that,,but I prefer to install the pixel using code.,It does say optional.,So just know you can click continue,without having to put that in.,You'll now see a screen that asks you,if you're ready to set up your pixel.,We have continue managing my business,,which will allow you to set it up later.,Or set up the pixel now.,We're going to click set up the pixel now.,You then have three separate options.,We are going to click on,manually add pixel code to website.,As you can see,,we are going to be able to simply click this button,and copy our entire base code right then and there,,There's a couple of things that you're going to want,to look at on this screen.,Turn on Automatic Advanced Matching.,We do want to turn that on.,That's going to allow Facebook to better track the visitors,that are going to your site,,that are engaging with your business,,matching that activity up with the user profile.,Step number three is to test the base code.,I'm going to show you how to install this base code,on two different types of websites.,This is a WordPress site,,which I found is probably the most common type of website.,The way that I prefer to do this is to use a plugin called,Insert Headers and Footers.,You're simply going to go to plugins and add new.,You'll type in Insert Headers and Footers,in the search box.,You're going to see that pull up,and you will click on install now.,Once that's installed,,you do want to click on the activate button,in your plugins tab.,You're then going to hover over the settings tab,and you will see Insert Headers and Footers.,The very first section says scripts in header.,You want to double check that you don't already have a,Facebook Pixel code there.,We're simply going to paste what we just copied,from that dialogue box.,Then we're going to hit save.,Now we are inside business manager,and I'm going to type in my URL,so that we can confirm that it is sending traffic.,So the next part of the dialog box is your standard events.,Standard events are really what Facebook,is using to determine the actions,that people are specifically taking,in relation to your ad account,,your Facebook or Instagram page, or on your website.,There are two different ways to set this up.,The first way would be to use Facebook's event setup tool.,The second way is to manually add this event code.,While Facebook's event setup tool,can be really simple and easy,,it has been known to have glitches and have problems,that will prevent you from being able,to add that code at all.,So the first thing I'm going to do is,click on manually add event code.,You are then going to see a list of all of these different,event codes.,When you click on a dropdown, for example,,scheduled, it's going to give you,a three line piece of code.,Go ahead and copy that code to the clipboard.,Every single piece of event code looks exactly the same.,The only difference is the word.,If I were to change it to complete registration right here,,one word, no spaces.,And the first letter of each word does in fact need,to be capitalized.,You really can customize this piece of code on your own,,without having to go back into business manager.,Save this snippet of code along with your base code,and your pixel ID all in one document,so that you have everything there,and can pull from it at any time.,And I've also listed out four different events,that I personally think I'm going to use.,Now that we've installed your base code on a website,,I want to show you how you can add your code,to individual landing pages.,You can use the website events setup tool,with the funnel builder,,but I much prefer to do it individually,because we're already going to be going in,,adding the code, changing the metadata.,And this is a really easy step to add in.,So the first thing that you want to do is go to your,preferred landing page builder.,Most of them are set up fairly similarly,so you should be able to navigate,to this section pretty easily.,And we can install the base code in the overall funnel,,not on an individual page.,You're going to go into the settings.,There's going to be a section, says head tracking code.,We're simply going to paste that same base code,in that same spot and hit save.,In order to do these on your individual funnel pages,,we're actually going to go to our very first page,and we're going to take a look at this funnel first.,What types of events should we be installing?,This is an example of one of my five day challenge funnels.,The first page is the opt-in page.,Is an event taking place on that page?,And if so, how would I know?,I could install my standard event code,for complete registration on the second page,because somebody is going to end up on the second page,if they complete that registration.,Or I could use the event set up tool to track the button,that would be clicked when somebody completes,that registration.,Click edit on the individual funnel step,,then we're going to go into settings and tracking code,is the second option down.,Once I've got my tracking code dialogue box open,,I am going to paste the entire pixel code first,because I did not set this pixel code up on the funnel,as a whole.,So now I have added those three simple lines,right below my pixel code, and I'm going to hit save.,Now I'm going to save the funnel page.,And then I'll also show you how to use the event setup tool,,which is what I would suggest after your base code,has been installed on something,like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace,,or any other type of website builder,that's not a landing page or funnel builder.,So we need to go back into business manager.,We are going to the events manager tab.,I have selected the same pixel that I have installed on my,website and funnel.,I've got different events.,You can see that they each have,a green dot underneath that event.,And it says active.,In order to go ahead and use this event setup tool,,we are going to find this button that says add events.,Once you click on the dropdown,,you are going to select the option that says from the pixel.,I simply need to click on open event setup tool.,And then I'm going to type in the website URL of the page in,which I want to track.,We're going to take a look at one of the pages,I already have a pixel installed on.,As you can see,,it says Facebook events setup tool on this left-hand side.,It says events on this page.,No events found on this page.,That does not mean your pixel is not installed.,It means you don't have any of the standard events,added to this specific page.,You would not even be able to pull up this dialog box if,your pixel base code was not installed.,So that is a really great sign that you've done every step,up until this point properly.,I'm going to select to track this specific button,on this page.,And I am going to select the lead event,because when someone clicks on this button,,they become a lead.,Try and choose the thing that is the closest to what you,believe is happening when somebody clicks on that button.,I'm then going to click confirm.,It's going to show me any events I've added on this page,,because you can add more than one with the event setup tool.,And then I'm going to click finish.,I have my standard event set up on that specific page.,I know that my pixel base code was set up,on that specific page.,And now I know that if I go back,to our events management area,,I should see a green dot with the word active next,to the lead event.,I go to that very same URL so that,I can give it some test traffic.,And we are going to do that actually,in the Facebook Pixel Helper plug-in.,If you don't have it installed, it'll say add to Chrome.,And once it's installed,,you now want to pin it to the top of your browsing window.,Now you're going to verify that that domain and that URL,that we've added your Facebook Pixel to,,and the page that we've added your standard events to,,is actually installed properly.,We're going to take a look at my,thank you for booking a call page.,So as soon as somebody schedules a call,,they're going to land on this page.,You're going to be able to see that Facebook Pixel Helper,plug-in right up top.,It's blue so we know that there is a pixel installed,,but I actually want to click on that so I can take a look.,The first thing we're going to do,is verify that pixel ID is in fact accurate.,The second thing we're going to do,is look for these check marks,to tell us which events are tracked on this page.,Page view is tracked on every single page,in which the pixel is installed.,That should always have a green check mark.,But you'll also see the word schedule,with a check mark next to it.,That means that that standard event was installed,successfully and correctly, and it is tracking.,Most of the time,,I want to track the page that they go to after,that event has been submitted.,If you are not redirecting people to new pages,,if you're using a success message that says,,thank you for submitting your form,,we'll get back to you as soon as possible,,and they never go to another page,,you have to use the event setup tool in order to track this.,The only downside to using the event setup tool,,especially with buttons,,is that you may not see that tracked,in the Facebook Pixel helper,because it's not tracking the URL,,it's tracking one specific element on that page.,If you are redirecting someone to a thank you page,,or to a next steps page,,or anything type of alternate destination,,I do prefer to manually add that event code.,So that you can ensure that it's,done a hundred percent accurately every single time.,You may think that you're done,,but there are still two more critical steps,that you need to take right now.,There's going to be a video on your screen.,You can click on that video and start the process,of your domain verification,and your aggregated events management tab.,Both of these were introduced with the iOS 14 update,and are very important now,that those changes are enacted.,Go ahead, click on that video,and you will be done before you know it.

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10 Facebook Ads Optimization Tactics You Need To Use

10 Facebook Ads Optimization Tactics You Need To Use

all right what's up everyone welcome to,the Surfside PPC YouTube channel today,I'm gonna be going over 10 Facebook ads,optimization tips so you can optimize,your Facebook ads campaigns so I'm gonna,try to get through each of the tips,pretty quickly because there's 10 in,total so we're gonna get right into it,tip number one is the first thing you,really want to do is make sure you put,the Facebook pixel on your website and,make sure you are tracking conversions,that are happening on your website so,you could do this really easily you open,up your ad account and all you need to,do is come to the custom conversions tab,here so if you go to all tools first you,want to do is go to pixels make sure you,put the pixel on your website we have,two different videos showing how to go,through this exact process so how to,install your Facebook pixel and create,custom conversions with Facebook ads and,we also have one specifically for,Shopify so it's a really simple process,and you can also use partner,integrations here so if you come over,here click on partner integrations any,of these different website providers,they have listed here so big commerce 3d,car keep scrolling down all of these,different website providers you can,easily just integrate with your Facebook,Ads account so that's really where you,want to get started and then when you,come into custom conversions here so you,can see we have a couple created all you,need to do is create a custom conversion,choose you're gonna see website event,all URL traffic it's going to be using,the pixel we have active on our website,rule number one we could do contains URL,keywords so you can just say thank you,and this is how you attract a thank you,page directly through Facebook Ads and,that's it so rule one every time someone,hits that Thank You page we want to,count as Thank You page conversion you,can select a category here so let's just,say it's a contact so every time someone,contacts us we're gonna send them to a,Thank You page you can also set a value,on and so let's say every contact is,worth $100 for your business you can set,a value just like that and click on,create so now we have a custom,conversion created click on done and,then the next thing we need to do is,when we come over here back to ads,manager you click to create a new,campaign and then when you come down,here under marketing objective you're,gonna see we can choose conversions,right here so we just set up our,conversions in the previous step,campaign name would be conversions,whatever you want to name it and we're,gonna click on continue and then once,you create your conversion you're gonna,see here you can,choose which conversion you're,optimizing for so this is the one that,we usually optimize for but what you can,do is just click on X here come down to,the bottom and you're gonna see Thank,You page conversion so URL contains,Thank You page so we don't have any,active conversions there yet because,we've just created it but it's really,that simple to create conversions and,optimize for them in facebook at so this,is really where I like to get started,with most of the campaigns that I'm,running now number two we're gonna get,into is gonna be using campaign budget,optimization so it's a pretty simple tip,here but when you create a new campaign,and let's just say you are using the,conversions here so we click on,conversions we'll scroll to the bottom,campaign budget optimization will,optimize your budget across ad sets so,if you're running multiple ad sets which,is gonna be one of the other conversion,tips in this video you want to make sure,you're optimizing your budget across all,of the ad sets so let's just say for,example you have a one thousand dollar,budget you have five total ad sets,Facebook Ads will pick out the best,performing ad sets to spend that budget,so you just select campaign budget,optimization here we can use a lifetime,budget so let's say lifetime budget,$700 our campaign bid strategy is gonna,be the lowest cost for conversions and,then we can click on continue okay so,then in your ad set what you can do is,make sure you're optimizing for the,correct conversion here we're gonna,scroll to the bottom and one thing you,can also do is set ad set spend limits,that means if let's just say for example,you are using a seven hundred dollar,lifetime budget you're planning on,running three for total ad sets what you,can do is say I want to make sure that,the most I spend in a single ad set is,gonna be at least let's say four hundred,dollars so even if it's one of my best,performing ad sets I want to make sure,that the other ad sets are also getting,some data as well to see how those,audiences perform and then you can also,set a minimum here so let's just say I,want this one to spend at least $100 so,if you're running for total ad sets for,$700 you can make sure that none of your,ad sets spend more than $400 and all of,them spend at least $100 so it's just,another way to get a little bit more,data about your campaign you don't need,to do this I generally just turn on,campaign budget optimization sometimes,I'll set a maximum so I can see how,different ads are performing see how,different ad sets are performing but,this is just another option so number,two is using,campaign budget optimization okay now,number three is gonna be to use dynamic,creative so all you need to do as you're,setting up your ad set is you're gonna,see dynamic creative as one of the,options here so you're just gonna select,it to on you can click on continue here,it's not available for every type of,campaign but if you're running a,conversion campaign or trying to drive,traffic then you can use dynamic,creative and we're gonna scroll to the,bottom we're gonna click on continue so,as you set up your advertisements this,is where you set up your dynamic,creative so they have a tour here how to,create ads using dynamic creative we,have done a video tutorial about dynamic,creative you can find it here all of the,videos we mentioned in this video we,will put in the description so you can,find all of them about conversion,tracking dynamic creative and everything,else that we mentioned if you're looking,for a little bit more detail so you come,over here with dynamic creative you can,choose single image or video or,slideshow with multiple images we can,scroll down so what you can do is upload,images or videos or slideshows here,click on browse library so let's just,say I want to enter a couple different,images here okay so let's say I'm,creating a marketing ad I can choose,this image right here I can choose this,image here this image here another image,and we'll choose one last one so 1080 by,1080 all five of them are 1080 by 1080,images you can use different sizes as,well we'll click on continue' that's,just the recommendations over here so,now what its gonna do is you can add up,to ten images here or if you're using,video slideshows you can add ten videos,or ten slideshows so you scroll to the,bottom and then what you can do is you,enter your website URL and what you can,do with text headline and your,description your news feed link,description is enter five options for,each and it's gonna take let's say text,one okay so then what you can do is your,top text up here you can enter five,total,options so I'm just showing this as an,example text one text to text three you,would obviously want to write some ad,copy for whatever your offer or,promotion is keep scrolling down you can,see we have headline one headline two,and then newsfeed link description and,what its gonna do is it's gonna mix and,match all of these different things that,you enter so text to my mix with have,been one and we'll mix with news feed,link description five so all these will,kind of mix and match together and what,Facebook Ads is going to be able to do,is optimize your ads so they're gonna,continue using different,images here different text the top,different headlines and different news,feed link descriptions to find the best,performing options for your campaign so,with dynamic creative you're essentially,able to create hundreds of ads really,quickly by just entering five total news,feed link description lines five total,headlines five total text here and then,you want to upload anywhere from three,or to ten images videos or slideshows so,you can see really what works the best,for your campaign so number three is to,use dynamic creative so number four is,gonna be to use retargeting and customer,lists so when we enter the Facebook,pixel on our website you're gonna be,able to set up retargeting audiences,because it's gonna be able to track,everyone that visits your website and,then in addition to that you can also,upload customer lists like your email,list or like a Shopify customer list and,you can actually target people that are,using Facebook Ads so what you can do is,you can come over to your asset library,so you find that by coming up to the,menu going to all tools and under assets,we're gonna click on audiences here so,under audiences what we can do is click,on create audience and custom audiences,tend to perform the best on Facebook,because it's usually people that have,interacted with your business in the,past so when you're creating a custom,audience you could either use your,website traffic you can use a customer,list they have app activity offline,activity video Instagram business,profile lead form instant experience,events Facebook page so anybody who has,really interacted with your business you,can retarget them on facebook so with,website traffic all you need to do is,click on website traffic it's gonna use,your pixel it's gonna say include people,who meet any of the following criteria,you name your audience you can doall,website visitors can do people who,visited specific pages and then one of,my favorite things to do here so a,little trick is visitors buy time spent,so you can say people who are in the top,25 percentile in the last 30 days,so you're targeting people that i've,spent the most time on your website,so you're not just reaching people who,maybe was on your website for 10 seconds,then left you're reaching people that,have been on your website that have,interacted with your content so you can,really target people that have visited,your website so you go top 25 percent,let's say the past 60 days and then you,just name your audience click on create,and you can start targeting them with,ease in your campaigns so the other,thing you can do is we,come back here is use a customer list so,you can click on customer list here you,can use a file that includes customer,lifetime value use a file that doesn't,include lifetime value or import,directly from MailChimp any email,provider that you're using is gonna,allow you to easily upload a customer,list all you need to do is export your,customer list and then what I do is you,would open an excel file and in that,first column a you just enter all the,emails that you have any other,information that you have there as well,you can also enter so again if you're,looking for more information about,creating custom audiences whether it's,creating an email list audience or,creating every targeting audience we,have videos on both of those so you can,check out our Facebook Ads retargeting,campaign retargeting audiences tutorial,and we also went over some email list,targeting best practices in this video I,talked more about customer lifetime,value and how to incorporate that when,you're uploading an email list so that's,gonna be number four is to use,retargeting and also incorporate your,customer lists now number five is gonna,be to use saved audiences so whether,you're using look-alike audiences you're,targeting interest behaviors locations,all those different things what I'd like,to do is come in to create audience here,and click on saved audience because then,you can easily use them as you're,setting up campaigns so when you create,a saved audience you can enter custom,audiences here so you can use some of,your retargeting audiences you can use a,newsletter audience so you can use all,these different options here you can,come down here you can use detailed,targeting Zoar demographics interest,behaviors and then all you need to do is,click on create audience and when you,come over to your campaign you can,easily incorporate saved audiences so as,I come over to a campaign here that I,ran in the past so it was - Drive,newsletter subscriptions so you can see,I have my home business audience right,here so if I click on it and just click,on edit you can see it performed well so,we'll just come back real quick you can,see it performed well for me so one,hundred fifty two conversions at a low,cost so we can click on edit here you,can see my ad set name is home business,audience we had our conversion set up,here we scroll down to the bottom and,you can see audience use a saved,audience so Surfside PPC home business,you can see we have the audience right,here so when you are setting up a,campaign you could just do use a saved,audience click right here and,enter that audience automatically so as,you continue to set up more campaigns,you want to make sure that you're using,saved audiences because then what you,can do is go back to your asset library,look at your audiences and you can see,which one's perform best for you so we,have home business right here so it's,the same one that we use for that,campaign so then I know if I'm creating,a new campaign in the future this is an,audience that I probably want to target,so number five using saved audiences and,making sure that you understand which,ones are performing the best for your,business now number six is gonna be to,run three or more ad sets in your,campaigns so as you set up campaigns you,want to make sure that you're running,multiple ad sets to see what performs,best for your campaign so I set up,Instagram story ads we did an Instagram,story ads tutorial yesterday so I'm,gonna click on this campaign and to show,you exactly how I set up campaigns so,you're gonna have a campaign we're,trying to drive conversions and then,what I do is I'll enter some different,audiences here so we have an email list,look-alike one is our Facebook ads and,instagrams ads engagement audience a,page likes look-alike audience and Beach,home decor interests we have the same,advertisements running in each of these,ad sets but rather than just trying to,target one audience here what we can do,is target multiple audiences and see,what performs best so whether its,interests maybe it's the people that,like our page to look-alike audience,maybe an email list look-alike audience,or Facebook ads and Instagram ads,engagement seeing what is gonna drive,the lowest cost conversions for our,campaign the best way to do that is to,run multiple ad sets and then what,that's gonna do is take us right in to,number seven which is gonna be to run,three or more ads in each ad set and to,also test different ad formats so if we,come over here we'll open our beach home,two core interests you can see we're,running four total advertisements in,each ad set so what you can do is you,can see really quick if I just click on,edit so we have a single video Instagram,story format so if we scroll down you,can see one is just a single video,one is the carousel Instagram story,format so you can see we're running a,few different advertisements here a,single image and then also a single,video Instagram story format that's 15,seconds long so a couple different,videos different lengths using the,carousel Instagram story format and,using the single image format so testing,different ad form,is really helpful and also running,multiple advertisements so this also,works with dynamic creative because with,dynamic creative when you're creating,one advertisement you're uploading,multiple images or videos you have all,the text that you can add the headline,the news feed link description so you're,basically creating hundreds of ads in,each ad set and Facebook ads is going to,continue to serve the best performing,ads and the best performing ad set so,that's gonna be number six and seven,make sure that you're constantly testing,your ad sets and your ads to make sure,you're getting the best possible results,so this will now take us into number,eight which is gonna go along with six,and seven so what you want to do is make,sure let's say your campaigns running,for a week you're starting to get some,data maybe it's running for two weeks,what you want to do is make sure that,you're uploading new advertisements so,just come in here take the advertisement,so we'll use a single image Instagram,story format we'll duplicate it so what,we'll do is we'll just duplicate it it's,gonna say add to ad set so they have an,existing ad set so we can click Add to,all so now we're adding this new,advertisement to all four of the ad sets,that we have we can click on duplicate,so you would go in maybe you want to,update some ad copy maybe you want to,update the image that you're using so,we're just gonna change the image here,so we have an image so we'll click on,change and what we'll do is we'll use,this other image over here click on,continue you can change the ad copy if,you need to depends what types of ads,that you're running so we have our new,one right here so single image Instagram,story format we'll click on publish,okay so making sure that people aren't,seeing the same ads over and over again,so we have another advertisement here so,maybe every week every two weeks really,depends how much you're spending you,also can look at your reach and you can,look at your frequency that's another,thing we'll go over in a minute so,making sure that your frequency doesn't,get too high but one thing that can help,is uploading different advertisements,into your campaign and then if we come,over here to ad sets as well so we have,four ad sets maybe what we want to do is,duplicate this Beach home decor interest,ad set so it's gonna duplicate all of,those advertisements as well we'll keep,it in the original campaign click on,duplicate and then what we can do you,can see ad set name here beach home,decor interests so we're not targeting a,retargeting audience right now and then,what we can do is let's just say we have,a saved audience here for our beachfront,decor retargeting we would come in here,update the audience click on publish so,then,now we have a new ad set running we have,a new advertisement running so it's,gonna help us keep our campaign fresh,make sure that we're targeting new,people people who are visiting our,website and making sure they're seeing,new ads as well so if you're running a,campaign for a while this is really a,best practice making sure that you're,keeping everything updated you don't,have to just set and forget your,campaigns if you have a bunch of,different ad sets running already making,sure that you duplicate them every now,and then update the targeting a little,bit test different targeting methods,whether it's interest behaviors,demographics maybe you want to narrow,locations down a little bit you can do,all those things and then keeping your,ads fresh as well is gonna help your,advertisements continue to perform,better and better okay so number nine is,gonna be to test different landing pages,so one of the most important things you,can do when you're running Facebook ads,campaigns is seeing which landing pages,are gonna perform the best for your,campaign so we're gonna come over here,so with my Instagram story ads what I,did if I click on edit real quick is,we're saying that we're running a sale,20% off beach quilts so every time,someone comes to our website they're,gonna click through this link and,they're gonna come to this landing page,right here 100-plus nautical and beach,quilts so what we can do is we can come,back over to ads manager here we can,take this carousel Instagram story we,can duplicate it so once we duplicate it,you can see we come down here we have,our destination URL right here so what,we do is we would duplicate it and what,we can do is test another landing page,so we have our shop page on our website,that is for beach quilts so you can see,beach quilts at the top here so these,are all just beach quilt sets nautical,quilt sets different things like that,people can come in here as well so what,we can do is see which page performs,better the blog post style or the page,that is more like a shop so we can take,this URL right here so we would come,over to ads manager we would duplicate,our carousel Instagram story and we can,duplicate the other ads as well so we,will click on duplicate just come over,to destination URL and update it right,here,so rather than running three ads at all,three or four ads that are all running,to the same landing page what we can do,is we can run eight total advertisements,and we can run four to one landing page,and then for what we would do is run,them to the other landing page just like,this click on publish there's really no,downside to testing landing pages,especially as you're testing to,continuously improve your campaign and,one thing a lot of people forget about,when it comes to optimization is that,what happens after the click is really,important so even though you're running,multiple ad sets multiple ads you want,to make sure that you're running,different landing pages using different,style landing pages so when people,scroll down they can see there's,different quilts for sale here they,might see different quilts as they come,to this page then to this page and it,might just be that the user experience,on one page is better than the other it,drives a better conversion rate so using,different landing pages regardless of if,you're trying to drive sales or leads,can really be helpful when you're trying,to optimize your campaign so that's,gonna be number 9 making sure that,you're duplicating your ads and running,them to multiple landing pages can be a,really great way to keep improving your,campaign over the course of time and,then as I run campaigns I'm gonna learn,whether or not the blog style post works,or if the shop page works so whichever,one works better you're gonna learn more,and more over time about landing pages,as you continue to test them so number,10 is gonna be to use coupons use,promotions make sure that you're,actually sending out a promotion on,Facebook and not just trying to,advertise your products and services now,if you have some new products and,services you're sending them out to fans,that's another thing that you can do,that will work well but if you're trying,to target people based on their,interests maybe you're using look-alike,audiences try to use promotions and try,to give them some type of incentive to,go to your website and purchase,something from you so you can see right,here we have a headline so save 20% with,coupon code face book at checkout our,advertisement reflects that as well so,what you can do is also put here maybe,sale 20% off beach quilts use code face,book some people can easily understand,that when they do click on this,advertisement they're gonna come over to,a landing page and then what you can do,is also make sure that your landing page,has that as well so you can see save 20%,with coupon code face book at checkout,so when someone does come to a landing,page they can easily see this here I,couldn't even make this a little bit,larger make it stand out a little bit,better or you can put it multiple times,throughout your landing page that people,know when they do click on your,advertisement they can use this coupon,code they can browse your products maybe,they end up buying a couple of quilts,because they're in the market for quilts,and what they can see is if,by it now I have 20% off with this,coupon code and it also helps to create,some urgency so I have here until July,31st 2019 so the Instagram story format,doesn't show these headlines you would,want to make sure it's reflected in the,images or videos that you're using but,with all of the other options that you,have if you're just running standard,news feed ads on Facebook or Instagram,you can use your text your headline to,make sure that people understand there,is an urgent sale at your website so if,they do click on this advertisement they,come over to your website they can see,it here as well use coupon code facebook,at checkout you can also see how many,people are being driven from Facebook to,your website and actually purchasing,something from you so it helps you,understand how your advertising campaign,is performing so you can continue to,learn more and more over time about,using promotions sending people to your,website from Facebook ads and you can,continue to optimize your campaigns so,that's ten different optimization,tactics that you can use with Facebook,Ads,if you have any questions leave them in,the comment section thanks for watching,my video today and make sure you,subscribe to the Surfside PPC youtube,channel

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