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Shopify Pricing Plans Calculation: What is Your Investment?hi,it's june here again from pagefly in,t

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Shopify Pricing Plans Calculation: What is Your Investment?

hi,it's june here again from pagefly in,today's video,i'm going to show you how to calculate,the shopify fees,with a dynamic shopify pricing,calculator,to help you work out the cost you have,to pay when using shopify,if you are already using shopify it's,okay,you can skip this video or learn more,about the plans if you want,for those who are considering building,your store on shopify,here are the plans and fees included in,each plan you should pay attention to,before making a final decision so now,let's go to the main part first off,how many plans does shopify offer you,well there are three main plans which,are basic shopify,which costs 29 usd per month shopify,79 us dollar per month and advanced,299 us dollar per month which is,10 times higher than the basic there's,also,shopify live plan which is nine us,dollar per month,but shopify which is help add your,product and sellers on your website,or blog about the shopify plus here,this is for large enterprises so if you,are running a small or medium sized,store i recommend you should focus on,three main plans i mentioned,earlier now you can see,there are lots of features and,categories here but,in this video mostly we're gonna look at,the three key,factors that can affect the cost when,you run your business with shopify,let's look at the shopify payment here,what is shopify payment is a shopify,feature that,accepts the most popular payment methods,like,martha card american express etc,but right now it's just available in,some countries,so you can check if your country is on,the list with the link,in the description box below the great,thing,when you choose shopify payment is that,you don't have to pay any transaction,fee,for each purchase made on your shopify,store,next let's look at the listed fees below,online credit card rates will be applied,when,your customer purchases a product from,your store online,the rate will go down from 2.9,to 2.6 to 2.4 from,basics to advanced plan each plus,30 cents,the in-person credit card rate here,is when you sell outline,the additional fees here are when you,use other payment providers and don't,use shopify payment,for each transaction you will be charged,uh two percent,one percent and 0.5 respectively,when you go to a higher plan,to help you calculate the cost more,precisely,let's use the shopify pricing calculator,it's already included in our blog post,where i put,the link in the description box you can,check out and use it,now let's do an example here i'm gonna,add my,average order value here 50 us dollar,and my number of orders per month let's,just,write 100 and i choose,shopify payment yes now you can see,the calculator does it for you my cost,per month here if i use the basic plan,will be 204 us dollar,and if you are in different region and,want to know how much,the cost is in your currency you can use,this website, to change the currency,so here i want to change it to euro,it will be around 173 euro,it's easy right and here,if you choose no it will calculate the,transaction fee,for you right away there is also a,benefit of,shopping discounts you should pay,attention to in each plan,if you use dhl express ups or usps,so basically that's how you calculate,the cost for each plan,there are some optional payments you,should include in the calculation,if you choose to buy your own domain,by theme or using apps from shopify,the cost for the domain is not that high,just around,17 to 30 us dollar per year,for the theme they are mainly free,or a one-time purchase so you don't have,to worry about monthly charges,but for apps they're to charge you,monthly so,please choose your apps wisely if you,don't want to add up too much cost,now have you found out which plan fits,you the most,if not we recommend you to start with,the basic plan,first for a few months then upgrade to,higher plans,when your business grows or to make sure,whether,shopify can help your business or not,you can try,the 14 day free trial first i'll put the,link in the description box below,you can also watch out tutorial on how,to use the trial shown,at the end of the video if you find this,video helpful,click the thumbs up or leave a comment,to discuss more,and please remember to subscribe to our,page fly channel,click on the bell icon to get a,notification on the latest page flight,tutorials,and shopify videos in the future thank,you for watching,and see you next time

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Does Shopify Charge You For Every Transaction?

Does Shopify Charge You For Every Transaction?

does shopify charge you fees on all your,sales and transactions let's find out,what's up everybody and welcome back to,the channel and if you're brand new here,want to say hey my name is carrie i'm,the founder of shirt school and on this,channel we bring you the best strategy,secrets and hacks to grow your online,t-shirt apparel e-commerce business if,you're just starting out with shopify or,you're thinking about starting up a,shopify store you might be doing your,research and you see that there are,additional fees on transactions when you,use shopify now i've heard from a lot of,people when they're comparing different,platforms or they're just trying to,figure out where to start their store,that they are under the misconception,that shopify is charging them some kind,of additional transaction fees or maybe,credit card fees on all their sales,today i want to break down how this,works and what the fees are and,hopefully in some confusion for you when,we look at the shopify website you see,that there are three main plans for,using shopify the first one is a basic,plan 29 a month and then you have 79 and,299 now most people are on this 29 a,month plan it's the one that i always,recommend and if we scroll down we see,right here that when it comes to shopify,payments that we go to online credit,card rates and there is a 2.9,fee plus 30 cents per transaction and,then if you're selling in person it goes,down to 2.7,plus no you know zero cents per,transaction,let me explain how this works when,you're starting up an e-commerce,business first you're going to need a,platform like shopify and there are many,other alternatives on the market you,might have heard of woocommerce or,bigcommerce where you could start up,something on wix or godaddy there are a,lot of different e-commerce platforms in,addition to your e-commerce platform,you're going to need a payment processor,this is the company that's going to take,all the credit cards for you and they're,going to process those credit card,payments and then pay you out whatever,you're due now with those payment,processors there is always a fee,associated with that and so the payment,processor has to pay visa and mastercard,and american express and all these you,know credit card companies to,accept their credit cards so there is a,fee associated with that and how those,payment processors make their money is,they charge a fee to the merchant which,would be you the business owner and they,just take a cut of that so if we pay 2.9,percent the payment processor might pay,you know visa one percent and they keep,the difference so with pretty much any,online business you need your main,platform like a shopify and you need a,credit card processor to be able to take,payments hey if you're enjoying this,video and learning something would you,do me a quick favor just hit that like,button it really really helps us out and,it's completely free to you to do also,consider subscribing to the channel we,put out new videos all the time we'd,love for you to become a part of the,family now what shopify has done here is,they have brought the credit card,processing into their platform built in,and that's what shopify payments is,shopify payments allows you to take all,the credit cards built into shopify,without having a third-party credit card,processor it actually makes it a lot,easier and a lot less techie and it's,one less thing you have to worry about,as a business owner so just to be clear,if you were using another platform other,than shopify most of those platforms,will require you to hook up with a,third-party credit card processor and,the most commonly used company is called,stripe stripe is not an e-commerce,platform like shopify or woocommerce or,bigcommerce they are strictly a credit,card processor and they make almost all,their money from processing credit cards,for merchants and for businesses like us,so as you can see on the stripe website,here the fees that stripe charges are,2.9,plus 30 cents,that sounds awfully familiar well that's,exactly the same as what shopify charges,shopify just has the ability built in so,just to be clear shopify is not charging,you any additional fees on your,transactions or any additional credit,card fees that you would not be paying,anywhere else there is no platform you,will find that will be 29 a month and,will charge you zero percent on your,credit card fees that doesn't exist out,there you would have to have another,payment processor like stripe and,they're going to charge you the exact,same amount as shopify so shopify has,just simplified credit card processing,by bringing those fees in-house and,again making it just a lot easier for,you to set up and use if you're just,starting out with shopify or you're,looking to set up your first shopify,account have something really cool i,want to give you we have teamed up with,shopify and they've given us this custom,offer specifically for our audience when,you go to,shopify you can set up a 14-day free,trial to use the shopify platform and,then after you sign up you'll get in,your email a 13-step shopify store build,cheat sheet from us at shirt school so,by using that link below to set up your,shopify account you get the cheat sheet,plus the 14 day free trial and you can,get your shopify store set up and get,some additional help from us so if,you're considering starting with shopify,just go over to shopify,set that up and get that free cheat,you

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