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Teespring Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners In 2023 (Step by Step)in this video revealing a teespr

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Teespring Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners In 2023 (Step by Step)

in this video revealing a teespring,facebook ads tutorial for beginners and,how complete newbies earning 100 to 700,a day with no experience more at that,after the intro,hey guys how's it going mike vasile here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that some spots have opened,up for this week's free workshop,where it's the fastest and easiest way,to make money online sign up for it in,the link below we literally have a 62,year old woman go from zero to 160 grand,profit in 90 days so sign up for it now,so when it comes to making money online,you really only need three things you,need a product and offer,you need people that want to buy that,product and offer,and you need to figure out a way how to,advertise to those people and get in,front of them right,and this one doesn't just work for,facebook ads and teespring this works,for any other businessman,like even with some advertising,techniques in the past 30 days with just,like one online business you see that,we've netted about like,55 000 net in the past 30 days and in,the past seven days we've net about like,seven thousand dollars in that so that's,like about like a thousand dollars a day,so you know,that what i'm about to share with you in,this video it will work as long as you,pay attention,so let's actually break it down what is,the opportunity here for people that are,just getting started if you're watching,this odds are that you are either,thinking about starting a teespring,account or you are trying to make money,with your existing teespring account,um and the reason why is because it's,like pure passive fulfillment,like literally someone else will,literally ship the product for you,they'll do the customer service they'll,do the shipping and handling they'll,like even print the labels and the logos,that you put on your,teespring account and just like that you,could make money,passively that's why a lot of people are,going to teespring,the biggest problem though with people,that are facing especially after doing,this for maybe a couple of months or,even like a couple years,they're struggling and failing and,hitting their head on their laptop,wondering why can i make money with this,is they don't have a product problem,they have a marketing problem,and they're figuring out how can i get,in front of the right people especially,in terms of facebook ads when every,single year,with all the changes and updates it just,gets more competitive right,well it always makes sense to just,reverse engineer,from what is already working from the,marketplace,don't reinvent the wheel with facebook,ads and marketing and whatnot,you want to find out what's already,working okay because there's a lot of,people that are a lot smarter than us,that spend a lot more money than us that,have figured out the problems that we,are trying to solve,ourselves so one of the things that i,like doing you could do like all the,crazy spy tools but some of them are,like really expensive,you could just go to like facebook and,just type in like a like a niche that,you want to be into in terms of ads,so in this case i'll just do cat,t-shirts right and just like that i,start seeing exactly how they are,advertising,so the moment that they're advertising i,want to see what their,creatives are because if their creatives,are making money,then i don't have to reinvent the wheel,and i should just model what's already,working right so just like that i see,like a good amount of creatives that i,see right here i just type in cat,t-shirt and i notice that this person is,posting it,i see these i heart cats like all over,the place,right and i just see okay they're,getting a bunch of likes and shares they,have,1.1 million likes odds are they probably,know a thing or two about marketing,right,and we can see exactly what their,creatives are it's literally a girl,wearing a t-shirt,um and look it's just like simple copy,get it now call to action right and you,can see that it gets a,thousand likes 122 comments 113 shares,this is a pretty successful ad if you,were to ask me,people are literally going to their shop,and going and buying you know this,specific,you know t-shirt for 24 and this is kind,of like,the the teespring right like you see,okay i send traffic to teespring to make,money,these people are just selling it to,their website it's the exact same,concept right,but the thing is theirs is working,because they're making money,like i even looked at the the traffic,that they're getting they're getting,about 300,000 monthly visitors to their website,for people that want to buy cat stuff,right so if they're able to get that,much eyeballs to their website they're,doing something right,in terms of the marketing right so you,can see exactly what they're doing so,that you can kind of reverse engineer,the wheel,right so you can see their ads they,start doing really well it's just a girl,wearing the t-shirt same thing here,we could pull this up you could see 15,shares 258,shares just text a girl and then like,a cat right so you could see okay if,that works,for this specific industry then i need,to reverse engineer the creatives,when i go ahead and you know go and try,selling on teespring,one thing that you could also do is you,could find their facebook,page which you can see right here and um,what you can do is scroll down and find,this thing called page transparency and,then see all,now the coolest thing about this is you,could go to their ad library,and it will literally show you all of,their ads they have 660 ads,so you know exactly all the products,that they're selling i mean they're,selling necklaces,they're selling t-shirts they're selling,socks they're selling earrings they're,selling,you know all these things that you could,essentially go,and also sell using teespring i mean,teespring has so much different,products from phone cases to hats to,backpacks and whatnot,and you can actually see what's already,working with them you can see,this thing right here this like blanket,that people enjoy this,this t-shirt right here this hoodie,right here all of these ads these are,the creatives,that if you create something similar,like this based off of your teespring,uh like t-shirts and whatnot remember,your teespring account,is the exact same thing as this sales,page that,that they're sending them to you know,teespring account like you create it you,upload it,just like that you have a t-shirt people,add to cart you get the royalty you get,the money you get the profits right,you could do the exact same thing but,you just got to understand what are they,doing,for the marketing component you got to,create creatives something like this,when it comes to facebook ads you guys,gotta understand that 90,is the creatives okay very little is,about what buttons do i push what,conversion do i do,like most of the big brands they invest,most of their money in,creating winning creatives to go ahead,and build grow their brand that's why,they have 600 different variations,because they know exactly which ones,work you want to scroll back to like the,furthest ones that are live,because if they've been on for the past,couple of years,right this has been since 2020 you know,that these ads are still making them,money so if these ads are still making,them money,you should probably model what's already,been working with them for months,right because then you just don't,reverse engineer,right so you see exactly okay it's a,picture and then words right there,um and you can do this very simple you,can number one go to upwork,hire a graphic designer for really,really cheap like one of the places that,we ended up doing it,when we started making so many money,like with teespring and other,like print on demand places is we would,go and just type in philippines,and we would start finding people from,the philippines for less than ten,dollars an hour,to go ahead and do the graphic design,work for us right,and some of these designs could,literally take these people like you,know,like 10 minutes 20 minutes so it was,actually really affordable to get,started,you know we literally got a bunch of,these different creatives and videos,that we literally got people from the,philippines,to do for really really cheap and we,just started creating ads about it right,and when you focus 80 of your attention,on what's already working,in the physical product space in the,commerce space by just picking like a,bunch of different,facebook pages that you really enjoy,that sell similar products to you,and on teespring you probably know,exactly who they are you click on page,transparency you see all,they're already giving you all the ads,you need to create you gotta ask,yourself okay,what kind of ads are they creating okay,they have these specific images which is,simple to make,what are they talking about the wait is,finally over they tell you all their ads,right here this is exactly,this has been on for like a month or two,now these are making them money because,they haven't turned them off,that's how you know that okay if they're,still on,they wouldn't spend money on ads if,they're losing money okay,so that's why you guys understand like,would you rather spend your own money on,facebook ads or would you rather learn,from other people's mistakes,if they're getting 300 000 visitors,every single month,odds are these ads are working really,well so you got to figure out a way to,get all these creatives,and create them like i said a graph,designer from upwork is very very cheap,and it's well worth,way more than ten dollars an hour the,moment you do that the rest becomes easy,the ads become easy,you just go to your facebook ad account,you go crate,and then all you got to do once you go,over the technical setup which there's,like all like millions of like,technical setup videos you can just,check it out you click on conversions,because you just care about the sale,that's it,right you click on continue and once you,do it's very simple what we like doing,is we like doing,what's known as the one one d campaigns,where essentially what it is is we,create one campaign,that houses everything one ad set that,holds the audience,and a one dynamic creative campaign,where we essentially put all the,creatives that we made,so an example of this is for example we,would turn on campaign budget,optimization you could get started with,like,26 a day we like doing something weird,because for some reason we find that,those do better,um this is where we put really the,budget the ad set,is where we put the audience so say i,wanna you know do website conversion,which is already put,we want to do purchase right and then we,want to scroll down and pick our,audience,so the main audience that we like,targeting is people that are above the,age of like 22,all the way to 65 because they're the,ones that have money and this is where,you put the audience so if i just type,in,cat or i love cats you know exactly all,these people that come up if i click on,these,not only will that pop up but i can,click on suggestions,and all these other things also pop up,like cat lady,muscle of cats uh black cat,all of these things and if i click on,this it will automatically expand and,facebook will do all the hard work for,me,that's when people don't realize about,facebook ads facebook ads want you to,make money,so they will do most of the hard work,you just got to supply them with a lot,of creatives,a thing that you also want to do with,this is you want to turn dynamic,creatives on,because then you just give facebook all,of the possibility,to help right so for example when we,create the dynamic creatives what,happens,is you give facebook all of these,creatives you don't have to make all of,these individually they'll find which,one is the most,profitable for you so for example here,is like an example,like you could literally select a bunch,of videos like what we do here,i could like have a bunch of different,creatives we have long videos short,videos square videos i could put two,videos there,i could even add two images right we,could add you know an image,once it like loads because i'm in volume,the wi-fi here like sucks,so i could put one image here's another,image,and here is let's get one more image,here's another image right,i can add those and facebook will now,automatically pick,the best ad that will work the best i,can even add text number one,text number two based off of what's,already working with this like,these are the texts that will show oh,it's short and simple,get yours here notice they use get yours,here for all of them right,get yours here um you can see what these,people say it's a little bit longer it's,a little bit story based,um which is like pretty pretty cool um,and then,you're pretty much good to go you could,have multiple headlines you'd be like,um limited supply and then of course,put your here and just like,that,you have all of these variations that,could potentially,get you the sale the more variations you,give facebook,the more likely they are to make you,money and remember,the hardest part is in the facebook ads,is which creatives are you going to,invest the time and money and resources,into creating that will make you the,most money guys so hopefully this helps,if you want a faster and easier way make,money online you want to find out how i,make money online without having to sell,my own products,check this out in the past 30 days we,pulled in like 55 k,net then sign up for this week's free,workshop where it's the fastest and,easiest way to make money online,it's even easier than this we literally,have a 62 year old woman go from zero to,a hundred and sixty thousand dollars,profit in 90 days so sign up for now as,well as check out my podcast,of all these multi-millionaires that,live here in bali like this 11 year girl,that turned on 30 million dollars,this guy that makes a million dollars,for one profit hopefully itself love you,guys see you guys later,you

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#5 Creating an Ad (Facebook Ads for Teespring)

#5 Creating an Ad (Facebook Ads for Teespring)

all right now that we have our tracking,setup it's time to create our ad let's,go to slash ads slash,create we want to select website,conversions because our goal is to get,conversions which in our case are,purchases on our teespring campaign,let's enter the URL of our teespring,campaign the conversion pixel we,installed earlier is here make sure it's,selected and click continue alright now,it's time to create our ad to get,started let's remove the default image,we can do much better than that,now upload the ad image we created,earlier in order to run an ad in the,newsfeed,we need a Facebook page to post the ad,if you don't have a Facebook page you,can always quickly create a new page for,a full rundown see our video making a,Facebook page I'll use our page open,apparel now we can edit the headline the,headline is best to use to concisely,describe our product for news feed ads,we can see that the headline is fairly,hidden but for the right column ad the,headline is much more prominent we want,to capture our audience's attention and,we only have 25 characters to do it in,so we need to include our most important,words and ideas let's avoid sounding,pushy,remember people are on Facebook to check,in with friends and find relevant,entertaining links for this ad let's go,with chihuahua apparel we could have,also gone with something like cute,chihuahua shirt funny Chihuahua tee the,text area is not surprisingly the main,text portion of the ad let's go over,some key points for writing effective,text we found that a call to action is,very effective here something that,instructs our audience to click the ad,use welcoming action phrases such as,grab this support rep show your pride,and check out think about who you're,targeting and what words and language,they'll relate to a good ad appeals to,users emotions in some way you don't,have to use all of the allotted 90,characters keep it short highlight the,limited nature of the campaign or the,quality of the products that will be,produced for our example today let's go,with a Chihuahua is a little dog,with a big personality check out our,limited edition apparel the first,sentence is meant to connect emotionally,with people who like Chihuahuas but we,follow it up with a call to action to,encourage people to actually click the,link and buy now let's go down to show,Advanced Options the newsfeed link,description puts text in a gray box,under the headline in the newsfeed ad it,doesn't show up in the right-hand column,at this is actually one of the least,important aspects of the ad you can,leave it blank if you prefer a cleaner,more minimal look it's a good place,though to fill in more detail about the,product maybe say available in women's,fit and long sleeve tee or screen,printed in the USA keep the related page,on as well as desktop newsfeed right,column and mobile newsfeed ads,okay it's time to build our audience as,an advertiser we have the ability to,target over a billion people across the,globe based on a variety of personal,characteristics this right here is why,Facebook is worth over a hundred billion,dollars the more we refine our target,audience the better we can tailor our ad,and products to the people in that group,instead of selling a generic grilling,shirt to people who like to grill we can,now design a shirt for people who like,to grill that are over 45 years old and,have graduated with a degree in,engineering this group of individuals is,very different than say people who like,the grill aged 20 to 30 and have degrees,in culinary arts these two groups behave,differently even though they both like,grilling the point is Facebook,advertising is so powerful because it,allows us to define these super specific,subsets of people to show our ad - as we,filter our audience Facebook tells us,how many people fit this definition that,we've created with the potential reach,meter for this reason the create custom,audience area can be an extremely useful,tool for doing market research before we,design our shirt we're able to identify,specific demographic niches and then,design products geared toward these,niches that way before we start,designing we have a good idea how big,our market is the first category is,location which is fairly straightforward,the default location is the United,States but we can target zip codes,cities states or countries we can also,choose to exclude certain locations for,example we can target the whole US but,exclude Las Vegas sorry Vegas the shirt,we're advertising isn't geographically,specific so we'll keep United States,here we have age and gender fairly,self-explanatory if you have a design,that's geared towards either men or,women or a certain age group this is,your opportunity to target them,specifically the shirt we're advertising,today is geared towards women so let's,select women one thing to note is that,people aged 45 and over are more likely,to share and buy a product via Facebook,similarly on average women are slightly,more likely to share and buy than men,but there are always exceptions this,information is useful for filtering,large audiences,if our audience is large we can usually,convert at a slightly higher rate by,targeting people that are a little older,languages allows us to target people,based on the languages they speak this,can be useful for marketing to specific,ethnic groups just enter their native,language interested in lets us target,based on sexual orientation with,relationship status we can target based,on people's relationship status the,education area gives us the ability to,target people based on their education,level and what they studied we can pick,specific colleges and majors which is,useful for targeting certain professions,if we wanted to target dentists we could,go after people who study dentistry just,know that fields of study tend to be,small audiences workplaces allow us to,target employees who have listed their,employer on Facebook these tend to be,very small groups of people but can be,useful for specific scenarios for,example if we had a shirt that said I,hate barking dogs it might make sense to,target male men we can enter people who,work at the United States Postal Service,or UPS or FedEx interests allow us to,target specific things that people like,on Facebook and is probably the most,important targeting feature try to get,in the mind of your potential buyer what,TV shows movies music magazines brands,or sports teams to your potential,customers have in common these are what,we'll target you're also able to target,certain professions for example if you,wanted to target sandwich artists the,entry-level position at Subway just type,it in and see if it shows up there we go,or we can do Account Manager or any,other job title so for our campaign,Chihuahua is the most obvious example be,careful when selecting your word we can,see the Mexican state of Chihuahua is,showing up we don't want to accidentally,select that let's find some other,interests for people that would like our,shirt the most famous Chihuahua is,probably the dog from the Taco Bell,commercials in the early 2000s so let's,add that in Taco Bell Chihuahua,know that interests only add up not,cross-reference we're targeting people,that like to was or the Taco Bell,Chihuahua not just people who like,Chihuahuas and the Taco Bell Chihuahua,with this section we want to be specific,as we can while also making sure that we,still have enough people to target if we,were to target people that like dogs our,potential reach shoots up from a few,hundred thousand to tens of millions but,the rate at which people will click on,our ad and buy our shirt will be a lot,lower because these people are less,likely to be really passionate about,Chihuahuas this all brings us to a good,point though how big should your target,audience be there's no magic number but,unless your target group is extremely,enthusiastic about your design we'd,recommend targeting at least 15,000,people if you're looking for 30 or more,sales but if your audience is too broad,the ad won't perform efficiently so try,to keep your audience under 400,000 or,so our audience is pretty large so let's,raise the age to twenty-seven and over,because older people generally Buy and,shared a higher rate and this shirt,isn't particularly geared towards young,people moving the age up should make our,ad a little more efficient while,decreasing the audience size with,connections we can target people who,already like our page exclude people who,already like our page or target people,whose friends already like our page this,is only useful if you have a page with a,huge number of likes the more category,section allows us to add additional,filters to our target audience which is,useful if you're looking for a way to,increase the focus of your audience,particularly if it's large,for example targeting people with the,newest iPhone or iPad will usually give,us a more affluent demographic if our,shirt were political we could target,conservatives or liberals and,cross-reference that with interests we,could target conservatives who like to,always,okay let's move on to campaign and,budget we're almost there,for name just give your campaign a name,that makes sense to you,this is just for your own personal,reference in your dashboard and reports,let's do 200 shirts for budget we,recommend starting with something low,say ten dollars a day and then turning,it up if the campaign is doing well,Facebook will try to use all of your,budget before midnight so if you're,creating an ad towards the end of the,day keep your daily budget low and then,turn it back up the next day for,schedule we can schedule the ad to stop,running before our teespring campaign,ends so we're not wasting money on a,campaign that's already ended and can't,make more sales like most online,advertising Facebook sets the cost to,display an ad through an automated,bidding system you can manually bid how,much you're willing to pay to display,your ad but for the most part we,recommend doing an automatic bid just,select bid for website conversions and,automatically optimize your bed to get,more conversions if you want you can,manually set your bid for website,conversions to anything you'll make,money on so for example you can set it,to $8 if you make nine dollars per shirt,and you'll still make a dollar for every,item you sell from Facebook that said,one dollar per shirt is not a lot of,profit so you should generally keep it a,little lower than that but as long as,you'll be monitoring your ad Auto should,work fine click place order and voila we,have a Facebook ad as soon as Facebook,approves it which takes anywhere from a,few minutes to a couple of hours it'll,start displaying to your target audience

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